Best Basketball Pump — Manual and Electric Air Pumps, Single and Double Pumps for Inflating Basketballs and More

An air pump is essential if you love sports, such as basketball, soccer or volleyball, as these sports balls can sometimes deflate. A good pump will help you bring them back to life again so that you can continue your match! We have selected five different pumps in a mixture of price points from some of the best air pump brands out there. Check out these inflating devices and see which one is most suitable for your needs.

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Good for
Our Top Choice
Spalding Dual Action Basketball Hand Pump
Spalding is a leading manufacturer of basketballs and sports accessories. The 12 Inch Dual Action Hand Pump is portable and can inflate your sports balls quickly.
Top manufacturer. Reasonably-priced. Easy to use, inflates balls rapidly. Convenient storage option for needle. Lightweight.
Some complained that it is a bit heavy, but such opinions are subjective.
Dual action hand pump
12 inches long/ 4.5lbs
1 needle included
Sports balls
Best Value
Franklin Sports Dual Action Basketball Pump
Franklin Sports manufactures a wide variety of fitness-related accessories and sports equipments. The MLS dual action pump is eye-catching and easy to use.
Compact, lightweight, portable and practical. Comes in various colors. Quick inflation time. Attractive design. Safe and efficient.
Isolated complaints about the quality of the needle. You can also buy other needles if it is necessary.
Dual action inflation pump
8.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
1 needle included
Sports balls
Champion Sports Electric Basketball Pump
Championship Sports is a prestigious manufacturer of sports accessories and equipments. Their Deluxe Electric inflating pump can inflate your sports balls in seconds.
Completely automatic, you just have to press a button. Powerful motor which can also inflate bike tires. Quiet. Comes with pressure gauge.
Few complaints regarding the gauge's reliability. Make sure that you check the instructions manual for assistance.
Electric inflating pump
1 needle included
Sports balls, bike tires and more
Bonny's Portable Foot Pump for Bicycle Tires and Sports Balls
Bonny's makes practical and useful pumps that can be used for inflating bike tires and sports balls. The foot pump from Bonny's is compact, lightweight and easy to use.
Portable. Made from durable materials. Quick inflation time. Comes with 2 needles for inflating sports balls.
Some say that it takes a lot of time to inflate a ball. Make sure you use the right needle.
Foot pump
7.2 x 3.8 x 3.1 inches/ 0.6 lbs
2 needles included
Aluminum alloy
Sports balls, bike tires and more
Tachikara TP20 8 Inch Dual-Action Hand Air Pump
Tachikara specializes in affordable, sports-related accessories and equipments. The TP20 hand pump is portable and ideal for inflating all kinds of sports balls.
Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Quick inflation time. Sturdy construction. Comes with needle which can be stored in the handle.
Some complained that the needle broke after a while. You can buy another needle as these things are inexpensive.
Dual-action hand air pump
8 inches long
1 needle included
Sports balls

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What Is the Best Basketball Pump for the Money? Read Our Reviews to Find One that Works for You!

An ideal pump for you is the one you can easily use wherever you go. For example, some people prefer foot pumps; others would go for an electric, portable air compressor, and so on. Here are our five recommendations, and once you've examined them all, you decide which one is the best for you.

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Our Top Choice
The Spalding 12" Dual Action Pump can help you inflate your soccer ball, volleyball or basketball in no time, as it comes with a dual-action feature that reduces the inflation time by half. However, if your budget is smaller, you should take a look at the Spalding Sports Championship Pump, which is equally easy to use.

Spalding 12" Dual Action Manual Basketball Pump, Compatible with Spalding Basketball Needles


Spalding is currently one of the largest manufacturers of sports equipments and accessories in the world. This brand specializes in basketballs, but it also produces excellent hand pumps that can help you bring those sports balls back to life! As a Top Choice in our review, we went for the 12 Inch Dual Action Hand Pump from Spalding as it can inflate your basketballs quickly and easily.

Here are some of the features of this basketball pump.

