Best Bathtub Faucet Reviews 2023

Who doesn’t love a long, relaxing soak in the bath? Wrinkly fingers and all. You can add your own personal flair to liven your tub with a bathtub faucet. To help you find the best faucet for you and your bathtub, we have selected the very best bathtub faucet brands on the market today as well as a product to feature from each. This will give you a better understanding of the different styles, finishes, and designs of faucet available to you as well as what different brands have to offer.
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Our Top Choice
Kingston Brass Victoria Wall Mount Faucet
Founded in 1998, Kingston Brass is an American brand providing designer and specialty plumbing equipment.
Available in four colors. Tarnish and corrosion resistant. Elegant, traditional design. 59-inch shower hose. Solid brass construction. 2.0 GPM / 7.6 LPM flow rate.
Mounting hardware not included.
7” x 7” x 4.8” / 7.4 pounds.
4 Finishes Available
Wall Mounted
Best Value
Delta Chrome Roman Bathtub Faucet
Award-winning brand, Delta, creates a vast range of bathroom and kitchen products made from durable, high-quality materials.
Simple design. Suits most bathroom décor. Features DIAMOND Seal Technology. 1.5 gallons per minute flow rate. Brass construction.
Doesn’t come with all the parts to install
11” x 11” x 6.5” / 5 pounds.
3 Finishes Available
Wall Mounted
Moen Eva Roman Tub Faucet
Moen are an acclaimed American brand and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of faucets, showerheads, garbage disposals, and plumbing supplies.
Available in three different styles. Compatible with M-Pact common valve systems. Easy water adjustment with two lever handles. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
Not all parts necessary for installation are included.
18.6” x 11.1” x 3.6” / 6 pounds.
3 Finishes Available
Deck Mounted
American Standard Portsmouth Tub Filler
American Standard is one of America’s most popular bathroom and kitchen brands and has supplied the world with top-quality products for well over 140 years.
Exquisite, smooth-curve design. ADA compliant and lead free. 3 finishes available. Brass construction. Metal lever handles. Impressive 14 GPM flow rate.
Not compatible with smaller tubs.
16.2” x 13” x 3.6” / 8 pounds.
3 Finishes Available
Deck Mounted
Danco Mobile Home Tub Faucet
Danco has created durable plumbing repair, replacement, and remodeling products for over 35 years.
Easy to install. Durable, vintage style. Plastic design. Suitable for both showers and tubs. 2 styles available. Separate handles for hot and cold. Vintage look.
Plastic construction not for everyone
Mobile Home
3.5” x 10” x 5.5” / 0.7 pounds.
Deck or Wall Mounted

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What is the Best Bathtub Faucet?

We hope that reading our buying guide you will give you a better understanding of what styles of faucets are available, as well as the particular type of bathtub faucet that is right for you and your bathroom. Understanding what features you want in your product will decrease stress when browsing through our top 5 picks and finding the perfect faucet for you. So, let’s get looking, shall we?
Our Top Choice
The Kingston Brass Victoria Wall Mount Shower Faucet caters to customers searching for an elegant yet traditional design. It even comes with a 59-inch shower hose! If you are looking for a slightly simpler design, we recommend checking out the Kingston Brass Heritage Lavatory Faucet!

Kingston Brass Victoria 3-Inch to 9-Inch Wall Mount Tub and Shower Faucet - Available in 4 Colors

Kingston Brass is an American brand, founded in 1998. Kingston is devoted to making high-quality products while offering exceptional customer service. They are one of the most valued providers of plumbing equipment throughout the U.S, with a huge range of designer and specialty plumbing equipment.

We chose to feature the Kingston Brass Victoria Wall Mount Shower Faucet because it is mountable and features a stunning chrome finish. With a solid brass, tarnish and corrosion resistant construction, this adjustable shower head has a 2.0 gallons per minute flow rate. It is also compliant with Californian Energy Commission Title 20 and includes a handy, drip-free ceramic disc cartridge.

The Victoria Faucet’s traditional and elegant design includes beautiful, polished chrome handles, a clawfoot tub filler, and a vacuum breaker to prevent backflow. If you fancy a shower over a bath, then simply use the products 59-inch shower hose instead. This attractive bath faucet is available in polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass and satin nikel, so you can pick the finish that best suits your bathroom décor.
Best Value
The Delta Chrome Roman Bathtub Faucet is perfect for those looking for a high-quality product with easy-to-use technology. Take a look at the Delta Cassidy 3-Hole Roman Bathtub Faucet if you are interested in a similar product with a bit more flair.

