Best Beach Mat Reviews 2023

Make sure your next trip to the beach is a satisfying one. We've helped by searching out the best beach mats on the market and selecting five top brands, with one beach mat from each for your perusal. Please note that these aren’t the only beach mats on offer by these brands. Check them out for more if none of these is what you’re looking for.
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Our Top Choice
Camco Handy Beach Mat with Strap
Camco considers its customers its most valuable assets and works hard to ensure their satisfaction.
You don’t have to worry about stains with this mat, as it's easy to clean and maintain. It's portable, lightweight and won’t take up space wherever it’s kept.
There have been reports of its straps loosening at the seams.
Durable polypropylene
60 x 78" / 72 x 108"
Available in 4 colors
1.2 lbs
Mold- and mildew-resistant
Best Value
ONIVA Beachcomber Beach Mat
ONIVA is one of the four members of the Picnic Time family of brands, and maintains the innovation and quality of its parent brand. It offers a wide range of first-rate outdoor gear.
It folds for easy storage and can be secured by its two Velcro closures. It’s lightweight, strong and comfortable. The pocket it features is well-made.
It might be a bit narrow for some.
Durable polyester
21.2 x 63.5 inches
Available in 5 colors
4.7 lbs
Fold up to a compact size
CGear Sand-Free Quicksand Beach Mat
CGear Australia is the proud holder of the patent for its sand-free mats in more than a hundred countries.
It comes in small, medium and large sizes, and it’s easy to clean with a simple hose-down.
It doesn’t work well on wet sand and in high humidity.
Resilient materials
78 x 41" / 78 x 61" / 78 x 78"
Available in 6 colors
1 lb
Stansport Tatami Ground Mat
For over half a century, Stansport has been providing high quality camping gear for outdoor enthusiasts. It has one simple aim: to make camping fun.
It is a large, well-made mat with vibrant colors, easy to maintain and lightweight.
The white portion shows dirt, but a wipe-down should take care of that.
60 x 78 inches
Blue; green; red
2.45 lbs.
Mildew resistant
e-joy Blanket Beach Mat with Strap
e-Joy supplies a wide range of everyday products, with applications from your bedroom to your garden and recreation.
This blanket is beautifully colored and well-cushioned, allowing you to sit comfortably. It’s also large and strong.
There are isolated reports of an initial chemical smell.
Polyester top, waterproof bottom
56 x 70 inches
Available in 16 colors
2.4 lbs
Multifunctional blanket or mat

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What is the Best Beach Mat?

No one wants to sit on the beach munching on a sand-infused sandwich or getting sand in their hair. Getting the best beach mat for your needs is a good way to start preparing for your date with the warm, salty and tantalizingly sunny beach. Since you’ve read our buying guide, selecting the best beach mat for you isn’t going to be a daunting task. Let’s look at the individual product review, shall we?
Our Top Choice
The Camco Handy Mat is big enough for family use and folds to a convenient, compact size. With its straps and pockets, it’s a space-saver. It's weather-proof, and mildew- and mold-resistant. If you prefer a high-end reversible option with woven design, check out the Camco Reversible Awning Leisure Mat. It features a rust-resistant grommet in each corner and comes with four stakes.

Camco Handy Beach Mat with Straps & Pockets – Available in 4 Colors & 2 Sizes

Camco is a small privately-held company that was established in 1966. Its product line has more than 3,000 items, and it has manufacturing facilities worldwide. Its secret lies in its ability to provide quality products, competitive pricing, superior service and customer satisfaction.

The Camco Handy Mat is made with durable polypropylene, which makes it weather-proof and resistant to the growth of mold and mildew. At 60 x 78 inches, when folded out, it’s large enough to comfortably accommodate four sitting adults. When it isn’t in use, it folds into a convenient 10.5 x 15-inch pack with straps for ease of transporting. It even helps to keep your hands free for other tasks, with its pockets on both sides of the folded mat. You have to fold it correctly, or the straps and pockets won’t align. When folded, there’s a hook and loop flap that keeps it securely folded.

