Best Baritone Horn Reviews 2023

Although musical instruments have been successfully used as weapons at high-brow balls and pageants for centuries now, they're also quite well known for enabling talented artists to produce some beautiful sounds! We at TopProducts love music, and have ventured to create our own top 5 list of the best baritone horns! If you'd like to get yourself one of these magnificent instruments to use for non-violent ends, feel free to consult these reviews and learn more!
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Our Top Choice
Yamaha YBH-301S Series Bb Baritone Horn
Boasting a vast experience in building some high-quality musical instruments, the Yamaha company delivers once again with their baritone horn model.
It comes with a laser-fused pluzuma welded bell, an original wrap design and it's a perfect model for rookies looking to learn the ropes of playing a brass instrument.
Some may want a gold-finish instead of its silver one.
8 Inch Bell
0.504 Inches Bore
Silver-Plated Mouthpiece
Best Value
Schiller Elite Frankfurt Rotary Baritone Horn
As a product of a well-known company called Schiller, the Frankfurt Rotary Baritone Horn represents an interesting combination of the small body and huge bell!
This model comes with an exceptionally warm projection; it also comes with its own mouthpiece and a genuine Schiller case for easy transportation.
The design is unconventional.
9 Inch Bell
0.551 Inches Bore
Genuine Schiller Mouthpiece
Cecilio 3 Series B Flat Baritone Horn
Having produced a wide range of high-quality musical instruments so far, the Cecilio folks are an avid bunch that have quality and reliability as their foremost values!
It features a rose-brass lead pipe, a silver-plated mouthpiece, and it comes with a pair of white gloves.
It has no clear flaw.
9 Inch Bell
0.528 Inches Bore
Silver-Plated Mouthpiece
Jupiter Qualifier 560S Marching Baritone Horn
Jupiter is a company with a long tradition in making high-quality musical instruments and the related equipment.
It’s a tough brass-bodied instrument featuring an attractive silver coating which enhances the whole deal.
Its price is a bit high.
10 Inch Bell
0.500 Inch Bore
Silver-Plated Mouthpiece
Mendini MBR-30 Brass B Baritone Horn
Cecilio is a world-renown brand that's been guilty for some of the best instruments you can find currently on the market!
It comes with a yellow brass body and a string tuner with metronome and a pair of white gloves; it’s a great starter instrument.
It’s not meant for professional players.
9 Inch Bell
0.528 Inch Bore
Silver-Plated Mouthpiece

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What is the Best Baritone Horn?

The sound a baritone horn produces has been confused with the sweet melodies of the heavenly choirs up in the skies above. It’s also been confused with the lowly euphonium - a completely different, vastly inferior instrument that has got NOTHING to do with the excellently-constructed and wonderful acoustics of the baritone horn! If you'd like to get yourself a baritone horn, and NOT a euphonium, read through our top 5 list and learn more!
Our Top Choice
Coming from an experienced company dedicated to creating top tier musical instruments, the Yamaha YBH-301S Series Bb Baritone Horn is a reliable piece of 'brassery' that can help you grow as an artist! If you rather fancy an alto horn instead, check out this Yamaha YAH-803S model.

Yamaha YBH-301S Series Bb Baritone Horn, 3 Valve System, Nickel-Plated Pistons

Espousing a complex, five-stage company philosophy that values hard and intelligent work combined with strong will and challenging yourself, the Yamaha corporation has been one of the leading businesses in all matters related to musical instruments for a number of years now. If you fancy becoming a part of their sizeable team, you may want to first check if you're ready to take on initiative in your ventures and lead the way towards new exciting contraptions that young and edgy musicians can proudly use in the upcoming years. According to the folks at this company, a Yamaha product should be reliable and complement an artist's talents so that every person may reach their full creative potential while wielding one of their instruments.

Other than musical instruments, the Yamaha folks have been known for engaging in a number of other designing projects. For example, home appliances, furniture, specialty metals, machine tools and industrial robots are some of the contraptions that have been coming our way from their production lines. If you'd like to learn more about its company policies and future plans, please visit the official Yamaha web page where everything's explained in great detail!

The Yamaha YBH-301S Series Bb Baritone Horn is a 3 valve instrument made of yellow brass enhanced with silver finishing for some extra points in the looks department. Like all Yamaha brass instruments, this baritone horn is a sturdy specimen that you can rely on to offer a solid performance every time you deploy it!

