Best Barometer – Digital, Analog, Aneroid, Storm Glass and Non Mercury Barometers for Home, Boating, Fishing and Hiking

Most of today's modern barometers, including ones designed to look like antique barometers, measure air pressure in one of three ways — with digital sensors (digital barometers), using liquid (often called storm glass barometers) or with gears and dials (aneroid barometers). For our featured products, we intentionally chose a mixture of types, however most of the brands have other options — and we provided links within the reviews to make things simple. For safety reason, just like most thermometers have changed, it is difficult to find old school mercury barometers, therefor we did not include any of those. We also didn’t include any vacuum pump oil barometers.

Before we get to our reviews, we do want to note that our featured products are mostly designed for home, vehicle, or boat use. However, we know that some of you may be here shopping for a hiking or fishing barometer that is portable. We are in the process of doing a review to find our favorite. But in the meantime, we wanted to showcase some of the contenders, so you don’t have to wait.

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Our Top Choice
Swift Optical Three-In-One Altimeter and Barometer
Swift Optical is committed to quality and technical excellence. Its 3-in-1 barometer proves this. It can be used in your automobiles and carried when hiking.
Easy to use. Easy to read. Can be fastened to your dashboard. Sleek and modern appearance.
Finding a flat surface to properly fasten it on your dashboard may not be easy.
Aneroid barometer
0.02 lbs
Dial analog barometer
0 to 15000' Altimeter
Best Value
AcuRite Galileo Thermometer and Globe Barometer Set
AcuRite’s desire to deliver a dependable weather product line is explicit in the Glass Galileo Thermometer with Globe Storm Glass set. It is colorful and mounted on a wooden base.
It is accurate. Easy to read. Has a beautiful design. Makes good home and office décor.
Needs careful handling as everything (except the wooden base) is made of glass. Barometer not easy to fill. Wooden base may need support to avoid toppling over.
Storm glass liquid barometer
13.1 x 9.5 x 5.6 inches; 1.9lbs
Wood base / Storm glass
Water level barometer
Thermometer attached
Weems and Plath Endurance II Open Dial Barometer
Weems & Plath’s dedication to creating the finest nautical products has led to the creation of the Endurance II Open Dial Barometer with adjustable inch and milliard scales.
Nautical barometer. Durable. Accurate. Scratch and weather resistant. Has ultra-protective coating.
One has to download its manual to get certain information.
Dial aneroid barometer
2.2 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches
Brass or chrome
Dial analog barometer
Weather resistant
La Crosse Wireless Barometer and Weather Station
From the first company to introduce atomic clocks into the market, La Crosse Technology, comes this weather station with temperature alert and adjustable backlight.
Animated color forecasts. Indoor comfort indicator. Accurate. Easy to set up.
The humidity is low at -7%. Some controls are not easily accessed. Display quickly fades if the unit is below or above eye level.
Remote sensor barometer
6.1 x 1.1 x 9.6 inches; 1.7lbs
Animated digital forecasts
0 to 3500 feet range
Ambient Weather Antique Style Barometer Weather Station
Ambient Weather combines premium support and service. Its artistic BA212 Wall Mounted Weather Station measures barometric pressure.
Easy to use. Comes with syringe and cord for easy filling. Beautiful design.
Fragile glass. Cumbersome process of adding water.
Liquid barometer
6.5 x 6 x 18 inches; 2.5lbs
Cherry wood & storm glass
Water level barometer
Comfort meter included

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What Are the Best Water and Aneroid Barometers? Read Our Barometer Reviews!

Your choice of barometer will depend largely on your lifestyle, where you spend most of your time and many other factors. This review is aimed at helping you choose the best device for you no matter your taste, so that you can plan your days with confidence. But because we know that a barometer is not only a tool for predicting the weather, but can also be a design element, we wanted to showcase a few more of our favorites before we get to our top 5 barometer brands.

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Our Top Choice
Swift Optical is a global leader in its field for over fifty years. Its 3-in-1 Altimeter and Barometer is one of its inventive products. We also love this Dashboard Altimeter, Inclinometer and Barometer from the Sun Company. Not only can it be easily mounted on cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles, but it can easily be detached to take on the go. This is a great tactical pocket altimeter and barometer for hiking, camping, backpacking, or fishing.

