Best Battery Tester Reviews 2022

Do you ever reach into your drawer for new batteries only for them to fall short in powering up your device? Then it’s about time you consider battery testers for proactive and precise pulse load tests. Recent surveys show that ordinary U.S. households use over 20 battery-powered devices, such as remote controls, baby monitors, smoke detectors and flashlights. These very devices necessitate the need for battery testers to ensure that they run smoothly in your home and office. Embrace peace of mind and performance with precise results from our top 5 brand picks for battery testers.
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Our Top Choice
Tenergy Universal Battery Checker
Tenergy is a leading brand in the production of high-quality and innovative battery and charger products. Over time, it has established a global reputation with its valuable innovations.
Easy-to-read LCD screen; tests over 12 types of batteries; requires only one AAA.
Needs a load tester for precise readings
Best Value
HDE Digital Battery Tester
HDE was founded in 2007 and has since become a leader in the manufacturing of quality electronic devices and products.
Excellent value for the price; gives accurate readings; easy to use; LCD display is easy to read; compact design
Some testers may stop working after several uses
ZTS Mini Multi-Battery Tester
ZTS is well known for its extensive knowledge and production of high-quality electronics and power solutions. Over time, it has gained reputation globally with its line of test equipment.
Gives accurate results. Very easy to use with no settings or strings. Digital Bar Graph readout. Auto shut-off. Reversed polarity protection. Compact and portable.
Highly priced
Gardner Bender Analog Battery Tester
Gardner Bender has been providing a wide array of products to make electrical and construction projects simpler since 1959.
No battery needed to operate; offset can be adjusted; has a color-coded indicator and switch selector; easy, quick, accurate testing.
May be difficult to read results
Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester
As a pioneer of the first wire tracer and clamp meter, Amprobe has been consistently providing innovative solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of customers worldwide.
Compact design; no batteries required to operate; easy to read; tests standard and rechargeable batteries; color-coded display
Battery will not fit in tester tightly

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What is the Best Battery Tester?

The best of these wise-to-have gadgets assess the overall condition of your battery; rate the load as per the time of use, pinpoint issues with the starter motor draw, and oversee charging completion. The gadget should be easy to handle, and its screen should be easy-to-read. The tester should also exhibit high levels of accuracy, and it should be durable and safe to use. Okay, ready to see the 5 best battery testers?
Our Top Choice
The Tenergy T-333 Battery Checker is a universal battery tester that features an LCD display, which makes it easy to see whether or not your batteries are good. Want something that allows you to test and charge your batteries at the same time? The Tenergy TN456 Intelligent Universal Digital Battery Charger may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Tenergy T-333 Universal Battery Checker - LCD Display Multi-Purpose Tester for 12 Different Battery Sizes

Tenergy was established in 2004 and has experienced rapid growth as an innovator of power solutions. It’s well known for manufacturing comprehensive and high-quality charger and battery products. It has continually invested in the production of cost-effective power products to meet the ever-increasing needs of the consumer.

Do you want an easy and fast way to test more batteries? Tenergy's T-333 Universal Battery Checker is your answer. It’s an easy-to-use device with various battery check options and a legible screen. It can tell if the batteries are good or bad, so you never have to waste or throw them away.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that’ll make you love this gadget:
  • Comes with a LCD display, which is clear and easy to read
  • Can test up to twelve types of batteries
  • Powered by one AAA battery
Best Value
The HDE Digital Battery Tester features an LCD display screen and lets you determine the voltage range of your batteries and when to replace them. Want something that can test your laptop’s power supply instead? Check out the HDE Power Supply Tester, which comes with numerous features.

HDE Digital Alkaline Battery Tester - Compact, Easy to Hold Design with Digital Display

Established in 2007, HDE is a leader in the electronics industry and provides high-quality and durable products at competitive prices. It is committed to meeting the needs of their clientele across the world.

The HDE Digital Battery Tester is a good choice if you want to test the voltage range of batteries in your household electronics. It’s a multi-purpose device that works on various battery sizes. You can now throw away old batteries with no worries!

