Best Beach Towels – Absorbent, Soft, Large and Oversized Beach Towels for Kids and Adults on Sale

Shopping for a beach towel may look like an easy chore but it can be time- and energy-consuming. This is thanks to the myriads of products that are out there, each professing to be the best available. Some people have been putting off shopping for a beach towel because of the hassle, but we want you to get a good bargain without stress. To this end, we have conducted a thorough research on beach towels, and we have cut down the list to five products from five reputable brands with some of the best beach towels.

Shopping Tip: One of the best ways to find beach towels on sale is to buy them off season. Retailers often put them on clearance after summer or have discounts in spring.

Before we get to our featured brands, we would remiss if we did not mention that finding the best beach towel for you is not just about quality. Many people choose their favorite by how they look. To that end, throughout this article we’ll showcase some beach towels with cool designs, starting with beach and pool towels for kids. We’ll get to the grown-ups later.

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Pack size
Our Top Choice
Kaufman Velour Cabana Beach Towels
Since 1978, Kaufman Sales has consistently designed top-quality bath and beach towels to its customers. It also offers customizing services at affordable prices.
Pack of 4 in different colors. Elegant horizontal design. Highly absorbent. 100% cotton. Gentle and fluffy. Great for gifting. Machine-washable. Non-shedding.
If you have a rather large physical frame, you may find this beach towel a tad too small.
100% cotton
Large - 30" X 60"
Pack of 4
4 colors, horizontal stripe
Best Value
SUPERIOR Luxury Extra Large Beach Towels
For over 40 years, the Superior brand has been manufacturing home textile products consistent with its name and has remained at the forefront of innovative designs in the industry.
100% combed, looped cotton for drying off. Sheared velour side for lounging. Luxurious and plush. Super-soft and superior absorbing power. OEKO-TEX certified
If you’re looking for really thick towels, then this one may not satisfy your needs (but they’re quite okay with an average thickness).
100% cotton
Oversized - 34" x 64"
Pack of 1
Multicolored stripe
Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel & Pouch
Dock and Bay aims to empower people with unique and durable products that’ll motivate them to step out of the norm and actually live and experience life in its fullest.
Unique round shape. Super-absorbent. Fast-drying. Microfiber material. Non-stick repels sand. Easy-to-carry pouch. Lightweight. Can also be used as beach blanket.
This beach towel may come across as being too thin, although it dries well and fast, and is soft on the skin too.
Large 66"
Pack of 1
Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel
Utopia Deals, Inc. is renowned for its top-quality and highly specialized products for households. Its mission is to design products that improve lifestyles at affordable prices.
100% ring spun cotton. Super-soft, fluffy, high-absorbent power. Pack of 4 different colors. Extra-large size. Hypo-allergenic. Terry cloth nature.
Lots of lint comes off these towels at first wash, so it’s recommended to wash them separately first before use.
100% ring spun cotton
Large - 30" x 60"
Pack of 4
4 colors, cabana stripe
Northpoint Kids Beach Towel with Hood
Northpoint is known for its unique and fabulous beach towels. Each of its beach towels tells a story with its themed design based on favorite locations or popular characters.
Bright pirate shark print design. Fun, vivid colors. Poncho hood. 100% cotton material. Highly absorbent and lightweight. Extremely budget-friendly.
The material is a little thin and somewhat scratchy; but hey, the kids love them all the same!
100% cotton
Kid size - 24" x 48"
Pack of 1
Rectangular, with hood
Pirate shark print design

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What Are the Best Towels for the Beach or Pool? Read Our Beach Towel Reviews!

Can we unequivocally say that a particular product is the best beach towel that can be had? No! There are many good beach towels in the market. The only reason a product would qualify as the best beach towel is if it meets the need of the user and delivers ultimate satisfaction. In this review, we discussed the features that make a beach towel a good one and if you pay attention to those features, you’ll know what to look out for when you go shopping. And just in case you don't like the ones we picked, here's a few more...

