Best Bathroom Sink Reviews 2023

One of the basic components of a bathroom is the sink, and unless you’re an interior decorator, you’d be dazed at the sheer number of types and models of bathroom sinks out there. To make your decoration or redecoration (as the case may be) fun, stress-free and worthwhile, we delved deep and researched some of the best bathroom sink brands before arriving at top 5 brands that offer great bathroom sinks on the market. The reviewed products from our featured brands are guaranteed to wow you, but there are still several other bathroom sink models from the brands under review that you’ll wish to check out if the ones we highlighted aren’t exactly what you need.
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Our Top Choice
Vigo Golden Greek Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink
The Vigo brand is synonymous with top-notch quality that assures customers of peace of mind while seamlessly combining functionality with style and innovation.
Textured and patterned exterior. Smooth, scratch-resistant and non-porous interior. Lovely dual-tone color. Antique look. Easy top counter mount.
The actual color tends to be different in some of them from what is pictured.
Above counter
19 x 19 x 9”; 23 pounds
Tempered glass
4 color combos available
Best Value
Comllen Above Counter Bathroom Vessel Sink
Comllen provides its customers with high quality and durable kitchen and bathroom fixtures using cutting-edge technology and technical know-how of its dedicated staff.
Understated beauty blends with most bathroom décor. Durable, double-fired, glazed vitreous china. Scratch-resistant. Easy to clean and to install.
The ceramic material gets easily stained by hard water.
Above counter
Diamond and rectangular
21.1x17.4x7.6”; 25.8 pounds
Kohler Archer Under-Mount Bathroom Sink
Founded in 1873, Kohler has a mandate to bring gracious living to its customers around the globe by manufacturing top-notch and affordable kitchen and bathroom products.
Recessed under-counter mount. Ergonomic and slightly angled front rim. Easy to efficiently clean out countertop. Sleek, high-end look. Affordable. Made of vitreous china.
There’s no sink cut out template in the pack.
Under counter
22x16.9x8.9”; 21.2 pounds
Vitreous china
15 colors available
Luxier Bathroom Ceramic Vessel Sink
Luxier USA is America’s numero uno brand when it comes to kitchen and bathroom fittings, with products designed to meet and exceed customers’ expectations at all times.
Durable and stylish white porcelain. Streamlined classical shape. Mounts easily on the countertop. No faucet holes to detract from its style. 2-year warranty.
It doesn’t have great depth.
Above counter
Square "diamond" style
16 x 4.5 x 16”; 21.7 pounds
Miligore Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink
Miligore’s products are finely detailed with eye-catching designs, colors and shapes guaranteed to bring flair and elegance to your kitchen or bathroom at affordable rates.
Easy, do-it-yourself installation. Value-packed but extremely affordable. Several color options. Classic, simple design. Durable and long lasting new look.
Shows up water marks and tooth paste splotches.
Above counter
18.4x18.4x7.5”; 13.7 pounds
Tempered glass
Brown, Green, Blue, Gray

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What is the Best Bathroom Sink?

We’re positive that you’ve gleaned enough helpful information from our buying guide that’ll guide you on what to look out for in a bathroom sink that’ll satisfy your requirements. So, we urge you to keep your eyes open while you go through our individual product reviews for that bathroom sink tailored just for your needs.
Our Top Choice
Hand-crafted and unique, the Vigo Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink is a classical masterpiece that makes a bold statement in your bathroom with its attractive, rich brown color highlighted artfully with golden designs. For a more modern look in a streamlined matte stone material, then see the VIGO Peony Matte Stone Vessel Bathroom Sink.

Vigo Golden Greek Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink — Available in 4 Colors

Vigo acknowledges the fact that the bathroom and kitchen are two crucial living spaces that showcase the style and personality of the users. Its products are of top-notch quality that assure customers of peace of mind while seamlessly combining functionality with style. It’s focused on furnishing customers with products that’ll make them fall in love with their bathrooms and kitchen time and again. Its engineering personnel are always on the lookout for new and cutting edge technologies to add to existing products or for crafting new and exciting ones. Thousands of happy customers are a testimony to the durability, functionality and style of its products.

The Vigo Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink is a classical masterpiece that you can’t help but fall in love with, with its golden brown chocolate color and hue. It’s fully certified by relevant bodies such as the cUPC and IAPMO and also compliant with ADA standards. This assures of highest quality and durability, and if you want a bold, fashion statement look in your bathroom, then this art piece is definitely for you.