Swift Optical 3 in 1 Analog Barometer Altimeter Weather Instrument – Automobile and Hiking Altimeter with Aneroid Barometer


Swift Optical Instruments is a forward-thinking company with over five decades’ experience in the manufacturing of digital products to meet the ever-increasing and challenging needs of teachers and students. It is a company that readily partners with educators to this end. Swift Optical has collaborated with TERC, a well-known, not-for-profit mathematics and science company, and is actively engaged in the sharing of information between science educators and students through its social media handles and website.

The Swift Optical 478 Three-In-One Altimeter/Barometer is an adroit product with its multiple functions as an altimeter and a barometer. Its miniature size, adhesive backing and vinyl case make it easy to carry about and handle.
Here are some more reasons to love this product:

  • Has an adhesive backing with which to fasten it to your dashboard
  • Has a range from 0 to 15,000 feet
  • Its vinyl case can be used to carry it on a belt strap while outdoors
  • Cleverly designed, miniature instrument
  • This product has a limited one-year warranty
Best Value
AcuRite. Accuracy. The Glass Galileo thermometer-barometer set is great. While we love the simple design of this “old-school” barometer, we understand that many people prefer multi-functional digital barometer for weather forecasting. If that's you, AcuRite has a wide range of weather stations and instruments for every budget.

AcuRite Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer Set - Interprets Weather Based on Principles of Buoyancy & Air Pressure


The AcuRite brand has been firmly established as the #1 top-selling weather company in North America. It is known, among other things, for its knowledgeable support team. AcuRite is up-to-date in its performance as it augmented many of its leading weather products with internet-connectivity.

The AcuRite 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer is a beautiful piece that includes a cylindrical glass thermometer with five glass bulbs inside it. Inspired by Galileo’s instruments, it interprets temperature and weather based on the principles of buoyancy and air pressure. Some other features of this awesome product are listed below:

  • A glass Goethe barometer with frosted world map decoration
  • Solid pine wooden base
  • There are five bulbs in the thermometer with the degrees of 64, 68, 72, 76 and 80
  • It comes with a syringe and a tube to fill the barometer
  • The wooden base is about 8” wide
  • It has a one-year limited warranty
  • Colorful, liquid-filled bulbs descend and ascend with change in temperature
Weems & Plath supplies the finest standard nautical products. Its beveled glass crystal Endurance II Chrome Open Dial Barometer has a truly classical appearance. Prefer not to see the dial? The Weems & Plath Endurance Collection has some of those too.

Weems and Plath Endurance II Open Dial Barometer - Beveled Glass Crystal, Maintenance Free, Ultra-Hard Weather Resistant, Protective Coating, Shore or Sea Mounting


Weems & Plath is located in the Chesapeake Bay town of Annapolis where it began many years ago. Its continued delivery of fine nautical products while maintaining the high standards of service has distinguished it from its inception.

The Endurance II Chrome Open Dial Barometer is an aneroid type which measures atmospheric pressures mechanically without the use of liquids. It can be used both at sea and on shore. There’s more to this barometer…

  • Maintenance free, ultra-protective coating
  • Guaranteed not to tarnish or scratch
  • Weather resistant
  • Mounting methods for boat or shore
  • Traditional porthole front opening bezel
  • Available in 3 sizes and 2 finishes
  • Lifetime warranty on finish and movement
  • Single wood base in black or Mahogany finish available separately
  • Calibrated for altitudes to 3,500 feet above sea level.
Backed by 30 years’ experience, La Crosse gives quality in the S88907 Vertical Wireless Color Forecast Station. This model uses remote sensors, and is just one of many options available. If you are really into weather forecasting, you may want to consider the La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT Color Wireless Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station.

La Crosse Technology Vertical Wireless Color Forecast Station with Temperature Alerts and Digital Barometric Pressure Readings


For over 30 years, the La Crosse technology family of brands has offered a wide variety of easy-to-use products that deliver unsurpassed weather data, atomic time, and an array of features that help make life easier.

The S88907 Vertical Wireless Color Forecast Station has color forecast icons with pressure tendency. It monitors indoor and wireless outdoor temperature (F/C) and humidity. Some of its other features include:

  • WWVB with self-setting time and date with automatic daylight saving time updates
  • Large, colorful display
  • Adjustable display
  • Power saving
  • Well-built remote sensor
  • Easy to read even from a distance

La Crosse Technology has many other options, including ones with more or fewer features, if this one isn’t right for you.

Named one of America’s 500 largest e-retailers, Ambient Weather is a brand you can trust. Its wall mounted weather station is worth its price. For a more nautical look, they also have analog aneroid barometers with dials in many designs. And they also have modern digital barometers and weather stations too.

