Best Baseball Mitt Reviews 2023

If you’ve been known to engage in a game of baseball every now and then, going about it without an appropriate baseball mitt will make your experience considerably less satisfactory than if you do have one (especially if you're playing on the catcher's position). To see the best models currently on the market, read through our top 5 reviews and learn more!
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Glove Size
Our Top Choice
Wilson A200 Series Baseball Glove
Tough on the outside and gentle on the inside, the Wilson A200 baseball mitt can be a perfect first glove solution for your baseball-loving child.
One of its greatest assets is its conspicuous black and blue color scheme designed to attract the ball, as well as a soft interior for maximum comfort.
On the flipside, this glove can only be used by small children.
All Positions
Right Hand Throw
10 Inches
7 and under
Victory Web
Best Value
Mizuno Youth Prospect Baseball Glove
Founded way back in 1906, the Mizuno company is one of the longest-standing sports-related businesses to date!
Their Youth Prospect Baseball Glove comes with a patented power close feature as well as a tartan flex padding.
On the downside, this model may take some getting used to.
All Positions
11.5 Inches
Youth Players
Power Lock
Easton Natural Youth Series Glove
With an impressive roster of baseball-related goods, the Easton company is one of the most well-rounded producers of baseball equipment currently operating on the market.
It possesses some interesting new stitching techniques as well as a VRS padding for comfortable wearing.
On the flipside, the pocket may feel a bit out of proportion for some kids.
32 Inches
Youth Players
VRS Palm Pad
Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Catcher’s Mitt
Coming from a company with over 130 years of experience, this Louisville Slugger baseball mitt is a sports prop you don't want to miss out on!
It comes with a tough mesh for easier catching as well as a 1-year limited warranty!
Getting used to it can be a bit painful, especially if you haven't played in awhile.
31 Inches
Youth Players
1-Year Limited Warranty
Rawlings Players Youth Baseball Glove
With over a hundred years of experience, Rawlings is one of the best producers of sports equipment in the world!
This mitt is quite flexible thanks to its basket web pattern, and it's perfect for beginners due to its size.
On the downside, this model will need some breaking-in before your kid can use it properly.
All Positions
Right Hand Throw
9 Inches
3-5 Years Old
T-Ball Pattern

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What is the Best Baseball Mitt?

With speeding balls flying at your face every second, baseball can be quite an unforgiving game if you enter the field of battle even just a little underequipped! To avoid getting obliterated by the opposition and leaving the game in utter disgrace, get yourself a brand new baseball mitt and dominate the game six ways to Sunday! Consult our top 5 list of the best products to find the optimal one for you!
Our Top Choice
As a product of one of the oldest running sports equipment-oriented companies out there, the Wilson A200 possesses all features of an excellent beginner's baseball mitt! If you'd like an updated model instead, check out this Wilson A300 model.

Wilson A200 Series 10 Inch Blue/Black Baseball Mitt

With an experience of over 100 years, the world-famous Wilson company is one of the longest-standing manufacturers and suppliers of sports equipment currently in the business. As they like to point themselves out, the secret to their longevity is the relentless search for new young talents capable of giving their best performance in the workforce at all times! The prerequisite to become a member of their team is to have a burning passion for sports (and possibly dressing up athletes). It's no wonder really, that Wilson has possibly the most efficient and well-rounded package of benefits for their employees. Everything from dental problems to detox bills that these Wilson folks manage to accumulate over time is covered by their insurance! Pretty impressive.

During this hundred-year period, the Wilson folks have succeeded in creating a great number of connections with other sports equipment-producing businesses, and have expanded their production capacities so that they're covering 7 different sports! Another great thing about them is that they have a well-made and functional website where you can learn more about their way of doing things and what products they've made so far.

The Wilson A200 Series is a youth glove of quite a sci-fi appearance that can be used by a player for any position on the field. It features a simple and attractive black 'n' blue color scheme, and it's a perfect fit for a beginner eager to expand their baseball skills to new pro-like levels! For more details, check out the list of features below.

The Wilson A200 Series youth baseball glove- a list of features:
  • Works for Every Position
  • Great for Beginners
  • Right Hand Throw Model
  • Easy on the Hand
  • Durable Material
All in all, an excellent idea for a young up-and-coming baseball player in need of a tough yet soft glove that they can feel comfortable with. The model we're presenting here is for players who throw with their right hand, so keep that in mind in case you've decided to go with this one. Other than that, attractive visuals + soft inside layer = your kid is going to love it!
Best Value
Featuring an impressive stitching job as well as a convenient 'locking' mechanism, this Mizuno baseball mitt is a well-rounded piece of equipment that's worth having about! If you need a tougher model, the Mizuno Catcher's Mitt may be a better alternative for you.