Here are more features that make this item unique:
  • Hand-crafted piece evidenced in slight design and color differences that ensure no two sinks are the same. Simply put, it means you’ll be owning a unique sink
  • A dual feel finish with the exterior patterned and textured while the interior is smooth and highly polished thus giving it an antique look that stands out as a centerpiece in your bathroom
  • Rich brown color that’s artfully highlighted with golden designs for a stylish and classic look
  • Solidly tempered glass build that makes it scratch– and stain-resistant so you’re assured of a brand-new look even after years of use
  • Non-porous surface is easy to clean and doesn’t fade or discolor when cleaned with common household cleaning agents
  • An above counter installation makes for an almost stress-free installation that doesn’t require much in terms of adding it to an existing counter
  • Comes with a standard drain opening that ensures water flows out easily without building up
  • A limited lifetime warranty that guarantees excellence and trust in the product
In addition to the Golden Greek model, this sink happily comes in three other color variants that you may choose from.
Best Value
The Comllen Above Counter Bathroom Vessel Sink is artfully sculpted with clean lines and an understated beauty that blends in beautifully rather than standing out in your bathroom, perfect for those with minimalist tastes. If you’re looking for a stainless steel kitchen sink with a double bowl, check out this Comllen Undermount 16 Gauge Modern Kitchen Sink, which is crafted from a sleek stainless steel.

Comllen Above Counter White Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink Art Basin – Available in 2 Finishes

With quality, integrity and innovative technology as the tenets of its operation, Comllen Company has revolutionized the bathroom and kitchen industry with classically designed products. Its products are sold in several countries including Britain, Italy, America, Japan and South East Asia and have received wide acclaim from customers due to advanced functionality and durability. Every year, it exports over 10,000,000 faucets from its factory and this is made possible by its dedicated staff and advanced technology equipment. Its products are guaranteed to give you the best in terms of functionality while bringing that modern look to your bathroom and kitchen without costing an arm and a leg.

The Comllen Above Counter Bathroom Vessel Sink is ergonomically designed and sculpted with clean lines that guarantee more than just a touch of elegance and class to your bathroom. For those with minimalist taste, this sink will make the perfect addition to the bathroom as its understated beauty tends to blend in rather than stand out.

Worried about clashing colors in your bathroom? Don’t stress yourself as this sink comes in a pure white color, and everyone knows that white is a color that goes well with any color scheme.

The Comllen Above Counter Bathroom Vessel Sink is made from vitreous china that’s been double-fired and glazed over for a durable and shiny look. It’s resistant to stains and scratches and super easy to clean. With this sink, you’ll only need to drill a small hole on your existing counter that matches the drainage hole in the sink and mount. No need to replace your entire counter (except if you’re redoing the entire bathroom) because the sink stays atop the counter, and besides, the construction material and design of the sink make it well-suited for any type of counter top.

And to crown it all, this contemporary, European-inspired masterpiece can be used in the home or for commercial purposes. It goes quite well with an oil-rubbed bronze, nickel or chrome pop-up drain system so you’re not limited to a particular color and can even match up your faucet or the counter top with the drain for a more cohesive look.
The sleek Kohler Archer Bathroom Sink features an under-counter mount that makes it easy to wipe the countertop directly into the recessed sink without grime accumulating anywhere to mar its looks. For a drop-in sink with holes for faucets, you can check out the KOHLER Brookline Self-Rimming Bathroom Sink, whose beaded-rim structure supplies an elegant touch to your bathroom.

KOHLER Archer Undercounter Bathroom Sink — Available in 10 Colors

Kohler has made bringing gracious living to different people in different parts of the world its mission. Established in 1873 by an Austrian immigrant to Wisconsin, John Michael Kohler, it started its journey after he fabricated an innovative enamel-covered bath tub on wheels. Over the years, it has evolved with the times and advanced so much to become one of the leading brands in the bathroom and kitchen products industry. With products that have extremely high standards, it carries out its mission with good taste, charm and generosity of spirit.

Finally, you can give your bathroom that desired high-end look without the attendant high-end price. The Kohler Archer Undercounter Bathroom Sink is sleekly designed in a classic rectangular shape having a slightly angled front rim that heightens its ergonomic look.

This sink has a recessed, under-counter mount design that gives a seamless and elegant look. Additionally, this design also makes it quite easy to clean the countertop as you’ll be able to wipe dirt and liquid on the surface straight into the sink and rinse it off without grime collecting anywhere to mar the look of your countertop.

