Best Basketball Shoes Reviews 2023

Basketball is a great sport requiring agility and strength. Every player knows the shoes you wear make a lot of difference. They affect your speed, jump power, and balance. We know it's a tough job choosing from the huge collection of basketball shoes out there. That’s why we’ve put in the time and effort to do the bulk of the work for you. We sorted through available products and shortlisted 5 of the best basketball shoe brands who make some of the best basketball shoes available. We picked a product from each to give you a feel for what they offer.
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Our Top Choice
Nike Prime Hype DF Men’s Basketball Shoe
Nike shows its culture of innovation and ingenuity by making durable and high-performance footwear for sports and fashion alike. The Nike Prime DF 2016 is pure performance.
It grips pretty well. Great ventilation. It has full-length cushioning.
It wears down with consistent use.
6A to 13D
Best Value
Under Armour Torch Fade Basketball Shoes
Since 1996, Under Armour has been creating inventive performance gear to keep athletes comfortable throughout their activities. The Women's Torch Fade shows what it stands for.
Lightweight. Allows for good ventilation. Looks beautiful.
It is built narrow. A person with wide feet might find it a bit stiff.
1 to 13 Little Kid, 3 to 6 Big
Gray/Green, Blue and Silver
Adidas Cloudfoam Mid Basketball Shoes
Adidas is committed to making athletes perform at their best by equipping them with high-quality shoes and other gear. Its Men's Cloudfoam Ilation is top-class.
Very comfortable. Looks good. Comes at a great price.
Wear becomes visible too soon with heavy use.
5.5 B to 10 B
White and Pink
Reebok BB 7000 Mid Fashion Sneaker
Reebok is a brand that builds its shoes tough and durable for those into the rugged side of sports. It aims to enhance the performance of its customers. The BB 7000 is 100% leather.
Comfortable. Lightweight. Looks good.
A bit too narrow at the toes.
Cotton and EVA foam
Polyurethane and nylon
8 Toddler to 6.5 Big Kid
6 colors
AND1 Men's Master 2 Mid Basketball Shoe
AND1 provides support to basketball players of all ages, whether you play on the court or you play on the street. Style and quality shows itself in its Men's Master 2 Mid Basketball Shoe.
Comfortable. Great ankle support. Very affordable.
Starts to wear after a few months.
8 Toddler to 4 Big Kid
6 colors

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What is the Best Basketball Shoes?

Are you a regular basketball player? Then you know the importance of your shoes. Are you on a tight budget? You can still find wallet-friendly shoes with good performance. With our guide’s tips in mind, let’s look at our 5 chosen products.
Our Top Choice
Nike is a brand that does not compromise the quality and performance of its products for anything. That is why its customers have confidence in it. The Nike Men's Prime Hype DF Basketball Shoe has ankle grip for extra comfort. If you'd prefer a lighter shoe with similar fit and performance, you should try the Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2015.

Nike Prime Hype DF 2016 Basketball Shoe for Men – 30 Design Options

Over the years, Nike has shown its commitment to creating top quality and innovative solutions for athletes the world over. It aims to give people an edge with comfortable and performance-driven gear. The Nike Men's Prime Hype DF Basketball Shoe (suggested retail price: $67.50) expresses Nike's commitment to sports performance.

This basketball shoe has a circular traction pattern that lets you change direction easily. Its dual-density midsole offers targeted responsiveness, and its dynamic ankle length design offers lock down and support. Other benefits you will get from this shoe are:
  • Soft but firm phylon core for extra cushioning
  • Mesh on both sides for ventilation
  • High top collar for support and motion
  • Rubber outsole for that extra traction
  • Textile upper that makes the shoe light
Best Value
When it comes to innovation, performance, and quality, Under Armour comes to mind. Their footwear is created with utmost commitment to the athlete's comfort. The Under Armour Women's Torch Fade has padded heels for extra support. If you are a man who wants similar quality and support, we recommend the Under Armour Men's Clutch Fit Drive 3.

Under Armour UA Torch Fade Basketball Shoes for Women – Multiple Sizes Based Upon Color Availability - Five Stylish Colors

Under Armour brings engineering into footwear design. This is why its performance-driven outfits always serve their intended purposes, enhancing the wearer's performance and comfort. The technology behind its gear makes it tailored for situational performance. The Under Armour Women's Torch Fade (Suggested Retail Price: $88.27 - $94.99) shoes are a lightweight beauty.

