Best Bathroom Trash Can Reviews 2023

Storing household and everyday trash prior to its disposal could prove more challenging than it seems. You want to strike the best balance of value by ensuring you don’t spend too much while also containing odors. Aesthetics matter too; you want all household items to be appealing to the eyes, trash cans included. We’ve gone the extra mile to identify the major values a trash can serves. We have also presented the ones which could save you time in the quest for a spot-on choice. Note that each brand has many products, though we have presented you with just one.
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Our Top Choice
simplehuman Round Step Can for Bathroom or Office
Simplehuman focuses on improving our day-to-day lives, and this is clearly expressed in its sleek, 4.5-liter Round Step Can which is very durable and outstanding in design.
Very strong steel pedal. Leak-proof. Trash bag fastener. Removable inner bucket.
Lightweight. Easily dented. Quite small. Doesn’t close softly.
Stainless Steel
Has lid
4.5 L
Strong steel pedal
10 x 7.6 x 12.1 inches
Best Value
MDesign Steel Bathroom Wastebasket Trash Can
MetroDecor provides a wide range of simple interior decoration furniture only a few brands can match. The mDesign Steel Wastebasket Trash Can is easy to use and sturdy.
Compact design. Easy to use. Easy to clean.
Does not have a lid. Will not contain odor. Quite small.
Steel with bronze finish
No lid
Not provided
Compact design
22.2 x 8.5 x 8.3 inches
Creative Scents Milano Collection Wastebasket
Creative Scents makes items like bath accessories and ornaments. You will find the Milano Waste Basket serves beyond one purpose in your bathroom – ornament plus utility.
Looks pretty. Easy to clean. Very portable. Can fit in the bathroom conveniently.
Waste basket does not contain trash odor.
Marble appearance
No lid
Not provided
Marble tiled appearance
8 x 8 x 9.2 inches
Umbra Treela Bathroom Garbage Can
When you think of Umbra, you think creativity and intelligent design. The Umbra Treela 4.5-Gallon Waste Can, Barn Wood is simply an expression of intelligence in creative design.
Open-top waste can. Easy to use. Easy to clean.
Looks cheap. Will not contain odor. Can be easily scratched.
No lid
Wood-grain finish
10 x 14.5 x 10 inches
InterDesign Spa Mono Rectangle Waste Basket
InterDesign is a maker of products for multiple home categories, including bath, kitchen and home storage. The Spa Mono Rectangle Waste Basket is durable, solid and affordable.
Solidly built. Simple design. Easy to use. Easy to clean.
Does not have a lid. Will not contain odor. Plastic material gives a cheap look.
Durable plastic
No lid
Not provided
Compact design
7.1 x 11.2 x 12 inches

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What is the Best Bathroom Trash Can?

Our choices are a reflection of our values, feelings, disposable income and sometimes influence. Whatever informs or influences your decision when purchasing a household item, the review below will aid you in locking down your preference for a trash can. And with the knowledge provided in the buying guide, you’ll be in a position to pick what’s best for you.
Our Top Choice
Simplehuman makes several products which impact our daily lives in various ways. That is why you will find its 4.5-liter Round Step Can truly invaluable when you think of trash disposal. You could equally consider the Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can, White Plastic, 6L / 1.6 Gal, a fitting alternative, physically attractive with a bargain price.

simplehuman 4.5 L / 1.2 Gal Mini Round Step Trash Can – Stainless Steel, Available in 4 Colors

The products made by Simplehuman are ones you are very likely to come across within your daily routine and activities either at home, office, shop etc. Simplehuman ensure its products are sleek and appealing to the eye, as well as serve their utility purpose.

The 4.5-liter Round Step Can has great value for money and is available for the long haul. With a solid pedal engineered to last over 150,000 steps, this can could be around and useful for over half a generation. Portable and sleek, this can will fit and blend in as well any beautifully crafted furniture in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or office. An easily removable inner bucket ensures trash can be easily disposed and the inner bucket easily cleaned. Convenient to use because of the pedal feature, you don’t have to bend over to dispose trash.
Here are some of the other amazing features of the 4.5-liter Round Step Can:
  • Fingerprint-proof so it looks new for a long time
  • Removable lid for odor control
  • Trash bag fastener
  • No need for installation, ready for use on purchase
  • 10-year warranty
If you want a sleek, long-lasting, portable yet solidly built trash can, you really should consider Simplehuman’s 4.5 litre step can.
Best Value
MetroDecor specializes in making simple, handy and useful decorative furniture for homes and offices. You will find the mDesign Steel Wastebasket Trash Can more than handy for waste and trash disposal. Do you prefer stainless steel? Then you may find the mDesign Wastebasket Trash Can Brushed Stainless Steel equally appealing.

