Best Band Saw Reviews 2023

A band saw is a veritable tool in the hands of a woodworker and its versatility is second to none. With so many variants of this tool in the market, it’s understandably difficult trying to make a smart choice when shopping for one and so we’ve decided to step in and help out. After thorough research into different brands with band saws in the market, we’ve compiled a list of five top brands with some of the best band saws. Though we featured one product per brand, kindly note that the featured brands have other great band saw options that might interest you; so, you may as well check them out.
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Blade Size
Our Top Choice
Jet Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit
For over five decades, Jet has been supplying the metal and woodworking industries with products that are innovative and solid.
Stand-mounted with lower cabinet. Easy to install and operate. Motor power of 1.25HP. Blade speed of 1500/3000 FPM. High-tension springs.
Flimsy factory-installed blades.
Floor-standing band saw
105 inches
29 x 28 x 77 inches
258 pounds
Best Value
WEN Two-Speed Band Saw
WEN designs, manufactures, and distributes power tools that are affordable and consistent in performance, so that its customers will have a helping hand for important projects.
Unique work light. Large work table. Easy to operate. Budget-friendly. Ideal for small workshops. High resawing capacity. Precise cuts.
Poor blade quality.
Stand-mounted band saw
72 inches
25 x 20 x 58 inches
73 pounds
Grizzly Ultimate Bandsaw
Grizzly manufactures and distributes top-grade machineries and accessories to the wood and metalwork industries, and has done so for over 30 years.
Fence and miter gauge at zero extra cost. Unique foot brake. Blade tracking display window. Large work table. 4500 FMP speed. Cast-iron wheels.
Flimsy blade quality.
Floor-standing band saw
160 – 162 inches
78.125 x 35.25 x 33.75 inches
784 pounds
RIKON Power Tools Deluxe Bandsaw
RIKON Power Tools does all in its power to equip the woodwork industry with machinery that’s genuine and of great quality.
Storage cabinet base. Easy installation. Wheels adjust easily. 4-inch dust port. 13-inch cutting capacity. Dual speed options. Quick lock mechanism.
Trunnion adjustment may not glide easily if not well-lubricated.
Floor-standing band saw
111 inches
76 x 33.75 x 25 inches
285 pounds
DEWALT Lithium-Ion Band Saw
DEWALT specializes in providing professionals with power tools and accessories that are efficient and reliable, to give them an upper hand no matter the job.
Unique LED work light. Mid-positioned handle. Quite portable and handy. Can cut PVC pipes. Cordless. Support lever. Adjustment system. 570FPM.
Small cutting capacity.
Handheld band saw
32.875 inches
12.2 x 15.4 x 8.7 inches
8 pounds

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What is the Best Band Saw?

Different types of band saws come with different features, and having gone through our buying guide, we’re positive that you are adequately armed with relevant information to help you make an excellent choice of a band saw that’ll suit your needs. Let’s now head over to our product review section so you can take your pick from the options we’ve lined up for you.
Our Top Choice
The Jet Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit has a blade speed of 1500/3000 FPM, boasts a blade-tracking window that can be easily viewed, and has a motor power of 1.25HP. For a larger band saw with an extra-large table made from cast iron, check out the JET 18" 1 HP 1-Phase Metal\/Wood Vertical Bandsaw with easy-to-change speed settings.

Jet Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit with Upper and Lower Cast Iron Frame

Jet, which was founded in 1958, started manufacturing metalwork and woodwork machines in the early 80s. Ever since then, it has been known for designing and manufacturing heavy-duty machines that are not only innovative but also reliable and efficient. With its team of skilled engineers, Jet is committed to delivering products that are of top quality and meet the necessary regulations for the metal and woodwork industry. Its impressive range of products includes metalwork tools, woodwork tools, lifting systems, and air tools.

The Jet Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit is one of the top choices for woodworkers all around the globe. It’s a stand-mounted vertical band saw with a lower cabinet that can serve as a storage unit for little woodwork tools. This band saw has a resaw capacity of 12 inches, which allows you to cut wood pieces of a large size. It also features a poly V belt system which improves efficiency and precision while offering you dual speed—definitely vital aspects for any wood or metalworker. The upper and lower frame is made from cast iron, and this increases its toughness and firmness.

