Best Bar Cabinet Reviews 2023

Bar cabinets come in handy when you want your bar organized and accessories within reach. However, the many cabinets on the market can make the buying process quite daunting. Therefore, we’ve researched five of the best bar cabinet brands on the market, showcasing a cabinet from each to help you find one that best meets your bar storage and organization needs.
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Our Top Choice
Crosley Furniture Newport Expandable Bar Cabinet
Crosley crafts elegant, timeless, and durable indoor and outdoor furniture for use at home and business places.
Durable and expandable. Offers ample storage. Raised panel doors are attractive and functional. Top doubles as a serving area.
Wine glasses with large bases don’t fit into the wine glass racks.
Expandable, closed design
9 shelves; 1 drawer; 1 wine rack
22 x 42 x 62.5 inches; 150 pounds
Wood veneers & hardwood
Best Value
South Shore Furniture Vietti Bar Cabinet
South Shore was founded in 1940 to design and manufacture affordable furniture for home offices, entertainment and bedrooms, among other rooms.
Multi-functional. Reasonably priced. Sufficient storage. Top tray is damage-resistant. Removable diagonal shelves.
Requires two adults for proper installation or setup.
Open/closed customizable
2 drawers;12 small, 6 large cubes
17 x 40 x 40.2 inches; 121 pounds
Oak wood
Black oak
Howard Miller Sonoma Wine and Spirits Storage Cabinet
Howard Miller is a subsidiary of WestWood FURNITURE Inc., that manufactures clocks, wine and bar furnishings, and storage solutions.
A lot of storage space. Protects stored items from theft. Stabilizes on uneven floors. Auto-on smart light.
Heavy weight and highly expensive.
Closed, tall cabinet
2 drawers; 11 shelves; wine rack
23 x 43 x 75 inches; 330 pounds
Veneers & hardwoods
Americana cherry
Southern Enterprises Fold Away Bar
Southern Enterprises is a family-owned business founded in 1976 to design premium-quality home furnishings such as fireplaces and other furniture.
Portable. Fold-away design. Open design displays your bar collection. Black finish blends into any décor.
Side racks not long enough to store whiskey collections.
Open fold-away cabinet
2 drawers; 8 shelves
14 x 22 x 39 inches; 69 pounds
MDF, hardwoods, veneers
Altra Furniture Carver Bar Cabinet
Altra Furniture manufactures ready-to-assemble, functional, stylish, and affordable furniture and home furnishings to enhance customers’ lives.
Stylish. Cost-effective. Ample storage. Compact to fit in tight spaces. Durable. Functional. Aesthetic.
Compact but heavy. Not easy to move around.
Open/closed cabinet
2 drawers; wine cabinet; 2 shelves
18 x 36 x 37 inches; 103.2 pounds
Laminated particleboard, MDF
Black or grey

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What is the Best Bar Cabinet?

Choose a bar cabinet with the right number of compartments to store your barware, wine and liquor bottles, and other accessories. The best bar cabinets feature various storage for different items such as cubbies for bottles and stemware for wine glasses. Find out if one of our recommended bar cabinets is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Crosley Furniture Newport Expandable Bar Cabinet comes in a closed design and offers storage space for glassware, spirits, and more. It features nine cabinet shelves, one drawer, wine storage area, and a wine rack. If you prefer a bar cabinet in a different design, vintage mahogany finish, and with glass doors, opt for the Crosley Furniture Alexandria Sliding Top Bar Cabinet.

Crosley Furniture Newport Expandable Bar Cabinet – Solid Hardwood and Veneer Construction

Crosley uses unique craftsmanship to design high-quality furniture you can use to create a living space indoors or outdoors. With furniture that’s stylish and unbound by time, Crosley uses resin wicker and powder-coated aluminum to make low-maintenance outdoor furniture. The premium materials the company uses to manufacture its products guarantee durability and value for your money.

The Crosley Furniture Newport Expandable Bar Cabinet supports stylish storage and organization of your wine collection and bar accessories. Engineered with solid wood veneers and hardwood, the bar cabinet is elegant and durable. When fully open and expanded, the cabinet measures up to 62.5 inches wide. The raised door panels are attractively finished and offer additional storage for ornaments, glassware, spirits, and much more.

The doors open and the cabinet top folds out to increase your serving area. Featuring a total of sixteen wine storage spaces, the bar cabinet has hanging stemware storage, a utility drawer, nine shelves, and a wine rack with storage space for sixteen bottles. It’s hand-rubbed with a black finish that complements the brushed nickel hardware for an appealing look. The bar cabinet requires minor assembly and comes with a three-month warranty.

Here are a couple of other Crosley bar cabinets you might like if this one’s not for you:
  • Crosley Furniture LaFayette Buffet Sideboard Bar Cabinet
  • Crosley Furniture Everett Spirit Bar Cabinet
Best Value
The South Shore Furniture Vietti Bar Cabinet has special storage space for liquor or wine bottles and doubles up as a sideboard. It can store up to 32 wine bottles and features two drawers for additional storage. Opt for the South Shore Furniture 9043770 Vietti Bar Cabinet if you want a more cost-effective storage solution for your barware, with built-in wine glass storage.

South Shore Furniture Vietti Bar Cabinet with Bottle Storage and Drawers - Available in 2 Colors

South Shore Furniture manufactures products for a variety of purposes and a variety of people, using both its passion and large employee base to bring about only the best and most stylish furniture. It certainly doesn’t stop there, however, as this company also offers some of the best customer service you’ll ever get; from cluing you in on tips to Skyping with you until your question is answered. If you’re looking to find a go-to furniture company, this is it!

The South Shore Furniture Vietti Bar Cabinet provides the surface you need to mix your favorite drink while also offering you all the storage space you could ask for—not to mention a good deal of storage and placement options. Yes, this bar cabinet can be placed outside the kitchen to grace whatever part of the house you deem fit. And with removable compartments and a sideboard functionality, this is a cabinet you won’t want to be without! Whether for quiet evenings or parties, this is the bar cabinet to have.

You can customize the center storage section into three different configurations, depending on how you intend to use the bar cabinet. The two doors open to two large storage spaces, as well. And, to add elegance and accentuate interior spaces, it features nickel-finished handles.

The cabinet requires assembly by at least two adults, but doesn’t come with setup tools. Measuring 17 x 40 x 40.2 inches and weighing 121 pounds, this bar cabinet is sturdy and durable to withstand the weight of your barware and wine bottles for durable use. This bar cabinet is available in two great colors, namely: black oak and gray maple.
The Howard Miller Sonoma Hide-A-Bar Cabinet is made from veneers and hardwoods and has enough storage for 22 wine bottles and liquor bottles. The raised door panel offers security for its contents. Looking for a wheeled bar cabinet? Opt for the Howard Miller Barrow Wine & Bar Cabinet with corner guards for a vintage appeal. It also comes with wine bottle holder trays.

Howard Miller Sonoma Hide-A-Bar Wine Cabinet in Americana Cherry

Howard Miller is a leading manufacturer of high-end furniture in various finishes to elevate the appeal of home bars and the entire house in general. With products ranging from lifestyle storage to cabinet solutions, the company uses only the best materials to design top-quality products you can use for years and even pass down to your next generation.

The Howard Miller Sonoma Hide-A-Bar Cabinet in Americana Cherry is made from specific veneers and hardwoods, and given an Americana cherry finish for a cozy look in your bar area. It can accommodate 22 wine bottles and offers more space for storing liquor. The raised door panel offers additional security for the items you store in the bar cabinet, as well, and its upper cabinet has a glass mirrored back for hidden display. Better yet, it comes with a wooden stemware rack to conveniently store and organize your wine glasses.

This cabinet features an upper fixed shelf designed to hold tumblers and glasses, and its center shelf houses three power strip outlets so you can use small appliances from your bar cabinet. Built in attractive dovetail designs with smooth metal slides, the two drawers offer the extra storage you need to properly store your bar utensils. The drawers also come with laminated lift-up shelves to use in case you ever need more room to work.

The door hinges enable the doors to open at 180 degrees for easy access to various parts of the bar cabinet when serving your guests. Whenever you open the cabinet doors, the smart auto-on light turns on to illuminate the bar cabinet; the lights go off when you close the cabinet doors. Every bottom corner has adjustable levers beneath to ensure that your cabinet is stable no matter the type of ground it’s on. The doors are lockable for the additional security you need to ensure your barware are safe when the bar cabinet isn’t in use.

Here are a few other Howard Miller bar cabinets you might like:
  • Howard Miller Paneled Door Tall Wine Bar Cabinet
  • Howard Miller Black Coffee Ring Mirrored Panel Door Bar Cabinet
  • Heavy Distressed Rustic Hardwood Tall Wine Bar Cabinet
The Southern Enterprises Fold Away Bar has six door shelves, two drawers, and two compartment shelves to store your barware and wine glasses. It comes in an attractive frame with a timeless black finish. If you want a sleek, modern-style bar cabinet with more room for storage, opt for the Southern Enterprises Shadowbox Wine\/Bar Cabinet with seventeen wine bottle holders and more.

Southern Enterprises Fold Away Bar with 2 Drawers and 6 Shelves - Available in 2 Colors

Based in Dallas, Texas, Southern Enterprises is a bestseller in home organization and office furniture, among other things. The company’s designers roam and scour the world to find unique colors and styles to integrate into original designs that make a statement. Concerned about the value customers get for their money, the company mainly designs versatile, multifunctional furniture that can easily fit in tight spaces. It also runs a charity program to make a difference in the lives of locals.

The Southern Enterprises Fold Away Bar comes in a timeless black color to refine the feel and look of your interior space. Whichever room your company will be in, the combination of various storage options and an elegant frame is the least you can expect of a functional and attractive bar cabinet. Whether you need to store your specialty glasses or favorite wine bottles, there’s enough space in this cabinet.

Display your best barware and bottles on the shelves and hide less-attractive pieces in the drawers. Further, the railings on the shelves secure your glasses and bottles, ensuring they don’t fall easily. Its transitional feel and look is what makes it ideal for any décor and room, meaning you can use it in the living room, kitchen, or dining room for a more appealing look.

With dimensions of 14 x 22 x 40 inches and weight of 69 pounds, you can easily move this bar cabinet anywhere you want. It also has a capacity of about 70 pounds throughout its storage spaces, meaning it can hold all your barware and bottles.

Here a few other Southern Enterprises bar cabinets to consider:
  • Southern Enterprises Mirage Mirrored Fold-Out Bar Cabinet
  • Southern Enterprises Bartlett Bar Cabinet
  • Southern Enterprises Dunston Bar Cabinet
The Altra Furniture Carver Bar Cabinet has two drawers, two shelves, and a wine cabinet for use in any room as a compact entertainment platform. Prefer a bar cabinet with more drawers and no shelves? Opt for the Altra Furniture Mercer Bar Cabinet in a white finish and multicolored drawer fronts.

Altra Furniture Carver Bar Cabinet – Comes in Two Colors, Taller Option and Matching Furniture Available

Altra Furniture designs environmentally-friendly products and continuously improves them to meet customers’ changing needs. The products it designs help people create free, comfortable, and safe homes. The company’s large product portfolio meets the unique needs of different customers; with styles ranging from rustic to modern chic designs, there’s something for everyone.

The Altra Furniture Carver Bar Cabinet has storage space for wine glasses, up to eighteen wine bottles, and anything else you wish to store in it. Whether you enjoy wine or liquor, the eighteen cubbies in the wine cabinet can hold various types of bottles with ease. Use the two shelves behind the closed door to store wine glasses, serving utensils, an ice bucket, and any other barware. You can also store your bar utensils and accessories in the two drawers.

The bar cabinet has a black finish on the outside and features a distressed brown wood grain look to accentuate the look of your room with a timeless style. Whether your room is themed in bright colors or neutral hues, the black color will complement your décor to create an attractive centerpiece.

It’s constructed using MDF and laminated particleboard for a sturdy and durable design. The cabinet measures 18 x 36 x 37 inches and weighs103.2 pounds. It requires two adults to set it up and the installation process can take up to two hours. This cabinet is available in your choice of black or grey.

How Do I Choose the Best Bar Cabinet?

Running a bar or having a home bar requires you to be meticulous about the cabinetry used. This is mainly because the cabinetry becomes the focal point of your bar. Choosing the best bar cabinet is important because it’s an addition to your bar that you’ll have for a long time. Bar cabinets make a statement about your personality as the bar owner.

The cabinets are important because they enhance the class, style, and beauty of your bar and interior space at large. Bar cabinets are also functional furniture pieces you can use to store and display some of your best barware and wine bottles. With bar cabinets, you’re able to organize your drinkware and/or showcase your favorite drinks or those that your customers enjoy having.

For home bars, cabinets are also important because they assist you in keeping the alcohol out of reach of your children. Bar cabinets are exquisite interior décor additions to your home as well, and allow for the addition of accessories that enable the bar to hold many kinds of drinks and cutlery. For instance, a wine rack can be added on the cabinet to hold some bottles of wine, while having some stemware hooks added can allow wine glasses to be hung upside down.

Most importantly, bar cabinets offer storage for barware, wine and liquor bottles, and related accessories such as wine openers, ice buckets, and wine decanters. A cabinet can be lockable or contained to ensure safety of your bar collection. With a bar cabinet, you’re able to store many bottles in a small space, therefore helping to maximize the available space.

First decide whether you want an open or closed, hideaway, wheeled, or wall bar cabinet before paying for one. If you have kids in the house, you might want to consider closed design, hideaway, or wall bar cabinets to keep your valuables away from their easy reach. This is a review of various types of bar cabinets. We hope that the guide will help you make an informed decision.
The prices of bar cabinets depend largely on the size of the cabinet and the kind of wood used to make it. A cabinet made of hard wood like mahogany or oak costs more than one made of soft wood. Moreover, the details on the wood such as wood grain accents also contribute to the price of a bar cabinet. Choosing a cabinet that’s highly detailed and customizable can cost you more than picking a simplistic design.