The following are some of the features that make the product affordable and effective:
  • Ideal for testing AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt batteries
  • Comes with a 1.25-inch digital screen for reading the power level
  • Easy-to-hold, compact design
  • Designed for alkaline batteries
  • Has no internal battery; powered by the battery being tested
If you want a different color, take a look at their multitude of options!
The ZTS Mini Multi-Battery Tester offers the most convenient way of testing up to 15 battery types and displays the capacity on an LED bar display. Are you looking for a model that can test 3v lithium coin and 1.5v button cell? Check out the ZTS Multi-Battery Tester, it might be just what you need.

ZTS Mini Multi-Battery Tester - For More Than 15 NiMH Alkaline and Lithium Battery Types

ZTS is a family-owned corporation that takes pride in producing quality products and values exceptional customer service. It has been committed to designing and manufacturing electronic testing equipment since 1976. Today, the company specializes in the manufacturing of premium battery testers.

The ZTS Mini Multi-Battery Tester provides a convenient and reliable way to test the amount of charge or power for more than 15 battery types. Its microprocessor design makes testing your batteries simple and fast. After a complete automatic test, the amount of life left in the battery is displayed via the LED bar.

This tester is ideal for smoke detectors, remotes, electronics and more! It’s powered using 4, AAA batteries, but its patented pulse load test gives you super precise readings. With the Mini Multi-Battery tester, you’ll have no problem identifying your good batteries from your bad ones!
The GBT-500A Analog Battery Tester features an ergonomic design that holds the battery in position for testing. It also has a color-coded indicator and switch selector. Looking for a battery tester that’s easier to read? The Gardner Bender GBT-3502 Analog Battery Tester might be a great choice!

Gardner Bender Analog Battery Tester- 14 Battery Range with Leads, Also Available in Household Version with 7 Battery Testing Range

Founded in 1959 with only a single product, Gardner Bender has grown to become a global leader in providing complete solutions for maintenance projects and electrical installations. The company continues to build on its great reputation by providing high-quality electronics equipment that meets the ever-changing needs of its customers.

The Gardner Bender GBT-500A analog battery tester has great accuracy and helps you know whether your batteries are good or bad. Whether you have 1.5 V button cell batteries or 22.5 V photo cell batteries, this checker allows you to test a broad range of batteries with ease. Simply touch the positive or negative leads to the corresponding posts on the tester to know the fate of your older batteries!

Here are some of the other features that make this tester the best option for you:
  • Features a color-coded display that indicates the battery-level reading instantly
  • Has a selector switch that’s easy to read
  • It comes with test leads that makes testing very easy
  • Quality construction that withstands prolonged use
  • Perfect for both home and commercial purposes
The Amprobe BAT-200 is a battery tester that features an easy-to-read, color-coded display, and it allows you to test both standard and rechargeable batteries. Seeking a battery tester with an ergonomic design for easier testing? Get the Amprobe BAT-250 Battery Tester for ultimate testing comfort!

Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester - Easy-to-Read Color-Coded Display, Standard and Rechargeable Batteries

Since its establishment in 1948, Amprobe has been a reputable brand in the production of high-quality tools for testing and measuring electrical conditions in diverse field applications. Its feature-rich products are popular among professionals and DIYers worldwide for their high reliability. The company also sells clamp-on meters, power quality analyzers, multi-meters and circuit tracers.

If you’re looking for a versatile battery tester for home use, Amprobe’s BAT-200 will serve you well. This tester works with an extensive range of batteries, letting you know the amount of power in them. The tester also comes with easy-to-read, color-coded indicators that help you know the exact amount of charge your battery holds, or the amount of life it has left.

Other features that make this tester a worthwhile purchase include:
  • Operates without any internal batteries
  • Features a compact design for added portability
  • Designed to also test batteries used in high-load situations
  • Comes with a user manual for ease of use
  • Accurately tests both standard and rechargeable batteries

How Do I Choose the Best Battery Tester?

The hallmark of any responsible owner is keeping tabs on anything in their possession. In turn, the reward is knowing that these possessions will last for years because of your proper care. The same ethic extends to almost every other device in your home. From baby monitors to remote controls, the batteries that power these devices should be working at their optimum performance.

Batteries are an integral part of your devices, and they can seriously inconvenience you if they’ve all died. A quality and reliable battery tester equips you, the homeowner, with a portable, easy-to-use gadget that lets you proactively monitor the condition of your batteries. But that doesn’t quite sum it all up. Before you settle on the best battery tester unit to purchase, there are a couple of factors to consider beyond the tester’s color.

To begin with, you’ll find many out there on the market, but they’re categorized into two broad types: analog testers and digital ones. So which type should you choose? Although both will help you determine the amount of charge left in your batteries, they have some slight differences.

Analog testers use a needle dial to show the voltage readout. They also include a resistor for testing “batteries under load,” which means “testing the batteries as if they’re currently being used.”

Digital testers feature an LCD screen that displays digits or bars to indicate the amount of charge your battery has left. Unlike their analog counterparts, digitals ones require a battery to operate and lack a resistor.

Apart from type, it’s also important to pick a tester that can test all sorts of batteries, from your camera’s AAA batteries to that battery-powered fan in your bedroom, to help you keep all your gadgets in tip-top shape. This also eliminates the need to get a different tester for every different battery you have, which also makes a multi-tester more cost-effective.

If you’re curious about pricing and other features to look out for as you begin to shop around, we have you covered!
Above all, you need to decide how much you want to spend on a battery tester. Typically, some of the best testers on the market will cost you anything between $5 and $50. The truth is, the more you spend on a battery tester, the more premium features you get to enjoy, but the price range is also dictated by the brand, model, display type, construction and functionality.

Battery testers are already affordable, so there’s no reason to try and drive the price any lower because you’ll end up sacrificing quality. Cheap battery testers—and by ‘cheap,’ we mean ‘low-quality’—were excluded from our list specifically for this reason. However, we did include testers with low price points to fit a range of budgets.
Once you decide on the type of tester you’re looking to buy, you also need to make sure it has the right set of features. Some of the key things to look out for include:
  • Batteries - Make sure the tester can test both standard and rechargeable batteries
  • Type of Construction
  • Size - Check the dimensions of the tester, especially if you’re traveling or will need batteries
  • Display Type - This refers to the size and features of the display
  • Power - Some testers have an internal battery while others can only operate when they’re actively testing a battery.
  • Type of Slot - Can your batteries fit in the slots? Or is it a universal tester with leads?
With the above-listed features in mind, let’s now find out the impact they have on your battery tester’s performance.
Construction and Design
Battery testers on today’s market come in an array of shapes and sizes. As mentioned earlier, their suitability varies depending on your unique needs. Nonetheless, they all serve as convenient option for buyers looking to assess the state of their batteries to avoid trouble later.

You don’t want a gadget that’s going to fall to pieces once it’s dropped, or something that’ll malfunction after performing several tests. What you do want is something durable that can withstand heavy usage. For commercial purposes, choose a battery tester with a rugged metal construction. A gadget with a compact and lightweight design with a comfortable handle can also come in handy, as it will be easy right at your side.

A well-insulated handle using rubber or plastic material protects you from power surges and other potential dangers. For convenience, you want a tester with a clear and easy-to-read display. Some feature an LCD screen that displays the results in the form of numbers or bars, while most analog testers use a needle dial on a color-coded scale to indicate the battery’s remaining charge.

Battery testers have different types of slots, including adjustable arms, individual slots and sliding adjustment bars, for placing the battery when testing. With different battery shapes available, you should confirm that the tester slot can accommodate your most-used type of battery.
Performance and Ease of Use
Testers that are designed compactly and are lightweight are more portable and far easier to handle while performing tests. Battery-powered testers will give you greater portability and make it easier to test even batteries with a negligible amount of charge.

No matter how durable or expensive your battery tester is, if it doesn’t work with all your battery types, you won’t enjoy its benefits. Choose one that allows you to test a wide range of batteries in your home.

Get the Best Battery Tester of 2022!

We hope that our guide has given you enough valuable information so you can better choose the most ideal and reliable battery tester. If you’re still undecided or haven’t found what you were looking for, check out other models that these reputable brands have to offer!

Our Top Choice
Tenergy Universal Battery Checker
Best Value
HDE Digital Battery Tester
ZTS Mini Multi-Battery Tester
Gardner Bender Analog Battery Tester
Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester