Best Ballpoint Pen Reviews 2022

The ballpoint pen needs no explanation. You need one, so we’ve got it for you: a thoroughly put together review of 5 of the best ballpoint pens brands that are leading in the industry-leading. There’s just too much junk out there to risk flying blind, so we’ll clue you in on what to look out for. Stay with us for a fabulous pen that not only writes well but suits your persona superbly! For this review, we focused on some of the "nicer" pens, but we have plenty more reviews for different kinds of pens if you don't find what you are looking for here.
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Pack Size
Our Top Choice
Tombow Zoom Multi Function Ballpoint Pen
Tombow, an industry leader founded in 1913, is doing remarkably in the way it continually brings “cutting edge” and “affordable” together in the same plane of existence.
Multifunctional black pen/red pen/mechanical pencil. Easily selectable by a quick rotation. Body is made of lightweight Aluminum. Excellent grip for comfortable writing.
Pen does not write upside down.
Motion activated
Pen/pencil function; fine point
5 colors available
Best Value
Skilcraft U.S Government Ballpoint Pen
Skilcraft, the name behind the US government’s writing instruments, stuns the market constantly with its array of outstanding writing tools.
Retractable and refillable. Writes anywhere regardless of climate and altitude. Non-skip, non-smear ink. Economic 12pack. Comes with clip for easy attachment to pockets.
Not a space pen so it won’t write upside down.
Retractable; refillable
U.S.Gov. stamp; medium point
Blue; black
MontBlanc StarWalker Red-Gold Ballpoint Pen
MontBlanc believes style is an integral part of any job and strives to provide its customers with products that are every bit as stylish as they are functional.
Elite and sophisticated ballpoint pen. Comes with red-gold plated clip. Operates with a twist mechanism. Medium point. Great grip for comfortable writing.
Might be a bit high-end for some folks.
Twist mechanism; medium point
6 colors available
Fisher Bullet Black Matte Barrel Space Pen
Fisher boasts a diverse product line of handcrafted writing instruments which customers, world over, have discovered to be reliable, versatile, and durable.
Writes at any angle, even upside down. Writes at zero gravity. Writes at extreme temperature ranges (-30 Fahrenheit to 250 Fahrenheit). Lightweight and balanced. Medium point.
Might have been preferable in a pack.
Space ‘pen’
With cap; medium point
5 colors available
Zebra Z-Grip Ballpoint Retractable Pen
Zebra is all about efficient writing for its clients which, to it, means affordable, quality products and world class customer service for every single customer.
Retractable. Medium point ballpoint pen. Economical 2 pack of 18 pens each. Soft, ribbed, rubberized grip for great pen control. Clear barrel for ink supply monitoring.
Non-refillable pen design.
Medium point
8 colors available
18, 36

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What is the Best Ballpoint Pen?

Now you’ve read the buying guide, you are definitely armed with all the necessary info you need to get a nice pen that works. Carry on to our reviews now and see our top five ballpoint pens.
Our Top Choice
Double efficiency with the Tombow Zoom Light Multi Function Ballpoint Pen. It functions as a black pen, red pen, and mechanical pencil, which saves you the time and distraction of alternating between writing tools. Perhaps you need a more affordable option for now? Then try this pen that works great writing on glossy surfaces, and even writes upside down too: The Tombow Airpress Ballpoint Pen.

Tombow Zoom Light Multi Function Ballpoint Pen Mechanical Pencil Combo With Motion Activated Selection – Available in 5 Colors

Tombow is doing a remarkable job, creating superior offerings in terms of products and services. With a passion to deliver the finest and most creative executive pens, as well as office, art, and craft products, this brand has earned itself a solid space at the top in its industry. Founded in 1913, it isn’t far-fetched to think its wealth of experience has translated into a brilliant manufacturing system that has brought about an unparalleled level of quality and design, as seen its line of products.

With your constant note taking, planning, and all, you always need to exchange this pen for that pen, for that pencil. Not only is that distracting and time consuming, mistakes are also bound to happen, and that’s quite understandable. That’s why we featured the Tombow Zoom Light Multi Function Ballpoint Pen.

We knew you’d love it because it’s a multifunctional pen, as its name suggests. It can be a black pen or a red pen or even a mechanical pencil – just to make you less frustrated with those little time thieves like alternating between different pens. You can choose to buy this pen in navy, gold, peacock, pink or silver so don’t wait any longer to write in style with this elegant pen.