Here’s a list of features for the Yamaha YBH-301S Baritone Horn:
  • Honed Valves
  • Special Pressure Formed Tubing
  • Yamaha Wrap Design
  • Great for Rookies
  • Comes with a Plastic Baritone Case
  • Valve Oil for an Improved Performance
  • Slide Grease
  • Silver Polish
  • 5-Year Warranty
Featuring a sleek and simple design that’s perfect for beginners, this Yamaha baritone horn is an instrument that can be your perfect new companion! It's got an attractive silver finishing as well as a pressure formed tubing offering some great acoustic properties. The Yamaha's well-known warranty is also a cherry on top!
Best Value
Responsible for many great instrument designs throughout the last two centuries, the Schiller company's Frankfurt Elite Rotary Baritone Horn is a simple and reliable piece of brass equipment for a true jazz aficionado! For a couple of bucks less, and for a slightly more conventional-looking model, you can get yourself the British Band 3-Valve Baritone Horn instead!

Schiller Elite Frankfurt Rotary Baritone Horn, Warm Projection, Genuine Schiller Case

Like many other highly-successful companies, the Shiller instrument-making business was founded in Germany in the year 1860. It all started when a talented young man called Gustav Johann Schiller was sent on a trip around the country to expand his knowledge of music and craftsmanship. Soon enough, this bloke stumbled upon some piano makers who helped him learn his trade in building musical instruments, which set him up with a great basic knowledge he would later use to create some pianos of his own. And some pianos those were! Once his business took swing and began expanding further, it was commonly agreed that he built the best pianos you can find anywhere in Germany during that period.

When he passed away at a relatively young age, his son Friedrich took over the company, and expanded it substantially, since he was exceptionally talented himself - only for marketing! Following its initial success, the Schiller company would go further to solidify its position on the market by creating a range of smaller pianos for modern people of the time, which struggled with their finances and the size of their living quarters.

As for the instrument that we've chosen to feature, it's a compact little baritone horn coming with an enlarged bell for improved acoustics and also authority-commanding looks! It comes with a specially-designed mouthpiece and in a genuine Schiller case so that you can carry it around in an easy and comfortable container!

The Schiller Frankfurt Elite Rotary 3 Valve Compact Baritone Horn- a list of the most prominent features:
  • Rotary Valves
  • Heavy-Duty Bell
  • Compact Design
  • Warm Projection
  • Mouthpiece Included
  • Carrying Case Included in the Offer
Combining a compact body with a rather bulky, enlarged bell, this Schiller baritone horn model is a modest-sized brass instrument that can produce some serious noise! Add to that the fact that it comes in its own carrying case, and you've got yourself a proper musical treat of a product to look into!
Coming from the well-established company known as Cecilio, this baritone horn is an intermediate-size model perfect for experienced and novice players alike. For a more affordable and even more lightweight version of this instrument, you can check out the Cecilio 2Series BR-280 instead!

Cecilio 3 Series Intermediate B Flat Baritone Horn, Rose-Brass Lead Pipe, Silver Plated Mouthpiece, Polishing Cloth

Manufacturing a range of high-quality musical instruments, the Cecilio company is a rapidly-growing business that hopes to attract new audiences to their wares in the years to come! When it comes to kinds of instruments they're making, they include trumpets, trombones, pocket trumpets, alto horns, baritone horns, and plenty more for good measure. Judging by the reviews of their customers as well as from the warranties they've been issuing, these folks have a pretty good idea of what they're doing, so it looks like they’re going to be successful in the market for quite some time!

That's not all there is to know about them, though, as you can see from the company’s webpage (some parts of which are still under construction by the looks of things). For example, if you already own a Cecilio instrument, you can find out how to take care of it and perform smaller maintenance-related jobs so that your instrument of choice is always up to the task! Also, issues and rules related to warranty and your nearest dealer are also included in this site, so you can visit it for more useful information.

The Cecilio 3Series BR-380 Intermediate Baritone Horn is a durable piece of brass that can produce some pretty impressive tones. It features a special silver-plated mouthpiece as well as a polishing cloth and a pair of white gloves so that you may complete your luck of a Disney character! You've got to have one!

The list of features for the Cecilio 3Series BR-380 Intermediate Baritone Horn:
  • Rose-Brass Lead Pipe
  • Lacquered Yellow Brass Bell and Body
  • 3 Monel Top Action Pistons
  • Silver-Plated Mouthpiece
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Pair of White Gloves
  • Lightweight
  • Nylon-Covered Hardcase
Featuring a curious mixture of some of the most delicate metals you can find in the world, and still managing to retain a lightweight construction, this Cecilio horn is a beautiful-looking brass instrument that can become your new playing partner, so to speak! You even get a pair of white gloves with it! What's not to love?
Featuring a tough brass body with a fancy silver coating on top, the Baritone Horn 560S is a solid piece of brass equipment that can turn you into a pro musician! (If you practice enough, of course.) If you want a truly deluxe, upright model in a gold finish, you can also pick up the Jupiter JBR700 Baritone Horn Lacquer.

