Best Bath Loofah Reviews 2023

That feeling of being clean and fresh is what every good bath should give. To achieve that most times, you need more than a bar of soap; you need a loofah, and thank goodness, there are now thousands of them. Yet the large number of loofahs in the market presents another problem: making the right choice of a loofah that will really do the job. We have reviewed some of the best bath loofah brands and looked closely at the loofahs they produce, and have come up with five that we consider the best of the lot. So, take some time to read through this review!
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Set size
Best for
Our Top Choice
Kiloline 2 Pack Exfoliating Loofah Pads
Kiloline manufactures loofahs that are made of 100% natural materials. The Kiloline 2 Pack Exfoliating Loofah Pads leave your skin very smooth with every use.
Good for men and women.
Falls apart within 4 weeks of continuous usage.
2-piece pack
Terry cloth
Best Value
Lulu Essentials 6 Pack Snow White Loofahs
Lulu Essentials, a company with a fanatical commitment to customer satisfaction, offers a 100% money back guarantee on its products including the Lulu Essentials Loofah.
Very dense, using a large amount of fabric. Very cost friendly.
Some of the loofah unravels easily.
Shower puffs
6-piece pack
Mesh poufs
Snow white
General use
Spa Destinations Loofah Back Brush
Spa Destination’s rich Greek history continues to influence its approach to product delivery. Its Loofah Back Brush is a great exfoliator.
Affordable. Durable. Great value.
None reported so far.
Scrubber brush
1-piece pack
Natural sponge
á la paix 3 Pack Loofah Bath Sponge
Tired of sponges that are too rough? Try the á la paix range of products. The Loofah Bath Sponge is soft to the feel, but tough enough to slough off layers of dead skin. 
Lathers well. Keeps shape over time. Not rough on skin.
Falls apart within 4 weeks of use.
Bath sponge
3-piece pack
No information
Pink, Leaf green, Sea green
Aquasentials 8 Pack Mesh Bath Puff
Looking for bath, body and spa products that’ll be gentle on you and yet tough on dead skin? You need Aquasentials’ range of products. The 8 Pack Mesh Bath Puff is top notch.
Great quality. Cheaper than many loofahs. Doesn’t unravel with time. Good texture - exfoliating without scratching off your skin.
Very light weight. String could detach from the sponge after some time.
Bath sponge
8-piece pack
Polyester mesh
General use

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What is the Best Bath Loofah?

The loofah that is best for you could be determined by the type of skin you have and the type of texture an ideal loofah for you should have. Gender is another consideration when choosing loofahs. So read through the features of each loofah reviewed so you can make an informed decision.
Our Top Choice
Kiloline spa, body and bath products are great for removing horniness while leaving your skin smooth every day. The Exfoliating Loofah Pads do this well. If you want something a little different, try the Kiloline 100% Naturals Exfoliating & Deep Cleansing Double-sided Loofah Gloves, which are a super easy way to get clear, exfoliated skin.

Kiloline Exfoliating Loofah Pads, 2 Pack - 100% Natural Luffa and Terry Cloth Materials

Kiloline manufactures different kinds of toiletries that are mild on the skin and deliver intended results.

The Kiloline 2 Pack Exfoliating Loofah Pads are 100% natural loofahs made of terry cloth materials, providing great exfoliation of dead skin while leaving your skin smooth and clean. All you need to do is soak the loofa in water to soften, scrub your skin and then air dry. It's as simple as that!
Best Value
Lulu Essentials takes pride in its products, and customer satisfaction means everything to them. It has produced the Lulu Essentials Premium Quality Loofah which helps with exfoliation. However, if you think these are a bit too plain, you might be more interested in the Lulu Essentials Multi 6 Pack Loofah Shower Pouf Set which has 3 bright colors.

Lulu Essentials Premium Quality Loofah (6 Pack) Snow White Puffs

Lulu Essentials is an American company that manufactures bath and beauty products that last long, work well and make you feel great after using them. If you love the fresh and clean feel, then Lulu Essentials is your best bet.

The Lulu Essentials 6 Pack Snow White Loofahs are premium white loofahs which are 50% larger than normal bath sponges, thereby ensuring better lathering and coverage. The more the loofah is used, the larger it becomes, thus covering more surface area during use.