Pair this Kohler Archer Undercounter Bathroom Sink with marble, granite or stone countertop for a perfect and trendy finishing. Made from thoroughly treated and durable vitreous china, it comes in a glazed and shiny white color, thus ensuring it blends with your countertop material, whether patterned or plain.

If you have an existing faucet installed on your counter top or mounted in the wall, then you’ll be glad to know that this sink doesn’t come with a faucet hole so you wouldn’t be needing any fancy piece to lay over the unwanted hole and possibly detract from the overall aesthetics of the sink and counter top.

This kitchen sink doesn’t just come in white; there are five other exquisite color options!
Combining durability with style, the Luxier Bathroom Ceramic Vessel Sink is made from white porcelain that’s highly durable and cut in a precise, streamlined square shape that exudes class and elegance in your bathroom. If you’re into more ergonomic shapes, the egg-shaped Luxier CS-004 Bathroom Egg Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink will most likely suit you better.

Luxier CS-006 Bathroom Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink Art Basin

Luxier USA is one of the best brands in contemporary European style bath and kitchen plumbing products, including but not limited to ceramic sinks, bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, bathroom accessories and shower panels. Each of its products is constructed with care and thoughtful attention to detail that meets up with the industry’s quality standard and, at the same time, often exceeding customers’ expectations in terms of quality, looks and durability. It ensures that materials for its production lines are carefully sourced from the United States so as to maintain its high standards. So, if you’re looking for a competitively priced luxury and durable bath or kitchen product, it’s your go-to brand, and, coupled with well-trained customer service personnel, you’ll be glad to associate with them.

For some, the regular lines and shapes of objects cannot be compromised; their whole life is all about precision and things are either black or white, no shades in between. For such people, when it comes to remodeling, the Luxier Bathroom Ceramic Vessel Sink will adequately suit their precise, no-frills lifestyle with it’s precisely cut square shape with a contemporary and modern look.

This sink comes in a vessel style which means it sits atop your counter and doesn’t require much in terms of installation. All you need do is cut out a hole on the counter top, align the hole on the bottom of the sink with the freshly drilled hole on the counter top, connect the plumbing lines and voila! You’re good to go.

If you have an existing faucet mounted in the countertop or the wall, then you’re in luck as this unit doesn’t have any holes in it for faucets, so you get to keep your old faucets…well, unless they‘re not long enough to extend past the rim of the sink, in which case you’ll have to change them entirely.

This unit feels sturdy, reliable and quite heavy due to its porcelain make, and obviously you’ll want a product that can take a few hard knocks without showing signs of early wear. The white color ensures that it goes well with virtually every countertop material and color while its drain hole is compatible with any standard pop-up drain.

The Luxier Bathroom Ceramic Vessel Sink is covered by a 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty so you’re assured that the manufacturer stands firmly and proudly behind its product, with added customer support if you’re based in the USA.
The Miligore Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink is easy to install, and you can do so that it may either sit on or be partially recessed in the counter, whichever style suits you best. Are you looking for an off design such as a scalloped edge for your bathroom sink? Then see the Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Vanity Sink.

Miligore Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Vanity Sink Round Bowl — Available in 3 Colors

Miligore is a household name in the bathroom and kitchen industry with its high quality, durable and stylish products that stand out proudly among other products in the same category. With products that are finely detailed with eye-catching designs, colors and shapes guaranteed to bring flair and elegance; your kitchen or bathroom will have that upgraded and modern look you so desire. Also, it has products that are artfully crafted to give a retro look with all the trappings and convenience of modernity, and the best part of it all is that, no matter the style or look you go for, you’ll definitely be surprised at the cost-effective price point of its products.

The Miligore Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink has a strikingly classical design that commands attention with its simplicity. It’s carefully crafted from top-grade, tempered, single layer glass that gives it a transparent look while being durable and resistant to impacts. And for the price, you’re definitely getting the best buy of all time with values that some will think is far out of proportion with the price.

To ensure that your sink keeps looking as brand new in 15 years’ time as it’s looking today, the surface is highly engineered to be scratch– and stain-resistant both inside and out. This means that even if you choose to install this sink in a public restroom with plenty of human traffic, you wouldn’t be looking to change it anytime soon on account of it being scratched or looking worn out.

Method of installation of a bathroom sink should be of top priority when you’re shopping for a sink because that’ll determine whether you can use your existing counter or try to cough out extra money for a new counter. Unless you’re completely remodeling the bathroom, this Miligore Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink is ideal, especially if you’re in a pinch and need something simple and cost-effective.

