Best Bat House Reviews 2023

Insects can be an annoying and persistent issue for which bats can be a simple and natural solution. They can provide continuous insect control as long as they’re around, and a bat house is one of the easiest ways to keep them coming! However, deciding on a bat house for your yard can be a tough thing. There are many factors to consider, some of which might be difficult to understand, and others that you might not know. To make this easier for you, we’ve taken the time to do some extensive research on bat houses and found five the best bat house brands that make this product. We’ve featured one each if, however, these don’t suit you, know that these brands have other great bat houses.
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Our Top Choice
Uncle Dunkels OBC Bark-Covered Bat House
The Organization for Bat Conservation is dedicated to protecting all bat species, and puts their endorsement behind Uncle Dunkels, LLC, the manufacturer of this quality bat house.
Can hold up to 300 houses; natural bark exterior; caulked interior for warmth/rain protection; long house and perch design; guaranteed 80% higher occupancy rate
Mounting may be difficult due to its weight
24x14x6 inches; 12 pounds
Up to 300 bats
Tree bark and plywood
3 chambers
Best Value
Holley Three Chamber Bat House
Providing shelter and security for yard-friendly creatures has been Holley’s main focus for over twenty years. That’s why its animal homes are custom built to fit your environment!
Has a separate birthing chamber; made of fire-hardened Ohio pinewood; scent will attract bats; includes mounting brackets. Made in the USA and built by US Veterans.
Some parts are stapled together (but can be replaced with finishing nails)
11.5x4.5x17 inches; 8 pounds
Up to 100 bats
Fire-hardened Ohio Pine
3 chambers plus birthing
BestNest Premium Stained Bat House
BestNest is passionate about providing protection to animals displaced by humans encroaching upon their habitats. To this end, it offers a line of bird feeders and animal shelters.
Houses up to 400 bats; 4-inch landing platform; heat-absorbing finish; tongue-and-groove roof assembly to protect interior from elements; made of grooved wood for clinging
Some issues with receiving damaged product (we recommend contacting the manufacturer if this happens)
16x7x31 inches; 19 pounds
Up to 400 bats
Stained plywood
4 chambers
WoodLink Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter
Woodlink is an eco-friendly company that produces bird feeders, cedar houses, and houses built from recycled plastic. Over the years, it’s become a brand that’s trusted by customers and retailers.
Can accommodate 20 bats; single, grooved chamber; requires no assembly; easy to hang/install
Better suited for amateur/young bat watchers because of small size.
12x4.2x16 inches; 4 pounds
Up to 20 bats
1 chamber
Coveside Mini Bat House
When it comes to building bat houses and other animal shelters, products from Coveside are crafted by professionals who have expert knowledge about the species its being constructed for!
Rough surfaces for bats to cling to; echo-locator slot; can accommodate 12 bats; bottom opening to keep birds out; hinged loop on back for easy hanging
Bats may take up a year to begin nesting. Small size may be issue for serious bat watchers.
12.5x7.25 x3.8 inches; 2.5 pounds
Up to 12 bats
1 chamber

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What is the Best Bat House?

The best bat house will only be best relative to the owner and their environment. Some people might need a bat house for a large colony of bats while others might need one with a more natural look. Features like these will determine which bat house is best for you, as we have made sure to highlight and explain them for your consideration. Looking at the factors we’ve discussed will help you determine which suits you best!
Our Top Choice
The OBC Endorsed Triple Chamber Bat House from Uncle Dunkels attracts and supports up to 300 bats. If you’re looking for a bat house that supports a smaller population, try Uncle Dunkels’ OBC Endorsed Single Chamber Bat House. Both of these quality bat houses are made in the USA.

Uncle Dunkels OBC Triple Chamber Bat House – Holds Up to 300 Bats, Approved by The Organization for Bat, Conservation

OBC, the Organization for Bat Convservation, has a clear agenda, which is educating people on all things concerning bats. From its inception in 1992, it has been at the fore of promoting active involvement in conservation, and has consistently organized bat education programs in museums, schools and nature centers. So, when they put their name, endorsement and reputation behind a company like Uncle Dunkels, LLC, you know you are getting a quality bat product.

Endorsed by the OBC, the Triple Chamber Bat House from Uncle Dunkels is professionally designed to attract and support up to 300 bats. Its exterior is covered by natural bark for greater attraction, and the inside is covered in polyethylene mesh for easier perching. It’s also completely caulked, which keeps the warmth escaping and prevents rainwater from coming in. This product’s features include:
  • Western red cedar wood attached to its exterior
  • A longer house design
  • A predator guard and narrow chambers to give the bats protection
  • Extra-long landing platform
  • Guaranteed to have an 80% higher occupancy rate than other models
  • Manual with instructions on mounting and bat-related information
Best Value
The Holley Three Chamber Bat House can accommodate up to 100 bats and even includes a birthing chamber. The fire-hardened Ohio pinewood will attract bats because of its smell, and it gives the house excellent durability. If you want more space for your bats, you should check out Holley’s Extra Large Six Chamber Bat House.

Holley Large Three Chamber Bat House – Plus Separate Birthing Chamber, Holds Up to 100 Bats

Creating safe havens for displaced backyard animals is one thing Holley’s Habitat Homes loves dearly. At Holley, these shelters aren’t just built—they’re customized to suit each buyer's specific location. Its products are lovely and durable, to say the least. American-made, Holley bat houses are crafted with raw materials from the United States, and are built by USA Veterans only.

The Holley Three Chamber Bat House is a highly functional bat house that’s custom built to adjust and tolerate whatever environment it’s placed in. It’s made from fire-burned Ohio hard pine to increase its durability and its attractiveness to bats. This type of pine also provides adequate warmth without having a strong odor, and the fire-hardening process that it goes through creates a hard-wearing exterior.

The lack of varnishes and paints used on this house helps retain the scent of pine and smoked wood, which attracts bats. With its included mounting brackets, a capacity to accommodate about 100 bats and a separate chamber for birthing, this is a complete home for your bat colony!
The BestNest Premium Stained Bat House can accommodate a colony of up to 400 bats. Its four cells are made using deeply grooved wood and it provides proper temperature control with its heat-absorbing finish. Is 400 bats too many for you? Then check out the BestNest Premium Stained Bat House, which is dark brown in color and houses up to 65 bats.

BestNest Premium Stained Bat House - Dark Brown, Holds Up to 400 Bats

BestNest is a family-owned company that grew out of a deep love for animals, wildlife and the environment. The company provides protection and security to wildlife displaced by humans encroaching upon their habitats through its line of bird feeders, animal shelters and sites for nesting.

The BestNest Premium Stained Bat House is expertly designed to attract bats and accommodate a colony of up to 400 of them. Its four cells are made using deeply grooved wood to help the bats cling properly. It also provides proper temperature control with its heat-absorbing, natural looking finish and 1/4-inch ventilation slat.

All your bats will be kept safe from the elements with this house’s specially designed roof! The tongue-and-groove assembly ensures that the bats aren’t bothered by wind or rain, and the 4-inch platform is perfect for them to land on. It’s also really simple to install because it comes with 3, predrilled holes on the top for hanging, and a stabilizing hole on the bottom for mounting. Regardless of your set-up, you’ll have a place to setup your nifty bat house!
The WoodLink The Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter can accommodate up to 20 bats and has a single, grooved chamber so they can easily cling to it. Want a bat house with a little more space? Try the Woodlink BAT1 Cedar Bat Cottage, which can accommodate up to 30 bats!

WoodLink Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter – Made in USA, Hold Up to 20 Bats

Since 1988, Woodlink has been delivering excellent and top-quality products. It’s an eco-friendly company that produces bird feeders, houses made of recycled plastic and ones made with cedar wood. Over the years, it has become a brand trusted by thousands of customers and retailers. Among Woodlink’s products are field-tested bird feeders, bird houses, bird accessories, and bat houses that have been endorsed by the National Audubon Society. The Audubon collection also includes bat houses that meets the standards of this well-known organization which is committed to the preservation, conservation and restoration of the wildlife ecosystem.

The WoodLink Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter is a high-quality house made from cedar wood. It can accommodate up to 20 bats in its single chamber, and the interior surface is grooved so they can easily cling to it. This handcrafted shelter makes a great gift, and is perfect for children who’re interested in unique animals. It also requires no assembly, so it’s easy to setup and enjoy right out of the box.
The Coveside Mini Bat House attracts and houses bats that will rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. It has roughened surfaces for bats to cling to, and a bottom opening that prevents birds from nesting inside. Is a house for only twelve bats too small? Check out Coveside Sunshine's Bat House, which has the capacity to hold up to 100 bats.

Coveside Mini Wooden Bat Box Shelter – Single Chamber Bat House Holds Up to 12 Bats

Coveside produces a varied line of bird feeders, bird houses, bat houses and other bird- and wildlife-related products. Each Coveside product is handcrafted by professionals with a sound knowledge of the species that the house is being built for. Everything is built for durability and to naturally attract animals.

The Coveside Mini Bat House is a handy way to attract and house bats that will rid your yard of mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. It’s a single chamber bat house with roughened surfaces for bats to cling to, and a bottom opening to prevent birds from nesting.

This house can hold up to 12 bats and even features an “echo-locator” slot. When bats fly, they emit a sound that reverberates off nearby objects, which enables them to “see” where they’re going. The echo-locator slot will help bats find the house more easily, so you can really get to “know” the colony that frequents the house! It’s also really easy to setup—simply hang the hinged loop over a nail or bracket that’s affixed to the spot where you’d like to place the shelter.

How Do I Choose the Best Bat House?

In a village meeting in a remote African clan, the village head, called the Oba, was intently addressing a serious issue with his cabinet. Slightly behind him to his side stood his aid whose task was to keep the Oba comfortable, fanning him and fetching him whatever he needed.

As the meeting proceeded, the aid suddenly saw a mosquito perched on the Oba's cheek. He waited for the Oba to become aware of the pest and either kill it or wave it away. However, the Oba was so intent on what he was addressing that he was unaware of the pest sucking away on his cheek with careless abandon.

The aid watched helplessly as this pest sucked away at his dearly beloved Oba's blood. When this had gone on long enough by his estimation and he could no longer take it, he, desperate to rid his Oba of the intruding pest, stretched out his hand and killed the mosquito.

As you can imagine, the meeting came to an abrupt pause as an abomination had just occurred before them. A servant had just given their Oba a dirty slap. Realizing what was going on in the minds of the council members, the terrified aid quickly told them that he was killing a mosquito that had been disrespectfully violating their Oba, and, as a proof of his good intention, showed them the mosquito he had killed.

Unfortunately, as he and others looked at his hand, they didn’t see any mosquito or blood mark. The next place to look was the Oba's cheek and that too was clear. Alas, he had missed the tricky mosquito and was now left standing confused before the council. Well, we won’t spoil your day by telling you what was done to this aid as a suitable deterrent to other would-be mosquito killers. If only they had had bats around!

Did we say bats? Yes, bats! Did you know that bats can eat up to a thousand mosquitoes in an hour? A lot of them actually subsist on a diet of insects, and they can be a great natural solution to clearing your environment of mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Bats more effective than insect repellants or mosquito rackets, regardless of the skill you’ve acquired with the racket, or whether you have a bug zapper hanging in your yard. You cannot beat a bat’s 7,000 mosquitoes per night without any harmful effect to the environment.

All you need to get these effective mosquito- and insect-eaters to work for you is to get them their own bat house. A bat house is a shelter designed to attract and house colonies of bats. These little homes will keep your environment well supplied with these nocturnal creatures so they can always be around to rid your yard of pesky insects. Why bother with insecticides and exterminators when you could have your own little cute ones?

We realize that choosing a bat house that’ll attract bats can be a bit confusing. There are so many choices out in the market and all of them have features that may be difficult to understand. We’ve written this guide to equip you with the knowledge to find the best bat house for you and your environment.
In this economic climate, it’s important to always keep price in mind with all purchases. We understand that as well as you do! That’s why we took our time to conduct thorough research to bring you bat houses that have value justifying their prices. On thing that is great about getting a house for bats is that once you invest the money, you won’t have to keep buying another one like you will with insect repellants.

During our research, we discovered that bat house prices are determined by such factors as their size, their housing capacity, and the materials that they’re made from. We found that a good bat house can be purchased for about $20 to $90. The ones within our assortment are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. They reflect a range we think will offer more people an opportunity to own a good bat house. While we intentionally excluded the very expensive models so as to accommodate those on a budget, we also excluded cheap bat houses because we don’t want to bring you anything that will be subpar in quality (lest it negatively affect your wallet!).
A bat house can be that home addition you’ve always needed. Yet finding the specific one that’ll best suit you can be difficult. To help, we’ve listed and explained some features that’ll help you better figure out which house to buy. Here are some of these important features to consider:
  • Design
  • Custom build
  • Housing capacity
  • Size and eeight
  • Number of chambers
  • Materials
  • Location
  • Clinging surfaces
  • Temperature control
  • Open bottom
Let’s look at these in detail…
Construction and Design
Some bat houses are designed with bark attached to the exterior to look more natural; some are stained with finish to improve their protection against the weather; some have slanted roofs to better facilitate runoff while it’s raining. These design choices vary from bat house to bat house, and it is up to you to decide which of them will best serve you and the bats you wish to attract.

If you aren’t able to find something you like or that fits your environment, you can also find bat house makers that let the customer decide which features they want included and/or removed. A lot of bat house makers will also design houses for you based on where you live. This can be a great option, as these crafters will use their expertise to make shelters for the specific breeds in your environment.

A very important thing to consider in a bat house is its housing capacity, which is the number of bats that can live in it at any one time. This must be considered based on how many bats you would like potentially hanging out in your yard, but houses can have total capacities from as little as ten to as many as 500.

One way to determine the housing capacity is through the product’s overall size. A bat house’s size and weight are also important to consider when you’re trying to decide where to place it. A big and heavy one will require an appropriately sturdy pole or branch to be mounted on or hung from.

Bat houses often have multiple chambers, which are like rooms for bats. These chambers are usually of equal length and width, and each chamber is an additional space for the bats to live in. This is the second way to determine the size of a particular house. Know that some even have a birthing chamber for the bats to have their young in, which can be a thoughtful addition for your bug-eaters.

The materials houses are made from are essential because they determine whether or not bats will want to live inside them. There are types of wood that are more attractive to bats, like pine and cedar. Bats also don’t always like the smell of certain varnishes or paint, and some materials are simply too unnatural to attract any bats. These materials will also determine how long the house lasts, and how much protection bats have from the elements.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bat houses need to mounted or hung at least 10-12 feet in the air, but 15-20 feet above the ground is even better. If you have a swamp, lake, or other small body of water around your property, mount the house no farther than 15 feet from this area. Some people choose to mount the house on a pole while others decide to attach it to their home. There are also people who like to hang the house underneath large trees for added protection from rain, wind, and sun. Whichever you choose, just make sure that it’s in a spot where your bats will be well-protected.

A bat house must have a suitable surface within it for the bats to cling to. There are usually grooves made on the interior walls of the house for this reason, but clinging surfaces can also be made with bark, mesh and other materials. Without the clinging surface, the bats won’t be able to stay or live inside the bat house.

It’s also important that the house can hold the appropriate temperature for bats. This means that it must be able to provide proper ventilation during warm weather and warmth during colder seasons, which can be done with heat-absorbing finishes, ventilations slits and other such features.

Some bat houses are designed with open bottoms, allowing bats to drop their waste onto the ground and preventing birds from nesting inside it. Most organizations that protect bats, like the OCB, argue that open-bottom houses are significantly better for attracting bats and keeping them long-term.

Get the Best Bat House of 2023!

We’ve said a lot about bat houses here to help you find your perfect one. We hope this information has been helpful so you can get to ordering your new house!

Our Top Choice
Uncle Dunkels OBC Bark-Covered Bat House
Best Value
Holley Three Chamber Bat House
BestNest Premium Stained Bat House
WoodLink Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter
Coveside Mini Bat House