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Our Top Choice
The 100% cotton and fluffy Kaufman Velour Cabana Towels come in a pack of 4 with each towel sporting a different color and elegant horizontal design, thus making it easy to color-code ownership for family members. If you love oversized beach towels, the Kaufman Double Jacquard Plush Premium Velour Beach Towel measures 32 inches x 64 inches. And they make smaller kid's beach towels too!

Kaufman Large Cotton Velour Cabana Towels for Beach - 30" X 60", Pack of 4 Different Colors (Turquoise, Pink, Orange & Green)


In 1978, Kaufman Sales was established with the sole aim of bringing its amazing line of bath and beach towels—and lots more—to its customers. Other products in its repertoire include robes, apparels for men, women, and children, beach coveralls, and many others. It also provides a customizing service so you can have your items customized with your name or logo at source before being shipped down to you. All these impressive products and services are at a surprisingly affordable cost and they’re guaranteed to give you the best value for your money. Its products are designed with top-quality materials and are passed through stringent quality checks to ensure they comply to set standards before being sent out.

Get set for the next family outing to the beach with these lovely Kaufman Velour Cabana Towels in vibrant colors that are sure to brighten your mood if you’re not feeling on top of your game. Made from 100% cotton, these towels are fluffy, super-soft, and extremely absorbent, with a nice after-use feel on the skin.

This value pack contains four large towels in four different colors and an elegant horizontal stripe design on each that’s classy. The number and differing color scheme makes it the perfect beach must-have for a family or group of friends.

Its 100% cotton construction makes it super easy to care for; a simple machine wash will leave your towel looking even brighter than ever and as soft as it was. Also owing to its 100% cotton composition, there’s absolutely no fear of shrinkage when washed, thus you can wash as often as you wish—even after each use.

When it comes to absorbency, this Kaufman Velour Cabana Towel set comes second to none and will absorb moisture from your skin without shedding.

Its thickness and size (30 inches by 60 inches) are just perfect for a day at the beach or any other outdoor activity for both kids and adults, so you can take it anywhere and everywhere with you.

Best Value
The Superior Luxurious 100% Cotton Beach Towels have sides made from different materials—one side made from combed and looped cotton for gentle, fast drying and the other made from plush cut velour for comfy lounging. We also love their Aqualis Striped Cotton Oversized 2-Piece Beach Towel Set which is also made of 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton.

SUPERIOR 100% Cotton Oversized Beach Towel - 34" x 64" 450 GSM Luxury Swim Towel, Dozens of Designs


Consistent with the meaning of its name, Superior is a leading name in the home textiles industry, bringing to its customers, products made from the finest quality and durable materials. Its products are soft, luxurious, comfortable, and a joy to use at every point in time. Its wide range covers all home textile needs from towels to bath robes, sheets and bed linens, bedding essentials and area rugs, and others. Its products are designed to give your home that much-desired homey look and feel that makes you want to stay home all day. You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that its products come at reasonable prices so everyone can have their dream comfy home.

If you want to go all-out and have a really luxurious and pampered time out at the beach, then the Superior Luxurious 100% Cotton Beach Towels will have to go with you. Well-suited for adults and children alike, this beach towel is lightweight enough for easy carriage at 450 grams per square meter.

This beach towel perfectly balances practicality and luxury with its lightweight cut velour that is even softer than other towels with a higher GSM value.

Unlike most beach towels made from standard cotton, the Superior Luxurious 100% Cotton Beach Towels are made from specially treated cotton which has undergone combing to take off all except the longest and finest cotton fibers for a plush, soft, and gorgeous-looking towel.

Measuring a generous 34 inches by 64 inches, this beach towel is ideal for wrapping around your body for a snuggly and warm feeling after a swim in the pool, hot tub, or the ocean.

What’s more, its two sides are made from different materials—one side made from sumptuous and sheared velour and the other side made from combed cotton terry loops so you can lounge luxuriously under the sun or dry off with soft and plush pats using either side of the towel.

The best thing about this beach towel is that it’s machine-washable and highly colorfast so there’s no fear of the colors leaching out or running together and marring the beauty. One thing you should note is that you shouldn’t use dryer sheets or fabric softeners on it, as these tend to adversely affect the absorbent power of the towel.

Become your own sun dial with the Dock and Bay Microfiber Beach Towel & Pouch with its unique round shape that lets you lounge uninterrupted and turn with the sun without having to get up and reposition your towel. If you’d prefer an extra-large, rectangular beach towel designed to dry quickly, take a look at the Dock & Bay Lightweight Oversized Beach Towel measuring a whopping 35 inches by 78 inches!

Dock & Bay Lightweight Beach Towel for Travel – 66" Round, Extra Large Beach Blanket and Towel


Dock and Bay’s aim is to inspire and empower others to step out of the norm and do something different, meet new people, and come together through shared experiences that you’ll never forget. It was founded in 2015 by two friends and co-travelers, who love exploring and taking risks with winsome smiles on their faces. Its passion for the outdoors and life in general led them to decide to share their experience with others through the design of products aimed towards motivating you to take that step towards living life to the fullest. One of such products is the towel; it’s reinvented the towel and made it more than a personal item, but rather something that you find yourself going out with on any trip outdoors. Its products are made from the finest-quality materials and are quite budget-friendly, so go ahead and indulge yourself!

How do you feel about becoming your own personal sun dial?

Well, this Dock and Bay Microfiber Beach Towel & Pouch is designed with that in mind. Its unique round shape is several miles away from the conventional or traditional rectangular-shaped towels that we know. One useful thing about the shape is that it lets you turn with the movement of the sun without having to get up and move your towel. This way, you get to laze around all day, lounging on your unconventionally gorgeous beach towel without any stress. Cool, right? We think so too!

More on breaking away from the normal and mundane. This beach towel from Dock and Bay eschews the conventional cotton material, but instead is made from Microfiber which offers fast-drying action that leaves your body feeling smooth, caressed, and dry in just one swipe.

Further, its extra-large size is big enough to cover a sun bed and thus great for sharing with family and friends.

For better organization and mobility, this beach towel comes in an easy-to-carry pouch so you can log all your bobs and bits in style.

Going to the beach to relax, there’s no gainsaying the fact that you’ll have to deal with the ubiquitous beach sand, which in itself isn’t so bad. It becomes tiring, though, when you have to shake sand out from all your gear and even your hair—but not with this Dock and Bay Microfiber Beach Towel. Its Microfiber makeup makes it non-stick so sand cannot stick to it, giving you one less gear to worry about when de-sanding your gear after an outing at the beach.

Now if you want to leave more sand at the beach for the little ones to build sand castles with, you’ll be rushing over to place your own order for this beach towel…

Its satisfaction guaranteed money-back policy is confidence-inspiring and indicates the utmost trust the company has in its product.

And if you’re environment-conscious, you’d like to know that the plastic outer covering is 100% biodegradable so you’ll be doing the planet a favor when you purchase this beach towel.

If you have sensitive skin, then this Utopia Large Beach-Towel in Cabana Stripe with super-soft, hypo-allergenic ring spun cotton is the best bet for you. It’s really absorbent and can be purchased in a pack of 4 different colors. Need to buy in bulk? Get these Utopia beach towels on sale in a 24 count variety pack!

Utopia Large Beach Towel in Cabana Stripes – 30" by 60", Available in 5 Colors or Variety Pack


Utopia Deals, Inc. is a highly respected and successful brand that offers specialized lifestyle products to selected customer niches. Its numerous and delectable products are geared towards making your life easier and filling your hours with fun and fulfilment. Its mission is to ensure that every household is able to get quality household items for its daily use without having to break the bank. Living good and living well is synonymous with the brand and its customers are assured of an improved lifestyle with its products—ranging from beddings to fitness, wears to kitchen and dining, and everything in-between. It’s headquartered in New York City and has branches in Canada, Pakistan, and China.

