Best Beach Umbrella Reviews 2023

Beach umbrellas are often seen as simple products that don’t need much thought. However, your days at the beach, or watching a family playing a sports match in the rain, could drastically be changed by the right umbrella. If you need a tent-like cover from the rain or a portable block from the strong sun, we have something for you. Check out five of the best beach umbrella brands and 5 cool options to get you started!
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Our Top Choice
Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather Umbrella
Sport Brella design sturdy all-weather umbrellas to protect you from wind, rain or shine. Their products are easy to assemble and can be adjusted to your needs.
The oversized umbrella comes with ventilation windows and side flaps, protecting all the family at once. The fabric provides UPF 50+ for those burning hot beach days.
Firm ground or damp sand provides the most secure fixture in the ground during high winds.
Beach Umbrella
99.5% UVA/UVB Rays / UPF 50+
69 x 96" / 54 x 4 x 4" / 9lbs
210D polyester
Blue or red
Best Value
Tommy Bahama Deluxe Beach Umbrella
Tommy Bahama is a stylish beach brand, aiming to bring fashion and relaxation into the lives of their customers.
The canopy is made from polyester with 100 plus SPF to protect you from the hot sun while you relax. The clip-on canopy can be tilted in a full circle to protect you from sunrise to sunset.
To ensure it was secure, some customers pushed the pole deeper than the recommended height in compact sand.
Upright Parasol
SPF 100+
82 x 84" / 47 x 6 x 4" / 4.1lbs
Available in 5 Colors
Frankford Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella
Frankford Umbrellas are a trustworthy brand manufacturing reliable, high-quality sun umbrellas and beach chairs.
The pole is solid Ash wood and stainless steel joints to withstand strong winds. Marine grade acrylic canopy keeps skin safe from the sun with UPF 50+.
Can become heavy if you are carrying it a long distance.
Upright Parasol
UPF 50+
94 x 90" / 59 x 9 x 9" / 15lbs
Marine Grade Acrylic
Available in 16 Colors
BeachBUB Beach Umbrella System
The unique patented design from BeachBUB was an innovative solution when the founder witnessed a flying sun umbrella in high winds hurt a child.
The base design is lightweight and portable whilst also being solid and robust once it is filled with sand. Simple hooks fasten the umbrella to the base.
A small number of defect umbrellas’ stitching came apart at the canopy seams.
Upright parasol
UPF 50+
84 x 90” / 6 x 6 x 48" / 9lbs
Spun Polyester
EasyGo Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella
EasyGo strives to find great ideas to get rid of those everyday nuisance problems, from convenient household items to beach umbrellas.
The rust-free aluminum pole and fiberglass ribs are long-lasting against the elements. The tilting UV protective canopy keeps your skin safer all day long.
Some isolated incidents of damage to the pole structure in windy conditions have occurred.
Upright Parasol
UV Protection
90 x 96” / 56 x 6 x 6" / 7.3lbs

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What is the Best Beach Umbrella?

To decide what features you need from your umbrella, first think about where you will use it most and what your budget is, and who you are using it for. If you need to fit your large family underneath the umbrella, you may have to spend a few more pennies on a bigger canopy. As you’ve read on our guide, adjustments and good sun protection materials are important if you’ll be out all day in the hot sun, whereas strong structure and a sturdy base are must-haves if the wind picks up so you don’t end up running down the beach after your umbrella! Let’s now jump straight to our top picks and hope you will get an option that catches your fancy!
Our Top Choice
Sport Brella is ideal for big family days out, to give you a relaxed, well-deserved break, whatever the weather. If you’d prefer something more compact then why not take a look at Sport Brella Versa-Brella, which you can clip onto your chair for convenience.

Sport-Brella 3-In-One Umbrella with 8 Foot Canopy - Protects from Sun, Wind and Rain, Available With or Without Floor, Choice of 3 Colors

Sport Brella creates innovative umbrella products suitable for all weathers and outside activities. They use practical material to protect you and your family from over 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays.

Sport Brella comes in a convenient bag with a shoulder strap so it’s easily portable and lightweight to take with you wherever you go. With an extendable pole and 8 steel ground stakes and three 8ft tie-down cords you can make sure your Sport Brella is secure in any position you want. Made with sun-protective material, this will protect even delicate skin from the sun. The window panels create air ventilation making sure you have a breath of fresh air and stops it getting stuffy under the umbrella on a burning hot beach day.

This versatile umbrella is not only made for the beach, but is also great for camping trips or watching sports games in the wind and rain, big enough to protect all your family at once. Unlike a normal umbrella, Sport Brella has side flaps that can be tied down, meaning you will even be kept dry sitting to one side of the canopy. Designed with you in mind, the Sport Brella has a storage pocket on each side, so your belongings are close by to grab anytime. We have chosen the Sport Brella in blue but you can also purchase in red.
Looking for a sturdy beach umbrella made to last? Frankford Umbrella could be just what you want! However, if you are looking for something smaller, Frankford Umbrella Shade Star could be just right for you.

Frankford Umbrella Emerald Coast Collection 7.5 ft. Commercial Steel Beach Umbrella with Ashwood Pole – Optional Carry Bag Available, 16 Color/Design Choices

Starting out as a small umbrella repair company by two brothers in 1989, Frankford Umbrellas has grown into a renowned beach brand, selling things like beach chairs and cabanas.

This 7.5 ft Steel Commercial Umbrella is built to be sturdy and durable, so you can enjoy this Frankford design for many beach days to come. The pole is made from stylish Ash wood with stainless steel joints that can stand strong on windy days. The fabric is marine grade acrylic fabric, which is designed for shade structures and gives a firm, heavy finish to the umbrella. The solution-dying used on the fabric embeds the color into each fiber, so your umbrella will stay brighter for longer.

It has a UPF 50+ keeping your skin safer on beautiful sunny days. You also have the option of buying the carry bag for easy travel and the sand anchor to ensure the umbrella is secure in the sand. Chosen here in Pacific Blue, there are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from: Forest Green, Pacific Blue/White, Logo Red, American Flag, Beach Ball, Red/White Stripe, Navy Blue, Navy Blue and White, Blue/White Stripe, Sunflower Yellow, Teal/White Stripe, Yellow/White Stripe, Turquoise/ White Stripe or Forest Green/ White Stripe.
The BeachBUB Umbrella System is a quick and easy umbrella to put up, and stands strong all day long. Don’t miss out on checking out this great buy! If your budget won’t cover the base and the matching umbrella, don’t fret! You can buy the BeachBUB Ultra Base on its own to use with your own umbrella.

BeachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System - Includes BUBrella, beachBUB Base and Accessory Kit

BeachBUB’s was created with the very intention to keep beach umbrellas fixed in place even in high winds after the founder witnessed a small child being struck by a fly-away umbrella.

BeachBUB Beach Umbrella System is an innovative, unique design keeping your umbrella safely upright in up to 35mph winds. With a base that weighs only a pound you won’t have a problem when carrying it around finding the perfect spot on the beach and when it’s filled with sand, it weighs down your umbrella with up to 120lbs. It’s easy to set up, without having to dig a hole in the sand or push in a screw, you can simply set it on the ground and the kids can enjoy helping dig the sand into the base.
The EasyGo Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella is an innovative umbrella with lightweight materials and easy adjustments to position it just how you like it. However, if you are looking for something slightly smaller and lighter, the 7” wide EasyGo Umbrella could be your answer!

EasyGo Oversized Beach Umbrella - Giant 8' Rainbow Beach Umbrella Heavy Duty Design Includes Sand Anchor and Carry Bag

EasyGo Products create and manufacture household solutions to help make family life as smooth and stress-free as possible.

EasyGo has taken time to resolve issues found in standard beach umbrellas, by using durable, high-quality materials. With heavy duty anodized aluminum and fiberglass ribs and spreaders the construction is strong and reliable on a windy day. Not only is the pole rust-free, but the height is easily adjustable to your needs with double-sided locking pins keeping it secure.

The large 8ft canopy will be plenty to shade all of your family with UV coated fabric to help protect everyone’s skin. The cover has wind vents to improve stability and can be tilted at the push of a button to keep you in full shade. It’s simple to set up as you twist the screw end into the sand to keep it firmly upright. It comes with a carry bag with a handle so it can be transported along the beach with no problems. The canopy comes in a vibrant rainbow pattern, brightening up your sunny day!

How Do I Choose the Best Beach Umbrella?

The sun is shining; you can hear the waves crashing and the feel the sand beneath your feet. Pure bliss. A whole day of you stretching out in front of the ocean. You’ve set up the beach chair, the beach mat laid out on the ground to make sure no one complains abut having a sandy sandwich, with the towel at the ready for when the kids come rushing over, sopping wet from the salty water. The sun is glorious, and you know you’ve topped off their sunscreen, but there’s something you are missing. What if you want a nice place to cool down or let the children eat out of the sun’s harmful rays? Now that’s where a good beach umbrella will prove to come in handy!

Getting the right beach umbrella is not an easy task though, but don’t worry because we’ve got your back. Below are some of the factors you need to keep in mind for that perfect purchase.
The price for a beach umbrella can range a lot, either catering towards people on a budget or towards people looking for the latest trends and designs on the market.

Near the bottom of the price range, umbrellas can be bought for around $60. These options will still offer you the much-needed protection from the sun and if you are lucky get one with adjustable pole for easy set up and take down. Be warned, though, that cheap beach umbrellas may come with poor materials and construction could cause a problem in windy weather and shouldn’t be expected to last as long as umbrellas with a higher price tag.

At the opposite end of the scale, with all the extras, details, and thorough design, you could easily be handing over $200. In this price range, you should have the peace of mind knowing that the umbrella will be durable, sturdy, and will live up to expectations. You can also get convenient pockets for personal belongings, windows to let through a cool breeze and fresh air, and tested, proven protection from the sun. You can also get easy carry bags and poles that will allow you to follow the sun for shade throughout the whole day.
There are plenty of aspects to consider when buying a beach umbrella, so we’ve put them altogether in a list for you to decide what you and your family needs most.

Here are the factors to think about:
  • Sun protection rating
  • Canopy size (number of people it can cover)
  • Material
  • How to set it up/take down
  • Transport and storage
  • Adjustable pole
  • Extension for more people
  • Anchor/screw into ground
  • Extras: pocket for belongings/windows/color/etc
Once you know what you need from each of these points, it will be easier for you to find the right beach umbrella for you.
Construction and Design
The material with which the pole is made of is a big factor, as this can totally change when and where you can use it. If you want something that is versatile to protect you and your family from the rain and wind when watching your little one play football, in addition to providing shade on sunny days, then ensuring sturdy and rigid structure important.

The size and sun protection provided by the canopy is an important safety measure to think about. If you have a big family, make sure you choose canopy large enough to cover all of you at once so no one gets left out in the elements! Don’t forget to check the sun protection rating to ensure everyone’s skin will be safe from over exposure on a sizzling day.

There a plenty of innovative designs and solutions when it comes to stabilizing your umbrella in the ground. Some have sand anchors that you can fill up when you arrive at the beach, while others have metal screws that you can twist into the ground, and some umbrellas will even come with ground ties for extra support.

Windows and air vents are also built into some of the canopies, to make sure it doesn’t get to stuffy and uncomfortable under the umbrella. You can adjust the window covers depending on what the weather is doing or which direction the wind is blowing to have a breath of fresh air while remaining shaded.
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you’re all set up with the umbrella leaning over you and you’re lying back with the sand between your toes, nothing in the world can stop you from enjoying a blissful summer day; but getting to that point could be a completely different story if you’ve spent ages trying to get the umbrella set up where you want it, leading to a potential frustrating venture.

Some beach umbrellas have poles that can be adjusted by the touch of a button, with a pole joint that can be rotated to block the sun out instead of moving the whole umbrella. There are also umbrellas that come with carry bags equipped with shoulder straps to make it easy for you to tote the umbrella to the ideal lounging spot, allowing less time and effort to be spent in the scorching heat preparing for a lovely beach day, and more time actually enjoying it.

Some of the designs have extra features such as a ground sheet or a pocket for personal belongings so you don’t have to worry about keeping everyone’s things together or bringing along a blanket for the day on top of everything else.

Get the Best Beach Umbrella of 2023!

Hopefully this guide has made the minefield of choosing the right umbrella much more relaxing, so you can be relaxing on the beach under an umbrella with everything you need.

Our Top Choice
Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather Umbrella
Best Value
Tommy Bahama Deluxe Beach Umbrella
Frankford Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella
BeachBUB Beach Umbrella System
EasyGo Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella