Best Bathroom Rug Reviews 2023

You want to be sure that the rug you choose is not only durable, but easy to look after. If it's super soft, that’s an added bonus! We have selected brands that are not only renowned for their hard-wearing products, but also for their intuitive use of soft fabrics and variety of designs. We understand that personal preference and the design of your bathroom will obviously play a big role in the product you eventually select, so we have chosen brands that offer you all this and more to make the selection process easier for you. We have also focused on selecting products that are easy to care for, meaning you won’t end up hand-scrubbing your new bathroom rug!
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Care Info
Our Top Choice
Elvoki 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Set
Elvoki’s main focus as a brand is to bring you a level of comfort that you won’t find anywhere else. This is evident in Elvoki’s 3-Piece Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set.
3-piece set. Memory Foam. Machine washable. Tumble dryer friendly. 100% polyester. Repels water quickly.
Toilet seat cover does not fit all toilet types.
30.5" x 20" x 1"
100% polyester
Brown, other colors available
2.2 pounds
Washing machine/dryer friendly
Best Value
IKEA Toftbo Bathroom Rug
IKEA is a brand famous for its stunning, affordable products that are the height of chic design, such as its Ultra Soft Toftbo Bathroom Rug.
Soft and absorbent. Dries quickly. Anti-slip underlay. Machine washable. Tumble dryer friendly. Made of microfiber.
Only a 1 piece set.
Length: 35", Width: 24"
Turquoise, other colors available
2 pounds
Washing machine/dryer friendly
Bedford Home Shag Bathroom Rug
Bedford Home is a brand that brings comfort and coziness to any home. This shows in its Memory Foam Shag Bathroom Rug.
100% polyester. Memory Foam core. Non-slip backing. Machine washable. Tumble dryer friendly.
Corners of the rug can curl up.
24" x 60" x 1.2"
100% polyester
Burgundy, other colors available
4 pounds
Washing machine/dryer friendly
InterDesign Microfiber Chevron Bathroom Rug
If you are after affordable products at the height of style and design, then take a look at InterDesign’s Microfiber Chevron Bathroom Rug. We love its fun retro style!
Absorbs water quickly. Dries fast. Non-skid and non-slip backing. Machine washable. 100% microfiber polyester.
Not as soft/plush as other rugs we have featured.
60" x 0.9" x 21"
100% microfiber polyester
2.6 pounds
Machine washable
Garland Rug 2-Piece Bathroom Rug Set
If you are after fun and quirky designs that aren’t going to break the bank, then Garland Rugs is the brand for you. This is especially true for the brand's Flower 2-Piece Bathroom Rug Set in Purple.
Available in different sizes. 100% polypropylene. Machine washable. Latex backing. Available in different colors.
Thinner compared to other rugs we have featured.
30" x 24" x 0.5"
100% polypropylene
Purple, other colors available
2 pounds
Machine washable

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What is the Best Bathroom Rug?

Now you have a greater understanding of what bathroom rugs are on offer to you, and you can finally start shopping for your swanky new bathroom rug! If you aren’t a fan of the featured rugs we have chosen, all the products from our selected brands are of the highest quality and design. Simply browse their other products to find the right style for you!
Our Top Choice
We loved the fun design of Elvoki’s 3 Piece Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set with its quirky dolphin design and comfy features! If dolphins aren’t your thing, check out Elvoki’s 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Set in Gray\/Stones instead!

Elvoki 3 Piece Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set With Lid Cover-Brown

Elvoki aims to bring comfort and style to every bathroom through its use of high-quality materials and beautiful designs. Elvoki understands that personal taste will play a big role in what kind of products you choose for your bathroom. With the majority of its collections available in a variety of colors, you will be hard-pressed to not find something great in Elvoki’s product range!

Elvoki’s 3-Piece Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set has great reviews online at Amazon and a whole host of fantastic features. Made from 100% polyester, these mats are soft on your skin, and their memory foam structure adds a level of comfort that is out of this world! With this set you will receive 1 bath mat, 1 contour rug and 1 toilet seat cover, all in a beautiful dolphin design that is available in a variety of colors.

The top material of this set also quickly repels water, which keeps away excess moisture that can spoil your rugs. This set is also machine washable and tumble dryer friendly. What more could you ask for?
Best Value
We loved the cozy, soft feel of IKEA’s Toftbo Turquoise Bathroom Rug. If you are after a bathtub mat instead, make sure you take a look at IKEA’s Patrull Bathtub Mat in Crocodile Green. This is a mat you will definitely want to "snap" up. Get it?

IKEA Toftbo Ultra Soft, Quick Dry Bathroom Rug-Turquoise

IKEA is a brand you will have undoubtedly heard of, and for good reason. Its affordable, stunning products are the perfect accompaniment to any home, supplying homeware that will look fabulous in any room in the house, even the garden! With its intuitive designs and constant research, IKEA's products are at the height of design and fashion, and are pretty easy on your wallet too!

We chose to feature IKEA’s gorgeous Toftbo Bathroom Rug due to its fun, modern design and its incredible reviews online at Amazon. People simply can’t get enough of IKEA’s Toftbo collection. It's available in a HUGE variety of colors, so you are sure to find the right style for you and your bathroom.

Its ultra-soft and absorbent design means the mat dries quickly, which prevents soggy floors and any nasty smells. And if it needs a cleaning? Simply pop it into the washing machine and BAM, all done! Toftbo’s anti-slip underlay also minimizes the risk of accidents and the chances of you sliding all over your bathroom, which is always useful (and a lot safer). The Tuftbo’s microfiber design also adds a level of comfort that is unmatched anywhere else. You seriously are going to have a hard time stepping off this rug.

Check out some more of IKEA’s stunning and fun bathroom mat designs to find your style.
  • Ikea Black Gray Iggsjon Supersoft Bath Shower Mat Rug Bathtub Bathroom Floor: A jazzier design with an ultra-soft feel, and it's reversible!
  • Ikea White Supersoft Bath Shower Mat Rug Bathmat Bathroom Floor Round: Circular style, simplistic design
  • Ikea Toftbo Contour Pedestal Bathmat White: Toftbo style but with a new design to fit around your toilet or sink
We adored the soft, cozy feel of Bedford Home’s Memory Foam Shag Bathroom Rug and the fact that it’s available in such a large variety of colors. However, if you are after a slightly larger set, take a look at Bedford Home’s Cotton 2 Piece Rug Set. It's reversible!

Bedford Home Memory Foam Shag Bathroom Rug In Burgundy

Bedford Home has everything you need to decorate your home, from beds and night stands to carpets and rugs. With such a huge variety of styles to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. Bedford Home, as a brand, focuses on the high quality of its products. This means that when you purchase any product from Bedford Home, its quality and durability are already guaranteed, which is always helpful! With the constant release of new, contemporary designs you can rest easy knowing your chosen product will be the height of style and sophistication, perfect for any fashion dunces out there.

Bedford Home’s Memory Foam Shag Bath Mat has an incredibly comfy feel and faultless reviews online. Made from 100% polyester, this particular mat is not only soft on your toes but durable too. Its memory foam core adds a level of soft, cozy luxury that gives you a wonderful start to your day! The non-slip backing of this shag mat helps prevent any unfortunate bathroom mishaps and nasty slips and falls. What we love most about this bathroom rug, however, is that it’s both machine washable and tumble dryer friendly, great news for busy mums and dads everywhere! Now all you have to do is chose from the HUGE variety of colors available and test it out!

Take a look at some of the other styles of bath rug that Bedford Home has to offer.
  • Bedford Home 2 Piece Memory Foam Striped Bath Mat, Platinum: A larger set with a striped design
  • Bedford Home 100% Cotton 2 Piece Trellis Bathroom Mat Set – White: An extra-soft mat with a raised diamond design
  • Bedford Home 100% Cotton Chevron Bathroom Mat - 24x60 inches – Chocolate: An extra-long mat with fun zigzag design
The retro feel of InterDesign’s Chevron Bathroom Rug really got us swinging. If the design of this product isn’t quite to your tastes, or you are after a slightly smaller bathroom mat, then check out InterDesign’s Microfiber Frizz Bath Rug instead!

