Best Ball Storage Reviews 2023

Organization increases efficiency. This is true for any sector of life, sports inclusive. When we go for our training sessions and cannot keep our equipment organized, we spend too much time chasing after them or searching for them. Every professional sports person understands this, which is why sports storages are very important. As a ball player or ball playing team, choosing the right ball storage should ideally be a simple thing. But when confronted with the many options available, it’s easy to get confused. We understand this and have taken certain steps to help; we did some research and found five top brands that produce ball storages. We looked through the products they offer and chose one from each of the brands to bring to you.
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Our Top Choice
Champion Sports 16 Ball Cart
For over 50 years, Champion Sports has been providing sports and fitness equipment of top quality. It is committed to providing you with the tools you need to achieve your goals.
Sturdily built. Heavy-duty casters. Easy to assemble. Multi-use. Lightweight. Good balance. Durable steel frame. Topple-free design.
It requires some assembly.
Ball cart
12 balls
Best Value
Lynk Sports Rack with Adjustable Hooks
Lynk is a brand committed to helping you keep your life organized. With innovatively-designed products created to help you achieve this, you can focus on more important things.
Quality build. Quality materials. Lightweight. Multifunctional. Easy to assemble. Convenient. Saves floor space. Keeps stuff organized.
It is not strong enough to carry heavy items.
Rack with adjustable hook
20 pounds
Steel and polymer
Silver and black
Different balls/items
Trigon Sports Procage 15-Ball Cart
Trigon Sports specializes in the importation and distribution of quality equipment for team sports. Being a direct importer, it can offer these products at affordable prices.
Sturdily built. Steel construction. Lovely design. Easy to assemble. Outdoor/indoor use. Storage and in-play use. Caster wheels. Rolls smoothly. Durable.
It requires assembly.
Ball cart
15 balls
Steel tubing
Rubbermaid Vertical Ball Rack
The Rubbermaid brand is synonymous with high-quality products that have simplified the lives and homes of their users, earning it a “Brand of the Century” award.
Unique design. Steel construction. Quality materials. Multi-ball storage. Wall-mountable. Easy installation. Easy to access. Highly functional. Secure. Durable.
Not big enough for team use.
Vertical ball rack
50 pounds
Powder-coated steel
Different balls
BSN Mesh Equipment Bag
BSN Sports is committed to helping you and your team achieve your goals. With over 25,000 products available, it can provide all the equipment and assistance you need to excel.
Heavy-duty mesh. Simple design. Neat. Large. Reliable. Can be hung. Easy to secure. Multi-use. Allows gear to air easily. Affordable. Durable.
This may not offer actual protection to your gear.
Mesh equipment bag
12 balls
7 colors available
Different balls

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What is the Best Ball Storage?

“It’s just a ball storage, can’t I just pick any?” You can, of course, but the question is: Can it serve you well? From all you have read thus far, you can see that though they are all ball storages, there are different features which can make a difference depending on what exactly you need the ball storage for. Considering your personal ball storage needs, look at the factors we’ve discussed and from these, decide what features are a must-have for you. As we begin to review our selected products, look out for those that offer those features.
Our Top Choice
The Champion Sports 16 Ball Cart for Basketballs is a rack-style ball storage that provides your basketballs a secure and easy-to-reach storage. Featuring a steel frame with a topple-free design, it will provide complete support. Would you prefer a storage you can lock? Try the Champion Sports Lockable Ball Storage Locker.

Champion Sports 16 Ball Cart for Basketballs – Available in 2 Capacities

Champion Sports is a manufacturer of sports and fitness equipment that are of the best quality. With over 2,000 products currently in circulation, it has set itself apart from the crowd, not just for the variety of products it offers but for the quality of its offerings and its highly competitive and affordable prices. Champion Sports stands fully behind its products and is committed to offering products that help athletes in the pursuit of their goals.

