Best Batting Cage Reviews 2022

Nothing beats the zeal to become the best in a sport. When it comes to baseball, all you need is the right batting cage. Getting your ideal type will depend on several factors. This includes size, material and space available. Before you go shopping, ensure that you get your priorities right in terms of what works best for you. We’ve done the research on your behalf, providing you with some of the best battling cage brands and 5 amazing options to make your shopping hassle free.
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Cage Size
Net Size
Our Top Choice
Fortress Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage
Fortress has been trusted to produce the best sports gear over the years in the market. Their credibility cannot be debated and their quality unmatched.
Made for both indoor and outdoor use. Can work both on grass or hard concrete. Its internal placing net helps improve your safety further.
Thinner twine could break down easily. Nylon material can be a turnoff for some users.
Indoor and outdoor
10 x 10 x 35 feet
Galvanized steel frame, Nylon
#42 with 1 3/4” mesh
Lift net and walk-in
Best Value
Gourock 12x12x55 PolyPro Batting Cage
Gourock is a trusted company that specializes in small and large custom netting projects and has been around for over three centuries.
Big enough for multi-sports. Designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Comes with a rope bordered entrance door.
Takes more time to install because of the big size.
Indoor and outdoor
12 X 12 X 55 feet
#36 with 1 3/4” mesh
Rope-bordered door
Heater Sports PowerAlley Home Batting Cage
Heater Sports, is a name synonymous with quality sports apparel and other home products such as toys and fitness kits. Make sure you get yours from a reputable dealers such as Trends Sports.
Quality materials for strong support and longevity. Ease in assembly thanks to its fiberglass poles. Connects easily to pitching machine.
Isolated complaints of a flimsy net.
8 x 12 x 20 feet
1 1/4" Netting
Lift net and walk-in
Jones Sports Twine HDPE Batting Cage Net
Jones Sports is a renowned sports company with over 20 years in making quality netting.
High density polyethylene that’s water resistant. Has UV and weather protection coating. No high spots that accelerate wear.
The high density polyethylene makes it heavy to carry around.
12 x 14 x 55 feet
Entry flap
Cimarron Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net
Just like its tagline reads, Cimarron Sports is committed to producing serious tools for serious athletes.
Knotted twine gives it durability and a clean look. High abrasion resistance. It’s resistant to shrinking and waterproof.
Takes some time and work to install.
12 x 14 x 55 feet
Door for easy entry

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What is the Best Batting Cage?

We know you want to excel in your baseball specialty so bad but are held back by the indecision about the best batting cage for your practice. We bet your anguish ends here. Now that you know what to consider when choosing the right one, allow us now to present our picks. There’s something for everyone!
Our Top Choice
The Fortress Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage has been designed to fit both outdoor and indoor batting enthusiasts. Its three sizes provide plenty of options. If you only need the net, you might see the need to go for the all-sizes variant of the Fortress Baseball Batting Cage, which has 11 size options!

Fortress Trapezoid Baseball Soft Hitting Cage Net Complete Package — Available in 3 Sizes

When it comes to sports and fitness products, Fortress has been a force to reckon with for a long time. Its extensive knowledge on the field has seen them produce products that fit the preferences of its consumers. The same eye for detail can also be seen on its other products like the quick access pistol safes and shower shop dispensers.

With the Fortress trapezoid batting cage, you basically have a complete package in terms of what you need for your personal training. It’s been made with durability in mind, thanks to its long lasting material. If you have limited space in your backyard, then this may well be your choice batting cage. With its unique design, you can easily use it either indoors or outdoors.

Other notable features for the Fortress Batting cage include the following:
  • Its 1 ¼ diameter, steel tubing powder has a black coating to prevent it from rusting
  • 1 ½ diameter three-way end connectors and four-way galvanized steel corner connectors for stability
  • A UV stabilized and rot–proof netting to help it last longer
  • The ¼ inch trimming at the edge with braided rope helps improve its strength
  • Simplified set-up for the cage size
  • Hanging net inside to help prevent rebounding balls
  • Comes with an option to add L-screen protector
With the three length choices of 35, 50, and 70 feet, you have a reason to smile as you can choose one based on your space, age and budget.
Best Value
The Gourock PolyPro Batting Cage is 12 inches wide and 55 inches long, making it big enough to play your favorite sports. Prefer a shorter and lower cage instead? Well in that case Gourock’s 10' High X 10' Wide X 40' Long Batting Cage Net would be ideal for you.

Gourock 12x12x55 Long PolyPro Batting Cage with #36 Netting and Rope Bordered with Door

Gourock has a long history of producing quality products that dates back to 1736. Despite various mergers and acquisitions, it’s managed to retain not only its name, but its unique innovative nature as well. Its renowned ability to manufacture ropes, sails, netting and twine has been reflected in the Guorock PolyPro Batting Cage.

With the end-user in mind, the Gourock PolyPro batting cage is designed for the long range players. Its entrance door is bordered with a rope with 6 inch installation looks at the corners. What’s more, its 52-pound weight makes it ideal for residential installations. Although its nets are 100% Polypro and feature 4 units of UV stabilizer, its texture and appearance is similar to nylon.

The best thing about Guorock PolyPro batting cage is that it’s good for a wide variety of installations and qualities that include: general multi-sport and netting enclosure, baseball and softball practice and 6-inch rope attachment loops. You have the liberty to install it either indoors or outdoors based on your preference.
The Heater Sports Power Alley 20 Foot Batting Cage comes with a solid fiberglass frame and a polyethylene netting, guaranteeing a strong support and longevity. This net is perfect for using with one of their PowerAlley pitching machines, or you can choose to purchase as a set.

Heater Sports® PowerAlley Home Batting Cage - 20 Feet Long, Solid Fiberglass Frame, Available from Reputable Dealer TrendSports

Heater Sports is without a doubt a household name when it comes to sporting equipment. It’s built a terrific reputation over the years by producing durable, stylish and dependable products. When purchasing one of their products, make sure you choose a reputable dealer, such as Trend Sports.

The Heater Sports® PowerAlley Home Batting Cage oozes innovation and expertise in its design. In short, you have a complete training kit, right at your backyard. With its ease-of-use and flexibility, the Power Alley sets up in a few minutes. Its strong 1” polythene netting, uniquely designed fiberglass pole and steel ground stakes provides you not only the strong support you expect but the flexibility you didn’t. Measuring 8 feet high, 20 feet long and 12 feet wide, this is doubtless one of the smartest batting cages you can lay your hands on.

You will be pleased to notice these other unique features:
  • The harness from a built-in pitching machine connects easily to most heater pitching machines
  • Nylon support ropes and steel ground to provide rugged support
  • Ideal size for both club use and your backyard
  • Can be used for both baseball and softball
The Jones Sports Twine Size HDPE Batting Cage Net is made from high density polyethylene that does not absorb water, making it ideal for outdoors. If you live in a windy area, you may require a sturdier cage, which you can find in the Jones Sports Heavy Duty Baseball Softball Batting Cage. It's stronger and more durable!

Jones Sports Heavy Duty 12FT X 14FT X 55FT (60 ply) Batting Cage Net with Door for Softball, Baseball

Jones Sports is a long-running sports company known for its quality but affordable sports apparel. They’re best known for producing UV and weather resistant polypropylene products. With its experience in the market, they’ve become a trusted source not only for batting cages but hockey equipment, gold cages and wind screens as well.

The Twine HDPE Batting Cage Net is a revolutionary production from Jones Sports. Its #42 twine size knotted high density polyethylene is a force to reckon with. It’s made for youth through commercial applications. Its unique design is meant to fit in the typical cage square found in most fields and parks. What’s more, the hanging net from the square ensures that the ball impact is absorbed over several meshes. This creates no high spots, which are known to accelerate wear. Its designers don’t believe in cheap coating that flakes within a few years and so, during extrusion, UV and weather protection is embedded.

The following are other notable features of the Twine HDPE batting cage net:
  • Heavy duty net with 220 pounds of tensile strength
  • Lifespan of 8 to 10 years, which is ideal for commercial use
  • Uses Posi-lock stitching technology to provide the strongest possible bond
  • The UV inhibitors are built into the fibers to prevent wear
The Cimarron Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net has excited many batting enthusiasts with its resistance to shrinking and water proof features that make it ideal for outdoor use. Looking for a an even bigger batting cage? The Cimarron Twisted Cimarron Poly Batting Cage Net would be just what you need with its super long 70 x 12 x 12 dimensions.

Cimarron Outdoor Gaming 55x14x12’ Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net

Cimarron Sports is a company on a mission to revolutionize how baseball, softball and even golf are played. It’s doing this one piece of sports equipment at a time. This innovative mindset has seen it produce one of the best batting cages on the market today.

The Cimarron 55x14x12 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net is much stronger and durable compared to earlier versions. Its twine is knotted, thus making it withstand direct impact much better. This makes it an excellent option for outdoor use. The knotted, twisted #36 twine hangs on the square, giving it a clean look. What’s more, the border ropes that have been stitched to the net not only secure the cage, but reduce interior netting wear.

Other features for this batting cage include the following:
  • Center rope to help support the ceiling of the cage
  • Higher abrasion resistance compared to braided poly
  • Resistant to shrinking and does not absorb water
  • UV treated to ensure durability
  • High quality netting makes it ideal for both private and team use
The item is for the net only as the frame is sold separately.

How Do I Choose the Best Batting Cage?

Remember the days when becoming a hitter meant that you had to look for an open field to hit live pitches, chase balls around or spend a ton of money in a commercial batting cage? Well, those days are long gone since you can now get yourself your own batting cage that you can install in your own backyard. But how do you get yourself this revolutionary innovation to improve your hitting? Well, it all boils down to your goals, budget, and location for the batting cage.

Getting the right batting cage will make all the difference between spending months and a fortune to be a pro and gaining the hitting expertise within a short time in the comfort of your home. When choosing a batting cage, the most important factor would be the material and size. You want to spend more time in practice than worrying about maintenance, repair, and replacement. If you can, go for a material with mesh tight enough to withstand even hits from a golf ball.

There are three common netting weight twines that you should know about:
  • #24 Netting – This is ideal for home use especially if used for two players at high school level and lower or one player with a pitching machine. Can last for 3-5 years
  • #36 Netting – This works best with players of all ages irrespective of their abilities, including multiple hitters. It can last for up to 5 years.
  • #42 Netting – This works best for commercial use due to its heavy duty material. It can be used by players of all abilities and can last over 5 years.
This guide will help you get the best batting cage that’ll give you the confidence to pick up that baseball or softball bat and get playing!
The price, of course, goes into consideration when shopping for a batting cage. As such, it’s important to note that the price of a batting cage is determined by various factors such as material, size, extra features and whether it comes complete with its net. Through our research, we noted that you can get a good batting cage for between $200 and $1,000.

When shopping, take into consideration what works best for you. For instance, if you’re looking to put up a more durable cage, there’s definitely a price to be paid. Complete steel batting cages would usually cost more than the steel frame versions even after factoring in the extra steel conduit poles that you’d need to buy together with a kit. You don’t want to rush into buying a cheap batting cage only for it to break down with holes all over the net. We have, therefore, done rigorous research to present you with batting cages that’ll give you value for your money.
Since most batting cages can be used for multiple sports, including baseball, softball and even golf, it would make a lot of sense to consider what you intend to do with your cage. A player looking for a batting cage that’ll also be good for golf training will have to consider the strength of their nets and the stability of the cage. Ensure that you get the right batting cage to corresponding with your type of training or practice.

Basically, you may want to take into consideration these factors when looking for the right batting cage:
  • Material – Most nets come either nylon or polyethylene. Consider your budget and place of use
  • Indoor or Outdoor – Batting cages are made with focus on where they’re to be used. Indoor cages are smaller while outdoor cages are bigger and much stronger
  • Size of Batting Cage – This will be determined by the available space. Most cage sizes range between 20 and 80 feet long
  • Check Area Laws – Ask about the regulations and laws regarding setting up batting cages in your backyard. Some regions require that you have permits
  • Twine Size – This determines the durability of your net; the bigger the better
  • Type of Net – The netting can be either knotted or knotless while its shape can be either diamond or squared
Construction and Design
The type of net you choose to go for matters. While nylon nets are stronger compared to polyethylene types, they do deteriorate much faster than the polyethylene. Despite its strength, nylon nets won’t last long in the presence of harsh outdoor conditions compared to the polyethylene net that’s proven more resistant. Nylon nets would, therefore, be ideal for indoor batting cages.

Batting cage frames are usually made with strong material that withstands the hitting and winds. While there are frames made from fiberglass, galvanized steel pipes are considered the strongest. Whichever type of cage you go for, each is designed with its set up process in mind. Most batting cages will need cement or concrete to keep them in place. However, there are also free-standing options that only make use of ground stakes and ground anchors.
Performance and Ease of Use
Batting cages are generally known to call for minimal maintenance, considering the material and location used. With the right installation, a batting cage should last between 3 and 10 years. Batting cages also come in varying lengths to cater to all the various preferences. For instance, shorter batting cages between 20 and 30 feet are ideal for tee work and soft toss. However, there are longer types of over 50 feet meant for users with an L-screen inside or practicing with a pitching machine. Most batting cage types also have doors for easier entry.

Get the Best Batting Cage of 2022!

Now that you have gone through this review of some of the best batting cages ever made, we’re upbeat that this has given you the green light you were looking for. Go ahead and pick what you believe will work best for you and take your hitting to the next level. If not yet convinced about the five products we picked, feel free to choose other options for our featured brands. These are notable names in the industry and you would not miss your fit!

Our Top Choice
Fortress Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage
Best Value
Gourock 12x12x55 PolyPro Batting Cage
Heater Sports PowerAlley Home Batting Cage
Jones Sports Twine HDPE Batting Cage Net
Cimarron Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net