  • Comes with a dual-action feature, injecting air when you both push towards and pull away from the piston
  • Easy to use, compact, lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with Spalding needles and best of all, you can store the needle in the pump's handle, so you don’t lose it accidentally
  • Package also includes a larger vinyl needle for inflating float toys or other items

Remember that Spalding is a top manufacturer of sports and fitness accessories, so if you ever need to buy baseball gloves, fitness clothes, volleyballs or other sports-related products, don’t hesitate to take a look at what Spalding has to offer.

Best Value
The Franklin Sports MLS Dual Action Inflation Pump is a compact and lightweight translucent pump that can quickly inflate your basketball or any other sports ball you might have. If you prefer a high-pressure foot pedal to make the job a bit easier, take a look at the Franklin Sports Foot Air Pump for balls, bikes, inflatables and more.

Franklin Sports Dual Action Inflation Double Basketball Pump with Built-in Needle Storage and Pressure Guage


Franklin Sports specializes in sports equipment for people of all ages. At the moment of writing this review, their youth shoulder pads are an Amazon Best Seller and they also make goalie masks, NFL t-shirts, sports helmets, portable soccer nets and of course, ball inflation devices. The MLS 7.5" pump is ideal for most sports balls and it comes at a ridiculously small price.

Here are the highlights of this basketball pump.

  • Dual-action features cut the inflation time in half
  • Designed for inflating sports balls, however, in case of emergency, you can also inflate a low pressure tire with it
  • Built-in needle storage is useful, as it prevents you from losing the needle or accidentally forgetting it while you leave home
  • Features a translucent design, which makes it eye-catching and attractive - colors also vary

Don’t forget to check out the broad range of sports products sold by Franklin Sports as these items are crafted with the upmost attention to details and from quality materials. For example, you can buy badminton sets from this brand as well as goalie gloves, soccer balls and even foosball tables.

The Deluxe Electric Equipment Inflating Pump from Champion Sports is a heavy-duty pump that can help inflate sports balls, bike tires and many other inflatable accessories. Lower budget? Only have a few balls to inflate? The Champion Sports Dual Action Hand Air Pump pumps air when you push or pull to speed up the process.

Champion Sports EP1500 Deluxe Electric Sports Equipment Pump with Pressure Gauge, Needle and Hose


Championship Sports is a company that manufactures a plethora of sports equipments and accessories and several of their products are Amazon Best Sellers already. For example, one of this brand's best selling products is a flexible cone set that can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, for this review, we wanted a heavy-duty, electric pump that can inflate your sports balls in no time and we think we have found it in the Deluxe Electric Equipment Inflating pump.

Here are some interesting features related to this pump.

  • Capable of delivering up to 50 PSI, so say goodbye to manual labor when it comes to inflating soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, etc
  • Powerful 1/4 HP motor of this pump, even inflates bike tires with it as well as other accessories such as pilates balls
  • Compressor is whisper quiet, so it won’t hurt your ears
  • Package contains an electric pump, a pressure gauge, a needle and a hose
  • The entire device is relatively compact and easy to use, not to mention that it is 100% made in USA

If you are interested in an inflation pump, then you might also be interested in other sports-related accessories such as a rack for medicine balls, a stopwatch, Lacrosse balls, a sports whistle or even bicycle components. All of these products are made by Championship Sports, and the good news is that they come at reasonable prices, so take a look at them!

The Portable Foot Pump from Bonny's is a versatile inflation pump that can be used for bike tires or for sports balls such as soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs and more. On the other hand, if you prefer a hand pump, check out the Bicycle Hand Air Pump from the same manufacturer.

Bonny's Foot Basketball Pump Made From Aluminum Alloy, Up to 170 Psi Capacity, Money Back Guarantee


Bonny's is a brand that makes accessories designed mostly for bikes, such as headlights and taillights, tool kits for bicycles and even bike storage stands. However, one of their best selling products is a foot pump that can be used to quickly inflate sports balls as well. The beauty of the portable foot pump from Bonny's is the simple fact that you can inflate your basketballs quicker as your foot is capable of exerting a higher pressure in comparison with your hand.

Let's find out some more interesting features of this foot pump.

  • Compact and lightweight thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction, so You can take it with you wherever you go
  • In the package you will also find a ball needle and an inflation cone - useful for inflating a wide variety of sports balls, including basketballs
  • Comes with a dual-action feature which greatly reduces inflating time and it has a capacity of 170 psi
  • Easy to use and it features a metal stand that improves stability while you are pushing with your foot

If in the future you are interested in buying a bicycle cargo rack, a bike repair kit or LED lights for your bike, then make sure that you check out the products sold by Bonny's.

The Tachikara TP20 8 Inch Dual-Action Hand Air Pump is your trusted ally when your sports balls go flat. This pump is easy to use and can quickly inflate your basketballs or volleyballs. If you want a complete pump kit that comes with 3 needles, then check out the Tachikara Ball Inflation Kit.

Tachikara 8" Dual-Action Basketball Pump, Includes Hose And Needle, Built-In Needle Storage


The last product in our review comes from Tachikara, a brand that makes multiple types of sports equipment and accessories. For example, this brand manufactures top-quality basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls and many more. The good news is that these products have been well received by the general public and they come at small prices.

However, since this is a review about basketball pumps, let's take a look at the TP20 model from Tachikara.

  • Pump also comes with a dual-action feature which minimizes inflation time and reduces your effort by half
  • Needle can be stored conveniently in the pump's handle, so you won't lose it
  • Compact, lightweight and made from sturdy materials, so chances are that you are going to use it for a long period of time
  • Use it to inflate low pressure tires - such as baby stroller tires - as well as a wide variety of sports balls

Tachikara also makes volleyball knee pads, pressure gauges and flag sets and these products are currently Amazon Best Sellers! If you ever need such sports equipments, Tachikara is the brand to go to.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Air Pump Buying Guide — Manual vs. Electric? Single vs Double Basketball Pump?

A basketball pump shouldn’t be missing from your sports gear, especially if you want to become a better basketball player. Other important accessories include a high-quality basketball, maybe a hoop system and even basketball shoes that offer a great grip, but the pump is paramount wherever you go. That’s because sometimes a sports ball can get deflated, especially if it stays in a cold place for a long time, and it might actually become unusable. A good basketball pump can bring it back to life in a few minutes so you can enjoy a great game with your friends.

The market also offers multiple types of pumps, so you have lots of options at your disposal. For example, some pumps can be operated by foot, others are manual, while others still are electric pumps. In the case of electric pumps, you simply connect them to your sports ball, bicycle tire or other inflatable devices, sit back and relax. The pump will do the job for you, and in no time, your favorite sports accessories are ready to use!

Feel free to read this guide to learn more about basketball pumps and affordable inflation devices in general. We are going to provide you with a few tips and tricks every shopper should know about!

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Top 10 Dunks of the Decade. | Courtesy of NBA

At the end of the day, a basketball pump is a relatively simple device, so obviously, you won't pay a super-expensive price for it. For example, most high-quality pumps are priced between around $7 and up to approximately $50. The higher-priced ones are usually electric, and they can be used to inflate other stuff, such as bicycle tires, balloons and even inflatable kayaks. If you practice water sports, maybe an electric pump will be more suitable for you.

However, although most pumps are relatively inexpensive, try to stay away from really cheap basketball pumps which are usually priced around three or four bucks. These pumps might not include accessories such as inflation needles, and they are painfully unreliable. Go for a model made by a prestigious brand and you'll be just fine!


We don’t want to say that sports pumps are featureless, but they are relatively simple, so you don’t have much to think about when buying one. However, keep these aspects in mind next time you're buying.

