Best Bath And Shower Safety Mat Reviews 2022

Bathrooms are fun places, like your own indoor mini pool… well, sorta. And they should be left that way! Your bubble bath shouldn’t turn to a blood bath due to an avoidable mistake, such as not getting a simple bath/shower safety mat. Because your all-round safety is a huge part of our business, we’ve sought out the makers of the best bath and shower safety mats. We highlighted five top brands that also have a variety of other mats to check out. Should you want a strictly non-slip bath mat, we have a separate review for just those with five more amazing products!
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Our Top Choice
Vive Square Non-Slip Shower Mat
Vive takes pride in releasing products that provide safety solutions at affordable prices, and maintaining amazing customer relations.
Conveniently large drain hole. 116 separate suction cups. Antimicrobial treated.
A variety of color options might have been a good idea.
Suction cups; 6 in. drain hole
22 x 22 inches
Latex-free rubber
Wipe down with mild soap
Best Value
Gorilla Grip Square Non-Slip Bath Mat
Make Gorilla Grip your go-to brand when you need the best bathroom accessories in town. Its high-quality products and unbeatable prices will make you happy.
Large and strong mat. Enough holes across the entire surface for efficient draining. Can be machine-washed.
Doesn’t work on textured or tiled surfaces.
With holes
21 x 21 inches; 1.7 pounds
BPA-free rubber
All non-textured surfaces
Machine washable
SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bath Mat
For over 20 years, SlipX Solutions has consistently delivered top-notch bath-related solutions to people like you. That definitely counts for something!
Lush and cushioning effect underfoot. Longer than an average bath mat. Efficient draining system.
The heavy smell of rubber, although not long-lasting, might not sit comfortably with everybody.
With suction cups; tiny holes
. 16 x 39 inches; 1.8 pounds
High-quality vinyl
Non-textured tub surface
Machine washable
AquaSense Non-Slip Bath Mat
AquaSense, a subsidiary of Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, is a brand with a vision, and that vision includes you. It aims to impact and upgrade your quality of life by giving you only the best.
Has over 400 suction pads for improved suction. Massage zones for your feet and tush. Covers the entire length of your tub. Has holes throughout the surface. Prevents mildew growth.
It might be a little pricey for some.
With invigorating massage zones
32 x 16 inches; 2.6 pounds
Dry natural rubber
Tub surface
Machine washable
InterDesign Orbz Non-Slip Bath Mat
With a culture of innovation and a team that’s smart, InterDesign churns out some of the most innovative products to solve your kitchen, bathroom and home challenges.
Unique circle design. Soft, pliable feel. Quite affordable. Holes interlocked with the circles for easy draining.
Cannot be used on textured or tiled surfaces.
Circle design with suction cups
27 x 14 inches; 1.5 pounds
Jelly-like plastic
Tub and shower
Soak in mild soap & rinse

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What is the Best Bath And Shower Safety Mat?

If you’ve read our buying guide, then you’re ready to be a bath safety mat ambassador! We mean that you have all the information you need to deliver a world-class lecture on bath and shower safety mats, and to make an intelligent purchase, of course. Although we have made a fine buying guide, you alone know what’s best for you. The reviews are before you. As you go through, you’re sure to find one that’ll make you fall head over heels - but not literally!
Our Top Choice
You definitely can’t pass up the chance to own the Vive Shower Mat, complete with a large drain hole that fits around your tub’s drain hole and keeps the water out! Would you also like a grab rail to hold onto while you shower? Then double your shower confidence by checking out the Vive Suction Shower Handle & Bathroom Balance Bar.

Vive Square Non-Slip 22 x 22” White Shower Mat with Drain Hole

With over 100,000 votes of confidence and counting, it is impossible to say that Vive isn’t a leading brand in the health and wellness industry. All that praise can’t be for nothing. This brand consistently leads the industry, and for good reason too. Vive employs winning strategies such as amazing customer relations skills and eliminating the middleman, to give people an altogether satisfactory and superb buying experience. Needless to say, its competitive prices have most definitely won it many a loyal customer.

If you want to step into your tub in style, then step in with the Vive Shower Mat! It comes with 116 different suction cups on the bottom that help it stick to and remain on the floor of your tub throughout your shower. No matter how slick the surface of your tub is, this mat has got you completely covered. You can be sure that this mat will stick to your tub like a second coating of paint. And that’s not even the best part.

This 22 x 22 inch-mat also comes with a six-inch drain hole! That’s big enough to fit conveniently around your tub’s drain hole! Now, no matter how long you shower and how much water you use, you don’t have to worry about a pool of water gathering in your tub! This is great, since moisture not only poses potential danger for the “showeree” but also poses danger to the mat in the form of mildew.

What can top these features? This mat is antimicrobial treated and comes with a lifetime warranty! All worries about hygiene and durability are gone out the window, while your feet receive a treatment fit for kings on the wavy, lush surface of this mat. Cleaning will not be a problem: a simple wipe-down with soap and mild disinfectant will work the magic! Note: use mild detergent, not bleach.
Best Value
The Gorilla Grip Square Non-Slip Bath Mat is a large and strong mat that covers and beautifies every inch of your tub or stall floor. For a larger mat in a soft pink hue, check out the Gorilla Grip Rectangle Pink Bath Mat!

Gorilla Grip Square Non-Slip Machine Washable Bath Mat

Gorilla Grip is in the business of keeping customers satisfied and coming back for more by churning out excellent products, not to mention the superb skills of its staff in handling customer relations. And it’s no monkey business, we tell you! Its greatest asset, besides its culture of constant innovation, is definitely its competitive prices. From budget to luxury, Gorilla Grip understands the uniqueness of every customer, and has made a commitment to meeting and beating their expectations.

We absolutely cannot shut up about the Gorilla Grip Bath Mat! Why? It works superbly! It comes with holes that run across almost every inch of its surface, meaning that water buildup and mildew are the least of your worries. It’s large enough (21 inches by 21 inches) to cover any space your feet might step during your shower. To help ensure that you’re not only safe but also healthy, this Gorilla Grip mat comes ready with antimicrobial treatment that’s neither harsh nor toxic for you.

This mat will not work well on a textured or tiled floor surface, so for the best results, use it only on smooth surfaces. Besides that, this “Jack-of-all-baths” can be used in every and any bath of your choice, regardless of the nature of your drain hole, thanks again to the many holes on its surface.

When you need to clean it, simply pick up this mat, throw it into your machine, turn on cold water, and add detergent. After that, get a well-deserved respite while your machine does all the work.
The SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bath Mat is up to 30% longer than your average mat, and reduces chances for slips by covering every inch of your tub's surface, whether tiled or textured. If you’d like something lower-priced and with a darker shade, check out the SlipX Solutions Black Extra Long Vinyl Bath Mat.

SlipX Solutions Extra Long Vinyl Bath Mat - Available in 11 Colors

SlipX Solutions is a family-owned business that wants every bathroom in every family to not only be organized. but stylish as well. Testimonials pouring in from satisfied customers show that SlipX hasn’t missed a beat in delivering on its promise, and its motivation stems from the fact that they are everyday people like you who know the rigors of day-to-day living. Constantly energized by this, SlipX proactively sees to every bathroom need at affordable prices.

You cannot help but love the SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bath Mat. With a measurement of 39 inches x 16 inches, it’s a whopping 30% longer than your average bath mat. This means that it can definitely run the entire length of your tub conveniently, helping reduce even the tiniest chance of a slip.

It also comes with lots of holes scattered across its surface, draining water effectively and efficiently. In spite of these holes, it’s amazing to note how SlipX Solutions has also still managed to add a cushioning effect to this bath mat, and that effort cannot go unnoticed.

Another score for this mat: whether your floor is textured or not isn’t really a big deal, and neither is washing. This bath mat works on any surface and can, thankfully, be washed in the machine and hung to dry.

And of course, what’s a bath mat if it can’t prevent slips? The SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bath Mat comes with over a hundred suction pads that stick, making suction quite good with this mat. It's made of durable vinyl, so this bath mat not only sticks, it'll stay around for a long while.
The AquaSense Non-Slip Bath Mat has over 400 suction pads that help it remain in place while it works its magic on your feet. How would you like a yummy “chocolatey” pebble mat in your shower stall or bathtub? Take a look at the NTTR Brown Pebble Non-slip Bath and Shower Mat.

AquaSense Non-Slip Bath Mat With Invigorating Massage Zones – Available in 2 Sizes

Since 2000, AquaSense has been setting the pace in the healthcare industry with a vision to impact and improve the lives of all its users. Over the years, Drive DeVibliss (and consequently AquaSense) has remained steadfast to this goal, using only the cream of the crop in its team, plus world-class technology and a winning attitude. This has ultimately yielded dividends as its products and services speak for themselves.

Perhaps the features that confirm this brand’s commitment to its vision the most are the massage zones incorporated in the AquaSense Non-Slip Bath Mat. Apart from the tremendous feeling of lushness that this mat brings to your feet and tush (should you be sitting at any point), the massage zones help to increase blood circulation around said areas. While you are bathing, your bath mat will be busy working therapeutic wonders on you, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Although this bath mat is referred to as small-sized, it’s actually longer than most with a dimension of 32 inches x 16 inches, so it will most probably fill the entire bath tub. Whether you have a textured, tiled, or smooth tub or stall, this mat will stay put, with over 400 suction cups to ensure that it never leaves its position without your permission.

This mat has holes across the surface for effective drainage and to hinder mildew growth. The contoured edges provide smooth maneuverability, adds beauty and uniqueness, and increases the odds of its fitting into your tub. Because the mat is so sturdy, it can conveniently be washed in your washing machine and hung to dry, and the cycle goes again. But as with most bath mats, bleach is a big no-no!
The InterDesign Orbz Non-Slip Bath Mat comes complete with a unique circle design that’s soft and pliable! Your feet will definitely be pampered by this awesome mat! If you would prefer a more neutral toned mat with a pebble surface, then you might love the graphite InterDesign Pebblz Bath Mat. Why not have a look?

InterDesign Orbz Non-Slip Suction Bath Mat Usable in the Shower & Bath Tub - Available in 3 Colors

InterDesign is based in Cleveland and sells products worldwide. It has committed to providing great products to solve your kitchen, bathroom, and indeed home needs as a whole. This brand, which has been around for more than four decades, has a clear goal in mind: offering the best products at the most competitive prices. Its passion for seeing homes organized in style is evident in the items it offers, which are as functional as they are beautiful.

You can hardly go wrong with the InterDesign Orbz Non-Slip Bath Mat in your bathtub or shower stall. Not only does the blue color remind you of a gentle lake in your dream vacation place, its soft, jelly-like surface actually takes you a step closer by giving you a feeling that you cannot find with any other bath mat.

It’s long enough to cover your bathtub, and its suction is simply flawless. It will not work on textured or tiled surfaces, as the manufacturer advises on the package, so you might want to know that. On the other hand, this great bath mat has enjoyed praise from quite a number of users who go on and on about its appealing look and feel.

As with many bath mats, it comes with many holes interlocked with the circles for easy drainage and of course to keep the mildew away. Since it has many holes, it won’t collect excess soap or dirt. To clean it, you can just place your mat under running water, use a mild soap and rinse, or use a soft cloth to wipe. After that, hang it to air-dry, and you’ll be just fine.

If you are working with a tight budget, this mat is custom-made for you. It is affordable and will work better than any cheap bath mat you might possibly find.

How Do I Choose the Best Bath And Shower Safety Mat?

Every bathroom should have a safety mat! And every sauna, every hot tub, and every pool. If someone either slips in the tub while showering or hits his/her head on the toilet, after taking a bath, it quickly begs the question: why would anyone not have a simple bath safety mat? (Useful life-saving tip: if you stay over at a friend’s and there is no safety mat in the bathroom, tread carefully - literally.) But seriously now, how do you explain that even though you have that roommate that has vowed to never leave the shower curtain inside the tub for safety and common sense (Bathroom Police should just get these kinds of roommates), you still don't have a bath mat?

Yes, accidents happen. Granted. But there are accidents, and then there are “eternal-grandmothers-of-all-goofs,” also known as “not having a common safety mat in your bathroom.” You absolutely have no reason to not have a bath mat in your bathroom, especially if there are children, older folks, or folks with disabilities in the household. Bath mats not only help protect against accidents; they are also inexpensive and decorative.
A good bath and shower safety mat is quite affordable, especially considering its benefits. There are budget ones that sell for about $10, and others that go for a little above $13. Brands which offer more unique features will understandably raise their prices, so bear that in mind. A cheap bath and shower mat, on the other hand, is a terrible idea and you know it. Many of them will stain your pristine bathtub, get damaged quickly, and have extremely poor suction. Steer clear!
It’s great that you now want to get a bath and shower safety mat. It’s a good idea that will yield tons of benefits if you pick out the right one (or ones—for the mansion inhabitants). Here are some features you might want to consider:
  • Material
  • Type
  • Color and design
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Anti-sliding feature
We can safely carry on with the details of these features now. Let's have a closer look at them.
Construction and Design
Bath and shower safety mats come in two types: ones that stay in your tub, and ones that stay on the floor outside your tub. A bath mat that stays outside the tub may come with a rubber-padded back to help the mat stay in place. Terry towel bath mats are simply really heavy towels that suck up all the water from your feet when you step out of the bath.