The rack-style Champion Sports 16 Ball Cart is the perfect way to keep those balls organized and within easy reach. Its sturdy steel frame provides the strength and rigidity it needs to support the weight of the balls, while the topple-free design ensures that the rack stays upright at all times. This rack is not just suitable for storing your basketballs; it can also conveniently hold smaller balls such as female basketballs and volleyballs thanks to the 11-1/8-inch width between the bars. This rack has other features and we have listed some of these below:
  • Capacity – Conveniently stores up to 16 balls
  • Design – 4-tier design stacks 4 balls per tier
  • Casters – 4 casters facilitate easy movement of the rack
  • Lightweight – Weighing just 12 pounds, it is strong but lightweight
You can also purchase this ball storage in a 12-ball capacity size in case you don’t need this much storage.
Best Value
The Lynk Sports Rack with Adjustable Hooks is a complete sports storage solution. Its 3-tier design supports balls of different sizes, the adjustable hooks are for your gloves and other apparel, and the special hooks will hold your bats. Do you need something to hang your boots, clothes, and other items? Try the Lynk Over Door Accessory Holder.

Lynk Sports Rack with Adjustable Hooks

Lynk has a single purpose and this is to design and manufacture innovative products that make organizing your home—and by extension your life—easy and efficient. In the pursuit of its goals, its highly creative design team has over 80 awarded US patents to its credit. As it continues to seek out new and more-effective ways of helping you stay organized, it will never cease to pay attention to the tiniest detail and to maintain the highest-quality standards at all times.

The Lynk Sports Rack offers you the convenience of keeping all your sporting gear organized in one place. Its 3-tier steel and polymer construction is not just solid, but also provides suitable storage for balls of different sizes, sports shoes, and even helmets. This wall mountable sports storage rack comes equipped with adjustable hooks on which you can hang your windbreaker, gloves, jackets, and other sporting apparel.

It also has additional special hooks that are designed to hold your rackets, softball bats, baseball bats, hockey sticks, and more. It comes with everything you need to mount it, making it even more convenient. This product is proudly made in the USA so you can be sure of its quality.
The Trigon Sports Procage 3-Tier 15-Ball HD Ball Cart helps you keep 15 basketballs organized. Featuring a 3-tier design with 1-inch square steel tubing and a black powder-coated finish, this cart will provide reliable ball storage. Would you prefer a storage that you can lock the balls in? Check out the Trigon Sports Procage HD Secure Ball Locker.

Trigon Sports Procage 3-Tier 15-Ball HD Ball Cart

Trigon Sports is an importer and distributor of quality team sports equipment. It distributes these products through its network of nationwide distributors and dealers in sports goods. Some of the products imported and distributed by the brand include training nets, training mounds, L-Screen nets, different types of ball carts, softball holders, and more. It imports these products directly from manufacturers, allowing it to offer them at highly affordable rates.

When it comes to ball storage, the Trigon Sports Procage 15-Ball Cart provides a reliable solution. Its 3-tier design offers three levels of storage which makes it easy to reach any of the 15 balls. A young user can reach the balls on the lower rung while an adult can reach any of them with ease. Its frame is built with 1-inch square steel tubing that provides it with the needed strength to support the weight of the balls and to withstand the rigors of constant use. The black powder-coated finish provides an additional layer of protection that prevents the adverse effects of outdoor use such as rusting, ensuring increased durability.

You do not need to grunt and sweat to move this storage cart. The included swivel caster wheels provide you with a sturdy and easy way to move the cart from one location to another by simply pushing it along with minimal force. This cart is suitable for any level of sporting activity—from amateur to professional. Get this ball storage cart and enjoy its full features.
The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage Vertical Ball Rack is uniquely styled and can store different types of balls that can all be reached easily. It also features a durable powder-coated steel frame to support 50 pounds of weight. Would you also love to have a high-quality bike rack? Check out the Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Horizontal Bike Rack.

Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage Vertical Ball Rack – Available in 5 Buying Options

The Rubbermaid brand is an embodiment of quality and innovation. With a wide range of high-quality products that range from housewares to garden and commercial products, the brand has consistently been committed to the provision of products that make lives easier for its customers. With a consistency that has spanned over 80 years, it is no wonder that Rubbermaid has joined the league of 100 brands to be named a "Brand of the Century" for its massive impact on the way Americans live their lives.

