Best Beach Shelter Reviews 2023

The temperature is rising and it’s time to get your shades on and head for the beach. And you’ve decided this is the year you’re going to pick a great beach shelter to make the most of your days out. Well, we’re here to guide you through your options, and after taking a look ourselves, we’ve picked our top picks from 5 trusted brands.
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Our Top Choice
Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent
Pacific Breeze Products is a family-run business dedicated to making simple, durable outdoor equipment.
Quick and simple to set up, and has 2 internal pockets to keep your valuables safe.
Isolated incidents of the support spoke snapping when taking down the tent.
Beach Tent
87” L x 47” H x 49” D
4.5 pounds
EasyUp System, 41”L x 5”W folded
Best Value
Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana
Lightspeed Outdoors is a relatively fresh brand focused on giving you back your time and fun for your exciting days outdoors.
Carry bag is a lightweight, compact way to carry your tent.
In high temperatures, ensure you use all ventilation facilities to keep the tent cool and breezy.
Beach Tent
Water-resistant polyester
96 L x 54 W x 40 H inches
6 pounds
Compression set up, 40-inch carry bag
Coleman Instant Canopy Beach Shelter
Coleman is a well-established outdoor company that offers a wide range of specialized products for the great wilderness, from tents to stoves.
Three-minute setup time. Wheeled, easy-pull carry bag lets you easily transport it around.
May discolor after weeks in bad weather.
Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric
13 L x 13 W x 115 H inches
49 pounds
Pinch-free adjustability
Texsport Calypso Quick Cabana
Texsport is an outdoor equipment specialist that manufactures convenient and stylish solutions for families to enjoy in the wilderness.
Weighs 2.5 pounds, and is easy for anyone to transport. Two mesh windows for a cool breeze. Two zippered flaps for shade.
A practice run construct is advised to ensure there are no problems when setting up for your beach day.
Heavy-duty polyurethane
48 L x 48 W x 84 H inches
2.5 pounds
Sand bags for windy days
iCorer Outdoor Portable Beach Cabana
The Outdoor Portable Beach Cabana is a quick and easy way to provide shade from the strong sun all day long.
Lightweight and compact when folded up for easy travelling.
Instructions not included in package, but can be found on Amazon page.
Beach Cabana Tent
94.5 L x 47.2 W x 55 H inches
3 pounds
Easy 3-minute assembly

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What is the Best Beach Shelter?

The best beach shelter is the one that will meet your needs and wants. From enough room for four adults to internal pockets for your most precious things, there are plenty of features to choose from, so try and make sure you know what your top priorities are.
Our Top Choice
With an Easy Up Hub System, this Pacific Breeze tent will help you enjoy your day in no time. However, if you need space for your whole family, take a look at Easy Up Beach Tent Deluxe XL which is designed for three to four people to enjoy at once.

Pacific Breeze Blue Easy Up Beach Tent with UPF 50+ Sun Protection & Large Windows

Pacific Breeze Products is a family-owned business with the aim of making practical and simple outdoor equipment at its core. Pacific Breeze want to make things easy for you, from setting up and taking down your tents, shelters, or loungers, to transporting them with you to your favorite getaway locations. To make sure you can enjoy your purchase for a long time, Pacific Breeze uses synthetic material to provide long-lasting, high-quality products.

The Easy Up Beach Tent has been carefully designed and constructed to offer a great solution to anyone looking for a lightweight, simple tent that’ll hold up against the elements. This could be just the thing you’ve been looking for to take on your beach days or hikes in the country.

Here is some feature this tent offers:
  • EasyUp Hub System to set up and take down with ease
  • 2 windows to allow fresh air to ventilate
  • Internal pockets to keep valuables safe and out of the sand and dirt
  • 5 sand pockets and 4 stakes ensuring the tent is stable in high winds
  • Made of polyester
  • Folds away to 41”L x 5”W and only weighs 4.5 pounds
  • Carry bag for easy transport
  • Comfortably fits 2 people
As well as all these great features, Pacific Breeze provides a one-year guarantee for all its products.
Best Value
Take a look at the Quick Cabana if you want a great, fuss-free beach shelter. For more peace and quiet on your day out, check out the Lightspeed Outdoors Sun Shelter with Clip-Up Privacy Feature.

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter – Available in 2 Colors

Starting from its very first creation, Lightspeed Outdoors has always delivered simple set-up functions in its practical and fun products. Its love for the outdoors has seen them expand their range from beach tents to air beds and picnic blankets, ensuring each creation makes your outdoor experience easier and more fun.

The Quick Cabana design comes with Lightspeed Outdoors’ unique compression hub system, abolishing the big, timely task of setting up and taking down a tent. Knowing there’s no more fussy construction to do, you’ll have peace of mind before an event or day out - and you’ll be able to enjoy more time with your friends and family.

But it doesn’t stop there! Here as some more of the great features Quick Cabana has to offer:
  • UPF 50+ protection for those burning hot days
  • Has dimensions of 54.5 x 96 x 49.25 inches
  • Weighs 6.5 pounds
  • Large front porch area keeping sand and dirt away from the main area
  • Sand pockets for added stability
  • 3 mesh windows with shades for air ventilation or privacy
  • Carry bag for easy transportation
  • 1-year warranty
With all these fantastic details it’s not hard to see why the Quick Cabana is still the best-selling and most popular product by Lightspeed Outdoors. Shown here in blue and key lime, you can also purchase it in blue and gray.
This Instant Canopy is a breath of fresh air with great ventilation and 3 easy steps to set it up. Is this bigger than what you wanted? Take a look at the Coleman Daytripper Beach Tent made for smaller gatherings.

Coleman Instant Canopy 13 x 13 Foot Beach Shelter in White

Coleman founded his company after discovering a steady white flame light whilst working as a salesman, instead of the kerosene flickering lamp that was common at the time. Taking this initiative forward, Coleman has built a company that specializes in all equipment for the outdoors, from the original outside lights to tents and stoves.

With three simple steps in three quick minutes, you could have your Instant Canopy fixed and secure. The framed canopy keeps the shaded area ventilated and cool even on those burning hot barbeque days. The 13-square foot cover is made with UVGard Technology that provides 50+ UPF from the sun.

This practical and simple solution comes with all these great features:
  • Vaulted ceiling
  • Has dimensions of 9.05 x 11.02 x 49.21 inches
  • Weighs 49 pounds
  • Steel frame
  • Comfort Grips to lock shelter into place
  • Pinch-free adjustability
  • Easy-pull wheeled carry bag for compact storage
  • 1-year warranty
All the great design details make up a fantastic, simple beach shelter for your days out.
A lightweight beach shelter with two windows to let in a nice sea breeze. If you need a more compact option for a beach shelter, Texsport also has the Portable Easy Up Outdoor Beach Cabana Tent Sun Shade Shelter, so don’t wait to check it out!

Texsport Calypso Quick Cabana Beach Sun Shelter Canopy

Texsport has been manufacturing family outdoor equipment for 65 years and is a trusted company that covers all your needs for an adventure weekend, from hammocks to fishing gear.

The Calypso Cabana by Texsport is an open shelter for some much-needed protection from the sun on those scorching hot beach days. Proven as 50+ UPF from harmful UV rays and flame retardant, this design is focused on keeping your family safe.

As well as all the safety features, here are all the other details the Calypso includes:
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane coated taffeta
  • Silver coating providing UV protection and cooler environment
  • Has dimensions of 84 x 48 x 48 inches
  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Three mesh windows for fresh air
  • Window flaps with zips
  • Three poles and ring frame system, and shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • Four sand bag weights for stability
What’s not to love about this great canopy?
A lightweight beach cabana ideal for all weathers. A tad on the big side? Take a look at the innovative Pop Up Portable Outdoors Beach Cabana Tent made for 2-3 people.

iCorer Blue Outdoor Portable EasyUp Beach Cabana Tent Sun Shelter Sunshade

iCorer develops and manufactures products for a range of indoor and outdoor family activities from kids’ play houses to camping gear. iCorer is determined to meet the whole family’s needs, even you beloved pets with their pet, health, and personal care products.

The Outdoor Portable EasyUp Beach Cabana is a durable and lightweight tent made with polyester that offers heat insulation, sun shade, and sun reflection, making it ideal for all types of weather for the whole family.

This beach cabana offers loads of functions for you to enjoy:
  • 4 stakes to secure tent to the ground
  • Water-resistant shell and floor
  • Fully open front for fresh air and easy access
  • 1 big roll-up mesh window, tactically positioned at the back for maximum air flow
  • Internal pouch to keep valuables together and safe
  • Easy assembly and disassembly into compact carrying bag
  • Plenty of room for 2-3 adults to relax in
  • Has dimensions of 94.5 x 47.2 x 55 inches
  • Weighs 3.2 pounds
  • Sturdy structure with fiberglass poles
This could be the missing part to an amazing, chilled summer with friends and family.

How Do I Choose the Best Beach Shelter?

It’s finally that time again, the best time of the year, and you want to make sure you make the most of this awesome time that’ll fly by. Summer! You can finally get out the sunglasses and swimwear and beach towels and beach chairs and *deep gasp for air* last but not least, sun shelters. The best part of a day on the beach is setting up shop in the best spot on the soft sands, knowing you’ve marked your territory for the hours of stretching out and sun-soaking that still lay before you. With a sun shelter, you’ll have a place to store your personal belongings, dry off, cool down, and snack in-between dipping in the bright blue ocean.

So now you need to think about what you need from your beach shelter, such as a high UV protection for fair skin, compact and lightweight carry bag for travelling, or room for a group. These are all important things to think about when reading about our five top picks for beach shelters.
Thanks to company competition and accessibility, beach tents don’t have to break the bank. An affordable beach shelter can come in around $40, very reasonable for the use you can get out of it during summer. Options around this price range may not offer the most high-tech, innovative features on the market, but will do the job you need and can still be simple to use - a must-have for your beach days. But do be cautious about buying cheap beach shelters at even lower prices, as they may not be worth your while.

At the top of the price range, you can purchase a sturdy, well-designed beach shelter for around $200. For this price, you should be confident that it’ll be durable and long-lasting, and have the little extras that are important to you.
It’s easy to think there won’t be that much to think about when buying a beach shelter – but some important questions to ask are: is it big enough? how easy is it to put up? If you consider these and more, you’re sure to find the beach shelter that’s right for you.

So after our research, here’s what we think is important to think about:
  • Size and capacity
  • Set up and take down system
  • Weight and carry bag for easy travel
  • Ground fixtures/sand weights for secure tent
  • Ventilation; windows/vents
Make sure you know what’s important to you, and prioritize it when choosing.
Construction and Design
If you know there’s a good possibility of you using your shelter in challenging weather, then the strength of the structure and the ground fixtures are important to get right. Some shelters even have weight bags that you can fill with sand, which is an effective solution without having to carry weights with you.

Size should have a big impact on your final decision so you don’t leave any friends or family out in the cold (or sun)! Or on the flip side, end up carrying around a shelter far bigger than you need!

The materials used and the protection they offer to you and your family is very important. Some shelters offer high UV protection to ensure delicate skin stays healthy and safe.

It really comes down to planning and making sure the shelter you choose has a design that will meet your needs and expectations.
Performance and Ease of Use
For most people, the two biggest chores of a beach shelter is the setting up and taking down, and travelling with it. There are shelters that can pop up, or only take a few steps to construct and secure, so make sure you find out how each shelter operates. You don’t want your patience to run short on a hot, sunny day because you can’t set it up!

Many shelters now offer compact carry bags to make it easy to travel with, and some heavier designs provide wheeled cases to save you from lifting too much weight. Opt for these if you really don’t need that extra vacation workout!

Get the Best Beach Shelter of 2023!

After so much time thinking about the sun and the sea, we can’t wait to hit the beach, and we’re sure you can’t either. We hope you’ve found a great beach shelter just for you, and if not, you now know what you’re looking for. Happy summer days, everyone!

Our Top Choice
Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent
Best Value
Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana
Coleman Instant Canopy Beach Shelter
Texsport Calypso Quick Cabana
iCorer Outdoor Portable Beach Cabana