The Utopia Large Beach-Towel in Cabana Stripe is a classic specimen of uncompromised luxury and elegance that you can get in a beach towel. Made from 100% ring spun cotton for unparalleled smoothness and dryness, its breathable characteristic ensures that it’s fluffy, soft, and super-absorbent which are great features to be desired in a good beach towel.

The pack of four towels in distinct colors are great for family use so each person can identify his or her towel by the unique color. This also makes it a great choice for a gift pack, if you’re hard-pressed for gift ideas.

This beach towel has features that make it ideal for people with hyper-sensitive skin and who find it difficult getting a towel that won’t aggravate their skin on contact. The Utopia Large Beach-Towel Pool-Towel in Cabana Stripe is super-soft, hypo-allergenic, and gentle to the touch due to its terry cloth nature.

With tight weaves that create more surface area on both sides of the towel, the absorbency is assured for your entire body. So many people complain of their beach towels not being big enough to cover their bodies; this is not the case with this particular beach towel, with its extra-large size measuring 30 inches x 60 inches. You’re sure to get your body fully wrapped up in its warmth after a bath or swim.

Its large size is also suitable as a lounger if you want to lay back and admire the scenes at the beach or just catch a nap without getting sand in your hair or under your toenails.

Caring for this beach towel is a breeze as you can machine-wash and tumble dry it. Non-bleach washing is recommended and the towel doesn’t shrink but rather gets softer with repeated wash.

The Northpoint Pirate Shark Kids Hooded Beach Towel is specially designed for kids with a poncho hood that brings more fun to after-water time than just drying. With the pirate shark print, they’re set to have a great time. Don't need a hood? Take a look at these kids beach towels available in your choice of 24” x 48” or 30" x 60".

Northpoint Pirate Shark Kids Hooded Beach Towel – 24" x 48" Beach Towel for Kids, Available in 7 Color Designs


Northpoint is a company renowned for its quality and fun beach towels with fabulous designs. Its beach towels come in different themes and lines inspired by scenic locations such as the Newport Beach towel collection inspired by the scenic Newport, Rhode Island. Children are not left out, as a whole line is dedicated to beach towels sporting popular characters and images from kiddies’ TV programs so the children can have their favorite character with them even while playing on the beach. Its towels are manufactured using premium-quality Indian soft twist yarns for durability and top functionality. Have a great day at the beach or in the home, either swimming or just relaxing, with any of its towels from its beach towel collection.

Make your little one proud with this Northpoint Pirate Shark Kids Beach Towel. Designed to bring their imaginations to life, children are sure to find the pirate shark printed theme on this beach towel extremely interesting and fun.

Featuring a hood, this beach towel will no doubt become a huge favorite with your kid, as it offers an extra-snuggly and cozy fit for after-water activities.

Trust kids to find a number of inventive and innovative ways to put the hooded beach towel to use on the beach or by the poolside.

This kiddies’ beach towel is made from 100% real cotton for unequalled moisture-absorbing capability, and lightweight for easy packing. It’s soft and well-suited for the tender skin of children.

The bright and vivid pirate shark design is printed on with high-resolution printing that’ll not fade with use and washing, but will instead look brighter and shinier.

It’s easier to get the kids to towel-dry with these fun hooded beach towels than when using a traditional beach towel. They’ll even make it easier on you by taking over the drying process so they can frolic around and show off their new beach towel.

Best Pool and Beach Towel Buying Guide — Should You Go for a Large or Oversized Beach Towel?

Summertime is a much-anticipated season because of the promise of warm, sunny days and balmy nights, trips to the beach, and time spent sun bathing and getting that much-desired tan. Imagine packing a picnic basket, your bathing suit, and other beach gear, and then forgetting to include a beach towel? Or deciding to go to the beach with your bathroom towel? After all, they both perform the same function—or do they?

