Best Bath Bomb Reviews 2023

Bath bombs are a great way to unwind after a long hard day at the office, a day on the building site, a hard workout or just a plain, old regular day! Any time can be bath bomb time! The wonderful scents and aromas can clear your mind and help you de-stress, while the healthy ingredients can help heal your skin and body. Whatever your reason for purchasing a bath bomb, we’re here to help. Take a look at five of the best bath bomb brands, and see which one takes your fancy.
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Pack Size
Our Top Choice
LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set
LifeAround2Angels was founded by a woman who wanted to give her children fun, hydrating bath products that were non-toxic and natural. They now have bath bombs for all ages.
Unique scents. Flower petals in some. All-natural ingredients. Lightly moisturizing. Environmentally friendly. Cruelty free. Made in the USA.
Some feel like the scent doesn’t last as long in the bath water as they expected.
Pack of 12
2.5-ounces each
All-natural USA ingredients
Mango papaya, melon ball, angel…
Best Value
Amor 10-Pack Large Bath Bombs
Amor is a family-run company who focus solely on manufacturing wholesale bath products. They have the largest selection of bath bombs in the world with over 200 different kinds!
Large bath bombs – 4.5oz. Assorted selection of top sellers. Come individually tied with ribbon. Vegan, all-natural ingredients. Free handmade bar of soap included.
Some bath bombs contain glitter and may also stain the tub.
Pack of 10
4.5-ounces each
All-natural USA ingredients
Assorted scents from top sellers
Vegan, cruelty-free
Anjou 6-Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set
Anjou is a brand who feels strongly about promoting a healthy and natural lifestyle, therefore all their products are made using natural, cruelty-free and eco-friendly ingredients.
Natural, eco-friendly ingredients. Large, 4-ounce bath bombs. Includes dried flowers. Infused with moisturizer to soothe dry skin. Infused with 1 of 6 essential oils.
Some customers stated the citronella smell was very strong.
Pack of 6
4-ounces each
Essential oils/dried flowers
Orange, rose, lemon, citronella…
Sky Organics 5oz Bath Bomb Gift Set
Sky Organics is a cruelty-free, ethical company that manufactures organic beauty and bath products. Their selection includes lip balms, face care, essential oils and bath products.
Large 5-ounce bath bombs. Choose from adults or kids boxes. All-natural, organic ingredients. Sourced from organic artisanal farms. Kids bath bombs include a surprise toy.
Some suggest the fragrance is too strong.
Pack of 6
5-ounces each
Organic, natural ingredients
Bubble gum, galaxy, grape soda…
Vegan, cruelty-free
Rejuvelle Vegan Bath Bomb Gift Set
Rejuvelle was founded by a worried mother who wanted to create organic, natural bath products for her daughter. Products include bath bombs, sunscreen and Vit C serum.
Natural, organic, cruelty-free. Non-GMO and gluten free ingredients. Includes 6 unique scents infused with essential oils. No colors or dyes so won’t stain the tub.
Some customers feel like they all have a similar smell.
Pack of 6
2.5-ounces each
Non-GMO, organic, gluten free
Yoga sunrise, stressed moms…
Vegan, cruelty-free

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What is the Best Bath Bomb?

Choosing a bath bomb is relatively easy. All you need to do is consider a few things. What scent/aroma do you like and want? Do you want your bath bomb to help with muscle pain, dry skin or any other physical ailments? What’s your price range? Who is the bath bomb for? It could be for you, your child, or a friend or family member as a gift. The bomb you choose will depend on the recipient. With these things in mind, take a look at the five bath bombs we chose to feature. They’re all great if you ask us!
Our Top Choice
The LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set is an all-natural, handmade set which includes 12 unique and hydrating 2.5-ounce bath bombs. If you’d prefer a smaller set, with bigger bath bombs, you should consider the LifeAround2Angels 8 USA Made Bath Bombs Gift Set. The bath bombs in this set are 4.5-ounces each.

LifeAround2Angels 12-Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set

LifeAround2Angels was founded by one woman. She started by creating fresh and fun bath bombs and products for her two children and before she knew it, she had a thriving business on her hands. Now she works hard to supply natural, healthy bath products to her very satisfied customers.

The LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set consists of 12 unique bath bombs, each 2 inches in diameter and weighing 2.5-ounces. Some have a color to them and others even have decorative flower petals too! Hand-made in California with all USA ingredients, these bath bombs are made in an environmentally friendly way. LifeAround2Angels believes that you don’t need to harm the environment to get top-quality products.

Some bath bombs leave your skin dry or sticky, but these contain a lightweight moisturizer to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Each bath bomb has a combination of natural ingredients including citric acid, baking soda, olive oil, cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, Kaoling clay and more! The natural ingredients and oils and butter are ideal for all skin types.

This bath bomb set contains 12 unique scents:
  • Black raspberry vanilla
  • Angel
  • Sex in the shower
  • Kiwi & strawberry
  • Lavender
  • Sex on the beach
  • Lemongrass green tea
  • Mango papaya
  • Melon ball
  • Love
  • Victorian rose
  • Shea & coconut
Best Value
The Amor 10-Pack Large Bath Bombs contain an assortment of the top selling bath bombs in Amor’s range. They’ve got over 200 to choose from so you’re in for a nice surprise. If you wanted to get some bath bombs for your kids to enjoy too, you should check out the Amor Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set which has a hidden toy inside!

Amor 10-Pack USA-Made Vegan Bath Bomb Set

Amor is a family-owned business that focuses solely on the production of bath bombs. They’re a wholesale bath products company based just 2 hours outside of Chicago with a focused interest on customer service and satisfaction. They produce over 200 different bath bombs, the largest selection in the world!

The Amor 10-Pack Large Bath Bomb Set is made up of an assortment of 4.5-ounce bath bombs. Usually, in sets like these the bath bombs are only 2.5-ounces so you get more bang for your buck with this set. They’re specially designed so they do not stain your tub because, well, there’s nothing relaxing about that! Each bath bomb in this set comes individually tied with a ribbon making them a perfect gift, even if that gift is to yourself. The packaging used also helps keep the bath bombs fresher for longer, so you can plan ahead and get these in time for those birthdays, Mother’s Day or anniversary.

All the bath bombs from Amor are made in the USA by USA workers. They only use the finest ingredients, wanting you to have the most luxurious bath experience possible. As Amor has over 200 different bath bombs in their selection, this box of 10 will be an assortment of the top sellers. Enjoy the surprise as you open your delivery and discover what lovely scents await! That’s not the only surprise though; Amor also throws in a free hand-made bar of soap. Well, isn’t that the cherry on top?
The Anjou 6-Pack Vegan 4-Ounce Bath Bomb Gift Set is packed with eco-friendly, cruelty-free bath bombs infused with a natural essential oil. If you’re looking for the perfect valentine’s day present, look no further. You need the Anjou Rose Bath Bombs Gift Set. It comes with red, blue and black roses as well as a heart-shaped bath bomb.

Anjou 6-Pack Vegan 4-Ounce Bath Bomb Gift Set

Anjou is a company committed to promoting a healthy and natural lifestyle. They do this with products that are inspired by nature, produced with products that are good for you, good for the earth and good for your bank balance. With a healthy balance of nature and science, Anjou aims to bring you the highest-quality products possible, guaranteed as cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

The Anjou 6-Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set is a set of large, 4-ounce bath bombs; that’s 90% larger than most others on the market. This set includes a variety of scents, all made with your favorite dried flowers and packaged in a cute beauty box. It’s ideal for a Mother’s Day, Christmas or anniversary gift! All the bath bombs in this set are infused with moisturizer to soothe and soften your skin. Each one is infused with a particular essential oil, either sweet orange, peppermint, rose, lemon, lavender or citronella, so you can choose depending on your mood.
The Sky Organics 5oz Bath Bomb Gift Set contains 6 bath bombs made using 100% organic, natural ingredients sourced from sustainable artisanal farms. If you need a larger set, you should get the Sky Organics 12-Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set, which includes 12 x 3.2-ounce bath bombs.