A rubber-backed bath mat can be flat, or thick and plush (sounds so comfy). Typically, it comes in a rectangular or oblong shape, though these days you can never tell with the increasing weird and cool innovations in housing and interiors.

A bath mat that stays in the bathtub is usually made of rubber, as you might expect. To help them stay in place, many of them come with suction pads. These mats also come in varying colors and designs.

If you’re in the market for something for your kid’s bathroom, then you’ll find many bath mats that should satisfy them. And please, don’t be ancient. Kids do not share the same sentiments as you when it comes to the boring, serious, and lifeless stuff you so love to buy around the house. Do that in your side of the house, but when you cross over to their side, remember two hints: 1. Anything with animals on it (dolphins, ducks, monkeys) is cool. 2. Brown, black, gray, and their cohorts are not on the rainbow, and therefore are not colors.

The material from which a bath mat is made should be a top priority for you. Generally, a typical bath mat is either rubber or cloth material (like a huge towel). Rubber bath mats can be placed anywhere—in or out of the tub—making them a favorite of many, but a cloth bath mat typically stays out.

For some people, a downside of a rubber mat might be the smell. If you love it or are indifferent to it, then fine. But if it makes your skin crawl, there are some bath mat-making brands that promise that the odor of the rubber leaves after a day or two. You can check them out and thank us later.

You should know that a teenie bird whispered into our ears that some brands also make their bath mats from vinyl, Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), or even teak wood. TPR has more flexibility than normal rubber, even though it's synthesized from plastic. Plus, it gives off no odors. Teak wood, on the other hand, is one of the hardest woods in the world. It is highly resistant to weather conditions, insects and rot, and has a rich earthy aroma, making it a material of choice for builders. Recently, it seems a few bath mat manufacturers have also taken quite a shine to it.
Performance and Ease of Use
For functionality, a bath mat that stays inside the tub is more of a non-slip mat than the one that stays outside. Although a “floor bath mat” (as opposed to a tub mat) can also have anti-slip features, it is essentially made to absorb moisture from your feet when you step out of the shower. This translates to a “no-slip-situation” if you think about it, since there’s no more moisture to galvanize a sudden connection between your head and your tiled floor.

Usually, a bath mat is every bit decorative as it is precautionary and hygienic. As much as you may want to pick bath mats with colors that match your bathroom, please don’t forget to choose safety over aesthetics, every time. Especially if you have children, do not purchase a bath mat that seems like it will easily fall apart at its seams under pressure. If bits and pieces come off, and you have a child with unbridled scientific ambition, you already know the "lab" where the next experiment on the structural integrity of bath mats will be taking place.

Many bath mats come with suction pads or some other anti-slip feature. It’s pretty hard to get it wrong on that score, but still check for it. It’s that important to avoid a fancy bath mat assassin sitting in the comfort of your bathroom. Having children, older folks, or people with disabilities in your home makes the point triply important. A bath mat ceases to be one if it can’t efficiently protect you and yours from precarious situations, such as slipping and falling in a bathroom.

Bath mats shouldn’t be more evidence of sloppy housekeeping skills. They are very easy to clean. For a rubber mat in the bathtub, just hold it under running water and hang it to dry. Cloth bath mats might be a little more challenging to clean, since they normally weigh more when wet, and may smell bad too. The good thing is that some can be machine-washed, but you'll still want to read the manufacturers’ instructions first before doing anything of the sort.

Cleaning and drying your bath mat regularly is very important to the health of your bath mat, as it helps prevent the growth of mildew. Air your bath mat as frequently as you can. That way, your bath mat stays fresh, clean, and durable for you.

Get the Best Bath And Shower Safety Mat of 2022!

You’ve read through and understand what you need. Now cut to the chase and get that bath mat already. It should be in your bathroom soon!

Our Top Choice
Vive Square Non-Slip Shower Mat
Best Value
Gorilla Grip Square Non-Slip Bath Mat
SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bath Mat
AquaSense Non-Slip Bath Mat
InterDesign Orbz Non-Slip Bath Mat