This impressive band saw has a display window that allows you to track the blade movement without a hitch. Accuracy is improved by a post that guides the blade and a guide that also allows you to adjust the rack and pinion. It’s also a closed-stand type with a motor phase of 1PH. Dimensions of 29 x 28 x 77 inches and a weight of 258 pounds prove this to be a sizeable and hefty piece of equipment that you won’t want to be without. Other amazing features of this band saw include:
  • Decreased friction which is the result of ball bearing guides on both sections, for long blade life
  • Increased convenience due to the blade tension being released quickly
  • A cutting width capacity of 13.5 inches and height capacity of 12 inches
  • Corded electricity power source
  • Table size of 15 x 15 inches, and left tilt degree of 100 and right degree of 450, for angled cuts
  • 300 CFM, which is the minimum CFM it requires for dust collection
  • Blade length of 105 inches and speed of 1500/3000 SFPM
  • Wheel diameter of 14 inches and a motor power of 1.25 HP
Jet offers a 5-year warranty on this product, so you can rest assured that if anything goes wrong the company has you covered.
Best Value
The WEN Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight is an easy-to-use power tool that makes use of a 72-inch blade that cuts up to 9.75 inches wide and 6 inches deep. For a less expensive scroll saw with a unique blade design, check out the WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw.

WEN Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight – Available in 3 Sizes

When it comes to power tools that are affordable and of high grade, WEN delivers. From benchtop and pneumatic power tools to portable power variations and their replacement parts, WEN has consistently delivered everyday tools that help improve the home and workshop. With a team of niche experts that’s committed to helping make tasks easier, WEN is totally devoted to making sure that hobbyists, artisans, professionals, and woodworkers across the globe accomplish whatever tasks they set for themselves without breaking the bank.

The WEN Two-Speed Band Saw is an ideal power tool for beginner woodworkers or those that have a small workshop. It is a 10-inch band saw with a throat that measures 9.75 inches, and is capable of cutting up to 9.75 inches wide and 6 inches deep (resaw capacity). This band saw offers a dual speed mode of 1520/2620 FPM and is designed to use blades that measure 72 inches with the size ranging from 0.125 to 0.5 inches. This ensures that the cuts delivered are both powerful and detailed.

It has quite a large work table with dimensions of 14 L x 12.5 W inches, which can rotate up to an angle of 450 to offer you greater versatility and flexibility for your project. It also comes with a unique work light that’s flexible and has the function of shining down on the work table during working hours—that means no time wasted even during cloudy days or long nights. Three hoses that measure 1.75, 2.75, and 4 inches extract dust accumulated in the work process and empty it into a 3-in-1 dust collector to ensure your work space remains clean (as clean as you can expect a work space to be).

Straight cuts are created by a fence present, while the miter gauge delivers cuts that are angled. Blade life is preserved by the presence of ball bearings which also allow for smooth operation of the blades; for any kind of wood or metalworker, this is an invaluable asset. This device comes with a stand that measures 25 inches, and is easy to set up; its function is to ensure that work space is maximized while the band saw is elevated. This band saw weighs a nice 73 pounds and has dimensions of 25 x 20 x 58 inches—not overly large, but certainly roomy enough to get the job done. Best of all, this band saw is also covered by a 2-year warranty.
The Grizzly Ultimate Bandsaw with Fence and Miter Gauge is a precise and powerful tool with a band saw size of 17 inches and blade speed of 4500 FPM. For a less expensive band saw with two blade speeds of 1700/3500 FPM, check out the Grizzly G0513ANV 2 HP Bandsaw Anniversary Edition.

Grizzly Ultimate Bandsaw with Fence and Miter Gauge

For over 3 decades, Grizzly Industrial®, which is situated in the United States, manufactures and distributes metalwork and woodwork equipment and accessories that are of top quality and offer great value. Dedicated to the manufacture of high-grade tools and the provision of excellent customer care and service, Grizzly employs quality control engineers and technicians who have the primary duty of overseeing the whole production process and offering the best after service, respectively.

The Grizzly Ultimate Bandsaw has a 5 HP single-phase motor that produces a blade speed of 4500 FPM, and with the fence attached it can cut up to a width of 15.25 inches (without fence: 16.5 inches)—plenty of speed and versatility for your next project. With a table surface that measures 25.5 x 21 inches, a thickness of 2 inches, and the ability to tilt up to 5 degrees left and 45 degrees right with the rack and pinion, it’s definitely earned itself some brownie points in the space and multi-use categories! Further, the standard blade length is 162 inches, with a range of 160-162 inches, while the blade width ranges from 0.125 to 1.375 inches.

The wheels on this powerful and precise band saw are made from cast iron which is computer-balanced and comes with tires made of rubber; the wheel covers are also made from steel that’s hinged and pre-formed. The type of blade guide featured is the double ball bearing type with sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated, which will make things a whole lot easier for you in the long run! This band saw comes with a blade foot brake that automatically halts the blade when you want to stop blade movement, ensuring extra safety and convenience on your part. The package includes a 1-inch blade and a manual that’s easy to read and understand, making the setup process a bit simpler. Its dimensions measure 78.125 x 35.25 x 33.75 inches while it weighs 784 pounds—a bit on the larger side, but worth it for the quality.

Other features of this powerful band saw include:
  • An indicator that reveals the extent of blade tension
  • A display window that allows you to track the blade movement
  • Construction material of the table: cast iron which is precision-ground
  • Fence made from deluxe extruded aluminum with a front locking position
  • 2 dust ports that measure 4 inches
  • Frame and base made from pre-formed steel
  • Powder-coated finishing and trunnion made from cast iron for better support
  • Miter gauge and resaw fence adjustment included
  • Rack and pinion adjustment type for the blade guide post
The RIKON Power Tools Deluxe Bandsaw with Storage Cabinet Base has a cutting capacity of 13 inches, a dual blade speed of 1145/2950 FPM, and a 4-inch dust port. For a less expensive bandsaw with a cutting capacity of 10 inches and a fence, check out the Rikon 10-305 10-Inch Bandsaw with Fence.

RIKON Power Tools Deluxe Bandsaw with Storage Cabinet Base

RIKON Power Tools is one of the woodworkers’ favorite brands as it has a superb tech team that ensures the questions of its customers are solved, while also considering their suggestions for future growth. It’s committed to designing and distributing top-grade woodworking equipment such as band saws, mortisers, drill presses, and more that help provide a memorable way to woodwork. Asides from that, RIKON Power Tools also offers accessories that are of great quality and help prevent lapses in the woodworking process.

The RIKON Power Tools Deluxe Bandsaw has a cutting capacity of 13 inches and is ideal for cutting and resawing a huge array of materials from foam to metal. It has three unique features that are awaiting patency and they include the spring-loaded blade guides that require no tools for installation, the fence system that can be quickly adjusted, and the trunnion table, made from cast iron that can be quickly locked for angled cuts. It also has a lever that quickly releases blade tension and large handles for adjustment.

There is a blade guard that’s hinged for safety purposes and comes with a display window that allows you to monitor blade movement. This band saw also comes with work table dimensions of 21.5 x 15.75 inches, while the height to the floor is 40.5 inches (and to the base is 20.875 inches)—this offers a decent amount of room for working on important projects. With overall dimensions of 76 H x 33.75 W x 25 D inches and a weight of 285 pounds, you can be assured of a quality and heavy-duty workspace for your woodworking projects.

Here are some other features of this band saw:
  • Dual blade speed of 1445/2950 FPM
  • 1.75 HP motor with dual voltage of 115/230V
  • An 18.75 x 1.875 x 6-inch rip fence which is extra tall for additional support
  • A 4-inch dust collector port
  • Cutting capacity width of 13.625 inches
  • Table tilt of -7 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right
  • Blade length of 111 inches and width that can range from 0.1875 to 0.75 inches
The RIKON Power Tools Deluxe Band Saw is covered by a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind and convenience.
The DEWALT Lithium-Ion Band Saw is a power tool with a cutting capacity of 2.5 inches. It also has a handle that’s positioned in the center for better support, and a unique LED work light. For a cordless band saw with a cutting capacity of 5 inches, check out the DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit. It also has an LED work light.

DEWALT Lithium-Ion Band Saw – Available in 4 Styles

DEWALT is a well-known manufacturer of power tools that are highly appreciated by professionals because of their toughness. Its range of power tools includes air compressors, air tools, cutout tools, grinders, saws, and sanders. It also boasts accessories such as band saw blades, batteries and chargers, etc. that are of equal quality. With nearly 100 years of experience, this is a brand that you can rely on for your next big project, as many customers have already happily done.

The DEWALT Lithium-Ion Band Saw has a cutting capacity of 2.5 inches and is capable of cutting up to 2-inch schedule 40 pipe. It features an adjustment for blade tracking which prolongs the blade life, along with a hang hook which permits you to hang this band saw without causing any form of damage to the base or front handle. This band saw is nicely balanced due to the presence of a handle that’s centrally-placed; this positioning allows for better cuts without all the hassle that’s usually involved. There’s an LED work light that illuminates the work area, and this is beneficial in low-light regions.

The blade tension is loosened by a blade changing lever which allows you to change the blades in a simple manner—you don’t even need tools. Durability is another thing you needn’t worry over, as its increased in the support system of the blade by a pair of blade guide rollers. Further, there’s a back handle with a soft grip which ensures that you remain comfortable and in control during the cutting process.

This is a cordless type of power tool that runs on a 20V lithium-ion battery, which generates a cutting speed of 570 FPM with a blade length of 32.875 inches. The DEWALT Lithium-Ion Band Saw can be used to cut angle iron, threaded rod, and conduits up to 2 inches in diameter. It has dimensions of 12.2 x 15.4 x 8.7 inches and weighs 8 pounds, making it the lightest band saw in this review by a landslide. With one 14/18 TPI blade and a wrench for blade tracking, along with a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, this is a band saw you don’t want to miss out on!

How Do I Choose the Best Band Saw?

As an aspiring or amateur professional or do-it-yourself woodworker, you may not really be thinking about a band saw when making a list of cutting equipment with which to outfit your workshop. You’ll be thinking more along the lines of chainsaws, hand saws, and the like (which are common enough and get the job done). But in this fast-paced age when productivity is all about spending less time while producing the highest quality, precise, and neat job possible, it becomes imperative to take a closer look at this often-ignored and under-rated piece of machinery known as a band saw.

The band saw is a highly versatile precision tool used by woodworkers to cut wood and even metals. It’s used to shape and carve curvy wood stock, make crosscuts, and for re-sawing. Band saws are also used to trim out the coarse edges of planks or boards from the milling machine to give a perfectly polished and clean finish. Using a band saw helps amateurs and beginners produce professional and intricate cuts without breaking a sweat—and within a remarkably short period of time. If, as a woodworker, you’re not accustomed to the workings of a band saw, then you’re truly missing a lot from this amazing machinery. And by the time you get yours and start using it, you’ll be wondering how you’ve been faring without it all this time.

A band saw can either be free-standing or table top, portable or heavy-duty, and comes in different sizes. It has the capacity to accommodate different types and sizes of cutting blades and, best of all, it can be powered by a generating set.

Buying a band saw without having the right information will amount to a waste of good money; to forestall that, we are going to discuss some important features and points that you should bear in mind when shopping for the right band saw. You should consider the size, type, and frame of the band saw. Equally important is the blade type, adjustability of the pulley wheels, and the price of the model you wish to buy. We hope that by the time you’ve gone through this guide, choosing the right band saw will be easier for you.
Most people operate on a budget when shopping for items, but for certain items you should be prepared to stretch that budget a little bit. Things like the band saw are long-term investments and as such, one needs to be financially prepared before making the purchase. Most good quality band saws cost between $80 and $600, but this is just a range as there are some known to cost even more than the stated range here.

It’s highly recommended that you don’t sacrifice quality on the altar of price when shopping for a band saw so you avoid ending up with a cheap band saw that won’t handle your job properly. Also, don’t go for a band saw with a low-quality or low-powered motor that comes relatively cheap if your work entails some heavy cutting and trimming.

All the band saws reviewed here are from trusted and renowned brands, and you’re sure to find whatever it is that’ll suit your needs; so, we urge you to stay with us.
Before making that commitment and purchasing a band saw, there are several features and factors that you need to have at the back of your mind. These features include:
  • Size and type of the band saw
  • Size of the motor
  • Blade type
  • Frame material
  • Number of pulley wheels
  • Other extra features
With these features in mind, you’ll be ahead of the game while seeking out your ideal band saw.
Construction and Design
Band saws come in different sizes and this is often determined by the surface area of the table, which is the working surface where all cuts and designs are crafted. The larger the table surface, the more wood stock or metal stock you’ll be able to work with at a time. This also affects the size of other components in the band saw such as the number and type of pulley (we’ll be talking about that shortly), the drive motor power, and the number or type of blade.

Basically, there are two types or blade orientations of band saws: horizontal band saws and vertical band saws. The major difference between these two types is the positioning of the cutting blades. The vertical band saw has its blade positioned vertically and cuts sideways into the stock, while the horizontal type has its blade in the horizontal position. For the vertical band saw, the stock is fed manually into the blade cutter and the table has adjustable angles to make mitered cuts.