Jupiter Qualifier Marching Baritone Horn 560S, Silver-Plated Finish, ABS Molded Case

With the core value of 'community' standing above everything else, the Jupiter company has been making its instruments in a way that they can be the best possible tools for their performers, who, on their part, play a bigger role in a band or a similar musical organization. This has enabled it to meet many musicians and performers and learn from their feedback and experiences so that it can make an effort to become a better company. Also, musical education plays a major role in the way the Jupiter team are shaping up the path for their company, as they hope to bring together as many young people as possible and learn and grow together with them.

The instruments that the Jupiter folks are producing nowadays include woodwinds, brass and marching band instruments as well as a wide range of various accessories for these models so that a player can always be stocked up on these for the future. If you'd like to learn more about the inside works of the Jupiter company, you're free to visit their website and find out what you like for yourself!

The Jupiter Qualifier Baritone Horn 560S is a model sporting an attractive silver-plated finish that makes it look as if it was just laid down by James Bond himself! (If he was into wind instruments, that is.) It comes with a brass body and stainless steel pistons enabling you to play fast and smoothly even through some of the trickiest jazz sections.

The list of properties for the Jupiter Qualifier Baritone Horn 560S:
  • Silver-Plated Finish
  • Brass Body
  • Stainless Steel Pistons
  • ABS Molded Case
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • Adjustable 3rd Valve Slide with Finger Ring
All in all, this is an interesting-looking piece of design coming from the world-renowned Jupiter company. The basic brass body provides excellent acoustic properties for the instrument, while the silver coating adds a bit of style to the equation for a really prestigious combo! The stainless steel pistons are also a great addition!
Boasting a bunch of interesting features including a string tuner with metronome, this Cecilio baritone horn is a posh offer if there ever was one! For the even more affordable older model, you can also check out the Mendini MBR-20 Baritone Horn.

Mendini MBR-30 Intermediate Brass B Baritone Horn, Stainless Steel Pistons, Pro-Deluxe Hard Case

As you can see, this is not the first time you’re seeing Cecilio’s name, and there’s a reason for that! Due to their vast product range and multiple high-quality baritone horns, we just had to feature them twice. This time around, we're presenting to you the Cecilio's MBR-30 Intermediate Brass B Flat Baritone Horn - an attractive baritone horn that comes with a plethora of accessories to make your playing experience as pleasurable as possible. You even get the tuner so that you can adjust your string instrument (if you've got one) according to your needs, like a true pro!

The list of features for the Cecilio's MBR-30 Intermediate Brass B Flat Baritone Horn:
  • Lacquered Yellow Brass Body
  • Lightweight
  • 3 Stainless Steel Smooth Top Action Pistons
  • Silver Plated Mouthpiece
  • Polish Cloth
  • A Pair of Gloves
  • String Tuner with Metronome
  • 1-Year Warranty on Defects
All in all, a high-end musical instrument for a true virtuoso! (Or a particularly enthusiastic rookie.) The lacquered yellow brass body makes it a pretty sight, and if you add to that the many accessories that come with it, you'll see that this baritone horn is one of the best models currently on the market!

How Do I Choose the Best Baritone Horn?

Creating a band and rising to fame is all about dressing appropriately, rocking the right kind of haircut and establishing a cool image for your respectable ensemble! Also, playing an instrument or two, and doing it well may have got something to do with it, as we at TopProducts have discovered recently. Now, even though in this day and age it might seem increasingly likely that up-and-coming bands will be needing the help of computers to win over the hearts of the audiences, the power of the classical and perhaps even retro shouldn't be underestimated either!

Since our plucky team of Internet-browsing experts has been scouring the World Wide Web for information about music for over 3 and a half long and arduous hours now, we can say with a certain degree of confidence that your safest bet to attain global recognition and promote yourself into a Bono-like charity event-frequentin' world hunger-battlin' megastar, is to get a baritone horn! (If everything mentioned above fails, however, you'll at least have a posh-looking brass instrument by your side, which surely is a positive thing.) In this section, we'll talk about a couple of factors to take into consideration when buying one of these exquisite instruments. Buying a brass instrument, after all, is a much different process than buying a string instrument, regardless of how great your violin is!

The first thing you may want to look out for when buying one of these instruments would be the kind of material it's been made of. This simple parameter is of crucial importance as it will dictate its acoustics and the quality of the projection, which ultimately can affect the kind of music you can play with it, and maybe even your position in the band. Typically, when materials are in question, most manufacturers opt for just brass, as it has been tested over and over again with satisfying results for many accomplished musicians.

