Best Beach Ball Reviews 2023

Beach balls can add to the fun in your backyard swimming pool or at the beach. These balls come in a variety of designs, shapes and colors. You need to find the right ones to use, depending on your activity. We’ve featured five top products from some of the best beach ball brands available, to help you find the ones that you will have the best time with.
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Pack Size
Our Top Choice
Fun Express Inflatable Polka Dot Beach Balls
Fun Express is a leading supplier of premium novelties, giftware and toys. It offers over 10,000 products in its lineup.
Polka dot designs. Available in an assortment of colors. Great as accessories.
These beach balls are not perfectly shaped, but you can’t really tell.
6" x 2.8" x 5.7"/8 oz
Assorted Colors
12 balls
Best Value
Kangaroo 12-Inch Emoji Beach Balls
Kangaroo Manufacturing sells a range of excellent costumes, novelties, kitchen products, toys and other products.
Six interesting emoji designs, with each design on two balls. Bright yellow to make them fun.
Some customers say the balls' valves are a bit heavy, making them float upside down.
Round emojis
11" x 5" x 5"/9.6 oz
12 balls
Rhode Island Novelty 12” Frog Beach Ball
Rhode Island Novelty is the top creator, wholesale distributor and importer of gifts, incentive merchandise and novelties in the U.S.
Interesting frog design. Can double as party decorations.
Not ideal for "ball" activities because of their design but still lots of fun
Frog Shape
5.8" x 5" x 4.8"/16 oz
6 frog "balls"
U.S. Toy 20-Inch Inflatable Beach Balls
U.S. Toy aims to provide its customers with fun, safe, and affordable party supplies, novelty toys and carnival prizes.
Comes in a classical assortment of six color panels. Balls inflate to 20 inches.
The balls’ white color panels are printed with safety information in black ink - which may be a positive for some people.
11.5" x 8.9" x 2.9"
Assorted Colors
12 or 24 ball packs
Intex Jumbo Beach Ball
Intex Recreation Corporation is a large distributor of boats, airbeds, toys, spas, and above ground pools, among other products.
Classic transparent design with colorful panels. Comes with patch repair kit.
Some balls come that are not perfectly round.
Round, dotted
10.2" x 1.1" x 12.5"/15 oz
Rainbow Polka Dots
Vinyl, PVC
1 or 2 ball packs

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What is the Best Beach Ball?

There are a lot of games you and your friends or kids can play at the pool or at the beach. Beach balls can add to this fun and vibrancy with their colors and interesting designs. The best beach balls are those that come in an assortment of colors and designs, as well as different shapes, enabling you to have fun at the pool or beach. Now that you have an ideas of what to look for as you start the purchase process, let’s jump straight into our picks.
Our Top Choice
The Fun Express Inflatable Polka Dot Beach Balls are attractive for kids' and adults' pool parties. If you want a colorful striped pattern on your beach balls, consider the Fun Express 12 Inflatable Striped Beach Balls.

Fun Express Inflatable Polka Dot Beach Balls (1 Dozen)

Fun Express is a top producer of novelties, gifts and toys. It has over 10,000 different products in its catalog, and maintains an order fill rate of 95% while offering some of the best selection and value within the industry.

The Fun Express Inflatable Polka Dot Beach Balls are ready for all types of fun, whether you're tossing them around in your pool or kicking them along the sandy beaches. They are available in a range of colors that make them terrific floating accessories for parties. They are nine inches in diameter when inflated, making them fun to play with in the pool or at the beach. The package comes with 12 balls, to ensure you don’t have to buy more balls for your party.
Best Value
The Kangaroo 12-Inch Emoji Beach Balls sport six interesting emoji designs. Each design appears on two balls, making them not only fun but also attractive. If you want more beach balls in different designs, consider the Kangaroo 8 Beach Balls, 25-Pack. They make great party favors.

Kangaroo 12-Inch Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls 12-pack

Kangaroo Manufacturing was launched in the year 2014 by the successful entrepreneur Justin Ligeri. The company produces high-quality products at factory direct pricing. Its catalog includes costumes, toys, and kitchenware.

Make your summer vacations at the beach or in your backyard swimming pool memorable with the Kangaroo 12-Inch Emoji Beach Balls. These beach balls are decorated with six different emoji designs. Each design is printed on two balls.

Each pack has 12 beach balls, so you and everyone with you will have enough to play with. These balls are 12 inches around when inflated. The bright yellow color adds vibrancy and oomph.
Your little munchkins will love the frog design of the Rhode Island Novelty 12” Frog Beach Ball. If you prefer the classic beach ball design, consider getting the Rhode Island Novelty 20” Beach Ball instead.

Rhode Island Novelty 6 Adorable 12” Frog Beach Balls

Rhode Island Novelty is the U.S.'s leading creator, wholesale distributor and importer of gifts, amusement toys, incentive merchandise and novelties. It has served its customers for over 30 years, producing high-quality products with innovative designs and affordable pricing.

The Rhode Island Novelty 12” Frog Beach Ball has a unique frog shape. There are six inflatable frogs in each packet. Each frog is 12 inches in size, just the right size for your kids. The inflatable frogs' wide smiles and bulging eyes give them a real frog appearance, making them interesting toys in your swimming pool. You can also use them as party decorations.
The U.S. Toy 20-Inch Inflatable Beach Balls come in a classical assortment of six color panels that liven up your water fun moments. If you want differently sized beach balls for children of different ages, consider the U.S. Toy Inflatable Beachball Assortment of Various Sizes. It's a 12-piece set of different balls.

U.S. Toy 20-Inch Inflatable Beach Ball - Available in 12 and 24-Packs

U.S. Toy produces party supplies, novelty toys and carnival prizes that are fun, safe, and affordable. Currently, the company sells its products through print catalogs and nationwide stores. It has been in the market since 1953, continuously innovating and improving.

The U.S. Toy 20-Inch Inflatable Beach Balls are the classic six-color panel beach balls that make the water more fun. These vinyl beach balls feature colorful stripes and inflate to 20 inches, a perfect size for traveling and playing. Even better, you’ll find 12 beach balls in the pack, so everyone can get a piece of the experience.
The Intex Jumbo Beach Ball has an outstanding classical and transparent design. The colorful panels add extra fun to your summer experience with the polka dot design. If you want a smaller beach ball that younger kids can grab on to, check out the Intex Inflatable Paradise Panel Beach Ball.

Intex Jumbo Glossy Panel 42” Beach Ball - Available in 1 and 2 Packs

Intex Recreation Corporation makes a number of water-related products, including spas, boats, toys, airbeds, and above ground pools. This company has over 40 years of service within the industry. Intex aims to deliver quality products that are designed for your safety, comfort and fun, at affordable prices.

The Intex Jumbo Beach Ball comes with a transparent design and colorful panels. Add extra fun to your summer experience with the polka dot design. In the case of a leak, you don’t have to put summer fun on hold, because this ball comes equipped with a patch repair kit. It also has some timeless features that ensure nobody misses out on the experience. This ball can be inflated with a pump or by mouth. It is made of vinyl PVC, and has a colorful rainbow polka dot design.

How Do I Choose the Best Beach Ball?

Summer is the best season to have fun with your children or with friends. For those of you with a swimming pool in your backyard, you can simply buy a variety of beach balls and a floating island to let your kids have the time of their lives. If you don’t have an in-ground pool or cant make it to the beach or lake regularly, you can opt to get an above ground pool and give your little ones the fun they deserve!

If you can’t get a pool, then just get the beach balls and head straight to the beach or a public pool. Beach balls only need to have interesting designs and be colorful for your kids to have fun with them. You can simply relax on your beach mat, enjoying the scenery while your children play with beach balls.
For as little as $4, you can get nice and colorful beach balls that you can use for decorations at your parties, or for playing games at the pool or beach. There isn’t a lot to look out for in beach balls based on price. However, you may not want to go for the really cheap beach balls, since some have poor quality materials that can burst easily or that don’t hold air for a long time. You will find some beach balls retailing at more than $40, but these are usually sold in packs of 6, 12 and even 24 balls. These balls come in different sizes, ranging from 8 to 20 inches, and there are also some giant ones. The large balls will have higher prices.
With beach balls, you can play games such as beach volleyball, beach ball relay, and hockey. Kids will want to use some balls to help them swim in addition to flotation devices. What do you have to look for when buying beach balls? Let’s look at some of the best features:
  • Design - Most beach balls are round, but some come in customized designs. If you want balls for decoration, you can choose the customized designs, but if you simply want beach balls for games, the round shape will suffice
  • Size - Beach balls are available in a number of sizes. They range from very small to giant balls. You may want to have a mix of sizes to suit everyone regardless of their size or age
  • Color - These balls come with a variety of colors and pictures. Some come with solid colors with interesting pictures, while others come with striped colors. For a more colorful environment, consider mixing the colors
  • Material - Materials may include plastic, vinyl, and PVC, among others. Regardless of the material, check the quality to ensure you get strong balls
  • Pack Size - Beach balls come packed in different sizes, with varying numbers of balls per pack. Packs of 6, 12 and 24 are the most common
Construction and Design
Most beach balls are light. They are made of soft plastic and come with valves on top you blow into to inflate them. You’ll find various custom designs, but the most common is a round shape. You’ll also find balls of a range of colors. Some have interesting prints, and some come in solid or mixed colors. Depending on what you want to do with the balls, you can buy a variety of sizes.
Performance and Ease of Use
Being inflatable makes beach balls buoyant and light, so you can throw them around the pool or play beach or pool games. They can also float around your pool. Their vibrant colors enhance your environment, while the different designs make for beautiful decorations, especially at pool parties. Check the quality of the materials though to ensure that the balls won’t burst easily or leak air. Beach balls should also be easy to inflate. You can simply blow air into the smaller ones, and use a pump to fill the larger ones.

Get the Best Beach Ball of 2023!

We’ve picked out some of the best beach balls for you, to help you add color and life to your parties. With these selections, we hope that you’ve by now settled on some. If you haven’t, these companies have numerous other options that you can pick from.

Our Top Choice
Fun Express Inflatable Polka Dot Beach Balls
Best Value
Kangaroo 12-Inch Emoji Beach Balls
Rhode Island Novelty 12” Frog Beach Ball
U.S. Toy 20-Inch Inflatable Beach Balls
Intex Jumbo Beach Ball