Delta Foundations Chrome Roman Tub Trim - Available in 3 Colors

Delta is an American brand that creates a variety of bathroom and kitchen products, specializing in bathroom faucets. Delta believes that water has the power to transform how people feel and live every day, and that there is truly nothing better than a good, long soak in the bath! Their durably constructed, innovative faucets will keep your bathroom looking spick and span for a lifetime.

The Delta Chrome Roman Bathtub Faucet has a rigid, slip-on spout, can be mounted directly to the tub, and is designed to complement either traditional or modern bathroom décor. This product also utilizes DIAMOND Seal Technology, which uses a diamond-embedded valve to ensure the product works like new every time. With an option for two, three, or four-hole installation, this faucet uses 1.5 gallons per minute and has a minimum faucet spread of 8 inches. If you’re not a fan of the chrome finish, why not try the oil-rubbed bronze or stainless ones instead!
The Moen Eva Roman Tub Faucet’s oil rubbed, bronze finish is ideal for those looking for a modern way to spruce up their bathroom. If you are hoping for something more traditional, then check out the Moen Banbury Deck Mounted Roman Tub Faucet.

Moen Eva Two-Handle High-Arc Roman Tub Faucet without Valve - Available in 3 Colors

Moen is an acclaimed American brand and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of faucets, showerheads, garbage disposals, plumbing supplies, and so much more! The brand’s lifetime-guaranteed products are specifically designed to reliably balance your water pressure in exceptional style.

We adore the Moen Eva Roman Tub Faucet’s contemporary oil-rubbed, bronze finish. This faucet is truly unique, with a swan-like spout available in three different finishes. Compatible with M-Pact common valve systems, trims can easily be updated. Two level handles offer simple, quick water adjustments and a three-hole mount can be used for both tubs and tub deck-tops. Even though we’re featuring the oil-rubbed bronze finish, you can also choose the chrome or brushed nickel finished instead.
The American Standard Portsmouth Tub Filler is available in three different colors and includes a personal handheld showerhead. For a slightly less expensive model, take a look at the American Standard Colony Soft Deck Mount Tub Filler.

American Standard Portsmouth Deck-Mount Tub Filler with Lever Handles - Available in 3 Colors

American Standard has created innovative bathroom and kitchen products for well over 140 years. The brand’s tradition, quality, and innovation have made American Standard popular enough to be found in three out of five homes across America! With a range of stylish, perfectly constructed products, American Standard have something for every home.

We featured the American Standard Portsmouth Tub Filler due to the product’s smooth-curve faucet and variety of color options. The faucet has two metal lever handles as well as a cast-brass spout and ceramic disc valve cartridge. The included FloWise personal handheld showerhead offers extra luxury and is both lead free and ADA compliant. If you want to match your faucet to the rest of your bathroom, you can choose from satin nickel, oil-brushed bronze or polished chrome.
The Danco Mobile Home Tub Faucet is ideal for anyone looking to add a bit of style to their mobile home or RV. If you prefer a universal tub faucet, check out the Danco Universal Tub Spout With Handheld Shower.

Danco 8-Inch Mobile Home Tub/Shower Faucet - Chrome with Clear Acrylic Handles – Available in 2 Styles

For over 35 years, Danco has been one of the largest plumbing repair, replacement, and remodeling manufacturers in the world. Largely influenced by the DIY mentality, the brand offers an extensive range of affordable products for both bathrooms and kitchens.

We featured the Danco Mobile Home Tub Faucet due to the product’s compatibility with mobile home showers and tubs. Made from durable plastic, this faucet has a concealed, offset style that is perfect for both mobile homes and RVs. The product is super easy to install and has a two-handle faucet that works for both showers and bathtubs. With classic style knobs and a chrome finish, this product will add style and grace to anyone’s portable home. You can choose from purchasing the off-set style or center-set style depending on your personal preference.

How Do I Choose the Best Bathtub Faucet?

Whether you are replacing an old bathtub faucet or simply installing a brand-spanking-new one, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a product that matches your bathroom’s, showerhead, handheld showerhead, or even your shower curtain! With so many different styles and finishes to select from, you can find a bathtub faucet that will perfectly express your inner style and fit the general vibe of your home.

Before you make your final selection, it is crucial that your new faucet be compatible with the current spacing holes in your wall or bath. If you are replacing your bathtub faucet, then you will need to know where these holes are located (wall mount or deck mount) and then select a faucet that is compatible. If you are purchasing a brand new faucet for a new bathroom, then you can custom fit your faucet depending entirely on the type of design you prefer.

You are also going to want to consider the type of space you have in your bath area. If you have a large tub, then larger faucets will better complement this space. For a smaller bath, such as those in mobile homes or RVs, a smaller bathtub faucet will be more suitable.

Another factor to consider before making your purchase is the type of finish you would like. This will most likely come down to your own personal preferences, as well as the current décor of your bathroom. Whether you prefer a Roman or Victorian style or a one or two-tap faucet, there are lots of finishes to choose from so you should have no problem finding one that’s perfect for you.

Chrome is a very popular choice because it is both durable and economical. These faucets are usually available in either polished, brushed, or matte styles. Brass is another popular option as it won’t tarnish, corrode, or scratch over time and presents a more traditional look. Nickel bathtub faucets are easy to clean and often brushed for a particularly high-end look. If you are after a product that is guaranteed to match your home’s décor, oil-rubbed bronze is another viable option.
The cost of your new bathtub faucet depends on a variety of factors. Most bathtub faucets cost between $25 and $600, depending on the product’s style, finish, and size. Products at the higher end of this scale are often larger in size and more suited to larger bathtubs or bathrooms. They are also usually made from higher-quality finishes such as polished chrome or polished nickel. This isn’t to say that products at the lower end of this scale don’t work as well, they are simply more suited to smaller bathrooms and have ‘less-traditional’ designs. Cheaper bathtub faucets are available, but be aware that these products are not as durable or as high-quality.
The features you will want included in your new bathtub faucet will depend entirely on your personal preferences and the current décor of your bathtub. There are a few features, however, that we recommend keeping an eye out for to ensure you select a product that will work for you.

Here are some important features to look for:
  • Anti-Scald Protection
  • Common Valve Set Up
  • Adjustable Flow Rate Restrictor
Construction and Design
If you are purchasing a bathtub faucet for a home with young children, then it may be a good idea to invest in a product with built-in anti-scald protection. This will stop your little ones (and you!) from burning yourself in the bath, especially if you select a faucet with a built-in shower hose too.

If you are buying a brand-new faucet, then it may be wise to purchase a product with a common-valve set-up. This will allow you to upgrade your bathtub in the future with ease and a lot less mess.

Finally, we recommend selecting a product with an adjustable flow rate restrictor, particularly if you live in an area where water supplies are limited. These faucets will conserve water by giving you control over how much water you use. Plus, they are great for the environment, too!
Performance and Ease of Use
Although many bathtub faucets are advertised as ‘easy to install’, we recommend getting a professional to install your faucet, especially if the faucet is going to be used on a brand-new tub or bathroom. If you are a bit of a DIY professional, however, go ahead and install it yourself, you clever thing.

Most bathroom cleaning products will be perfectly suitable to use on a bathtub faucet, but it is always a good idea to test the product on a small area of the faucet first to ensure it won’t tarnish or damage the product. When cleaning your faucet, you can simply wipe surfaces clean, rinse with water, and then give it a good old dry with an old cloth to prevent streaks. Do not use scouring pads, as these can damage the surface of your faucet.

If you are shopping for a particularly high-end product, we recommend selecting a faucet with two levers rather than one so you can adjust the water to your perfect temperature.

Get the Best Bathtub Faucet of 2023!

After scrolling through our top 5 picks, we hope you have found your dream bathroom faucet and are now busy getting all your lotions and potions together for a nice, hour-long soak in the tub! If you have yet to stumble upon a product that’s right for you, don’t panic. Our featured brands have lots of different styles and designs to choose from. Simply browse through the brands other products to find the best bathtub faucet for you!

Our Top Choice
Kingston Brass Victoria Wall Mount Faucet
Best Value
Delta Chrome Roman Bathtub Faucet
Moen Eva Roman Tub Faucet
American Standard Portsmouth Tub Filler
Danco Mobile Home Tub Faucet