  • Type - There are manual pumps, foot pumps, electric pumps, you name it. Pick the one which is most comfortable and suitable for your needs. 
  • Single or Double Pumps - For this, we are not referring to whether you can inflate more than one ball at a time. Rather, we are talking about the pumping action. Double basketball pumps, also known as dual action pumps, are manual devices that will pump air into the ball on both the upward and downward stroke.
  • Size and Weight - This is particularly important if you travel a lot and need to inflate various sports accessories, including basketballs. For example, most manual and foot pumps weigh approximately one pound and have a compact design.
  • Accessories - Make sure you go for a pump that comes with different needles, nozzles and inflation cones. All of these will help you inflate various sports balls, including footballs, volleyballs and basketballs.

Another feature would also be the color of the pump, but we think that's not that important. At the end of the day, you're not going to send your basketball pump to a beauty contest, so whether it is black, white, grey or blue, it doesn’t matter that much. A pump must be reliable and versatile. However, if you're a guy, wandering around with a pink basketball pump in your hand might not be seen as that manly, so be careful.

Construction and Design

Today's pumps can be either electric or manual. A manual pump basically pushes air through the hose and needle and into the sports ball. These devices can be operated by hand (usually, you hold the pump with one hand and push with the other) or by foot (you press with your foot as if you want to open a garbage bin lid). The design of the pump might vary, but the principle is basically the same. For example, some pumps are held in place with both your feet and you also use both your hands to push the lever downwards, inflating the ball. All these pumps are great; it is a matter of personal preference which one you choose.

In the case of electric pumps, these might also be called air compressors, and they are very easy to use, as you just push a button and your inflatable sports accessory "magically" fills with air. These devices have various power outputs (usually around 1/4 HP), and they also include multiple needles and nozzles. The beauty of a portable electric pump is that it does all the work for you and is cleverly built to remain whisper quiet when operating. Most electric pumps are also relatively compact and lightweight, so they will easily fit in a regular car's trunk.

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How to Inflate a Basketball. | Courtesy of HowToDoYourself
Performance and Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier, if you are an outdoorsy and sporty person, a basketball pump can be an essential accessory, as you can inflate basketballs, volleyballs, footballs and many other items with little to no effort. In some cases, and particularly for electric pumps, you even get warranties for your product, which can be for up to one or two years. Other things that can be inflated using an electric pump include small pool accessories such as slides and rafts, so get yours today to make sure the fun never ends when you're out and about!

Get the Best Basketball Pump of 2023!

Some of the best basketball pumps out there can also be used to inflate footballs, volleyballs, bicycle tires and even party balloons! Get your favorite one today and you'll ensure that the fun never ends when playing your favorite sports!

Our Top Choice
Spalding Dual Action Basketball Hand Pump
Best Value
Franklin Sports Dual Action Basketball Pump
Champion Sports Electric Basketball Pump
Bonny's Portable Foot Pump for Bicycle Tires and Sports Balls
Tachikara TP20 8 Inch Dual-Action Hand Air Pump

Basketball Pump FAQs

What is the best basketball pump?
The best basketball pump is one that’s capable of getting your ball ready for the next game in no time. It could be manual or electric, but that doesn’t matter as long as it serves your needs. Those who want effortless inflation should consider buying an electric pump. Here is our buying guide with more information.
How to pump a basketball?
To pump a basketball, you need a pump and an inflation needle. You may also require an air pressure gauge to know if you have attained the right levels. Now, hook the inflation needle to the pump. After that, moisten the needle using a wet cloth so that it smoothly slides into the ball. Once you have inserted the needle into the ball’s valve, start inflating. If you have a manual pump, then you have to use human effort. If electric, turn it on and watch as air fills the ball.
How pump a basketball without a needle?
You can pump a basketball without a needle using any of the three methods. The first is the balloon method, which involves you inflating a balloon and transferring are from it. However, you should ensure you fill-up the balloon until its tight enough. You may insert a straw or a similar object into the ball and in the balloon to transfer the air. Alternatively, you may use compressed air canisters or a pen’s ink tube. While the former works the same way and the balloon, the latter may rely on a pump.