Ambient Weather BA212 Wall Mounted Weather Station with Thermometer, Hygrometer, and Barometer - Classic Traditional Barometer


Ambient weather has been serving customers on the internet since 1998. It is a market leader in weather stations and environmental reporting. Its goal is to offer the lowest prices in the industry while maintaining premium customer service and support.

BA212 Wall Mounted Weather Station displays an air of accuracy and quality one would expect from a great brand. This is a fine, hand-crafted weather instrument from Ambient Weather. Below is a list of some of its features…

  • 18-inch hand blown glass
  • Includes clear glass drip cup
  • Food coloring of your choice can be included
  • Rich wood with lacquer finish
  • Measures barometric pressure (liquid)
  • Includes a comfort zone indicator
  • Has a one-year Ambient Weather warranty

This product adds a nautical feel to a living space and it is a beautiful decoration.

Best Barometer Buying Guide: Analog Barometer vs Digital Barometer - Storm Glass Water Barometer vs Aneroid Barometer

Keeping an eye on changes in weather patterns around you can be quite an experience, at least until you don’t have the power to get the readings seeing as most modern weather monitoring equipment relies on electricity to operate. This is an issue that you’ll never have to worry about with a barometer, as such, whether for work, school, or personal purposes, you need to have a barometer handy.

A barometer is essential for measuring atmospheric pressure, making it a vital tool for understanding weather patterns. Measuring tiny air molecules that a naked eye can’t trace, in addition to an array of other weather determinants, the barometer plays a significant role in the line of prediction and can lend a fun and useful hand during your next camping trip.

When it comes to barometers, sleek is always better, as is a size that allows for easy carrying. Fortunately, most of them are designed for this purpose, without necessarily compromising their performance. From the ones you can mount on the wall to the ones you can easily carry with you in your car, the opportunities are endless with this equipment.

If you have a backyard garden, keeping an eye on weather patterns is almost inevitable. As such, before you consider going for a CO2 regulator or perhaps that cold frame, remember this important addition to your yard equipment.

Another interesting thing about the barometer is its diversity. Whether you want the traditional or advanced ones, you can always get one to your preference, for example, there are barometers with temperature alert features, as well, offering both barometric and temperature measurements.

We have five of the best barometers for you, but before you hit the “buy” button, here are some factors you need to check out.


Video: The History of the Barometer - and How It Works

Who Invented the Barometer. | Courtesy of TED-Ed

Despite the limitless advantages offered by this equipment, the price tends to be perfectly reasonable. With most of them within the price range of between $20 and $100, you can always get yourself a great barometer, although, of course, if you want a higher end one, you will need to dig deeper into your pocket.

The price may also come down to a number of factors, with the additional features being one of them. A barometer with an LED display or Wi-Fi connectivity, for instance, will cost a decent amount more than a more standard option, as will purchasing one from a brand that is in high demand.

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of cheap barometers out there, as well. Most of them lack essential features like efficient sensors, which could mean that your barometer will fall short of the performance you expect from it.


When looking for the best barometer for you there are a few aspects you should keep in mind.

Here are the features to keep an eye on:

  • Type – Barometers come in several types that can fit your preferences and needs efficiently. Whether you go for the water-based, mercury, vacuum, pump oil or aneroid type, there is something for everyone.
  • Size/Weight – Depending on the different places where barometers can be used, this equipment comes in an array of sizes, ranging from small personal ones to the hefty, large professional and research barometers. It all boils down to your needs.
  • Materials – This equipment is manufatured from a wide range of materials including metal alloys to those operating on water and mercury.
  • Display – One diverse option offered with barometers is their display design. Every barometer out there is fitted with an easy-to-read display, with some featuring large LED displays that are easily visible, even in low light.
  • Features – With the availability of wireless connections to applications, barometers have developed to become both sleek and high-tech. The features in this equipment are impressive, with the choice being yours of what you need and want, and what you’re willing to pay.
Construction and Design

When it comes to construction, the design of barometers not only centers on delivering the best readings, but also on vast attention to detail. This gives the appliance an intriguing look in addition to other construction advantages.

Water-Based Barometers

A fluid barometer is made of a glass container (which is why they are often called storm glass barometers), the body is well sealed and halfway filled with water with a narrow spout connected from the body beneath, rising atop the water level. This spout opens to the atmosphere to measure any differences in the air pressure. If the air pressure drops below the level it was when sealing the body, the spout will rise over the water, with the opposite happens for a higher air pressure.