The Under Armour Women's Torch Fade Basketball Shoes sport a mesh front that allows easy air movement in and out of the shoes. The lightweight leather upper area gives added comfort. The structural design helps these shoes move with your feet. Here are other features of the Torch Fade:
  • Extra padding in the heels
  • Toe cap with added protection for both your feet and the shoes
  • A sockliner running along the full length of the shoes
  • Its rubber sole is a single piece with traction for smooth movement
  • Extra cushioning in the mid sole for absorbing impacts
Adidas is a brand that does not need to prove itself anymore. For many years, it has shown its dedication to quality and performance. Its customers have great confidence in this brand. The Men's Cloudfoam Ilation is very comfortable to wear. Women who want such comfort should go for the Adidas Women's Pro Model Zero.

Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe for Men – Multiple Sizes Based Upon Color Availability - Ten Stylish Design Options

Adidas believes their footwear is more than the sum of its components. The purpose behind its products is to help athletes perform at their very best at all times. This is why Adidas gives everything to producing only the best in terms of comfort, quality, performance and style. Who says sports can't look good?

The Adidas Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoes (Retail Price: from $69) are modern basketball footwear with cloudfoam cushioning for that extra comfort. They have leather uppers with the well-known 3 stripes. Other features are:
  • Rubber sole for extra grip
  • Perforated top, collar, and rear for ventilation
  • Cloudfoam sockliner for comfort
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Cloudfoam midsole for lightweight cushioning
Quality and comfort is the watchword for Reebok when it comes to the manufacture of its shoes. It's always a good feeling buying from a brand whose products are known to last long. The Women's BB 7000 shoes are so comfortable you can dance in them for hours. If you are into cross fit, Reebok's Ex-o-fit Cross Training Shoes are great.

Reebok Mid Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker – Women’s Basketball Shoe Available in Multiple Sizes - Two Color Choices

As a brand, Reebok is committed to getting better. It makes its gear to serve you, whatever your fitness regime. Its outfits are built tough and to endure rugged use. The Reebok Women's BB 7000 Mid Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker (Suggested Retail Price: $64-$79) is made from high-quality materials and built for comfort.

This comfortable and durable shoe is made from 100% leather. The suede and synthetic uppers provide comfort for the in-step, and also give the shoe some aesthetic points. The insides of these sneakers are lined with terry-cloth for top comfort and cushioning. More features include:
  • EVA midsole for enhanced cushioning
  • Outsole with herringbone patterns for traction
  • The collar and footbed are cushioned for maximum comfort
  • The zipper design adds a beautiful twist
AND1 gives its all in making creative and high-performance basketball shoes. It is also committed to making its products available at affordable prices. The Men's Master 2 Mid Basketball Shoe is lightweight. Female basketball players who love this brand should try out the AND1 Master 2 Mids for Women.

AND1 Master 2 Mid Basketball Shoe for Men – Multiple Sizes Based Upon Color Availability - 11 Color Choices

AND1 wants to give its best to the sport of basketball by making high-quality kits for those who love the game. AND1 strives to make its products available to all players (from adults to kids) at very affordable prices. The AND1 Men's Master 2 Mid Basketball Shoe retails for between $29.95 and $34.99.

These shoes are created with synthetic leather uppers, which are actually 20% lighter than leather. These shoes also have a heel airbag design for improved heel support. The mesh tongue allows for improved ventilation. Other features include:
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate midsole for superior cushioning
  • Injected TPU heel clip for improved stability
  • Raised midsole edges for lateral and medial support
  • Rubber sole for superior traction

How Do I Choose the Best Basketball Shoes?

Have you seen the 2002 movie “Like Mike” featuring Lil’ Bow Wow? The then 14-year-old rap sensation played the role of an orphan - Calvin Cambridge – who dreamt of being a successful NBA star. Long story short, his dream came true when he found some old sneakers with the inscription MJ on them. Once he put them on, his athletic abilities became exceptional, earning him a place in the NBA even as young as he was. The moral of the story is that with the right basketball shoes, you can get into the NBA right now (or not!).

Yeah, we know it was a movie! Yeah, we know it’s fantasy, but kindly allow us to use that lovely movie to press home the importance of having the best basketball shoes when playing the game we all love. You need them as much as you need a great basketball.

With all the quick side-to-side movements, twists, turns, jumps, runs, abrupt stops, slam dunks and more we associate with the game, you can’t afford to pick just any shoes. You need basketball shoes that can handle the challenge of the game and provide the player with the support, traction and comfort s/he needs to be at his/her best.

When choosing your basketball shoes, there are things to consider. First, you need to look at the player’s style. The way a player loves to play will, to a large extent, determine the kind of shoes they need. We’ll elaborate on this later.