Of course, since the category of a 'brass instrument' pretty much only relates to the way in which it produces sound, not every model belonging in this group is necessarily actually made of brass, as there can be found some exceptions that are made of wood, like serpent. For the majority of other instruments of this family, however, it’s true that brass is the material of choice, and in an effort to expand on this basis, some manufactures have been enriching the bare brass basis with some other materials, such as stainless steel or silver. The resulting combinations usually have a somewhat fuller and richer sound, but also tend to be more expensive due to the addition of those pricey metals.

If you're a rookie who'd like to learn the ropes of playing a wind instrument, getting a simple baritone horn model with a few extra accessories may be a good starting point. Granted, there aren't that many items which can help you play the instrument better, but on the whole, it's surely better having those few around than not, because they can instill the sense of professionalism to your whole performance (no matter how poor at first). For example, it's never been a secret that the acquirement of (h)white gloves is the most important thing about operating an instrument!

More often than not, poor beginners can't really express themselves and suffer greatly due to a chronic lack of this crucial garment, and, lest they start thinking less of themselves in the artistic community, they resort to buying their gloves themselves. To battle this inconvenience, some manufacturers have expanded their offers to include a pair of gloves as well as a polishing cloth so that you may play your instrument and keep it as clean as a whistle at a highly posh and genteel level!
When it comes to determining the price of a baritone horn, your best bet would be to look at the material of choice (that is, whether the obligatory brass comes with some sort of enhancement in the shape of other materials). Also, looking at the price itself may do the trick, in all fairness. Rare and expensive metals such as Monel and silver may add substantially to the price as they’re known to enhance the overall acoustics of the instrument, plus they look good. Other than that, additional features such as gloves and polishing cloths may also contribute to the end bill, so if you're trying to save money, we’d advise you to steer clear from these all-inclusive kinds of deals. Lastly and possibly most obviously, the presence of a warranty always equals a higher price, but as we very clever folks at TopProducts like to say: go for the warranty because if something breaks it's better to have a warranty than not to have a warranty.
A product's features can speak volumes about its worth, and we at TopProducts would like to challenge you to answer this simple question: what other product in the world comes with a pair of genteel, snow white gloves that’ll turn heads and wreck homes? That's right - none! The baritone horn is without a doubt the most valuable possession money can buy, and the following features are what make it even more brilliant:
  • The Size of the Body
  • The Size of the Bell
  • Material of Choice for the Pistons
  • Material of Choice for the Mouthpiece
  • Polishing Cloth
  • The Weight of the Instrument
  • Adjustable Valve
  • Accessories such as Gloves and Tuners
  • Warranty
All in all, a rookie may benefit from a baritone horn of a simple design with plenty of accessories, as these may help you learn the basics of playing on it sooner!
Construction and Design
Construction-wise, baritone horns can appear a bit intimidating, especially if you try to build one on your own. Luckily for many amateur instrument-builders about to have their dreams crushed to smithereens, you can just buy one and then proceed to make a bunch of tree houses or something. Baritone horns are traditionally made from brass, but some companies like to spice that up by adding some more prestigious metals into the mix, with the goal of improving the sound qualities and also the aesthetics of the end product. Other than that, these instruments are pretty much shape-dependant, so don't expect much variation in their design. If you'd like a particularly good-looking model, try to find one with plenty of fancy metals and possibly a silver coating!
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you've got a hold of your very own baritone horn, the sky’s the limit (or your neighbors calling the police). Whether you're a rookie or an experienced player, playing this instrument is a pretty straightforward matter, and regardless of what kind of model you've bought, expensive or not, it's going to take a lot of practice to truly master it! As for the maintenance, you just need to clean it after use, especially the mouthpiece, and you're good to go. Also, if you have a model with additional features such as gloves or polishing cloths, you may need to wash those up every once in awhile as well. Hopefully, this short buying guide has helped you find the best model for you. Good luck with your purchase!

Get the Best Baritone Horn of 2023!

Offering a warm projection and an attractive build that can be a major acoustic factor in a variety of musical genres, the baritone horn is one of the most recognizable wind instruments of them all. For those of you who'd like to get themselves one of these and start playing themselves, check out our top 5 list of the best baritone horn models we could find and learn more!

Our Top Choice
Yamaha YBH-301S Series Bb Baritone Horn
Best Value
Schiller Elite Frankfurt Rotary Baritone Horn
Cecilio 3 Series B Flat Baritone Horn
Jupiter Qualifier 560S Marching Baritone Horn
Mendini MBR-30 Brass B Baritone Horn