Mizuno Youth Prospect Baseball Mitt/Glove – Available in Left or Right Hand Throw

Mizuno is made up of an avid bunch of sporty people hell-bent on delivering the best possible sports equipment to a wide array of customers throughout the world. Through their high-quality ware, they hope to not only provide professional athletes with top-notch gear, but also to encourage young people to engage in sporting activities as much as possible, to ensure that they all can lead a happy and fulfilling lifestyle!

Their story begins over 110 years ago in Japan, where the first ever Mizuno baseball was produced for the necessities of the local baseball enthusiasts. From this initial vantage point, over the last century, the Mizuno folks expanded their business substantially, and nowadays it represents one of the most respected and beloved distributors of sports equipment in the world.

During the 00's, the Mizuno Corporation mainly sought to expand their influence further on the global market, so they opened up a bunch of sister companies in many countries including Norway, Italy, and Taiwan. Wherever they happen to be on the globe, their mission remains the same: spread the sporty word around, and make high-quality sports equipment!

For the second spot on our list, we've decided to feature Mizuno's Youth Prospect Glove, a versatile and good-looking piece of baseball equipment that can turn a small insecure child into an ace (with some practice, of course)! To ensure that the ball doesn't slip away once your kid's got a hold of it, there's a convenient locking mechanism in place, and it's pretty easy to operate.

The list of features for the Mizuno's Youth Prospect Glove:
  • Patented Power Close
  • Tartan Flex Web
  • Also Available for Lefties
  • Parashock Palm Pad
  • Butter Soft Lining
  • Heel-Flex Technology
All things considered, the Mizuno Youth Prospect Glove is a model worth checking out if you've got a kid eager to sharpen their skills in a catcher position. The thing's brim-filled with various patented designs and some soft lining to make it all actually wearable! A great starter's model right here!
Their Easton NATY2000 model is one of Easton's most recent installations, and it's a tough kid's piece of baseball equipment that can be a great first choice for your child! If it's a softball glove you're after, however, then this Easton BX1300B model may be a good idea to take into consideration.

Easton Natural Youth Series 32 Inch Baseball Catcher's Mitt – Available in Right and Left Hand Throw

Talk about a well-rounded business! When it comes to bat production, bat-testing, and a number of different partnerships with companies that engage in similar baseball-related matters, Easton is like a modern iPhone of a corporation. Not only does it produce top-tier baseball bats and balls, but it also boasts its own test lab, sponsors a bunch of teams, and has an elaborate website where you can look closely into all the intricacies of running a baseball-related business.

Among other things, Easton folks have been known for producing a bunch of additional equipment for this game, including bags, batting helmets, various pieces of apparel and many other baseball-related items. Also, the Easton designer team is no stranger to innovation, so if you're a geek for new technologies and also happen to like baseball, feel free to visit their web page where you can learn more about all of those things in more detail.

For those of you who still aren't sure about the proper size of their bat, or are perhaps getting one for the first time, Easton's bat selection guide can be a great way to determine what sort of model you should get yourself. There are three categories to choose from: 12U, 13-14, and high school or college, so whatever age you are, the Easton folks have got you well-covered!

The Easton baseball mitt we're presenting to you here is a Natural Youth Series Catcher's Mitt, and it's made to suit players who prefer throwing with their right hand. Since it was built for young players, there is additional VRS protective padding to ensure that your kid feels comfortable wearing it, and that it can catch fast balls like a big-leaguer!

The list of the most important features for the Easton NATY2000 Natural Youth Series Catcher's Mitt:
  • Right Hand Oriented
  • Designed for Youth Players
  • VRS Palm Pad
  • Extended Palm Web
  • Made out of Cotton Blend
In conclusion, Easton NATY2000 can be a great first time mitt for a young player as it’s sufficiently soft on the inside for a child's hand, and it has a rugged sporty appearance on the outside so that your child can catch every ball no matter how fast it flies!
Featuring a tough mesh back and a buffalo palm and shell outer layer, the Louisville Slugger FG Genesis is a baseball glove that can improve your game no matter how awful you are! If you're in the mood for something more 'creamy', perhaps this LS Cream Fielding Glove may be a better option for you.

Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Catcher's Mitt with Mesh Back – Available in Right or Left Hand Throw

The history of the Louisville Slugger company could as well serve as the inspirational story for anyone who'd like to start a new sports-equipment company, or any other business for that matter! It all started way back in 1884, when a young and talented woodworker John A. 'Bud' Hillerich witnessed a struggling baseball star, Pete Browning, having a tough time with his baseball bat, as he couldn't for the life of him hit a ball properly, no matter how hard he tried. After the game, irritated by this unsettling experience, our hero Bud somehow reached Browning and invited him back to his father’s workshop where he promised he would make a tough yet lightweight baseball bat which would help him hit more of the incoming balls next time around.

Thanks to his designing ingenuity, woodworking experience, and some insightful advice for the champ Pete himself, young Bud completed a brand new hitting bat in a matter of hours. The next day, Browning would go on to offer an incredible performance reinvigorated by his new powerful hitting companion. Soon enough, other players would flock to Bud's father's workshop to get a high-quality bat themselves! The rest is history.

Even though baseball bats are what made this company what it is today, mitts and other pieces of baseball-related equipment are now also part of this company’s production roster. The Louisville Slugger's FG Genesis Catcher's Mitt is one of the finest gloves they came up with recently. Advanced mesh back combined with some buffalo palm and shell part is what gives it an upper hand in comparison to other models you can find nowadays.

The Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Catcher's Mitt- a list of the most important features:
  • Designed for Left-Handed Throw
  • Buffalo Palm and Shell
  • Mesh Back
  • Leather-like Brown Color
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
All things considered, the Louisville Slugger FG Genesis is one of the finest pieces of catching ware coming from one of the best baseball-oriented companies today! Its mesh back enables a wide enough surface so that any incoming balls can be caught with a confident air. Plus it scores some additional points in the looks department. What's not to love?
Coming from a company with loads of experience in creating sports gear, this Rawlings 9-Inch Baseball Glove can be an interesting option for a first-time player! If you need a bigger, 12-inch glove, perhaps this Playmaker model will be a good solution.

Rawlings Players 9-Inch T-Ball Pattern Youth Baseball Glove - Comes with a Training Ball

Established way back in 1887, Rawlings Sporting Goods Company has been one of the most prominent suppliers of sporting equipment for more than a century now! They make sure to produce ware that can be used by both young players and experienced professional athletes. When it comes to defining the pushing force behind this company, it would probably be innovation, as their plucky designer teams have been guilty of a couple of cutting-edge sporting breakthroughs over the years! For example, in 1901, they made new protective shoulder pads for football! After that, they hit a bit of a creative lull, which has been going on, up until now. Still, they've got some quite impressive products that pose a potent force in the field, though only if worn by the best athletes, in all fairness.

It's not only bats and protective gear that the Rawlings folks are producing, though, as you can find many other impressive pieces of fan memorabilia, gear, and other sporty goods for all intents and purposes. If you'd like to find out more about their production practices, you can check out their official website where they've got everything showcased to you, the eager viewer, so that you can check it out easily!

The model we're featuring on our list is made for children, especially those who are only entering the world of baseball. Since the size for this model is 9 inches, it’s suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old. The mesh provided is built to be extra-soft so that a kid can get used to it easily.

The list of features for the Rawlings Youth Baseball Glove:
  • 9-inch T-Ball Pattern
  • For Kids from 3-5 Years Old
  • Basket Web Pattern
  • Extra Flexible
  • Comes with a Training Ball
All things considered, it’s a tough beginner's glove that can help your kid learn the ropes of this beautiful American pastime! The basket web pattern is there to ensure that your kid will have a comfortable enough time wearing one of these, which is not something many baseball glove manufacturers can say for their products.

How Do I Choose the Best Baseball Mitt?

Ever since it was introduced to the wider populace of the US (and the rest of the world for that matter), baseball asserted itself as a dynamic and versatile pastime that managed to capture the interest of the majority of people it came in contact with! With the game itself, a number of companies were established to make sure that the eager sporty folks playing the game were well stocked-up on equipment as well as fan memorabilia. Since this review is dedicated to baseball mitts, we'll be talking about their design and features so that you may be stocked-up on knowledge ere you actually buy yourself one!

The funny thing about baseball mitts is that they appear to be quite complicated yet simple at the same time. Bottom line, what we're talking about is a glove; but having said that- it's quite an elaborate glove that has a bajillion little interwoven fibers, as well as mesh structure, and god knows what else might be lurking in there! Each of these properties makes for a well-organized structure that makes a baseball mitt the right weapon of choice for catching all the flying balls that come your way!

So, the first thing to keep in mind when choosing a brand new baseball glove is to ensure what glove size you need to make it work for you (or your child). This may sound like a simple enough task, but the truth is, you need to take into consideration the breaking-in factor first. It often happens that once you've bought a glove, you feel as though you've gotten yourself the wrong one, because it feels uncomfortable when you try it on. This, however, can be deceiving, as many gloves are made from materials that tend to shrink initially (such as most leather-based models), so instead of shipping the whole lot back to the manufacturer, the entire issue may amount to the model just needing a bit of tweaking here and there.