There’s more to this loofah…
  • Its satin hanging ribbon dries faster than hanging rope, with less chance of bacteria growth
  • It is a clean and bright bath pouf for the modern bathroom
  • The extra material allows for better grip to exfoliate skin
  • Tightly woven to keep its shape for longer
Comes with a 100% money back guarantee if at any time you are no longer happy with the product.
Spa Destination’s natural sponges are hand selected. The Loofah Back Brush exfoliates gently. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, you might prefer the handheld kind without the wooden handle. If so, check out the Natural Loofah Exfoliating Bath Sponge by Spa Destinations which is not only cheaper, but comes in a 3 pack too!

Spa Destinations Jumbo 8" Inch Loofah Back Scrubber Brush

Spa Destination prides itself in its rich Greek heritage which dates back to the 1900s when immigrants from Greece built a thriving natural sponge industry.

The Spa Destinations Ultimate Loofah Back Brush exfoliates, leaving your skin smooth. It does all this and still stays firm. Its great design makes it able to get to those difficult-to-reach spots on the back and feet. You can also remove the handle, thereby fitting it in your hand.
á la paix products give you top quality wares that deliver the intended results like the Loofah Bath Sponge. If, however, you have a large family and would like a bigger set, you could always get the Loofah Bath Sponge set of 6 colors which are slightly smaller, but a larger pack size and still all with different colors so they’ll be no worry of mixing them up!

á la paix Loofah Bath Sponge Set of 3 Different Colors - X Large Mesh Shower Pouf Exfoliates for Silky Skin

á la paix believes that we all should take the necessary time to nurture ourselves, and that this is very important. á la paix has a holistic approach to skin care which guarantees the results you get from using its products - radiant, stress-free skin.

The á la paix 3 Pack Loofah Bath Sponge is a tightly woven, quality mesh bath sponge that lasts very long. Its handle is comfortable, strong and long enough to help you reach places that are usually difficult to reach.
Here are more reasons you should consider this loofah:
  • Quality material that lathers up well
  • Large surface area helping you to scrub large areas more quickly
  • The texture is soft to the feel, but sufficiently tough to slough off layers of dead skin and toxins, leaving you with a healthier, silky smooth skin
This comes with a 30-day guarantee, giving you plenty time to lather up, exfoliate and witness the quality of the product.
Aquasentials creates products in the bath, body and spa industry that meet and exceed expectations. The 8 Pack Mesh Bath Puff has been carefully designed to remove dead skin easily while leaving your skin smooth. If, however, you prefer the glove kind of loofahs, why not give the Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Gloves a chance?

Aquasentials Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge (8 Pack)

Aquasentials is a premium distributor of top notch, made-in-USA bath, body and spa products. All its products pass rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure they are fit for use.

The Aquasentials 8 Pack Mesh Bath Puff has a great exfoliating texture, is easy to hang and works well with any shower gel. It comes in different colors: white, yellow, red, green, purple, blue, and assorted.

How Do I Choose the Best Bath Loofah?

Showering or bathing is an everyday activity that we all perform to stay clean. Also, it is a way of soothing and restoring energy levels after a hectic day, especially if you add a bath bomb to the water. To have a quality bath, however, you need an adequate amount of clean water, a good shower gel or bathing soap and, of course, a bath loofah. While most people have clean water and soap, many of them do not have good-quality loofahs. But why do you need a loofah if your bath towel still does the job? you may ask. Well, a bath towel may not give you a thorough wash like a loofah does. Also, bath towels come in slow-drying designs that make them susceptible to staining and developing bad odors over time.

Gently scrubbing your legs with a loofah after a shave can help release hairs that could otherwise become trapped. However, it is important to note that, just like other bath scrubbers, loofahs help to exfoliate dead skin, but their scrubbing capacity is strong and may result in irritated skin, especially if used on areas with blemished skin or the face. Use a pouf if your skin is extremely sensitive! Also, keep in mind that loofahs can harbor bacteria, so keep them clean or replace them often.

For the environment-conscious individuals, you will be happy to know that loofahs are natural products that will fit well into your green, sustainable life, though you may find synthetic ones made of recyclable or non-recyclable materials.