Sky Organics 5-Ounce Bath Bomb Gift Set with Organic Essential Oils – Available in Regular or Kids

Sky Organics is a company who manufacture ethical, natural and cruelty-free beauty and bath products. None of their products are tested on animals and they’re all crafted with love and packed with nourishing and healing ingredients. Sky Organics sources their ingredients from organic artisanal farms which practice responsible work ethics. Their product range includes body butters, essential oils, face care, lip balms, bath products, DIY kits and more!

The Sky Organics Bath Bomb Gift Set contains six, large 5-ounce bath bombs in an assortment of scents. They’re all handcrafted in the USA and boast of all-natural, organic ingredients. Each bath bomb contains citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, Epsom salt, organic essential oils, organic coconut oils, natural colorants and fragrance oils. This combination of ingredients makes for a hydrating, relaxing and energizing bath experience.

Sky Organics offers two bath bomb sets in this range; the regular set and a kid’s set. The regular bath bomb set contains six bombs with the following scents; Caribbean coconut, lavender lemon muffin, love potion, strawberry milkshake, mermaid kiss and sugar rose. This set is ideal for a valentines or anniversary gift or just simply because it’s a Tuesday. Why would we limit this level of relaxation to one day a year right?

The Kids Bath Bomb Set includes a variety of different scents more suitable to children. They are bubble gum, galaxy, cotton candy, dreamsicle, grape soda and gummy bear. Not only are these bath bombs organic, healthy and made in very cool colors, they also come with a surprise toy in each one! Bath time will never be a battle again.
The Rejuvelle Vegan Bath Bomb Gift Set contains 6 x 2.5-ounce bath bombs made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients. If you’re feeling a little under the weather and want some soothing bath bombs to clear your sinuses, you should get the Rejuvelle 6-Pack Soothing Sinus, Allergy and Congestion Relief Bath Bombs.

Rejuvelle Luxury Vegan Organic Bath Bomb Gift Set

Rejuvelle began back in 2013, when the founder’s daughter was diagnosed with autoimmune disease and couldn’t use the usual bath products from regular stores because of all the weird and unpronounceable chemicals in them. Her mother decided to take things into her own hands and started to manufacture natural, top-quality bath products with only non-GMO, food-grade ingredients. To ensure they could offer these natural, healthy products at an affordable price, they’re all manufactured right here in the USA.

The Rejuvelle Vegan Bath Bomb Gift Set includes six, 2.5-ounce bath bombs. They’re all made using natural, non-GMO, gluten free ingredients. All of the ingredients in these bath bombs are sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, non-GMO sunflower seed oil, non-GMO corn starch, sugar, cacao seed butter, water, sea salt and pure essential oils. Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to pronounce all of the ingredients in your skincare products, right? The oils and butters make these bath bombs ultra-nourishing and moisturizing, perfect for a gift to anyone for any reason!

One main concern when it comes to bath bombs is whether they’re going to stain your bath tub, or even worse, your skin. When it comes to Rejuvelle bath bombs, they’re not made with any dyes or colors so you don’t need to worry. The six scents included are:
  • Yoga Sunrise: With lime, lemon, orange and bergamot oils
  • Sinus Congestion Relief: With peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, cypress and pine oils
  • Garden of the Gods: With geranium, lavender and lime oils
  • Vanilla Surprise: With vanilla oils (no surprise there!)
  • Stressed Moms: With marjoram, ylang and lavender oils
  • Pink Energizing Grapefruit: With grapefruit oils

How Do I Choose the Best Bath Bomb?

Nowadays, jobs are very demanding. From waking up at wee hours of the morning to avoid traffic congestion to the evening when one finally goes home, the schedule is nothing short of hectic. Without proper rest, the body will eventually give in to this straining resulting in a drastic nosedive in performance levels. Therefore, it is imperative that the working class give their bodies ample and conducive environments for rejuvenating in the short time they have to rest.

Mainly, the primary means by which rest is achieved is sleeping. Spending at least six hours on a bed with a good mattress is recommended by experts. However, a good bath can also go a long way in rejuvenating the body. This is particularly true when a bath bomb is used, as they have integrated essential oils which emulate the bathing experience in spas. Spas are often used for therapeutic purposes by many different types of people.

Bath bombs are uniquely designed to enhance your experience in the bathroom. They produce scented foams which free your mind of stress while rejuvenating any tired part or joint in your body. The fundamental components in each variant of bath bombs are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. Bath bombs come in all different scents, and they moisturize and smooth your skin just like massage oil.

Finding the right bath bomb can be tough, but lucky for you, there’s TONS of amazing brands out there right now making organic, high-quality bath bombs. Unfortunately, they didn’t all make it onto our review as we only have five spaces. To ease our dilemma of which brands to feature, we’re going to give a quick honorable mention to some more trusted brands worth your time.

Firstly, Two Sisters Spa HAS to be mentioned. They manufacture awesome bath bombs, including the Bubble Bath Bombs for Kids which have little surprise toys inside! They even have ones designed to look like birthday cakes for your little princess’s special day. Sense Sation is another brand that can’t be overlooked. They’ve got a whole range of individual bath bombs, bath bomb sets, essential oils and exfoliation kits! Their 7-Pack Vegan Bath Bomb Kit does stand out from the crowd for their bright colors, unique scents and 100% cruelty-free production. Last but by no means least, for a gender-neutral, soothing bath bomb set, the Gaea Miracle 6-Pack Bath Bomb Set should not be missed!

Now you’ve seen the kinds of products on the market, it’s time to take a look at some consideration factors to bear in mind when you’re browsing your options.
The cost of a bath bomb is not a burden to anybody with a stable income. It is, however, not fixed, as some factors such as size and the ingredients cause minor variations. Bigger bath bombs cost more than the smaller ones. Similarly, those that have multiple pieces per set attract higher prices. Ingredients also affect the cost, where expensive components like butter often push up the prices considerably.

The prices range from $7 to $20 (and will depend both on quality as well as how many individual bath bombs are included). There is, however, a huge rift in performance as cheap bath bombs do not match the impressive results given by their costly variants.
Expectations of performance are often built by a thorough evaluation of the features. Thus, the specifications should be scrutinized before you spend your cold, hard-earned money on a bath bomb.

When purchasing a bath bomb, it is important to consider the following:
  • Size–This is the weight of the bath bomb.
  • Scent–What is the scent of the bath bomb?
  • Ingredients–What elements are used in the making of the bath bomb?
  • Color–What is the color of the bomb?
  • Suitability– This specifies the conditions under which the bath bomb should be used.
Construction and Design
Besides washing, bath bombs have healing capabilities. They relax muscles, relieve stress and rejuvenate the body as a whole. This is made possible by the presence of some components, such as lavender oil, sea salt and botanical extracts. Different bath bombs alleviate various conditions, dependent on the nature of their ingredients. On the other hand, these constituents may pose danger if individuals allergic to them are directly exposed. Thus, when buying a bath bomb, it is imperative to assess the ingredients and crosscheck to ensure that the intended users are not allergic to them.

When buying a bath bomb, go for the large ones. Size definitely matters. Bigger bombs dissolve slower and have much more foam than their smaller brothers. This gives you longer times in the bathtub, ensuring that you are fully rejuvenated once you step out. Some bombs, albeit rare, are reusable, meaning that you can take them out of the water before they are completely dissolved and use them on a separate day.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bath bombs sport many different scents. This offers a great variety and often leaves prospective buyers spoilt for choice. So, rest assured that you will never be limited regarding scents in the bath bomb sector.

The skin is perhaps the most sensitive organ in the body, and bath bomb makers have this in mind. This explains the amazing effects bath bombs have on the skin. Apart from rejuvenation, they ensure the skin remains moist, healthy and free of infections.

Get the Best Bath Bomb of 2023!

Now that you’ve got all the information you need, you can go ahead and pick the bath bomb you like the most and enjoy a well-deserved, relaxing bath. Happy bathing!

Our Top Choice
LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set
Best Value
Amor 10-Pack Large Bath Bombs
Anjou 6-Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set
Sky Organics 5oz Bath Bomb Gift Set
Rejuvelle Vegan Bath Bomb Gift Set