How does this multifunction work? Simple – just twist! It’s so lightweight, you’ll hardly feel you’re holding anything! Check out Tombow’s other equally amazing pens:
  • There’s the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen that comes in a value pack containing 3 pens each of the soft type and the hard type
  • There’s also the Tombow Zoom 727 Ballpoint Pen that’s ultra slim and comes in a beautiful black matte finish
  • For the love of color, there’s the Tombow 3Colors Ballpoint Pen
  • And for the love of more color, the Tombow 4Colors Ballpoint Pen
  • For you active ones, there’s the Tombow Black Airpress Ballpoint Pen that grips great even with wet fingers or gloves
Best Value
Are you an impulsive traveler? Then you need a pen that keeps up with you and writes anywhere, and this retractable Skilcraft U.S Government Ballpoint Pen is it. It writes anywhere, no matter the conditions. There’s also a more affordable option made of recyclable materials with a fine point ballpoint and refillable cartridge. Check out the Skilcraft Recyclable Ball Point Pen.

Skilcraft U.S Government Ballpoint Pen – Retractable, Medium Point, Blue Ink

In case you never knew, Skilcraft is the big name behind almost all supplies used in the U.S Government. This brand came to being when the bill was signed for Americans to patronize goods made by other differently-abled citizens. And since charity begins at home, the American government made the first step by patronizing this company. Skilcraft did not disappoint as all its products are made with crazy levels of innovation that most didn’t expect. Products are made under strict quality assurance conditions, and even bigger than that, more people with disabilities are making a meaning out of their lives thanks to the employment opportunities availed them.

The Skilcraft U.S Government Ballpoint Pen doesn’t just write anywhere, its non-smear, non-smudge ink writes well (and for up to a mile!) without making a mess!

Coming in a pack of 12, it not only lasts, there’s also always more where it came from. So when the inevitable happens and somebody ‘accidentally’ walks off with your pen, you’re still fine. To top it all, the retractable system means no lids to lose.

Skilcraft still has lots more to offer. Look at these:
  • The Skilcraft Rubberized Retractable Medium Point Ballpoint Pen for medium thick writing comfortably
  • The Skilcraft Cushion Grip Transparent Ball Point Pen: not only will your hands love it; you’ll love the in-control feeling of being able to monitor your ink flow
  • The Skilcraft Rubberized Fine Point Ball Point Pen: you already know it, convenient grip for excellent fine point writing
  • The Skilcraft Executive Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Pen Set: For those that absolutely cannot do without a fountain pen, you can have the two!
  • The Skilcraft Essential 4Color Ball Point Pen so you can always play around with colors just for fun or for clarity
When making a statement of class and style is a must, you definitely cannot overlook the elite and sophisticated MontBlanc StarWalker Red Gold Resin Ballpoint Pen. This pen screams style with its red-gold plated clip! Would you prefer something more affordable? This also comes with a twist mechanism, looks elite and grips right. See the MontBlanc Midnight Black StarWalker Ballpoint Pen.

MontBlanc StarWalker Red Gold Resin Ballpoint Pen – Comes with Red Gold Plated Clip; Medium Point Ballpoint

MontBlanc has carved a niche for itself in the industry of writing instruments, focusing on high-end, classy office tools that are made to keep the customer on top of his game in the professional world. The company belief is that style cannot be extricated from the professional lives of people and the more in-style people are, the more confident they’ll feel and the more success they’ll enjoy. Giving itself to endless research, it’s somewhat high-end pricing is justified as products from this brand always beat standards in effectiveness and elegance.

As a professional, you cannot NOT make a statement of style at every single opportunity, so here’s the MontBlanc StarWalker Red Gold Resin Ballpoint Pen for you. It’s classy and elite for where you’re headed, especially with its red-gold plated clip that stands you out when seen on your pocket or anywhere else.

It operates with a suave twist mechanism and its medium point helps you achieve a beautiful writing to match your stylish persona. Of course, it feels as good as it looks and you’ll enjoy your experience using this pen whenever and wherever.