Can you imagine what would happen if you used that towel that you have spread out on the sand to wipe off after a bath? Ouch! You’d surely have particles of sand in places you never imagined. Even if you’re going to have a three-course meal, picnic-style on the beach, it would be foolhardy to take your kitchen towels or hand towels. You’d rather go with some serviettes or paper towels.

Why the hullabaloo about having separate towels for different locations and occasions? We all know that once you use a blanket, towel, or cloth on the sand, you’ll rarely get every bit of sand off that material. That’s why we need different towels for the bathroom, kitchen, and beach.

When you decide to spend time at the beach, one of the most essential items that must accompany you is a beach towel. Although it’s called a beach towel, this item also comes in handy for lounging by the poolside, watching your kids romp and play with their pool toys in the water. You can also get a Disney-themed towel for them, since kids are so attached to Disney and all it stands for. And if you’re looking for a great brand to buy beach towels from, we recommend AmazonBasics; it stocks good beach towels.

Since beach towels come in different styles and sizes, you can also get a family-sized one to frolic on with your kids when they come out of the water. Or on days when you want some peace and quiet, spread out a regular-sized towel on your chaise lounge and enjoy a chilled glass of lemonade with a good page-turner!

Video: Things to Carry on a Beach

Things You Should Carry on a Beach. | Courtesy of Poonam Vlog

Towels generally cover a wide price range and a lot of factors determine this price difference. Some of these factors are the quality of the material, the GSM, the absorbency, the size, the design, and the brand that manufactured the towel.

If you’re looking to buy a good beach towel, you should be prepared to spend anywhere between $20 and $40 for regular-sized towels, and as much as $50 for extra-large. There are definitely beach towels that are costlier than the price stated and there are also those that are cheaper. We found out that some of those cheap beach towels were of poor quality, constantly giving off lint even after several washings, and have low GSM. All of this combines to keep them from lasting long, which means that all you get is a penny-wise/pound-foolish deal.

However, if you invest in a good beach towel, you’ll discover that it will serve you for a long time to come and you won’t be bothered with shopping for a beach towel every year.


A good beach towel is an essential component of a successful beach experience. Though they are towels, there are distinguishing features that set them apart from your regular bathroom towels.

Here are some of those features:

  • Design/Style – There are many beach towels that combine style and comfort, and they come in different designs.
  • Material – Always look out for top-quality material as this will affect the absorbency, softness, and durability of the towel.
  • Size – The size of your towel will determine its function.
  • Portability and Ease of Storage – Though we all love extra-large beach towels, a lot of people also want to be able to transport and store it without much hassle.
  • Comfort – This is largely dependent on the material of the towel and is an essential feature for people with extra-sensitive skin.
  • Weight – A beach towel can be large and lightweight at the same time, and that’s an option that many look out for.
  • Versatility and Multifunctionality – You should be able to use your beach towel as both a blanket/mat and to dry your body.
  • Quality of Printed Image – If you decide to get a towel with a motif printed on it, be sure that the print is of high quality.
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance – Check out the cleaning instructions and be sure that you can follow them without stress.

We will now go on to explore in greater detail the benefits of these features. Please read on…

Construction and Design

A few factors that you may want to consider while shopping for a beach towel include: its material, level of comfort, shrinkage, portability, and the quality of the printed image. We’ll take a look at each of these below.


Beach towels come in different shapes, sizes, and designs and are manufactured with different methods, in different styles. Towels that are 100% cotton absorb moisture faster than other fabrics and have antimicrobial properties; this makes it a good feature for a beach item. Linen towels are also good because they have antimicrobial properties and also retain moisture. Both cotton and linen towels dry quickly. Whatever material of towel you decide to buy, ensure that it is top-quality with threads that won’t unravel or get snagged on a rough edge. Also ensure that it won’t retain odor, stains, or provide a breeding ground for germs.

To ensure that the towel you have chosen won’t fade in the sun or after a few washes, look out for yarn-dyed towel. You can determine this by looking at the loops of the towel; if the color is in each loop, then you are assured that it won’t fade.