How do you choose the best bath loofah? Let’s look at the different consideration factors below before jumping straight to our picks!
Loofahs are items used just for a few weeks – usually three weeks – and their prices range from a few to hundreds of dollars. A good-quality bath loofah will cost you between $6 and $16, depending on the type of material, set size and other accessories, such as attached ropes or handles. Avoid cheap bath loofahs, as they may be made of substandard materials that could harm your skin.
The amazing rewards that come from bathing with a good loofah sponge have seen its demand go up. This demand has led to the emergence of hundreds of brands that manufacture and sell this product. Choosing the best loofah has, therefore, become a challenge to many. The following factors should help you when making this buying decision:
  • Material– Loofahs can basically be grouped into two types – natural and synthetic. Natural loofahs come from natural sea plants and last longer. The main drawback is that it harbors bacteria if it’s not well taken care of. Synthetic loofahs, on the other hand, are manufactured and come with anti-bacterial treatment. They, however, fall apart after a few weeks of use.
  • Size– The size of the loofah will determine whether or not it will work for you. A small loofah may give you a rough time when scrubbing yourself, while a big one may not fit well in your hand. Choose a loofah sponge that best suits your needs.
  • Type– The type of loofah you choose will depend on what you intend to use it for. You can either go for the real loofahs, shower puffs, scrubber brush, or bath sponge.
Construction and Design
Loofahs are used for skin exfoliation, and the ideal one will depend on the body area you intend to use it on. It is important to feel the loofah, to make sure it will not irritate your skin or make it red, before buying.

Loofahs that come with handles are recommended for scrubbing the back, to make sure it reaches all parts of the back. The handles come in either plastic or wood, but some smaller models may have rope handles or terry cloth instead. Loofah sponges with wooden handles are harder to hold on to, compared to plastic ones. But, those with plastic handles might become slippery when used in the shower. A wrist strap hooked to the edge of the handle could help you maintain a better grip, despite the material the sponge is made of. Also, consider choosing a loofah with an ergonomic design if you intend to use it for an extended period of time.

A sponge loofah might be bought as part of a full pedicure kit, and this is something you should consider if you desire to make your feet smooth. The edge of the loofah might be very flat or round, but the flat one generally makes it effortless to remove dirt from your toes. If you intend to buy bath loofahs for feet, it’s advisable to go for ones that come with a carrying case to allow you to store your nail files and toenail clippers along with the sponge.
Performance and Ease of Use
Loofahs are popular bath accessories; they help in cleansing the skin of dead cells and dirt. Get yourself a good loofah and your bathing experience will change for the better. However, every time the loofah does not dry properly, it harbors organisms that keep growing and growing. With the right conditions, the bacteria can lead to some scary infections, such as staphylococcus.

There are things you can do to prevent your loofah from turning into a bacteria host:
  • Let it dry completely– The loofah should be kept out of the moist environment. The shower area should be allowed enough airflow to thoroughly dry out between uses. Leave the shower doors and windows open and put the wet loofah outside for more airflow.
  • Sterilize it– The loofah has small holes and portions where bacteria is likely to grow and thrive. While proper rinsing and drying is important, we advise that you sterilize your loofah sponge in boiling water at least once a week. You can also microwave your loofah for 20 seconds while still wet, but only if it is synthetic. Do not microwave plastic bath loofahs.
  • Bleach it– Bleach can also help get rid of bacteria in your sponge.
  • Replace it– After using your loofah for almost a month, it is prudent to dispose of it. One of the reasons this is important is that the fibers that make up the loofah may start to break down, making it inefficient for scrubbing. The second reason is that, after using the loofah for some time, bacteria may slowly start to develop, making it a party house for bacteria and other hazardous microbes.
These simple tips should help you take care of your bath loofah. Of course, it is important not to get so attached to your loofah, as you will have to discard it after a month or so.

Get the Best Bath Loofah of 2023!

While using soap, body wash, or gel will get your skin clean, loofahs work best – weekly exfoliation using a loofah will keep your skin healthy and radiant. The best bath loofah is one that suits your skin type and makes you glow. Whatever your skin type, you are bound to find a perfect loofah from the variety we’ve reviewed, but if you don’t, consider checking other loofahs from the same brands and take your pick.

Our Top Choice
Kiloline 2 Pack Exfoliating Loofah Pads
Best Value
Lulu Essentials 6 Pack Snow White Loofahs
Spa Destinations Loofah Back Brush
á la paix 3 Pack Loofah Bath Sponge
Aquasentials 8 Pack Mesh Bath Puff