Bar cabinets are generally pricey, but valuable additions to your bar. However, there are cheap bar cabinets which can be luring, but will mostly not be the best quality; you don’t want to buy a cabinet that caves in with drinks on it. Buy a high-quality bar cabinet you can use for many years, even if you just want a compact design for your studio. Generally, you’ll find a good one in the price range of $100 to $3000, depending on the factors we’ve discussed above.
A bar cabinet should not only add to the beauty and sophistication of your bar, but also have features that increase its functionality. The most important feature of the cabinets should be the compartments. They should be able to hold the drinks properly, hold many drinks together, and allow ease of reach and organization.

Here are some other important features to look out for in a bar cabinet:
  • Open or closed design according to your preference
  • Type, such as contained, display, wheeled, etc.
  • Compartments such as shelves, drawers, cubbies, stemware racks, etc.
  • The right size for your space and based on your budget
  • Aesthetic color to elevate your interior décor; black is timeless and blends into any space
  • Material such as wood, stainless steel, etc.
The right bar cabinet is of the right size to fit in your home bar or wherever you intend to use it, has enough capacity to accommodate all your bar collection, and elevates the look of your interior space.
Construction and Design
When it comes to choosing the right cabinet for your bar, several things are important to consider in terms of construction. Open bar cabinets are the most common. This is because they provide the space to showcase your classic cutlery, range of drinks, and so much more. They’re also blended with lights to create an ambience of sophistication and class. Contained bar cabinets are designed for lock-ability to secure your bar collection. Choose a design that blends well into your existing decor. You will also need to decide whether you want a wheeled or portable, wall, display, compact, or contained bar cabinet.

Once you have decided on the look and type of bar cabinet, also consider the following factors:
  • Compartments – Make sure the cabinet that you choose has enough compartments to hold or showcase a variety of the drinks you have. The compartments should be made in different styles and with strong materials that can hold the weight of the barware you intend to store on them. They should also be the right size so that you can fit different sizes of bottles. Consider drawers, shelves, and a wine rack with many cubbies on your chosen bar cabinet, as well.
  • Size – It’s imperative to buy the right bar cabinet size. Take the measurements of the space you have so that you get the size that fits well. Remember to consider the height of the cabinet; you don’t want a cabinet that’s so small it
  • looks like a misplaced wall hanging in your large high-ceilinged space. The size you pick must also be one you can afford.
  • Color – Since most cabinets are made of wood, it’s possible to have them in just about any color. Sometimes, only turpentine is used on the cabinets to show the natural beauty of the wood used. Choose a color that fits into the color theme of your house or bar. A cool color is always a good show of calm and sophistication, especially when there’s proper lighting.
  • Material – Wood is the most ideal material for bar cabinets because of the effect it can have on your existing interior décor. It’s the most sought-after bar cabinet material due to the natural touch it adds to a space. Wood is classic and can be highly and properly detailed to make the statement you want made. It also gives a cozy and warm impression when it comes in its natural color. Other materials used for cabinets include laminate, stainless steel, and thermofoil. When such materials are used on cabinets, they are given a finish that mimics the natural appearance of wood.
Performance and Ease of Use
A custom bar cabinet comes ready to be installed into the space that you already have. A bar cabinet is easy to maintain because all that’s required is wiping it when dirty. It could also require repainting after some time when the paint wears off. A bar cabinet should leave enough space that makes movement easy, and should also be easily accessible to enable easy reach of what’s on the shelves.

The compartments should allow storage of different sizes of bottles. The width of the compartments should allow the cabinet to hold drinks while laid down, for instance on wine racks. A good bar cabinet also comes with accessories such as racks that can hold glassware. The cabinet tops, if used to entertain your guests, should be made of materials that can withstand spills.

The bar cabinets should also be able to hold considerable weight so that they don’t cave in while in use. Bar cabinets should also be made in a way that allows lighting for visibility at night. Make sure your cabinet comes with an installation manual to guide the setup process, as well. Finally, it should be easy to use and backed with a warranty.

Get the Best Bar Cabinet of 2023!

Whether you want a bar cabinet for your home bar or commercial bar business, there’s one out there to meet your unique needs. We hope that, with our review of five top bar cabinets, you’ll be in a position to pick the right cabinet to meet your storage requirements. In case you need something different, check out our other wine rack reviews.

Our Top Choice
Crosley Furniture Newport Expandable Bar Cabinet
Best Value
South Shore Furniture Vietti Bar Cabinet
Howard Miller Sonoma Wine and Spirits Storage Cabinet
Southern Enterprises Fold Away Bar
Altra Furniture Carver Bar Cabinet