Although you may be looking for a soft and fluffy towel, bear in mind that some manufacturers may use fabric softeners on their towels before displaying them for sale. This means that you get a soft and fluffy towel that becomes hard and coarse after two or more washes. It wouldn’t hurt to check out reviews by verified buyers who would help you know how long the softness lasted and the authenticity of other features.


Another issue that most towels have is that of shrinkage. Most would shrink after a number of washes and you find out that you don’t get as much value from your towel as you would have desired to.


Some towels are more flexible and easy to fold than others. A beach towel should be easily foldable and portable to ensure that you can carry it wherever you want without taking up too much space. It should also be easily stored when not in use.

Quality of Printed Image

If you like beach towels with designs or motifs printed on, ensure that the print quality is excellent. It would be sad to get a towel with the image of your favorite cartoon character only to have it run all over the towel when you wash it. Also bear in mind that towels that have images on them have had to be cropped to allow the images to show up better. This process makes the towel lose some level of absorbency; this therefore means that towels with images are less absorbent than plain terry cloth towels.

Video: Things to Do at the Beach

Beach Day Hacks. | Courtesy of 5-Minute Crafts
Performance and Ease of Use

Two things we recommend you look out for to ensure you get the most out of your beach towel include its size and how easy it is to clean and maintain. Let’s take a closer look at these features.


When purchasing a beach towel, you should ask yourself whether it’s just for you, for two, or for a family. This would help you determine the size of towel you’ll be on the lookout for. Beach towels can be found in a wide range of sizes from 30 x 60 inches to a size that can cover a queen-sized bed. If you’re buying a beach towel for you and your family, of course you know you’ll do well with the largest size available.

Also check the GSM (gram per square meter) of the towel; the heavier and denser it is, the more absorbent it will be. Cotton and linen are the best materials that have this feature, but the quality varies. They are also the most natural of all kinds of material from which towels can be made. Look at the tag; you’ll most often see the thread count, the GSM, and the material the towel is made of. Remember that the higher the quality of the material, the less risk of odor retention, stains, or microbes there is.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Most towels also come with cleaning instructions. One thing we know is that most people do not fancy the idea of hand-washing items such as towels. It’s therefore best to look out for machine-washable beach towels and ones that do not require special laundry or cleaning agents.

Some towels give off lint, which irritates everyone and more especially people with sensitive skin. It is therefore advised that you wash your new beach towel separately with a good laundry detergent and half a cup of baking soda. Dry on high until completely dry before you start using the towel.

Get the Best Beach Towel of 2022!

We’re glad you took the time to read to the end of this review. We are optimistic that we provided enough information for you to know what to look out for and to be able to make a good purchase. We encourage you to go ahead and pick one of these featured products; you’ll be glad you did. However, if you came across some other products that are not the featured ones but still by the same brand, please feel free to check them out. You might get the one that just clicks with your requirements.

Our Top Choice
Kaufman Velour Cabana Beach Towels
Best Value
SUPERIOR Luxury Extra Large Beach Towels
Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel & Pouch
Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel
Northpoint Kids Beach Towel with Hood

Beach Towel FAQs

What is the difference between beach towels and bath towels?
The main difference between beach towels and bath towels is that the former is larger. While bath towels measure 42 to 58 in length and 24 to 30 in width, beach towels have a 54 to 70 inches length and a 48 to 58 inches width. They also differ in functionality – the beach towel is a blanket for relaxing on the beach. On the other hand, bath towels are for everyday use when bathing. You will also notice some differences related to the way the two types of towels look.
Who makes the best beach towels?
Several companies make the best beach towels, including Kaufman, Superior, Dock and Bay, Utopia Deals Inc., and Northpoint. Each of these manufacturers is as good as the other. Therefore, you should focus more on a beach towel model's unique features – not the manufacturer.
Where to buy beach towels?
You can buy beach towels straight from Amazon, a leading online retailer that stocks various goods and has the best deals. If you are looking for beach towels to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.