This mat features a water-resistant weave, and fabric edging that helps reinforce the blanket and prevent fraying. It is stain-resistant, and for maintenance, all you have to do is run water on it (you can use a hose for convenience) and leave it out in the open to dry. If you put this mat on a wet surface, chances are that you’ll get wet, as its woven nature means there are openings all over that’ll allow water to drain through.

Camco has other mats that you can choose from. They include:
  • The Camco Multicolored Beach Mat: A 24 x 72-inch mat with ribbed padding. It can be easily rolled up and tied when not in use
  • The Camco Outdoor Mat: A 9 x 12-inch, reversible mat that comes in a great variety of color options. It’s also water-resistant, lightweight and easy to clean
The Camco Handy Mat is made to serve you on the beach, when you’re RVing or camping, and at picnics.
Best Value
The ONIVA Beachcomber Beach Mat is fully padded with a reclining backrest. This durable, steel-framed mat is portable with an adjustable shoulder strap, and has a zippered pocket for storage. If you want another quality option with a large array of colors, try the ONIVA Outdoor Blanket Tote, which has a comfy polyester fleece and a waterproof backing.

ONIVA Beachcomber Beach Mat with Adjustable Shoulder Strap – Available in 5 Colors

Picnic Time has been wholeheartedly committed to keeping its customers happy since it opened in 1982. Through its tireless commitment to service, it has become an enviable brand with unique and multi-functional products that successfully unify need and want. ONIVA is one of the brands recently launched by Picnic Time. It's the brand responsible for the creation and supply of all its outdoor gear, including food totes, gardening totes and kits, beach essentials, and stadium and outdoors chairs.

The ONIVA Beachcomber Beach Mat is probably the mat for you if you’re a great lover of the outdoors. This is a lightweight portable beach mat you can use to stretch out and soak in the outdoors in style, with its 21.25 x 63.5-inch length (when open) and vibrant color. When it’s not in use, it can be folded up into a 21.3 x 2.8-inch compact pack and carried over your shoulder with its adjustable black strap.

Its sturdy inner steel frame allows you to confidently recline and gaze at the stars (if that’s what you want to do). The frame was built for longtime use. This beach mat is fully-padded for extra comfort, and its reclining backrest is adjustable. It’s also able to go all the way down so you can lie flat on the mat, but you’d have to add extra padding (say, like a thick towel) because of the frame. For added style and comfort, you can attach a small sun umbrella (using a universal clamp) to the frame; although the umbrella would be off to one side, it would still provide the desired protection from the sun. It also features a large pocket with zipper that should conveniently carry your magazine, sunblock, cover-ups, water can, sunshades and any other pocket-sized beach paraphernalia you own. Here’s another beach mat from ONIVA:
  • The Picnic Time Cabo Beach Tote & Mat: Features a long-lasting polyester tote with a 69 x 23-inch coordinating woven beach mat
All Picnic Time brands and products are covered by a Built to Last Lifetime Guarantee.
The CGear Sand-Free Quicksand Beach Mat features a comfortable top layer through which sand amazingly vanishes. For a sand-free, relaxing beach experience, this is your go-to mat. It’s durable and has a variety of colors. For a larger 6-by-6 variation, look at the CGEAR SAND-FREE RUG. It uses the same sand-free technology and comes in four color options.

CGear Sand-Free Quicksand Beach Mat – Available in 2 Colors & 3 Sizes

CGear patented its Tactical Helimat as the solution to the problem of sand and dust abatement, usually a cause of poor visibility and safety issues in sandy and dusty environments. In 2010, it took its technology outside Australia and launched it into the US and global recreational market. It caters to the need of its military market and its recreational customer base through two divisions that are of international renown in these particular markets. CGear prides itself on being the go-to company for smart and innovative solutions for a great outdoor experience.

The CGear Sand-Free Quicksand Beach Mat can be used as an extension to your picnic blanket and beach towel. How? You place the sand-free beach mat on the sand first, then lay your towel or blanket on it to keep out the sand. This way, you have a sand-free zone around you, and whatever sand finds its way into your outdoor space will be sifted down and away.

It has a smooth top layer that’s comfortable to sit and lie on. The unique, one-way sift weave allows sand to pass through the top layer and prevents it from getting back up through the weave. With this mat, you can say goodbye to sand, dust and dirt getting into your food, bags and tents when you’re outdoors.

It comes in small, medium and large sizes, with each accommodating one, two and four adults respectively. Its durable top PVC and bottom PE layers are UV stabilized so the vibrant color(s) it features will last a long time. Cleaning this mat and maintaining it is easy, as it dries quickly. The manufacturer advises against machine washing and recommends, instead, washing with a hose.
Stansport’s Tatami Ground Mat is made with durable mildew-resistant material and has handles and a front pocket built in. It’s durable, compact when folded, and portable. If blue isn’t your color, check out the red Stansport Tatami Straw Ground Mat, which is equally lightweight and strong.

Stansport Tatami Straw Ground Mat – Available in 3 Colors

Stansport opened in 1949 to cater to the needs of camping and outdoor enthusiasts, supplying them with gear they can trust for a pleasant experience. It puts a lot of thought into the designing and manufacturing of its products, creating products that draw you into oneness with Mother Nature and all that she has to offer. Stansport is dedicated to making high-quality merchandise that’ll keep its customers not only satisfied, but coming back each year for more.

The Stansport Tatami Ground Mat, with its built-in handles, becomes its own compact carrying case with a pocket on one side to store some of your outdoor stuff. The mat is well-built and promises to last, even with extensive outdoor use. It’ll keep the sand off you at the beach, and accommodate you and your family (or group) on its large 60 x 78-inch surface.

The Tatami ground mat is made to resist water and the growth of mold and mildew, making it safe to use after it has been wiped down with a damp cloth and dried. It’s also weather-resistant, promising to withstand the elements in any climate. When folded, it can be stored anywhere without taking up space, and at half an inch thick, it’s easy to pack. Other color options include red and green, each with an alternating white band running across its width horizontally.
The e-Joy Beach Blanket Mat is waterproof, with a PVC bottom and a snug polyester top. It can go from beach to park without any stress on your part. It folds to a small size, and has a handle for easy transport. For a slightly larger mat with larger handles and pockets, get the e-Joy Waterproof All Purpose Mat.

e-joy Foldable Beach Blanket Mat with Carry Strap – Available in 16 Colors

For e-Joy, nothing is more important than the enjoyment of outdoor life. It believes that time spent with family is a source of happiness, satisfaction and pleasure. It makes quality premium products that will make time spent with loved ones enjoyable and pleasantly memorable.

The e-Joy Beach Blanket Mat enjoys positive feedback from its countless users. It features a waterproof PVC backing that prevents water from the beach, wet grass or mud from passing through it and getting to you. The polyester material at the top is waterproof too, and it’s also comfortable. Not only will you have a sand and dirt-free surface for yourself, you also get to stay comfortably dry while you’re stretched out on the beach, reading (or whatever else you’d rather do on a beach) and getting your skin delectably tanned.

When fully folded out, it can reach 56 x 70 inches. You and your family can sit and munch on some sandwiches, away from the intrusion of sand particles. When you decide you’ve had enough of the sun for the day, you simply fold it into its 8 x 12-inch portable, carrying case size, hold it by its in-built handle and conveniently store it away. To keep it secured when it’s folded, it has a Velcro fastener. It’s easy to maintain, as all you have to do is clean it with a damp cloth. Machine washing is not recommended for this beach mat.

How Do I Choose the Best Beach Mat?

Unless you intend to stand, walk, jog or run the entire time you’re at the beach, a beach mat is necessary for any beach outing. A beach mat keeps you comfortably off the sand, and dry when you’re not in the water. It’s good for lying on while you’re getting your body gorgeously tanned. You can read a book, or catch up with friends and family while you’re all getting a good dose of the salt-sprayed air that’s only found at the beach.

You may be thinking that you've got a beach towel. While we agree that beach towels are great, they are not waterproof, and this is an essential quality of a beach mat. Others are portability, low maintenance and attractiveness (you didn’t think we would leave that out, did you?)

If it’s a family vacation, pairing these mats with matching beach chairs is actually a good idea. If you’d like to go all the way and make your spot on the sand the coziest, you could add a beach umbrella too. These umbrellas also come in different colors, and you’ll find one that matches your setup.

Don’t work with the mistaken belief that a cheap beach mat will serve just as well as a pricier one, because it won’t. When put to test by the elements, moisture and some other factors will separate the cheap beach mats from their pricier counterparts.
The price range for a beach mat is somewhere around $13 to $80. The differences in the price are due to some factors that include materials, brand and features. There are beach mats with some pretty interesting features, such as coordinating totes and backrests, while some have some amazing new technology. Whatever your preference, settling for any cheap beach mat isn't a good idea. Such mats will not stand the stress that the weather, continuous use (especially with children) and moisture will put on them.
It’s a great comfort to know that after you’ve frolicked in the waves, you can always get back to the comfort of a dry, sandless mat to dry off and relax. If you’re going to be enjoying any such comfort, then pay attention to certain features when you’re searching for the best beach mat for your needs. Such features include:
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Sand sifting technology
  • Material - PVC, polyester, nylon, etc.
  • Extras - pockets, carrying bags, handles, waterproof or punctured
Knowing what you’d prefer beforehand should help you find the right beach mat.
Construction and Design
Beach mats come in different shapes, sizes and styles. Generally, beach mats are rectangular in shape and are made of waterproof material. There are also circular and square mats, and many are woven with water-resistant material in a straw mat kind of design.

Beach mats are usually lightweight, so they can be easily carried from your house, hotel room or car to the waterfront without adding any inconveniencing bulk. Some manufacturers include rings at end of the mat and stakes with which to hold the mats down. This keeps them from being blown up or away in the wind when you’re enjoying the feel of the sun on your skin.

If you’re looking for a large family-sized beach mat, consider mats that are 60 by 78 inches and above. For a one- or two-person mat, a smaller mat should do. You should also consider the color of the beach mat, especially if you don’t want to spend time cleaning a beach mat because of its light and easily stained color. If you have kids, it would be wise to get a color that cannot be easily stained, or that will not make any stain too visible.
Performance and Ease of Use
The basic function of a beach mat is to keep you off the sand and dry while you’re relaxing on the beach. For any beach mat to successfully carry out this function, it must be made of waterproof material, and large enough to hold you while you're lying or sitting.

Ease of maintenance is an important factor to consider with beach mats. Nobody wants a mat that’s difficult to clean. Look for a mat that’s moisture-resistant, stain-resistant and quick-drying, as such mats will not encourage the growth of mold or mildew. Cleaning them after use is a breeze.

You also want a beach mat that doesn’t allow sand to penetrate it. It’s highly inconveniencing to have to brush away sand intermittently when you should be relaxing and enjoying a good treat by Mother Nature. There are mats with patented technology that makes your beach mat experience sand-free.

For added convenience, some mats feature designs that make them serve as their own carrying case with handles and straps. Some are even designed to become space savers, with handy pockets that can be used to store any of your beach paraphernalia and have zippers for security. Mats that fold up like this usually have fasteners that secure them in place, such as Velcro, drawstrings, or magnetic buttons.

Get the Best Beach Mat of 2023!

We’ve come to the end of the review and, hopefully, the end of your beach mat search. Go on and get yours now, since we believe you can make a pick with confidence.

Our Top Choice
Camco Handy Beach Mat with Strap
Best Value
ONIVA Beachcomber Beach Mat
CGear Sand-Free Quicksand Beach Mat
Stansport Tatami Ground Mat
e-joy Blanket Beach Mat with Strap