InterDesign Microfiber Chevron Bathroom Tub And Shower Rug-Available in 34” or 60”

InterDesign has been designing homeware products since 1974, with an aim to provide products that are fashionable, innovative and affordable. Today InterDesign provides products for not only the bathroom, but for the kitchen and home storage too! All of InterDesign’s products are carefully thought through by a large group of designers and engineers in order to bring you the most fashion-forward and high-quality products available. InterDesign sells in over 100 countries worldwide and is a brand you can trust to bring you style and quality at a great price!

InterDesign’s Zig Zag Chevron Microfiber Rug has a fun retro design that brings an element of fun to any bathroom! Soft to the touch, this product feels great on your toes and is constructed to absorb water quickly and to dry fast, preventing any nasty, stale smells. The non-skid and non-slip backing of this mat adds a level of safety to the mat and helps prevent any slips or falls when stepping out of the shower. The rug is also available in two sizes, 34” and 60”, so you can choose which style is best for you and your bathroom! When it’s in need of a wash, just pop it into the washing machine for easy care.

Here are some other products from InterDesign we think you will love just as much!
  • InterDesign Pebblz Non-Slip Suction Bath Mat for Shower, Bathtub – Graphite: In-shower bath mat in a fun pebble design
  • InterDesign Microfiber Stripz Bathroom Shower Accent Rug, 34 x 21, Gray/Yellow: Retro style stripe bath rug, available in a variety of colors
  • InterDesign Microfiber Spa Round Bathroom Accent Rug, 24-Inch, White- Spa style, rounded bathroom rug
We loved the fun and quirky design of Garland Rug's 2-Piece Rug Set and the fact it comes in a variety of sizes and colors, great for the bathroom and any other room in the house! If you are after a slightly more simplistic design, take a look at Garland’s 3-Piece Cabernet Nylon Bathroom Rug Set instead!

Garland Rug Flower 2-Piece Bathroom Rug Set-Purple

Garland Rug has been creating beautiful rugs for all around the home since 1974, making it the lead manufacturer and supplier of fashionable area rugs and bath rugs today. Garland is continuously expanding its product line. It uses innovative product development and merchandising techniques to bring you the best possible products available. If you are looking for basic door mats, decorative rugs for bedrooms and living rooms or a stylish mat for your bathroom, with so many designs and yarns available you are sure to find the product for you.

The Flower 2-Piece Bath Rug Set is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Made from 100% polypropylene, this product is not only durable but comfy too, a terrific combination! The latex backing of this mat prevents any nasty slips and adds a level of safety to the rug. It is also (very handily) machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about the kids stomping their mucky feet all over it. The groovy flower design of this product is available in pink, purple or green, and it comes in either 5 feet by 7 feet or 7 feet by 9 feet. This particular design by Garland is a 2-piece set, perfect for larger rooms or if you like a continuous theme to your bathroom.

Browse through Garland Rug’s other fun and stylish bathroom mat designs.
  • Garland Rug Essence Nylon Washable Rug, 24-Inch by 40-Inch, Ivory: Large rug with minimalist stripe design
  • Garland Rug Traditional Plush Washable Nylon Rug, 24-Inch by 40-Inch, Chili Pepper Red: Thick bathroom rug with plush design
  • Garland Rug Beach Stripe Bath Rug, 21" x 34", Indigo Blue/White: Retro beach design in large style

How Do I Choose the Best Bathroom Rug?

Choosing the best bathroom rug for you may seem like an easy task but quite often it’s more difficult than it sounds! Bathroom rugs can make a dramatic difference to the overall appearance of your bathroom and can also make your morning bathroom routine a lot easier and more enjoyable! Bathroom rugs can add a pop of color to a simplistic bathroom and an increased level of comfort to bathrooms with cold, tiled floors as well.

Bathroom rugs differ from bath mats in that they’re designed to lay on the floor of your bathroom and around your toilet seat rather than in the bath itself. They come in a HUGE array of designs and materials designed to be comfortable on your feet, prevent slipping, absorb moisture and to look pretty darn good too! Bathroom rugs are particularly popular amongst those with children as they will stop your little one from falling over when getting out the bath or shower. Bath mats don’t tend to have tons of features so the product you eventually choose is going to mostly depend on your own personal tastes and style. One thing we do suggest, however, is measuring your bathroom first. Different mats come in different lengths and widths so you’ll want to make sure that the mat you choose will fit comfortably in your bathroom and leave you with enough space for other bathroom accessories such as a scale or a trash can.

Another thing you may want to consider is the size of the bathroom rug set you’re after. Are you simply after a rug to lie next to your shower or bath? Or perhaps you’re after a set that includes a toilet seat cover and contour rug (the one that goes around the toilet). Larger bathroom rug sets tend to be pricier, but they also offer more of a theme to your bathroom that creates a more stylish feel.
When it comes to the price of your new bathroom rug it’s going to depend on the size of the set or the rug itself. Most bathroom rugs will fall somewhere between $20 to $45, with bathroom rug sets falling at the higher end of this price range. If you’re just after a bathroom rug without a toilet seat cover or contour rug then this shouldn’t cost you any more than $30. Products that include memory foam tend to be more expensive and can add an extra few dollars onto the price tag too. Budget bathroom rugs are also available ($20 or less) but just be aware that these products are usually not made of high-quality materials and tend to be worn down relatively easily.
Like we mentioned before, bathroom rugs don’t tend to have a huge array of features and the reason you select a rug is likely going to come down to your own personal tastes. There are, however, a few things we suggest looking out for to ensure you purchase a product that’s durable, long lasting and super soft too!

Here are some important features to look out for:
  • Non-Slip
  • Machine Washable
  • Durable materials
  • Low-Pile Weave
Construction and Design
When shopping around for your ideal bathroom rug we suggest keeping a look out for a product that’s non-slip. This means that the rug won’t move around when you stand on it and prevents any nasty accidents in the morning! This is particularly relevant for homes with children or the elderly who are prone to slips and falls.

Another thing we suggest looking out for in your new bathroom rug is a product that’s machine washable. As bathroom rugs spend the majority of their time absorbing your bath water they can start to get a bit smelly over time. If you’re having to hand-wash your bathroom rug every week then this is going to start to get a little bit tedious! So, selecting a product that’s easy to care for is a pretty important factor here!

Something else that we recommend in your new bathroom rug is a low-pile weave. This means that the weave of the rug allows it to dry quickly and last longer too. Although these types of rug tend to be less comfortable than products made with a deep-pile weave, they are more practical and more suitable for those that have large families.

Once again, the material you eventually choose for your new bathroom rug is going to depend on your own personal preference. If you’re after a product that’s easy to care for and will stand the test of time then you may want to select a product made from nylon or polyester as these materials tend to wear better. If, however, comfort is more your thing then you may want to consider selecting a rug made from cotton. Just be aware that cotton is prone to shrinking when washed at high temperatures.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your new bathroom rug there actually isn’t too much to it. If you have specifically chosen a rug that’s machine washable then simply throw it in with the rest of your washing, relax and have a cuppa. Bathroom rugs that are machine washable also tend to be tumble drier friendly too which is an added bonus! If, however, you’ve selected a product that isn’t machine washable then simply hand wash and hang it out to dry instead. One thing we do recommend doing is giving yourself a good old dry before stepping onto the rug, as this will prevent too much water getting onto the rug and causing bacteria and mold to form.

If you’re looking for the height of bathroom rug sophistication then one thing we suggest keeping an eye out for is a product that includes memory foam. This is a relatively new feature that has started to emerge in recent years, but it’s one that bathroom users the world over can truly appreciate! The memory foam is super soft on your feet and can be incorporated into low-pile weaves too, meaning it won’t take away from the absorption or durability of the rug either. Just be aware that these types of products can be a little bit more expensive.

Get the Best Bathroom Rug of 2023!

If you’ve been browsing through our top picks and are struggling to find a bathroom rug that screams out to you, then don’t worry. You shouldn’t have to settle! We’ve specifically chosen brands not only for their high quality, but for their large collection sizes too! Simply browse through what else the brands have to offer to find your perfect bathroom rug. All that’s left to do now is run yourself a nice long bath…enjoy!

Our Top Choice
Elvoki 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Set
Best Value
IKEA Toftbo Bathroom Rug
Bedford Home Shag Bathroom Rug
InterDesign Microfiber Chevron Bathroom Rug
Garland Rug 2-Piece Bathroom Rug Set