A horizontal band saw requires less effort to feed the wood or metal into the blade because the bulk of the job is taken care of by gravitational force. Horizontal-blade band saws are usually large and floor-mounted, occupying more space; so, if you’re faced with limited space, you may want to consider getting the vertical blade saw that’s less cumbersome.

Band saws have a supporting frame system which can be made from plastic, wood, steel, or cast-iron metal. A plastic or wooden-frame band saw is usually lightweight, unstable, and prone to tilting over and cracking or breaking. It usually is cheaper, but not a good investment option in the long run. A plastic band saw is not built to handle heavy stocks and cannot take a pulley more than 12 inches in size. Cast-iron and steel frames, on the other hand, can handle any type of work thrown at them without you worrying about the equipment wobbling or crumbling mid-project. They’re much more expensive but are the recommended way to go.

A band saw can have either a 2-pulley or 3-pulley wheel configuration. It’s important to note here that vertical band saws usually come with 2 pulleys, and that’s the reason they’re more portable than their horizontal relatives. Whatever the number of pulleys in the system, one of the pulleys is usually connected to the motor, leaving the other one(s) free and adjustable.

For a 2-pulley system, the second pulley functions to adjust the tension, increasing and decreasing it as needed; the third pulley in a 3-pulley system adjusts the blade width. Also of importance is the material and the pulley weight. A cast-iron pulley is often more desirable and is a weightier pulley. The heavy pulley will serve as compensation to a low-powered motor, thus making for a smoother operation and eliminating the possibility of the blade teeth jamming up in the stock wood.

Just as the chainsaw has a chain, so also does the band saw have a band, which, in reality, is the blade. It’s a looped and circular saw blade tensioned and moving around the pulley system; there are different types of blades out there, with different teeth configurations. The blade may have as few as one or two teeth per inch or as many as twenty-four per inch. Saws with fewer teeth per inch are preferred for cutting through thick wooden blocks, while a closely-spaced teethed blade makes fine and precise cuts.

The teeth of the blade determine the type of cut the blade makes, whether curvaceous or coarse cuts. Some are so thin that they can make precise and intricate dovetails and notches on boards, while others are wide enough and well-suited for sawing off chunks of wood. A band saw blade may come with steely teeth which can cut wood or lighter metals like aluminum and copper, or it can come with carbide-filled teeth which have the capacity to effortlessly rip stainless steel.
Performance and Ease of Use
Although band saws make woodworking easier and are time-saving, they require a level of skill and finesse to use effectively. Most brands try to make their band saws as user-friendly and safe as possible so they can be used without much issue by an amateur woodworker. Band saws come with instruction manuals for setting up and to get you started on the equipment.

For smooth running and operation of the band saw, you should ensure that the motor power is commensurate with the type of load that you’ll want the machine to handle. For most light home and do-it-yourself projects, a horsepower of 0.5 to 0.75 is usually sufficient, while you’ll be needing a motor with about a 1 horsepower rating for heavy-duty projects. Using a low-powered band saw for a heavy job will lead to the blade’s teeth jamming up in the wood stock and will cause the equipment to stop in the middle of the work. If this continues, it may lead to premature breakdown of the band saw. So, be sure to check the power rating on the band saw you want to buy and be sure it’ll be able to carry the workload you’ll be putting on it.

Some brands equip their band saws with two or more different types of bands with varying tooth patterns. Regular patterns consist of evenly-spaced teeth and are used for contour cutting, cutting thin items, or fine finishing. Skip tooth patterns have more spacing in-between and are suitable for cutting soft materials such as soft wood, plastics, and non-iron metals. For really fast cutting, a hooked-tooth blade comes in handy, with larger spaces and a 10-degree gullet angle. It’s used to cut hard wood and hard metals fast and efficiently.

Another important factor to look out for is the saw dust and waste outlet on the band saw. You’ll want to go for a band saw with a large waste outlet so the saw dust doesn’t pack up and clog the system. It also ensures that you clean and maintain the band saw easier and better without much stress.

Don’t forget to check the warranty period and the availability of your preferred band saw’s spare parts.

Get the Best Band Saw of 2023!

Thank you for going through our product review; we’re quite sure you are now in a better position to make an informed choice of a great band saw.

Our Top Choice
Jet Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit
Best Value
WEN Two-Speed Band Saw
Grizzly Ultimate Bandsaw
RIKON Power Tools Deluxe Bandsaw
DEWALT Lithium-Ion Band Saw