Best Bath And Shower Gel Reviews 2022

If you love using bath and shower gels, you may have gotten a favorite brand by now, but if you have just decided to switch bath and shower gels, you may have a hard time picking the right one for you. That's especially true if you are not sold on any brand. Well, we have made it our duty to research these products extensively so that we can help you make your shopping experience less stressful. We have a list of five products from five brands; these brands have many products to their name, but in this review, we’ll only be looking at one product per brand. However, as you read on, you might see a product that appeals to you more than the one featured. In this event, please go ahead and check it out. We make sure that the brands and products we feature are of good quality that will perform as advertised. So have no fear in choosing any one of them.
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Skin Type
Our Top Choice
Alba Botanica® Very Emollient Shower Gel
Alba Botanical makes only one hundred percent organic and vegetarian beauty products. Its production process doesn’t impact the environment negatively and its products are hazard free.
Comes in a large bottle with easy to use pump. Doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or other harmful ingredients. It is pH balanced and smells good.
The smell is a bit off and has a chemical tinge.
For normal to dry skin
2 scents
32 oz.
No parabens or artificial colors
Best Value
Dial Clean Rinse Shower Gel
For over 65 years, Dial has consistently provided beauty products that are tested and proven. Its products guarantee healthy and clean skin and hair for the whole family.
Smells great. Removes odor. Moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Made with clean rinse technology.
The pump sucks the bottle in at the sides and doesn’t release until you unscrew it.
Moisturizer and cleanser
For normal skin
15 scents
11 sizes
Sodium laureth sulfate
Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower Gel
Neutrogena is highly recommended by dermatologists. It is a producer of beauty products and works diligently to provide customer satisfaction.
Made with scents from herbs, spices, and fruits. Leaves your skin smooth and clean. Moisturizes and hydrates.
The pump on the bottle can’t get out all the gel as it gets to the bottom of the bottle.
Cleanser and conditioner
. For dry skin
Blend of spices, fruits, herbs
40 oz.; 32 oz
Sodium laureth sulfate
Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash
Dove consistently makes top quality beauty products for the everyday woman. Its products are meant to enhance the beauty experience of women of all shapes, sizes and colors.
It contains NutriumMoisture. Doesn’t leave residue of soap on the skin. It has deep penetrating moisturizer. It is highly hydrating.
The pump on the bottle is not strong.
For sensitive and dry skin
18 sizes
Sodium lauroyl glycinate
NIVEA Men 3 Pack Shower Gel
NIVEA provides a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products for both men and women. Its products are highly affordable yet top quality. It is brand that’s trusted worldwide.
Deodorizes. Lathers well and rinses clean. Doesn’t leave soapy residue. Doesn’t dry out the skin.
It doesn’t have enough natural ingredients.
3-in-1 deodorizer
For men
9 scents
16.9 oz. / 3 pack
Sodium laureth sulfate

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What is the Best Bath And Shower Gel?

We believe that you know your skin type, and so before you buy any product, you will have ascertained its suitability for your skin. However, there are other factors that you still need to put into consideration before making a purchase. We ask that as you read this review, you would carefully note these factors so that you'll know which ones work best for you. When you buy the product that works best for you, we can confidently say that you got the best bath and shower gel.
Our Top Choice
The Alba Botanica Bath and Shower Gel is hypoallergenic and made of one hundred percent organic vegetarian components. It’s cruelty free and truly emollient, leaving your skin clean and fully hydrated! If you are looking for a good body lotion, we recommend the Alba Botanica Very Emollient, Daily Shade Lotion.

Alba Botanica® Very Emollient Bath and Shower Gel - Available in 2 Scents

Alba Botanica is a manufacturer of cosmetics, and it believes firmly in environmental responsibility. It takes great pride in making all its beauty products one hundred percent organic and vegetarian. It doesn't test its products on animals, and it offers a complete array of products filled with powerful organic botanical components that are specially prepared to provide the nourishment that is needed by an individual’s hair and skin. Through all its processes of manufacturing, it endeavors to impact as little as possible of the environment.

The Alba Botanica Bath and Shower Gel is a hypoallergenic gel that’s made up of one hundred percent organic vegetarian components. It provides relaxing moisture for both skin that is normal and those that are dry. It also works for in-between skin types. It has more great features which include:
  • Comes in a large bottle that has easy to use pump
  • It softens the skin and smells good
  • It doesn’t contain SLS or other ingredients that are under debate as harmful
  • It's cruelty free, meaning it wasn’t tested on any animal
  • pH balanced for your health and safety
Best Value
The Dial Bath and Shower Gel is a body wash that's filled with luminous freshness. It’s guaranteed to provide rejuvenation for tired skin as well as tired bodies and leave you feeling clean and fresh. If you are looking for body wash for men, the Dial for Men Body Wash, highly recommended.

Dial Clean Rinse Shower Gel with Non-Drying Formula - Available in 15 Scents & 11 Sizes

Dial was founded 65 years ago and has grown to become one of the brands that Americans trust most. It has consistently delivered beauty products that guarantee healthy, clean and ever-glowing skin for families. Through the years, its focus has been on helping people remain clean and bacteria free. With a wide range of beauty products, it is actively involved in spreading the gospel of well groomed hair, skin, and body for the whole family.

The Dial Bath and Shower Gel is a body wash that's filled with luminous freshness. On those days that your skin feels clammy, dirty and clogged, its deep cleansing is just what you need. And not only that, it removes odor, smells great and moisturizes the skin, leaving it glowing and feeling rejuvenated. It is formulated with clean rinsing technology and nondrying ingredients that help to maintain the suppleness of your skin.

Dial has many wonderful bath and shower gels for both men and women. Some of them are listed below:
  • Dial for Men Hair + Body Wash, Hydro Fresh, 32 Ounce- Rejuvenates and energizes the skin, rinses clean, leaving the skin fresh and smooth. Also helps save shower time as you can wash your body and hair at the same time
  • Dial Body Wash, Lavender & Twilight Jasmine with All Day Freshness, 21 Fluid Ounces (Pack of 3)- Moisturizes and offers durable hydration for freshness that lasts all day; it also rinses clean and is anti-bacterial
  • Dial for Men Attraction Enhancing Body Wash, Magnetic, 32 Ounce - Has three times more moisturizing properties than other Dial body wash. It has a combination of jojoba, shea butter, and mango, and comes in an easy-to-use bottle with pump
The Neutrogena Bath and Shower Gel is a bestselling beauty product. It cleanses, conditions and soothes the skin, and doesn’t leave any residue like bar soaps might. Looking for a body oil to complement your Neutrogena shower gel? Then check out the Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula.

Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Bath and Shower Gel - Available in 2 Sizes

Neutrogena is a brand that’s highly recommended by dermatologists in America. It is a manufacturer of cosmetics, skin and hair care products, some of which are among the most popular and loved products in its industry. Neutrogena has a long history of innovation and success that started in the year 1930. Due to the positive reputation it had earned over the years, Johnson & Johnson acquired it in 1994, and now it is a part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies. This has given it the added advantage of the great resources that Johnson & Johnson has while preserving the integrity of its products.

The Neutrogena Bath and Shower Gel is one of the brand's bestselling products in the body wash category. It cleanses, conditions and soothes the skin without any residue remaining on the skin’s surface. It's made with scents from herbs, spices, and fruits and leaves your skin smooth and clean. It turns what would have been an ordinary bath into a luxurious spa-like experience!

Neutrogena has many great bath and shower gels, providing you a wide variety to choose from. Here’s a list of a few of them:
  • Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash, Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment, Pink Grapefruit, 8.5 Fl. Oz. (Pack of 3-- It's specially made for skin that's prone to acne and doesn’t clog skin pores. Has sweet pink grapefruit fragrance with Vitamin C. Infused with ingredients that help to treat and stop breakouts
  • Neutrogena Rainbath Renewing Shower and Bath Gel, Pear & Green Tea (40 Oz) - It conditions, softens and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin
  • Neutrogena Rainbath Multi-Pack of 3, 1 Original Formula, 1 Pomegranate and 1 Ocean Mist, 16 fl oz bottles - You can use it in place of your shaving gel. It refreshes and revitalizes the skin
The Dove Bath and Shower Gel is hypoallergenic, with mild cleansers that do the job perfectly without drying out the skin. It is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, bringing out the body’s natural nutrients. If you’d rather have your Dove goodness in a bar, we recommend the Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin.

Dove Sensitive Skin Shower Gel with Pump - Available in 18 Sizes & 13 Styles

Dove was established in the United States of America in 1957, and its first product was the quintessential Dove Beauty Bar. It has continued to be centered on providing the kind of care that people need with commodities that go a long way to enhance the state of the hair or skin. Dove is dedicated to helping the female gender have a good self image and to strike a balanced relationship beauty and reaching one’s ultimate potential. It has a fund known as "The Self-Esteem Fund" and it uses this to empower over fifteen million little ladies. Its products are meant to cater to the everyday woman, regardless of shape, size or color and to enable her inner beauty to emerge.

The Dove Bath and Shower Gel is a perfect body wash for anyone with sensitive skin. It washes and rinses completely and is known to cause little or no allergic reactions. It has NutriumMoisture, a trademark technology comprised of lipids that are one hundred percent organic moisturizers. It is not like some moisturizers that stay on the skin surface without penetrating; it is totally absorbed by the skin. The rich lather doesn’t leave the skin with any residue of soap after washing it off.

Dove has other wonderful bath and shower gels that work for other skin types. Some of them include the following:
  • Dove Body Wash with Pump, Deep Moisture 34 oz - It helps to reduce and moisturize dry skin. It is a mild formula that’s just right for your skin
  • Dove Men+Care Body Wash with Pump, Extra Fresh 23.5 oz - Hydrates the skin, making it stronger and healthier. It's highly recommended by dermatologists. It rinses clean and gives you a fresh scent
  • Dove Go Fresh Body Wash, Cucumber and Green Tea Pump 34 oz - Highly recommended by dermatologists, the results start to show after only one bath. It is hydrating and revitalizing. It provides the proper nourishment that your skin needs
The NIVEA Bath and Shower Gel is a great product for men with active lifestyles. It provides a quick wash solution that washes the hair and thoroughly cleans the body, without drying the skin out. Would you like a body wash for women to go with this? We recommend the NIVEA Care and Cashmere Moisturizing Body Wash.

NIVEA Men 16.9 Fl. Oz. Pack of 3 Shower Gel - Available in 9 Scents

NIVEA is a brand of Beiersdorf, a premium skin care manufacturer globally. Its brands are depended upon worldwide to deliver as advertised, with its over-125 years’ experience in the manufacturing of skin care products and an up-to-date research facility. It is synonymous with top quality, innovative and revolutionary beauty products.

The NIVEA Bath and Shower Gel is just what the doctor recommended for a quick wash that leaves you clean and fresh without so much ado. This is a great product for men that have active lifestyles. All you need to do is lather up from your head to toes and scrub off the day's dirt and grime. No need for a special time or different product to wash your hair. This wonderful three-in-one product provides purity for your hair, body and deodorizes too! You’ll come out of the bath squeaky clean and smelling heavenly. It has the "Smart Deo Technology" that eliminates things that cause odor and thoroughly cleans without making the skin dry. It foams well and also rinses off completely.

There are more great products for men from NIVEA. Here are some of them:
  • Nivea for Men Body Wash, Sensitive, 16.9 oz - Great for sensitive skin, leaving it revitalized and refreshed. It doesn’t dry out the skin
  • NIVEA Men Active3 3-in-1 Body Wash 16.9 Fluid Ounce - It's a triple action shampoo, shave and shower gel. Washes off grime and dirt and cleans without leaving the skin dry. It provides a thorough but comfortable shave
  • Nivea for Men Sport 3-in-1 Body Wash, 16.9 Fluid Ounce - Ideal for men with active lifestyles, it helps to eliminate oil, sweat, and odor thoroughly cleans the skin yet doesn't dry it out. It's good for the whole body
  • Nivea for Men Active Clean Body Wash, Natural Charcoal, 16.9 Fluid Ounce - Brings out the oil, sweat and grime and cleans deeply, leaving the skin with a fresh fragrance that stays for a minimum of eight hours

How Do I Choose the Best Bath And Shower Gel?

We read that in medieval times bathing was a ceremonious event, and the affluence and social status of a person would determine the kind of bath the individual would have. The rich and affluent would have servants that attended their baths, scrubbed their bodies and sometimes even served them refreshments in the course of the bath. This brings to mind the opening scenes of the famous movie “Coming to America”!

Bathing is an important activity that ensures personal cleanliness and good hygiene. While the spot or location of this activity does not detract from its usefulness, it may help the convenience, privacy provided and general well being of the bather. While not everyone may be able to enjoy the luxury of a Jacuzzi bath with a bath bomb thrown in, we believe that we all should at least have the convenience of a shower in a tub or a shower cubicle. Not everyone can have the time for a luxurious bubble bath, but we all should at least have time to stick our heads under a shower head for a quick spray of hot or cold water, depending on the weather.

Shower gel is a useful item to have in your bathroom. For some, it can provide a bubble-bath level of luxury. For men and women with active lives, there are many good products that provide the multiple actions of shampoo, conditioner and deodorizer. You can use them with accessories like a bath scrubber, body sponge, bath towels or to just plain rub all over your body with your hand and lather, then rinse off. Most good bath and shower gels would lather well but also rinse off completely without leaving any soapy residue on you.

Ready for some great bath and shower gels? Let’s look at a few things that are worthy of consideration as you shop for the best.
Bath and shower gels are not expensive (at least the regular good quality ones), but the benefit they provide is enormous. Thanks to them, we have sweet smelling bodies and odor-free environments. A good shower gel can cost as little as $3 or $4, with higher end, dermatological products costing up to around $30. Some will cost more because they come in larger sizes and pack sizes too, which’ll save you money in the long run. Some bath and shower gels come in packs with other accessories, contributing to the higher price tag. Specialized beauty products cost more, especially now that a lot of people are more health and "green" conscious. Bath and shower gels that are made of pure organic and botanical products are usually also in the top dollar category.

During our research, we came across some cheap bath and shower gels. While the cheapness might be an attraction, we do not think you should let price be the main consideration when purchasing products like bath and shower gels. This is because your skin is the first thing people see, and you need to take good care of it. That said, all the products/brands featured in this review have been tested and proven. Rest assured that any one of them you choose would be a good bargain for you.
A bath and shower gel is an important item in any bathroom. For people who may not want to use bar soaps, this provides a quick alternative. There are features that you need to look out for to ensure that you do not buy a product that will do you more harm than good.
  • pH Balance – Ensure that the product has the right pH balance
  • Moisturizing properties – Check the level of the moisturizing properties
  • Type – What type of body bath is it and is it meant for everyone?
  • Size – The quantity will affect its price and how long you can use it
  • Application – How often can it be used and who is it good for?
  • Ingredients – Are they safe, and was the product tested on animals/humans?
  • Fragrance – Confirm the scent so that you don’t get something you can’t stand
Construction and Design
It is necessary that everyone know their skin type. This is very important because it will help you determine the type of skin care products that you should use. If you have sensitive skin, you have to be extra careful, especially when buying products online. You should try to read reviews on the products to be sure that they will be good for you. Most skin care and beauty products that are hypoallergenic are good for people with sensitive skin. Also look out for product descriptions that show it contains little or no artificial substances. Shower gels made with one hundred percent organic substances can have extra benefits for those with sensitive skin.

For men with active lifestyles, multi action shower gels are their best bet. If you get a shower gel that is a shampoo, body wash and deodorizer in one, it gives you a quick overall cleansing without much hassle. You can wash from your hair to your toes all at once and come out clean and fresh.

Most good bath and shower gels contain moisturizers that help draw out the body’s natural nutrients and keep the skin hydrated. Some products have moisturizers that just sit on the skin surface without penetrating into the skin. The best ones are those that penetrate deeply; they provide long lasting hydration.
Performance and Ease of Use
In these days of environmental awareness and responsibility, it wouldn’t hurt to look out for products that are made by brands that are environmentally responsible and see to leave as little negative impact on the environment as possible. For your own safety and health, organic ingredients are the way to go. Products with loads of chemical substances are going out of fashion as fast as lightning. Always check labels and product descriptions to find out whether the product is toxin free, cruelty free (this means it wasn’t tested on animals) and has the right pH balance.

When buying a bath gel, you need to ascertain how many people will be using it and whether it will be used on a daily basis. This will help you know the size and quantity to buy. For a family, it wouldn’t do to buy one small bottle because that would mean you’d run out it frequently. But for a single individual, be careful of buying too big a size/quantity so that the product doesn’t expire before you exhaust it.

The fragrance of the shower gel is also important. Some people are allergic to some scents or just plain irritated by them. Make sure you find out or have an accurate idea of what it really smells like before purchase.

Get the Best Bath And Shower Gel of 2022!

Having come to the end of this review, we believe that we have given you enough information to help you get the best bath and shower gel for you. Now go ahead and make the purchase, and begin to enjoy your revitalizing and refreshing bath.

Our Top Choice
Alba Botanica® Very Emollient Shower Gel
Best Value
Dial Clean Rinse Shower Gel
Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower Gel
Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash
NIVEA Men 3 Pack Shower Gel