MDesign Steel Designer Bathroom Trash Can – Wastebasket Available in 2 Colors, Matching Accessories Available

MetroDecor makes exquisite decorative furniture as well as handy house accessories which are useful for several purposes including storage, safe-keeping and even aesthetic display.

MetroDecor’s mDesign Steel Wastebasket Trash Can – Bronze is a trash can which can also be mistaken for a flower vase because of its beautiful design and color. The top ream design gives the impression of an intricately woven wooden craft, somewhat like a basket, reminding you of nature. Easy to use and easy to clean, you will certainly exchange value for money as this trash will be useful for many years.
Below are some of its other features:
  • Made of steel with bronze finish for durability
  • Compact design, great for small spaces
  • Classic design which complements any home or bathroom decor
Creative Scents makes bathroom items, most of which serve not just their slated utility purpose, but decorative purposes as well. This is why the Milano Wastebasket Mother of Pearl can be viewed as a decorative artwork. If you prefer a metallic look, we recommend the Creative Scents Brushed Nickel Wastebasket, 7.75-Inch by 7.75-Inch by 10-Inch.

Creative Scents Milano Wastebasket (8-Inch by 8-Inch by 9.25-Inch) – Mother of Pearl Trash Can, Matching Accessories Available

Creative Scents makes beautiful artistic bathroom accessories and other fashion storage accessories we can find useful at any time. Its items are so well crafted you could switch an accessory to be an art decoration.

The Milano Wastebasket, 8-Inch by 8-Inch by 9.25-Inch, Mother of Pearl is one waste basket you won’t consider disposing of so easily if it is not broken. With moisture resistant capability, this waste basket limits the likelihood of germs spreading as it does not present a conducive environment, a typical characteristic of trash cans. You will find this waste basket enhances the sanitary condition of your bathroom by inhibiting the growth of germs in hidden crevices.

This trash can is easy to clean and solidly built, weighing 3.4 pounds. If you desire an artsy but also solidly-built can, you really should consider the Milano Wastebasket.
Umbra is known as a household product designer that infuses thought and creativity into everyday items through original design. The Treela Can is simple in design and will find use in the house and anywhere else small scale trash will need to be hygienically stored until disposal. Consider the Umbra Touch Can if you want a trash can with a lid.

Umbra Treela 4.5-Gallon Waste Can for Bathroom or Office– Available in Two Colors

Umbra infuses creativity, thoughtfulness and intelligence into its product designs. You are likely to note how its products find expression through different themes, concepts and ideologies.

The Umbra Treela 4.5-Gallon Waste Can, Barn Wood is simple in design with smooth finishing. This trash can blends in easily in any room, bathroom or office space. It is made of durable polypropylene plastic and has the look of wood without staining or warping.

The open top design allows for quick disposal of trash without having to struggle with closed or sometimes seal lids. With a tree theme design, it will make you feel a piece of nature is within your walls.
A reputable manufacturer of a variety of house hold accessories, InterDesign has touched many lives with its products. The Spa Mono Rectangle Waste Basket is used in many homes because of its relative ease of use and, of course, its affordability. If you want something more stylish, try the InterDesign Twigz Wastebasket Trash Can - Vanilla\/Bronze.

InterDesign Mono Wastebasket Trash Can for Bathroom, Kitchen, Office – Available in 14 Colors

InterDesign manufactures several house-hold items which are useful in many ways and cut across bathroom accessories, kitchen items and home storage equipment. Reasonably priced, InterDesign products have high patronage and can be found in many homes. This means only one thing: people are happy with the quality of its products.

The Spa Mono Rectangle Waste Basket is solidly built and can be used for storage and organization, and recycling as well as waste disposal purposes. It is made of durable plastic (giving you years of use) and comes in up to 14 color shades, giving you a wide range of options to suit your decor.

How Do I Choose the Best Bathroom Trash Can?

Whether you are interested in the general aesthetics of your bathroom or you just want practical items that make life simpler, a bathroom trash can is essential. Unlike kitchen trash cans or waste disposal systems that can be placed under the kitchen sink or beside it, bathroom trash cans are usually smaller. Of course, they shouldn’t be so small that you have to dispose of the waste daily (that wouldn’t be convenient at all!).

For finicky home decorators who want everything to match and be easy on the eyes, there are brands that have household items made to match everything from your living room to the bedrooms to the bathrooms. For the bathroom, you can get everything from a bathroom rug, shower curtain, toilet seats, trash can and more to match. Just use our guide and spend a little time browsing to find the right brand.
A bathroom trash can is an essential item in any bathroom, and thankfully there are a lot of options to choose from. The price range also varies depending on the features that each trash can comes with. Features can include size, design, material, weight, brand, among others, and all affect how much a product is priced.

A good trash can could be purchased for anywhere from around $10 to $70, because like every other product, there are regular and high end options. And as stated earlier, there are many factors in play in determining price. These prices are not absolute; higher or lower priced options are available. In the course of our research, we found some cheap bathroom trash cans, but the features do not provide value for money, so we left them out.

Rest assured that any product you choose or brand you decide to go with will provide the desired value for your money.
When deciding on the type of bathroom trash can that would be suitable for you or your household, there are several features that you need to consider. Some of these features include:
  • Design-This would determine the space it would occupy, how functional it would be and how long it would last
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance- Ensure that it's easy to use and clean
  • Size - This determines the kind of space it would require
  • Weight - This helps to keep it steady
  • Material it's made of - This affects the quality and durability
  • Type of lid – This contributes to the overall convenience
Construction and Design
A number of bathroom trash cans are designed to be compact enough to fit small spaces and have mechanisms to make them functional and practical. A solid cover that ensures waste is sealed in the trash can to prevent odors is one feature you need to look out for. Trash cans with pedals so that you do not have to bend always to put in your trash are also a better option than those that don't have pedals. They are also more hygienic because you don't have to use your hands to open the lid. Trash cans that are used in the bathroom should be compact enough to fit into the small space available. Some are even designed to be mounted on the wall. These work well for those who have really small space or even none available on the floor.

A number of trash cans also have a detachable interior (a smaller container inside) which makes it easy to remove, dispose of trash and wash. If the trash bag happens to be punctured or tears, you don’t have to worry about the contents of the bag spilling into the main can or seeping onto the floor.

Look at the space where the trash can will be located, measure the width and height so you don’t get one that's too high or too wide for the space available. Bear in mind that the trash can will be opened frequently. By the standard bathroom design, most trash cans are to be located somewhere under the sink, between the bathtub and toilet seat, or a wall and cabinet.
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the most annoying things is when you have a foot pedal trash can but when you go to put your foot on it, the whole trash can scurries away because it’s so light. The weight of the trash can helps to keep it steady, so that those with foot pedals don’t slide around or tilt forward when used.

Trash cans are mainly manufactured of stainless steel or plastic. Due to the high level of humidity in bathrooms, the best material for an alloy trash can is stainless steel to avoid rust. Consider also that rust affects the hinges and screws.

Although a trash can made of plastic is a less expensive option, the disadvantage is that stainless steel has some weight to it, and the plastic bins have the tendency to slide around and tilt forward. Whether plastic or stainless steel, the bottom of a bathroom trash can should be made of rubber so that it would have some traction on the tiles and also not scratch them.

Though this might sound insignificant, you might want a trash can that has padded lid/cover, which enables it to close softly without a thud or clank. This is especially so for metal cans: you wouldn't want the light sleeper in the next room to wake up every time the trash can is opened and closed at night or naptime.

Get the Best Bathroom Trash Can of 2023!

We believe this review has been wide enough to guide you through your decision making. Now it’s time to get that trash can that fits your style and keeps your environment clean.

Our Top Choice
simplehuman Round Step Can for Bathroom or Office
Best Value
MDesign Steel Bathroom Wastebasket Trash Can
Creative Scents Milano Collection Wastebasket
Umbra Treela Bathroom Garbage Can
InterDesign Spa Mono Rectangle Waste Basket