It can be installed to simply sit on the counter, in which case all you need to do is drill a hole in the countertop that’ll fit with the drain hole at the bottom of the sink. Alternatively, you can mount the sink to sit partially inside the countertop but here, the hole on the counter top will have to be bigger depending on how much of the sink you want to sink in. Whichever installation style you go with is guaranteed to give you great result without taking much of your time; in fact, this sink is designed for a do-it-yourself installation.

In case you want your bathroom sink to blend in with your bathroom décor or you’d prefer it stands out as a centerpiece, the Miligore Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink has got several colors that you can choose from to achieve either look. Do you have a favorite color that you wouldn’t mind seeing as part of your bathroom? Don’t worry, we’re quite sure you’ll find it here!

Its pre-drilled drain hole is standard and highly compatible with any vessel sink drain plug without overflow.

How Do I Choose the Best Bathroom Sink?

The bathroom is an integral part of everyday living, whether in the house, at work, in the bar, hospitals and virtually any other public place. A bathroom, restroom or powder room (they all mean basically the same thing, with minor differences) has three major components – the toilet, a bath and a sink. And even if your bathroom or restroom is going to have only two out of the three components, one of them must be the sink; there are no two ways about it. Most bathroom sinks, just like the kitchen sink, will naturally have faucets supplying hot and cold water for washing up and rinsing your hands and face.

Since most bathroom sinks are fitted with soap stands or holders, mounted mirrors and towel racks, among other things, there’s virtually no type of personal cleanup either planned or unplanned, routine or accidental, that the bathroom sink cannot take care of.

Owing to the surprising number of bathroom sinks out there, you’ll most likely need some helpful pointers to guide you in your decision making. So, before you venture into shopping for a bathroom sink, just grab a cup of coffee, sit back and read as we take you through features to look out for like the type, material, space available and of course, the price.
Bathroom sinks are in the category of products that you buy for the long haul. Seriously, who wants to be changing a bathroom sink as often as you’re changing your toothbrush? In view of this, it’s always recommended to go for the best, as much as you can afford. Most times, the brand name doesn’t really matter; what counts is the construction material of the sink and then the design.

Most bathroom sinks can be found in the price range of $30 to about $180. You may ask, why the big difference? Well, some brands have more ergonomic designs and use materials that give high-end looks such as marble, so their prices will naturally be higher.

Our featured products are guaranteed to combine function with style so you get best value on whichever brand you choose to go with, unlike some other cheap bathroom sinks that are made with flimsy materials that’ll either stain or break in no time.
Before you proceed on your quest for the right bathroom sink, you probably want to consider where you’ll be installing the sink and the number of people that’ll be using it. More on this shortly. Other factors that should be looked at include:
  • Type of sink
  • Material
  • Space available
  • Number of faucets
  • Extra features like countertop and vanity
Construction and Design
There are several materials that can be used in constructing a bathroom sink, but before you make your choice, you’ll have to consider the maintenance requirements, durability and how it’ll blend in with the rest of the bathroom décor.