You also need to look at where you’ll be playing most of the time. Indoor courts with hardwood playing surfaces, demand different shoes from outdoor asphalt playing surfaces. Perhaps you play on your driveway with a simple hoop system. If you’re serious about your game, then you just might need multiple pairs for the different playing courts.

With this guide, you will get what you need to help you choose the right basketball shoes. So, before you get your game on, inflate you ball with a basketball pump, inflate your confidence with the right basketball shoes, and play it “Like Mike”!
We all know there are basketball shoes and there are basketball shoes. What we’re looking at here isn’t what Lebron James wears. We’re looking at good quality basketball shoes you can get easily. We did our research and found for between $30 and $95, you can get a good pair of basketball shoes.

Many things affect the price of a pair of basketball shoes. The material used, the brand, model, signature series etc. Within the price range we’re looking at, you’ll find shoes of different makes, styles and features. Select whichever appeals to you the most. Just know they were carefully selected because we know they offer you value. These are not low quality, cheap basketball shoes. Rather, they’re the ones worth parting with your cash for.
Choosing the right basketball shoe involves looking first at the player and then at the shoe. We shall list the features to look out for and consider. These features include:
  • Shoe cut – high-cut, mid-cut and low-cut
  • Material – leather, synthetic
  • Type of midsole
  • Type of outsole
  • Size and fit
  • Closure system – laces, zipper, velcro, strap
How do these features affect your choice? Let us explain.
Construction and Design
As we stated earlier, the kind of player will determine the best kind of shoe. You have the speed player, the all-round player and the aggressive player.

A speed player needs lightweight shoes allowing for flexibility while offering comfort and support. Shoes with low-cut uppers are usually the best choice for this kind of player. For a power player, the emphasis is on stability and full cushioning. This kind of player needs the ankle support from high-cut uppers. To get the stability and support they require, they usually need heavier shoes. Meanwhile, an all-round player also needs ankle support and cushioning but not as much as the power player. This kind of player will usually need shoes with mid-cut uppers.

Most players go for the high-cut uppers because of the ankle support and stability they offer, so if you’re unsure what’s best for you or the intended recipient, this is the salient choice.

In terms of materials, leather is on the decline for sports shoes. This is because newer synthetic materials have been developed with superior breathability and strength. As a result, do not assume leather is better. Instead, consider the properties of each shoe choice and their reported benefits.

One of the most important parts of the basketball shoe is the midsole. The midsole is the part between the upper and the outsole. This is the shock absorbing part of the shoe where the cushioning takes place. This part is usually made with EVA or polyurethane. EVA is more lightweight than polyurethane but lacks its denseness and durability. The greater the balance between the weight and the cushioning, the better. Some manufacturers are beginning to create proprietary cushioning technology that grants increased cushioning without necessarily increasing the weight.

Choosing basketball shoes for a specific kind of court requires some emphasis on the outsole. Generally, your shoe’s outsole should be flat and wide enough to provide you with a stable base, helping you avoid ankle rollover as you twist and turn. If you will be playing outdoors more than indoors, you need to get shoes with more durable outsoles. Playing indoors on a wooden playing surface is not the same as playing outdoors on an asphalt playing surface. It should be expected that shoes appropriate for outdoor play will be heavier than those made for indoor play.
Performance and Ease of Use
The kind of closure system your shoe has will have an impact on your performance. If your shoes are secure, with no sense they’re coming loose, you will concentrate more on your game.

Good old laces have been securing shoes for ages and they still do. Some shoes however use different systems like zippers, straps and Velcro. Of all these systems, Velcro is the least reliable. It is however ideal for young players who may not be able to properly tie a lace. It’s also fast and convenient. Ensure you choose a closure system that will be comfortable and secure for you.

No matter how wonderful your basketball shoe is, if it’s a bad fit, you won’t enjoy its benefits. Buying shoes online can be a bit more difficult than buying in stores as you do not have the luxury of testing them out before purchasing them. It is therefore very important to make sure you know you right size as you make your choice.

Get the Best Basketball Shoes of 2023!

Hopefully, we’ve helped you make a confident choice. If you’re still unsure, see what other options our featured brands have to offer – we chose them for their reputations for quality and value. Whichever one you choose, make sure you have fun using it. Happy swooshing!

Our Top Choice
Nike Prime Hype DF Men’s Basketball Shoe
Best Value
Under Armour Torch Fade Basketball Shoes
Adidas Cloudfoam Mid Basketball Shoes
Reebok BB 7000 Mid Fashion Sneaker
AND1 Men's Master 2 Mid Basketball Shoe