Mercury Barometer

Made of a glass tube with one end closed, the base is a mercury-filled reservoir and due to the weight of the mercury, weight is created at the top of the tube. This difference is known as the Torricellian vacuum. To achieve the atmospheric balance, the mercury shifts within the column, with high atmospheric pressure pushing it upward and low pressure allowing it to drop as the force on the reservoir is reduced. The tube is long enough to accommodate the mercury and leave headspace for the movement. Most of mercury barometers are antiques because of the dangers associated with mercury.

Aneroid Barometers

Aneroid barometers are built without the use of liquids in measuring air pressure. The equipment uses a flexible small metal box known as the capsule or aneroid cell. The capsule is made of beryllium and copper alloy and is held in position by a sturdy spring. Any small changes in the air pressure outside the equipment rigger expansion or contraction of the cell, with the changes driving the mechanical levers and resulting in amplification and display of the capsules movements on the face of the barometer.

Vacuum Pump Oil Barometer

This barometer utilizes vacuum pump oil, double distilled, with the column height a maximum of about 12.4 meters. This was first built at Portland State University. The vacuum oil comes in a variety of densities, and the lowest density oil was used in a bid to make the most of the oil column height. This type is not common for consumer use.


Video: How Does a Barometer Work?

What Does a Barometer Measure. | Courtesy of The Science Classroom
Performance and Ease of Use

The worst thing you can expect is a barometer failing you when you need it most, one of the reasons why the equipment is built to offer more than just perfection and uncompromised performance.


This feature is highly essential for every barometer, as such, most of them have an easy to read display. What’s more, the latest technology barometers feature large LED displays with the added efficiency advantage of real-time data display and distance transmission of data.


Connectivity is essential not only in a barometer but also in virtually any weather equipment out there. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can get the readings indoors from the outdoor-based barometer. This mechanism enables measuring a wide range of data for easy, yet sophisticated use. You can make use of apps if your barometer can be configured with one for absolute performance and ease of use.


Sensors in barometers help to provide a number of readings, with some barometers monitoring up to three locations at once, and some allow a real-time ticker to provide up-to-date information at all times. This makes the equipment easy and super fun to use with up to over 300 feet-range wireless sensors in some of this equipment.

Ease of Use

Most barometers are easy to set up and use, making it easier for you to keep track of any changes in the air pressure without much struggle.

Get the Best Barometer of 2023!

After reading through this review, we hope you’ve learned enough to help you make a more informed decision from the best barometers in the market. Please bear in mind that apart from the products featured here, these brands have other great products, as well. Now, feel free to head on to Amazon to place that order.

Our Top Choice
Swift Optical Three-In-One Altimeter and Barometer
Best Value
AcuRite Galileo Thermometer and Globe Barometer Set
Weems and Plath Endurance II Open Dial Barometer
La Crosse Wireless Barometer and Weather Station
Ambient Weather Antique Style Barometer Weather Station

Barometer FAQs

What is a barometer?
A barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure or barometric pressure. It determines how much the atmosphere or the layer of air around the earth presses down on various objects. Check out our review on barometers to learn more!
Who invented the barometer?
Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli invented the mercury barometer in 1643. Before that, he was Galileo’s assistant when he noticed the height of mercury in a vacuum tube kept changing depending on the atmospheric pressure. That chance observation that occurred in 1941 led to the invention of the barometer two years later.
What does a barometer measure?
A barometer measures atmospheric (or barometric) pressure. It can help one to predict the weather by checking whether the atmospheric pressure is rising or falling. For example, when there is a drastic fall in the atmospheric pressure, you can be sure a storm is on the horizon.
How to read a barometer
You can read a barometer in different ways, depending on the type of instrument you have. If it is a mercury barometer, then you will read the scale on the glass tubing. An aneroid barometer, on the other hand, displays the readings on an analogue scale. The last type is the electronic barometer which shows you the readings of atmospheric in digital form.
How does a barometer work?
A barometer works using liquid mercury to track atmospheric pressure and predict the weather. It records atmospheric pressure in inHg (inches of mercury). The instrument balances atmospheric pressure against the weight of liquid mercury in a glass tube. In that case, it takes into account the weight of air above the mercury reservoir. That’s why you will notice the constant shifting of mercury in the glass tube until its weight equals that of the air.