Best Bathrobe Reviews 2022

Bath time is one of the most intimate times of the day. Every time you take a bath, you want to feel fresh and rejuvenated. In addition to bathing, you probably enjoy feeling warm and free when you're lounging around your home. Bath robes are an important bathroom accessory, as they serve a double purpose. This review is a concise breakdown of some of the best bath robe brands the market has to offer.
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Our Top Choice
Del Rossa Hooded Robe
Del Rossa is a Florida-based company that specializes in home clothing essentials. The Del Rossa Men’s Fleece is a gentleman’s robe that exudes class.
Soft. Thick. Insulation.
Some robes have loose fabric.
Polar fleece
8 colors
Best Value
Noble Mount Flannel Robe
Noble Mount is a clothing company with Pacific roots which operates in Washington. The Noble Robe carries the Noble reputation of affordable but quality products.
Cuffed sleeves. Shawl collar.
Shrinkage with a cold water wash.
100% cotton
18 colors/designs
TowelSelections Terry Kimono
TowelSelections is a Turkish bathroom accessories company that speaks for the shopper seeking affordable luxury. Its Terry Kimono is a luxurious robe made for the discerning owner.
High-quality fabric. Machine washable. Unisex.
Stains easily.
100% Turkish cotton
16 colors
eLuxury Terry Cloth Bathrobe
eLuxury is an American company that offers plenty of home products. The eLuxury Egyptian Cotton robe is a quality creation that epitomizes the company quality.
Egyptian cotton. Fold-back sleeves.
Bulky for hot conditions.
100% Egyptian cotton
10 colors
Old Shanghai Women's Kimono
Old Shanghai Online is an American-based family business that combines Asian culture and great fabric to create superb robes. This includes the Women's Kimono Short Robe.
Long-lasting French tailoring. Multifunctional.
Non-absorbent. The arms may be too big for some people.
100% polyester
One size
15 colors

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What is the Best Bathrobe?

The best bath robe is one that not only keeps you warm, but also feels great on your body. They are made using different materials, meaning you can choose one for comfort or to serve you specifically during the hot or cold seasons. The purpose of this review is to place 5 top bathrobes on the same platform so you can make a decision on which one pleases you the most.
Our Top Choice
The Del Rossa Men’s robe is a ridiculously comfortable robe that works well even during the cold seasons. It is available in a wide range of sizes ideal for all the men in the family. From its quality, the missus might want one too. The Women’s Bathrobe is a plush microfiber option that the lady of the house will love.

Del Rossa Men's Long Hooded Fleece Robe with Large Pockets - Available in 8 Colors

Del Rossa Clothing is a clothing company in the heart of Florida that has made a name for itself in upholding quality and stellar service. Its work ethic has made it a favorite in many homes.

The Del Rossa Men’s Fleece is an all-season bathrobe that is ideal for not only shower time, but also for a bit of a lounge around the house. It comes in a good fit and has side pockets for utmost comfort.

These are some of the features that make this robe a top pick:
  • Polar fleece fabric makes this robe thick and inviting
  • Large hood to keep your head warm during the cold season
  • Belt loops for an even better fit
  • Large pockets great for carrying stuff around when you're walking around the house
  • Chemical-free dyes keep your skin safe, as the material doesn’t react with water
  • Lightweight material makes this robe a joy to wear even for long periods
Although we've featured the stealthy camouflage color of this bathrobe, it also comes in 7 other colors! These are Black, Steel Gray, Navy Blue, Blue on White Plaid, Navy Blue and White Plaid, Chestnut Brown and Burgundy! So choose whichever color suits you best, or have one for every day of the week!
Best Value
Get the Noble Mount Flannel Robe if you want a quality, affordable and stylish robe. The shawl collar is an extra touch of class that makes this robe ideal for a private smoke or a quiet stroll. The cotton material feels good as well, but if you prefer the feel of microfiber, the Noble Mount Men's Coral Microfleece Robe is equally recommended.

Noble Mount Men's Premium 100% Cotton Flannel Robe with Cuffed Sleeves - Available in 18 Colors

Noble Mount started in 2005 with the goal of providing elegant clothing for the family. From its initial product, a pair of pants, it has grown into a reputable brand.

The Noble Mount Flannel Robe is simplicity and sophistication all in one. The belts tie in the front to close off the robe in a neat fashion good for lounging.