Another thing worth mentioning about these mitts, that would perhaps be considered a no-brainer, is the orientation of the throwing side, more precisely- whether you're going to be putting the glove on your right hand or your left hand. This can get a little confusing in all fairness, as the manufacturers often cite the throwing hand for the model, rather than the catching one. So, to prevent any inconveniences down the road, make sure to determine which hand is going to do the catching job for you!

Further down on the list of important properties to look for is the question of visuals; that is, what sort of pattern your new catching companion is going to feature. More often than not, in all fairness, the visuals on baseball mitts are simply there for their aesthetic appeal; but sometimes it so happens that players may intentionally get themselves a brightly-colored glove as some believe that flashy colors attract balls! Those cheeky baseballers! Other than that, the softness of the inside of the glove may be a big deal for children, which is why a child's first mitt should be as comfortable as possible, so that their little hands don't get sore after only one match. Optimally, a well-made baseball glove should be both soft and tough, more precisely- soft on the inside (for obvious reasons), and tough on the outside so that you can catch even the fastest balls securely.

That being said, some companies have gone a step further as well, and have come up with a bunch of models that feature specialized improved catching mechanisms that make your life considerably easier in the field. What's great about it is that it isn't even considered cheating! For those of you in need of an impact reducing glove of a different nature, namely that designed for manual labor, our TopProducts team has got that topic covered as well. While we're at it, we're no strangers to wonders of the technical world, such as adjustable wrenches and angle grinders, so be sure to check those reviews out if you're interested!
When it comes to baseball mitts, pricing is a pretty straightforward business. You look at the materials of choice and who's making it, and you're all set to give an accurate prediction about its price point. However, there are some things to take into consideration before you pinpoint your glove of choice. Namely, some of the sneakier features— such as the presence of any new technology being incorporated in it, or the product's warranty—can be worth thinking about before you've closed the deal. More often than not, products that come with a warranty will be somewhat more expensive, but at the end of the day, we'd say it's smarter to pay a couple of extra bucks to be sure you're covered in case of a malfunction! Also, be wary of purchasing a glove just because it has a low price; if its price tag is cheap, it probably will be too.
Whether you're buying a new baseball mitt for yourself or for your child, the important features are pretty much the same. However, if the glove is for your child, you might want to make sure that it comes with an extra-soft padding so that your kid can get used to it a bit easier.

The list of important features to pay attention to when buying a baseball mitt:
  • Flexing Web
  • Size of the Model
  • Right Hand or Left Hand Throw
  • Material of Choice
  • Palm Pads
  • How Soft the Lining is
  • Visuals
  • Warranty
As with pretty much any product, a hefty warranty is something that can be a major asset in the long run, so try to get a model with one!
Construction and Design
Even though a baseball glove may seem like a simple enough piece of equipment, there are still some variations to them that can make you opt for one model over the other! For example, visuals on a glove can be an interesting thing to look into, especially if you're buying the glove for your child (although adults aren't necessarily immune to good-looking gloves either). The presence of a mesh or some sort of other performance-enhancing addition would be another factor to look out for, as a well-made mitt with a lock-design may help you offer your best game on the field!
Performance and Ease of Use
As far as performance of a baseball glove is concerned, there really isn't much to be said. The starting point would be that your glove fits you well and that it doesn't hurt while you're wearing it. Mind you, as we have already mentioned, some models are made from tough materials prone to shrinking, so if you've got one of these on, you shouldn't discard it straight away due to the discomfort, as the poor thing may only need some breaking-in time! Other than that, be sure to read the washing instructions that come with them. Certain models are made out of sensitive materials that don't wash well, so do take that into consideration. So, that’s it folks- our TopProducts team hopes you get yourself a marvelous new mitt on the first try!

Get the Best Baseball Mitt of 2023!

Whether you're just starting with your career or you already have some experience to work with, improving yourself may come much easier for you with some appropriate gear on your side! Therefore, our team's decided to do some tough Internet research and have come up with a list of the top 5 best catcher's mitts that you can find anywhere on the market! Check it out and find the perfect glove for you. Top brands only at TopProducts!

Our Top Choice
Wilson A200 Series Baseball Glove
Best Value
Mizuno Youth Prospect Baseball Glove
Easton Natural Youth Series Glove
Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Catcher’s Mitt
Rawlings Players Youth Baseball Glove