The Rubbermaid Vertical Ball Rack is a multi-ball storage system designed to support different types of balls, providing quick and easy access to them. Its design is built around a steel frame that provides the solidity and durability that is needed for such a storage device. To further improve its durability, it’s powder-coated to prevent rusting. With this solid frame in place, it incorporates bungee cord bands that are flexible, allowing easy and quick access to any of the balls. This rack will comfortably hold your basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, footballs, and more. Some other features you will find are listed below:
  • Soft Grip Coating – Prevents scratches and nicks from arising while handling
  • Wall-mountable – Designed to be easily mounted on the wall, freeing up floor space
  • Bungee Cord Bands – Allows for quick access to any ball
  • Aluminum Grip – For easy snap-lock installation on mounting rails
  • Capacity – Can support a total of about 50 pounds
The BSN Heavy-Duty Mesh Equipment Bag is an effective means of keeping your sports equipment organized. Featuring a heavy-duty mesh design and a clipping drawstring, your equipment remains visible even while securely clipped. If you need a more secure ball storage try the BSN Compact Ball Locker.

BSN Heavy-Duty Mesh Equipment Bag – Available in 7 Colors

If there ever was a one-stop sports store, it is BSN Sports. BSN Sports is there to provide you and your team with everything you need as far as sports equipment is concerned. With an inventory of over 25,000 products from top brands which include Under Armor, Nike, and other major brands, you are sure to find any equipment you need. Much more than this, it offers its products at the best prices. It’s so confident of its pricing that it challenges its customers to find its products cheaper anywhere else, promising to beat any such price. BSN Sports can help your team achieve its highest potential on and off the pitch.

The BSN Mesh Equipment Bag is a simple solution that will bring more organization to your training sessions. It’s not a complicated device, but a simple equipment bag made of heavy-duty mesh. The quality of this mesh prevents the balls and other equipment from being strewn around. It has the capacity to hold up to 12 balls and is perfectly suitable for holding other equipment too.

With this equipment bag, all your equipment is clearly visible so you can always know what you have. This, however, does not mean they are there in the open unsecured as the included clipping drawstring keeps it secure until when you need to get something from it. If you need an uncomplicated solution to ball and equipment storage, go for this. What's more, it is affordable and offers the option of choosing your bag in any of these 7 colors: Black, red, blue, orange, gold, Kelly, and white.

How Do I Choose the Best Ball Storage?

Have you ever experienced how tense some training sessions can be? Maybe the team is working on a routine that they need to have locked down before their next game. Everyone is fired up and focused with the coach’s whistle and sharp barks ruling supreme. Now imagine that in the midst of this intense training session, you toss or kick the ball and it strays far beyond the training space—what do you do? Ideally, you should simply walk to the sidelines and pick another ball, or your coach could do that so you can get the training back on track. Any unnecessary delays can break the concentration.

Now imagine that you or your coach has to go chase down the balls because they’re scattered everywhere. You’ll certainly spend a lot of time picking up stray balls. Aside from the fact that the time you spend searching for and picking the balls will be affecting the training adversely, there is always the horror of having to pick up all the balls after the training session when you’re all general beat.

Now a ball storage unit takes care of this problem and more. There is a ball storage for any ball sport, be it basketball, football, soccer, softball, kickball, and more. All you need to do is find the right ball storage and your balls will no longer be causing you unnecessary stress.

In this guide, we will help you find the best ball storage by showing you a few things you need to consider before getting one. After reading through this guide and review, you will find it much easier to choose a ball storage that will serve you perfectly.
Now that you’re getting ready to get a ball storage, you are surely curious to know what it will cost you. Like everything we purchase, the price is never fixed but is based on different factors and features as presented by the product. For ball storages, certain factors including the type, size, and material used can affect its price.

During our research, we found that with a budget of between $8 and $180, one can get a good ball storage. This range is pretty wide and should be an indication of the differences that will likely be found. The products we’ve listed within this range will offer you good value, especially depending on your exact needs. So, depending on your budget, you can go for the most expensive (some cost even more than this) or you could go for the most affordable. However, be sure to avoid cheap ball storages as you may just end up wasting your money.
Choosing the right ball storage is not rocket science. It just requires you to take a little time to consider some factors against your own peculiar needs and circumstances. Doing this will help you put everything in proper perspective so you can quickly and easily identify the ball storage that will best suit your needs.

We have here discussed some of these important factors to be considered, and they include:
  • Type
  • Capacity
  • Material
  • Type of ball supported
  • Ease of use
Let’s quickly look at these in more detail.
Construction and Design

Ball storages come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. There may not be a set of defined types that they’re grouped under, but we will simply look at some popular types you will find around. One of the most popular ball storages is the mesh bag. This is very affordable and mobile. All you need to do is put your balls into the bag, tie the top, and carry it anywhere you need to take it to. This is the simplest type of ball storage you will find.

The disadvantage of this type of bag is that it cannot support any form of weight, so all it does is hold the balls together as long as the top is secured. You may find your balls scattering if the top is left unsecured, so while it’s easy to move around, it may not be the best for actual practice sessions where you will want to easily reach the balls without having to untie and then re-tie the mesh bag.

Another popular type is the rack type. This can be between 2 and 4 tiers and is perfect for practice sessions. They provide good support for the balls since the balls are placed in a line on each of the tiers. All you need to do is walk to it and pick up or drop a ball. Most of these ball storages also have caster wheels that allow them to be moved around with ease. This makes them perfect for moving the balls from the locker room to the training pitch and back. The disadvantage of this type of ball storage is that it would be difficult to transport in a vehicle, unlike the mesh type which can easily be transported this way.

Another popular type is the mountable rack type. This type is most popular among personal users. You’ll usually find these in garages, rooms, and other smaller spaces. Teams will hardly use these except in their locker rooms. But since they cannot be moved, it won’t make too much sense since the actual play does not take place in the locker room. This type is best for home users who need to keep their space free of balls.


After looking at these major types, another thing to consider is the capacity of the ball storage. Certainly, we don’t all have the same storage needs. What a team needs will surely be more than what an individual needs. Individual users may not have too many problems with this because the worst that can happen is that you can get something bigger than your needs. That just means more free space. For teams however, getting something too small means your balls will not have enough room, which will leave you with balls littering the whole place. Be sure to get the size that will solve your ball storage issues.


Another thing to look at is the material a storage ball is made of; most popular ones are made of steel or aluminum. Depending on your use, you need something strong enough to withstand whatever use you will put it to. Needless to say, a team will need something much sturdier than an individual. For those that will be moving their ball storage back and forth, the casters and frame have to be strong enough to withstand this rigor. Steel will certainly be your best bet if you’ll be using it a lot.
Performance and Ease of Use

While we were discussing the types of ball storages above, we listed some advantages and disadvantages. One thing you should also consider when choosing a type is the location you will be using it in. How much space do you have there? If you will be using it in a cramped space, then you should simply go for a mountable type. This will help you maximize your already-stretched space.

Type of Ball

What type of ball do you want to store on it? Basketballs, volleyballs, or all kinds of balls? Your choice should be influenced by this consideration. If you want to store just basketballs, your choice will be different than that of a person who also wants to store baseballs and other gear. Some ball storages will provide suitable storage for your other sports equipment such as gloves, helmets, rackets, bats, and more—not to mention other types and sizes of balls. Determine your needs and put them into consideration while making your choice.

Get the Best Ball Storage of 2023!

Finally, we have come to the end of this guide and review; we do hope you found it informative. It’s now time to take that next step. With what you’ve learned, place your order now so you can immediately begin to keep your balls and equipment organized. Yes, these brands have many other options to choose; if you don’t find our featured products suitable, look through the other products offered by these brands.

Our Top Choice
Champion Sports 16 Ball Cart
Best Value
Lynk Sports Rack with Adjustable Hooks
Trigon Sports Procage 15-Ball Cart
Rubbermaid Vertical Ball Rack
BSN Mesh Equipment Bag