These are some of the features of the Noble Flannel Robe:
  • Brushed and dyed flannel gives the wearer an incredibly warm and soft feeling
  • Two front pockets to carry a few small essentials as you stroll or lounge
  • Waist belt to close off any exposed areas
  • Shawl collar soaks up most of the water that drips from your hair
  • Cuffed sleeves
This classic men's robe is available in a vast range of colors; 18 to be exact! So there's bound to be the perfect color for you!
This Terry Kimono bathrobe is an excellent ladies' choice, as it is gentle on the skin, comfortable and fits great. Even though it is unisex, you may want to get a men’s cotton version so that you can't share.

TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Robe Kimono Collar Terry Bathrobe Made in Turkey - Available in 16 Colors

TowelSelections is a Turkish company that makes exquisite yet pocket-friendly bathroom accessories. It has a reputation for sourcing quality materials and making them into tasteful products.

The Terry Kimono bathrobe is made out of 100% Turkish cotton, giving it a plush feel. It's machine washable and has a removable belt for those times you need to feel a bit of freedom.

Take a look at the features that this robe packs:
  • 100% Turkish cotton. This robe is made from one of the world’s most exquisite fabrics to give you a smooth feeling of luxury
  • Removable belt straps make washing this robe easy
  • Machine washable. You can wash this robe with warm water and maintain the quality
  • Absorbent so you can dry off fast after that shower
If this dashing pink kimono color isn't quite your style, Amazon have a whopping 16 colors to choose from!
The eLuxury Egyptian Cotton Terry Cloth robe has been made to keep you warm during those chilly days. The fold-back sleeves are a great feature for when you need to work as well. To add to the quality of Egyptian cotton, you might want to extend the same standards of quality to your bedroom with the 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set.

Unisex Terry Cloth Robe - 100% Egyptian Cotton Hotel/Spa - Available in 10 Colors

eLuxury is an Indiana-based American home products company specializing in a variety of bed and bath products. Its eLuxury Terry Robe is a classy, comfortable bathrobe that makes you feel like luxury itself. The roll-back sleeves and soft material may have you reconsidering Casual Friday's dress code.

These are some of the eLuxury Terry Robe’s features:
  • Non-fade colors that stay bright every time you wash your robe
  • Unisex model makes it great for his and hers
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Machine washable
  • Fold-back arms so you can carry out light duties
  • 2 front patch pockets are excellent for holding small items when you're relaxing
This soft, luxurious robe is available in 10 great colors! So if pink isn't for you, check out the others.
The Peacock & Blossoms Kimono robe is a multifunctional robe made from soft material and incorporating eye-catching design. The removable belts make it a great option for a day out or a relaxed day in. It is impressive, but for taller ladies or ladies who’d like to cover up a little more, the long Peacock & Blossoms is an equally sultry option.

Old Shanghai Women's Kimono Short Robe - Peacock & Blossoms - Available in 15 Colors

Old Shanghai Online is a San Fransisco-based business that uses the long-standing beauty and heritage of Japanese style to create attractive articles of clothing.

Not only does the Peacock & Blossoms Kimono Robe have style, but it is also a functional robe that you can wear with a jacket on warmer days. It features a sleek French seam finish and sash tie closure for an extra touch of class.

Take a closer look at some of its features:
  • Sash tie closure ties in a bow in the front
  • Belt loops to tighten the kimono for a more snug fit
  • Side pockets for holding small items at any time
  • Easy clean machine wash
  • Eye-catching continuous print
This classic Japanese Kimono style robe isn't just available in this sophisticated black color; check out the 14 other colors to choose from!

How Do I Choose the Best Bathrobe?

Nothing feels more relaxing and satisfactory than a long, luxurious soak in the tub or shower, followed by your favorite cup of coffee while you snuggle up in the soft embrace of your bathrobe. Just as essential as a digital scale or a bathroom rug as one of your bathroom accessories, a bathrobe keeps you warm once you step out of the tub.

Unlike a towel, a robe is not limited to bathroom use since you can still wear it on that lazy Sunday and enjoy a movie at home, or even while preparing for a night out. With a bathrobe, you don’t have to contemplate the type of outfit to wear once you’re out of bed.

Bathrobes come in varying types, sizes and materials. And the good news is there’s a bathrobe type for everyone in the entire family. Some of the common types include hooded, long and short robes. The different types of fabrics used to make these robes comprise polyester, fleece, Egyptian cotton, natural cotton, and Turkish cotton. Cotton is the most common material for its ability to absorb water easily.

To make the right choice, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What’s your climate like? You don’t want to be sweltering in an inch-thick robe when the sun’s beating down and you’re already too warm. Equally, shivering in a paper-thin garment while snow falls is not going to be a pleasant experience. Will you be using it as an all-purpose dressing gown as well as a bathrobe? If so, it needs to be comfortable when you’re dry as well as wet, and suitable for wearing over a longer period.

However, with so many different robes out there, choosing the right robe can be quite challenging. The following guide is meant to help you understand the numerous types and styles of robes and make an informed decision in choosing the best bathrobe.
Prices of robes are greatly determined by the type of fabric you choose. These prices are mostly anything from $25 to $35 for a good robe, but of course there are more expensive high end, hotel-style ones as well. You can expect to pay more for robes that are made with highest quality material (for example real silk or Turkish cotton), additional features such as inside ties, shawl collars, cuffs, and deep pockets. The length and brand name are also major factors that can affect the price range.

However, if you’re working on a budget, you can opt for less expensive materials such as polyester which, although it may not always feel as luxurious, serves its purpose well. Just stay away from super cheap bathrobes – they tend to fall apart at the seems and the material can wear through – and you surely don’t want to expose yourself in the wrong places!
Finding the right robe for your unique needs goes beyond the prices. Here are several important features to look for when you’re purchasing a bathrobe.
  • Material. Ensure that you get a bathrobe made with high quality material for extended use. The type of fabric you pick will depend on the season, absorption, and your texture preferences.
  • Size. With robes, one size doesn’t fit all. Thus, you need to choose the one that fits you well from the extended choice of sizes available.
  • Styles. Styling may differ depending on the buyer’s gender. Choose a style that works for you, and adjusts to your needs.
  • Lengths. Men's robes usually reach up to the mid-calf or the ankle, whereas robes for women offer more options, covering everything between mid-thigh and ankle.
  • Color Options. Most robes are offered in different colors such as Black, and Dark heather gray, but you need to choose the color that complements your style.
Now, let’s look at some other factors worth considering.
Construction and Design
Some robes come designed with extra features like shawl collars, cuffs, pockets, and inside ties to enhance both the functionality and look. The shawl collar feature adds an elegant look to the robe while inside ties provide that extra support and security.

Bathrobes are made in multiple fabric options that offer different textures and weights. Robes made with Egyptian cotton fibers are good for absorbing moisture from your body while Turkish cotton robes are less absorbent but become softer with time, rendering it an incredible material for its comfort and durability. These robes are well constructed with good stitching adding to the overall comfort and functionality.
Performance and Ease of Use
Nothing matches the comfort of a wearing a quality bathrobe. They can be worn right before retiring to bed, or after a long and relaxing shower or bath. Unlike pajamas, robes can also be used to add an extra layer of warmth and covering. With the right fabric type, your robe can keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter. People who already use a robe made with microfiber will tell you how easy it is to clean and because of its soft nature, it’s suitable for multiple purposes all year round.

Imagine how comfortable and good it would feel to work without your office wear. During weekends you can make some business deals right from your home office with a robe on and still get the work done. Or go ahead and grab the morning paper when you let the dog out in the morning in style- a robe with roll-up collar and sleeves, together with a good length, will keep your privacy in check while still offering ample space to move around. Finding the best robe can make you feel comfortable as you go about your morning and evening activities. Combine this with a material that’s easily washed and you have a hassle-free solution to comfort.

Get the Best Bathrobe of 2022!

Bath robes make every moment after bath time a moment to look forward to. The right bath robe might have you looking forward to putting it on every time you want something comfortable. Hopefully, we gave you a close look at all the qualities you need to look out for when selecting the bathrobe that suits you. If none of the 5 featured products impress you, the bathrobe of your dreams is still just a click away.

Our Top Choice
Del Rossa Hooded Robe
Best Value
Noble Mount Flannel Robe
TowelSelections Terry Kimono
eLuxury Terry Cloth Bathrobe
Old Shanghai Women's Kimono