And if you need ideas on classy gifts for some special people, here are some other equally excellent pens for you from MontBlanc:
  • There’s the MontBlanc Meisterstuck Classique Ballpoint Pen with a gold trim for the classic man
  • The MontBlanc Pix Collection Ballpoint if s/he likes to keep it cool, this comes in a cool blue finish with a silver trim
  • The MontBlanc Meisterstuck Le Grand Ballpoint Pen for those who like it big and bold. It’s as grand as its name suggests
  • The MontBlanc StarWalker Urban Speed Ballpoint Pen for the modern guy who likes to keep it simple and elegant. It comes in a black finish with a single red stripe
  • And the MontBlanc Meisterstuck Le Grand Platinum Ballpoint Pen for the lovers of platinum
We all know nothing beats traveling to space on a whim. Super cool huh? So why not get the Fisher Bullet Space Pen that’s so cool it not only writes on planet Earth, it also writes at zero gravity in space! Perhaps something more affordable? You can also get this compact pen that equally writes at any angle and at extreme conditions too: the Fisher Stowaway Black Ballpoint Pen.

Fisher Bullet Space Pen With Removable Clip – Works in Extreme Temperatures, Available in 5 Colors

It wasn’t just man who set foot on the moon that fateful day in 1968 when Apollo staged the first manned mission to space. A pen also went along. That pen was made by Paul Fisher, founder of the Fisher brand. Many things stand out about this brand and its products: all are handcrafted and come with extreme capabilities. Aside writing at zero gravity, they all write under water, at any angle, and three times longer than the average pen too. With all these positives, it’s quite easy to see how customers have come to fall in love with this brand.

Going to space is cool and owning a space pen is maybe not quite as cool but hey, it’s a space pen! The Fisher Bullet Space Pen has every reason to have been purchased by you yesterday and here are a few: It writes at any angle, at extreme temperatures (-30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit), under water and even at zero gravity! Amazing!

Plus, with a brass body that’s finished off with a beautiful black matte color, this pen gets stars for attractiveness, balance, and its light weight. But if you don’t fancy the black matte finish, you can also choose from blue, pink, cherry red and purple.

And just to put it out there, this pen is medium point and it writes in black ink. But you know what’s more super? There are even more options where this pen came from. Let’s see a few:
  • The Fisher Space Pen Bullet Chrome Finish, do we need to say again that this a catch for the monochrome lovers?
  • The Fisher Rubber Grip Space Pen that’s sure to give your finger a treat
  • The Fisher Extreme Ballpoint Space Pen that comes in a beautiful raw brass finish
  • The Fisher Engraved Ballpoint Space Pen with a fuchsia pink color for the ladies or anyone else that loves pink
  • And there’s the Fisher Bullet Space Pen that comes in a lime green color with a clip and a gift box
Besides the too-awesome-to-ignore fact it comes in two economy packs of 18 pens each, the Zebra Z-Grip Ballpoint Pen is also retractable, so you bother less with the stress of capping off and on. You could also get these equally awesome, and more affordable ballpoint pens that come in a 12pack, with sturdy metal clips. See the Zebra Ballpoint Retractable Pens – ZEB12221.

Zebra Z-Grip Ballpoint Retractable Pen – Medium Point, Black Ink, Non-Refillable, Available in 4 Pack Sizes

When you think of Zebra, you recall beautiful calligraphic stripes and if you’re a fan of National Geographic, a strong familial instinct. These were the ideals that led its founder, Mr. Ishikawa, to open the business in 1914. Apart from its unique name, the brand offers a high level of innovation in the kinds of products it offers, which are all made to help the customer write his best in the most efficient, beautiful and of course, affordable way. Its extensive product line includes products such as ballpoint pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, correction pens, and lots more.

Say hello to the grandmother of all affordables: The Z-Grip Ballpoint Retractable Pen. Check it out: 2 packs of 18 pens each for a price as low as that? It’s almost a giveaway! All pens here come with a soft, ribbed, rubber grip, so your pen feels good to your fingers and your fingers can have their way with maneuvering the pen wherever you will. It also features a clear barrel so you can be 100% sure Zebra is honest, if you catch our drift! If 36-pack of pens isn’t right for you, you can also purchase just one pack of 18.

And there are more amazing pens from Zebra:
  • The Zebra F-301 Business Assorted Retractable Pen comes in a variety of colors
  • The Zebra Mini Ballpoint Pen comes in an ultra slim body form with an elegant silver finish
  • And there’s the Zebra Retractable Ballpoint Pen with a Gold Barrel for those who love to keep things up top with the gold color
  • Look at the Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen with Assorted Fashion Colors. It’s the full spectrum here people
  • And finally, the Zebra F-301 Stainless Steel Retractable Ballpoint Pen, for those who do not give a hoot about black but give many hoots about blue

How Do I Choose the Best Ballpoint Pen?

The pen is a really old writing instrument; perhaps the oldest, but definitely still the most widely used. Its entrance into the world wasn’t without struggle though, you won’t believe all the hurdles crossed before this simple instrument which we all largely overlook today, eventually replaced the pencil.

From a boring piece used to scribble on uninteresting school books and ledgers, the pen has transformed into a weapon of mass admiration! In fact, society demands a corresponding increase in the quality of pen you use with an increase in your social status.

Imagine how terribly embarrassing it would be if our very own president, the President of the United States goes to sign a document at the UN where other presidents of nations are gathered and then presents some gaudy pen! Ha! Trust us, it will go viral on social media in a few hours, and it won’t matter whether the pen worked or not. There are first impressions to think about!

Seeing the all-importance of pens in writing first, style second (or maybe it’s the other way around!), there is a wide variety of pens available to the user today from the student to the executive. They range from fountain pens to roller tip pens and, of course, ballpoint pens: the most commonly used.

Ballpoint pens are probably the most common because most anyone can use them without risking embarrassing smudges and terrible calligraphy that suggest that the user is not quite used to the pen he’s holding.
Ballpoint pens can cost tiny amounts or a grand sum, depending on what you want. Really simple, everyday pens can cost about $2 but there are some high-end ones that can go for as high as $300 – that’s for those who use their pens as part of their statement of style. Somewhere in the middle, around $10+, you can get some really cool space pens that can do stuff like write upside down or in zero gravity. While cheap ballpoint pens exist, we’re sure you already know that “cheap” is always synonymous with low quality. Most of these cheap ballpoint pens come with inks that smudge, or cheap bodies that fall apart at the slightest fall and don’t even grip right. It’s best to steer clear of them for the sake of world peace!
Ball point pens might look pretty straightforward, and really, they are, but there are still one or two things about them that should be known before you purchase one. We point the most basic ones here:
  • Point type
  • Grip
  • Ink flow
  • Color
  • Design
  • Extra
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
Tip Type

The type of tip or point type of your pen plays a major role in determining whether your writing will come out as beautiful as it is in your head or not. You’ve been writing for years now, so you already know what works best for you but just for the sake of analysis, there are three types of tips: the broad, the medium, and the fine tip, and they produce correspondingly different thicknesses of line when used. From the names, you probably already know what type of tip you should be using. The fine tip for the tiny writers and the broad tip for those who like to keep it bold!


Up next, the grip. Of course you already know you’re in soup if you decide to get a pen with a terrible grip. So, to make things a lot easier and softer for us, many manufacturers make their pens with soft, rubberized grips that your fingers will love. You should get them cos you know comfortable writing means writing longer at the end.

Retractable-Tips/ Lids

Some also come with caps, while others are retractable or just require you to twist to begin writing. Caps are a nuisance to a lot of people, seeing as you have to take them off before you can do anything, and then it’s never certain where the caps will end up after they come off. Plus, have you met some caps that hold the pen with a vice-like grip? You practically have to wrestle with the pen to get it off!
Performance and Ease of Use

Most pens these days come with non-smear, non-smudge inks. Please get those ones people and stop acting like you don’t have any choice but to buy those cheap pens. This is the 21st century not the 1800’s. You can get a good pen that does not pour out ink by the gallons.

Zero-Gravity Ballpoint

We all know how it’s quite a feat to get a ballpoint pen to write upside down or under water or something like that, well, it’s not a fault of the pen. It’s a general problem as you may already know. Good news is, there are pens that can write upside down or even at zero gravity. Yep! They are called space pens. They work great and write virtually everywhere.


The design of your pen is another thing to consider, although typically most pens look identical. However, some come with clips to help you attach them to your pockets or clipboard or book or something, which can be extremely useful.

With the unprecedented speedy developments made in technology, there are pens with all kinds of perks these days. Many come with different color ink cartridges in one pen, others come with really fancy designs that can become symbols of style and class. Pens have really evolved!

Get the Best Ballpoint Pen of 2022!

And there you have it. We hope you enjoyed perusing pens with us, and found the writing tool for you. If our featured choices didn’t include your personal top product, you can trust these brands to find you an alternative. Once you’ve bought your pen, you can write us a note and tell us how you liked it!

Our Top Choice
Tombow Zoom Multi Function Ballpoint Pen
Best Value
Skilcraft U.S Government Ballpoint Pen
MontBlanc StarWalker Red-Gold Ballpoint Pen
Fisher Bullet Black Matte Barrel Space Pen
Zebra Z-Grip Ballpoint Retractable Pen