Here are some common materials:
  • Glass – The glass sink is usually made from tempered glass that’s undergone special, controlled chemical and thermal modifications to improve its resilience and strength. They’re mostly durable and, although spots may form on them due to hard water, they’re easily cleaned out with ordinary household cleaning agents.
  • Fireclay, Porcelain and Vitreous China - These are all similar in that they’re clay-based ceramics and have shiny surfaces. They’re durable but can crack or chip when hit with a heavy object. They are also non-corrosive and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Enamel-Covered Cast Iron - These kind of sinks come in various colors, are durable and simple to wipe clean. They can chip if hit with a really heavy object and this will most likely leave the cast iron underneath exposed, which may then rust and compromise the integrity of the sink.
  • Stainless Steel This is one of the most popular materials because of its ability to resist stains, heat, dings and dents plus giving a cleaner drain. And frankly, the thickness or gauge of the stainless steel has little or nothing to do with its performance. Other metal materials that can be used are copper and brass.
  • Granite or Marble - There are the solid surface bathroom sinks that have the same construction material as the countertop surface which can be granite or marble. They’re usually easy to maintain and, when scratched or chipped, can easily be mended with a non-abrasive product.
To the lay person, a sink is just a sink, but when you really want to get down to the style and design of bathroom sinks, there are about 6 different styles to consider:
  • The Drop-in or Self-Rimming Bathroom Sink - This is by far the easiest to install. As the name implies, it’s simply dropped into the space from the top. This type features a rolled, finished top that holds it in place some few inches above the countertop. The faucets can either be installed on the sink, counter or in the wall. One disadvantage of this type, however, is that it’s easy for dirt and grime to collect around the joint where the sink joins with the counter top.
  • Undermount Bathroom Sink - Just as the name suggest this sink requires you to mount it from under solid surface counter (marble or granite). This style gives a customized look and, since the sink is recessed, you can wipe spills on the countertop directly into the sink. However, it’s difficult to install because the hole cut in the counter will have to be the exact same dimensions as the sink.
  • Vessel Sinks - This is made up of bowls that sit atop the counter with the bottom in line with the counter top. Sometimes the bowl is partially sunk into the countertop while still leaving a considerable part exposed. The most important consideration for this type is to ensure the height of the counter is not so high as to make accessing the sink awkward. Also, the faucets will have to be quite long so it can adequately curve above the sink without splashing water everywhere.
  • Vanity Bathroom Top- This is basically a single unit countertop with in-built sink. This type can be constructed from any material and may or may not come with a base housing or some cabinets. If there’s no base attached, you can adapt the vanity top to the base you already have. If you’re hard pressed for space, but absolutely require storage space in your bathroom, then this style will be your best bet, as it’s compact yet frees up more space for your bathroom accessories.
  • The Console Sink Type - This is a wall-mounted bathroom sink sitting on a 2 or 4 leg support. It offers little or no storage space and since the plumbing lines are exposed, you can try to match them up with the faucets for a more coordinated look. A wall-hung sink is a great space saver and can be used for extremely tight spaces as it frees up floor space when every spare inch of floor space is coveted. The plumbing lines here are exposed as well, but stands can be bought separately to conceal them.
  • Pedestal Sinks - These are stand-alone utility sinks that are supported by a column directly under the sink and also serve to conceal the plumbing lines. This type of sink doesn’t come with a countertop and is also great for saving floor space.
Whatever type of bathroom sink you’re going for, we advise that you ensure that there’s enough room for it. Once you’ve settled on a particular style of sink, the next factor to consider is the available space and the dimensions of the sink. Most sinks come with spec sheets, it’s a good idea to go through the spec sheets and confirm that it’s exactly what you want in terms of size.
Performance and Ease of Use
Different rooms demand different types of bathroom sink. The master bathroom, which is more or less a private space and used by one or two people, is the place to indulge yourself. You can go for whatever fancy bathroom sink that catches your eye and give yourself a treat with plenty of counter top and cabinet storage space.

For a kid’s room or a room with lots of human traffic, there’s no gainsaying that the sink you choose for the bath is going to go through lots of abuse so you should pick one that can withstand rough sessions.

If you’re shopping for a bathroom sink to install in a powder room, guest room or a public restroom where storage space isn’t important, then a wall-mount or pedestal sink will do just fine.

For sink replacement alone, the countertop and vanity stand that came with the old sink might be limiting factors. You’ll have to consider their length, width, height and even the material, but if you’re totally redecorating, then you have plenty of options available to you.

Bathroom sinks have a different number of holes for faucets and their locations differ as well, so if you’ll be keeping your old faucet, you should ensure that the new sink you’re getting has enough holes properly aligned to accommodate the faucets you already have. It may be that the new sink has more holes than the number of faucets installed or the faucets are mounted on the wall or counter top; don’t worry, just get decorative plates and cover up the holes. Whatever be the case, ensure that the water flows straight down to the base of the sink and not the sides in order to avoid splashing.

Some brands fit their sinks with sound-absorbing pads that attach to the sides or bottom, thus minimizing the sound of running water. So if you’re going to be bothered about the noise, just go for the padded sink instead of those coated with a spray-on.

Also, for restrooms where there’s a lot of human traffic, you can sacrifice countertop space for sinks by having several sinks installed so more people can use the restroom at any given time.

Get the Best Bathroom Sink of 2023!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our buying guide and review of some of the best bathroom sinks around; more than that, we hope you’ve learned something from us! Now that you’ve come this far, there’s just one little step remaining and that’s to place your order for the bathroom sink of your choice. Why don’t you go right ahead and do just that? See you next time!

Our Top Choice
Vigo Golden Greek Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink
Best Value
Comllen Above Counter Bathroom Vessel Sink
Kohler Archer Under-Mount Bathroom Sink
Luxier Bathroom Ceramic Vessel Sink
Miligore Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink