Best Beam Scale Reviews 2022

Are you looking for a beam scale for use at home or in your business? If you’re a new buyer, choosing the right beam scale can be difficult. Therefore, we’ve researched five of the best beam scale brands on the market, showcasing a scale from each to help you find one that best meets your weighing needs.
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Material (s)
Our Top Choice
HealthOMeter Dual-Reading Beam Scale
Health O Meter is a global brand that manufactures high-quality weighing machines, such as beam balances and scales, for use in various industries.
Heavy-duty build. Easy to assemble. Durable. Easy to use. Affordable.
The beam occupies a large space, hence not ideal for small rooms.
Mechanical beam scale
400 pounds
0.24 pounds
14 x 10.5 x 3.5 in.; 30lbs
Stainless steel
Best Value
Detecto Weigh Beam Eye-Level
Detecto Scale was founded in 1900 and is ISO 9001-certified. It is a leading manufacturer of high-quality weighing products for food service, healthcare, and logistics industries.
Durable. Provides accurate readings. Easy to assemble. Fast & easy to use. Compact design makes it portable.
In comparison to other physician beam balances, the weigh beam is more expensive.
Physician beam scale
400 pounds
0.25 pounds
59 x 14.5 x 10.5 in.; 35lbs
Die cast/steel
Seca Scales Physician Beam Scale
Founded in 1840, Seca is an American company with a focus on manufacturing premium medical measuring systems and scales.
High capacity & easy mobility. Includes a measuring rod. 5-year warranty. Comes pre-calibrated. Eye-level display for easy readings. Easy to operate.
The balance bar tends to get stuck on the extreme end of the beam guard.
Physician beam scale
500 pounds
0.11 pounds
61.3 x 20.5 x 20.5 in.; 35.7lbs
Cast iron
HealthOMeter Pediatric Beam Scale
Health O Meter is a leader in the medical scale industry with a large product portfolio, hence has hit our list twice.
Provides high precision, stability & durability. Heavy-duty steel base for strength and durability. Safe for babies & easy to clean.
Has a limited capacity of 130 pounds only.
Pediatric mechanical beam scale
130 pounds
0.044 pounds
24.13 x 14.5 x 3.25 in.; 35lbs
Heavy-duty steel
Brecknell Mechanical Physician Beam Scale
Founded in 1761, Brecknell is a leading global manufacturer of accurate weighing solutions designed for ease-of-use.
Dual-marked in pounds and kilograms. Easy to use and read. Delivers precise, full-range weights. Features rollers for easy mobility.
Setup instructions aren’t detailed.
Mechanical physician scale
440 pounds
0.125 inches
60 x 20.5 x 6.8 in.; 46lbs

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What is the Best Beam Scale?

Choose a beam scale of the right type, capacity, accuracy, size, and material construction, and consider carefully any other features it comes with. Your choice of a beam scale should also come with a warranty to protect you from manufacturing defects. Find out if one of our recommended beam scales is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Health O Meter Dual-Reading Beam Scale features a height rod for fast and efficient collection of readings. Use it in your home, school, or even a healthcare clinic. Opt for the Health O Meter Beam Scale with a maximum capacity of 390 pounds if you want a weighing machine with a silent-slide height rod for adjustability and a base made of heavy-gauge steel at almost the same price.

HealthOMeter Dual-Reading Beam Scale with a Height Rod & 400-Pound Capacity

Health O Meter is a popular brand when it comes to quality beam balances. However, it also offers its customers quality blood pressure monitors, body fat monitors, and more. Its goal is to provide these customers with everything they need to keep working towards their health goals—and, ultimately, to achieve them.

Are you in need of a high-quality beam scale to use in your fitness center, office, gym, home, or healthcare clinic? This dual-reading quality beam is made of steel for durability. The American-made scale supports daily use without compromising the accuracy of your readings. The powder coating both on the inside and outside also guarantees the quality and durability of your scale.

The Health O Meter Dual-Reading Beam Scale comes with an exclusive 10-year limited warranty to protect you from manufacturing defects. Experience stable weighing of your patients, thanks to the beam’s heavy-duty base made of stainless steel. It comes with a height rod to enable you to capture your patients’ heights as well. The beam is easy to assemble and has a large weighing capacity of up to 400 pounds, and 0.24-pound accuracy.
Best Value
The Detecto Weigh Beam Eye-Level is designed for accurate eye-level, dual-reading in healthcare settings. It’s also ideal for use in your gym, home, office, or even a fitness center. The Detecto Physician Scale is also designed for durability and accurate readings at the eye level. However, it comes without a height rod. Opt for this mechanical beam if you want a scale without a height rod at a slightly lower cost.

Detecto Balance Beam Doctor/Physician Scale with Height Rod, 400lbs - Made in the USA

Detecto is America’s leading manufacturer of medical scales, and has been doing what it does best for over 100 years. This quality brand has even had its share on the television—more than once! If you’re looking for only the greatest scales, you can be sure that Detecto is the brand to go for.

Whether you want a beam scale to use in a hospital, fitness center, or even at home, the Detecto Weigh Beam comes in handy. The optional counterweight is what you need to increase your scale’s capacity. With the strong and sturdy build, your scale is bound to last many years. The cover on the platform is removable for cleaning purposes.

The Detecto Weigh Beam is made in Webb City, MO in the US. With a capacity of 400 pounds, this physician beam scale makes ¼-pound increments for better accuracy. It comes with a height rod with measurements ranging from 30 inches to 78 inches, a hand post, and wheels. No skills are needed to use this beam scale. What’s more, it comes with a 2-year warranty to protect you from any manufacturing faults.
The Seca Scales Physician Beam Scale features slip-resistant cast iron for safe and durable use when weighing heavy patients. If you want a more cost-effective mechanical beam scale with lower capacity, opt for the Seca Waist-High Mechanical Beam Scale.

Seca Scales Physician Beam Scale with a Height Measuring Rod

Seca is committed to taking precision in healthcare to a new level. The company believes in quality and uses modern innovations and unique designs to deliver exceptional healthcare products. Founded decades ago, the family-owned business has grown over the years to become an industry leader. In addition to improving lives through quality healthcare, the company also focuses on sustainability. This makes it a reliable brand you can depend on.

The Seca Scales Physician Beam Scale is designed for highly accurate and premium-quality measuring services. With a slip-resistant cast-iron base, 500-pound capacity, and an anti-tip column design, you can easily measure and weigh your patients without the scale getting damaged. Double-sided calibration of the beam scale allows you and your patient to take readings simultaneously.

The transport castors support mobile use of the beam scale from one part of your clinic or medical room to another, as need be. The base offers sturdy support, and the scale is designed for easy operation so you can easily take readings. What’s more, the scale comes with a five-year warranty for protection from manufacturing faults. You have multiple versions to choose from: an lbs or lbs/kg beam scale with a stadiometer, an lbs or lbs/kg scale without the stadiometer, and a scale with a stadiometer and handle.
The HealthOMeter Pediatric Beam Scale has numerals engraved on the poise bar to support prolonged readability and frequent use. Consider the HealthOMeter Mechanical Pediatric Beam Scale if you prefer a child seat in a different design and finish for comfort and safety due to reduced movement of infants.

HealthOMeter Pediatric Beam Scale with Heavy-Duty Steel Base & Poise Bar

Health O Meter is popular for its innovative medical products. As a leader in the medical scales industry, the company continuously invests in new technologies to enhance and expand its products. Patients and doctors alike trust the company to consistently deliver unparalleled quality and accuracy in its products. With various weighing solutions to choose from, the company enjoys at least half of the US physician scales market share.

The HealthOMeter Pediatric Beam Scale is designed to offer optimal accuracy day-in and day-out. Featuring a heavy-duty steel base, the scale can support babies weighing up to 130 pounds due to enhanced strength and durability. With a measuring tape built into the sanitary tray, the safety of your pediatric patients is guaranteed. Made from plastic, the child seat and sanitary tray are easy to clean in-between weighing different patients.

The scale also comes pre-calibrated for high accuracy. Designed to rotate, the poise bars lock in to support accurate operation and dual reading in pounds and kilograms. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty and 20g (0.7oz.) accuracy.
The Brecknell HS-200M Mechanical Physician Beam Scale is built with rollers to support easy movement around the intended area of use. However, opt for the Brecknell Triple Beam Pan Balance Scale if you want one with a smaller capacity that’s designed for use in educational institutions.

Brecknell HS-200M Mechanical Physician Beam Scale with Dual Calibration & Rollers for Mobility

Brecknell is a pioneer brand in the weighing industry with more than two hundred and fifty years of service. The company is committed to offering exceptional customer support and premium solutions to weighing problems. It uses premium materials and innovative designs to come up with easy-to-use, high-value, and accurate weighing solutions. Serving customers worldwide and having been in the industry for more than two centuries, the company knows what it takes to deliver impeccable weighing solutions.

The Brecknell HS-200M Mechanical Physician Beam Scale measures weight and height. Built with easy-to-read linear dual beams with bold markings, the scale can precisely measure the weight and height of your patients. Made with steel for enhanced strength and durability, the scale has a large weighing range from as low as 60cm or two inches to as high as 210cm or seven inches. It has an accuracy of 0.1cm (0.04 inches) for height measurements.

The scale is built to last years of use in normal application areas. It comes with rollers for easy transportation from one point of your clinic to another. Dual-marked in pounds and kilograms, the scale can find use in various parts of the world. It also provides accurate weights of full range. This device comes packed with a manual, wheels, height scale, platform, weighing tower, and other hardware.

How Do I Choose the Best Beam Scale?

Getting the mass of certain items and that of people requires utmost accuracy. This explains the need for the best beam scale. A beam scale allows measurement of mass with high accuracy and without interference from outside elements. A beam scale works by using a balance system with an object on one end and the standard weights on the other end.

Designed for both home and commercial use, beam scales are used to weigh materials of varying types—or, such as those in this review, people. They come in all sorts of types, brands, designs, shapes, and for use in different industries. While some scales come with platforms and height rods, others only feature weighing platforms. Some beam scales are digital such as the Tanita WB-3000 Scale while others are traditional beam balances.

High-capacity beam scales ensure that you can weigh items or materials of different weights within the allowed limit. A good beam scale is designed not just for durability, but for high accuracy, with a minimal error margin. Changes in gravity from one place to another can affect the readings captured for the same object/person. However, a beam scale works differently because the object/person and the standard weights are exposed to the same changes.

Unlike baby scales, beam scales come with different weights depending on the calibrations of the scale and how much it can accommodate. The larger weights are balanced first and then the smaller weights are added until the balance is attained. The totals of the standard weights are equal to the weight of the object or person.

Beam scales can be used anywhere because they don’t need any power to operate. They are mechanical in nature, operating only on the principle of movements. The ability to use the beam scale anywhere you are gives you freedom when you want to take measurements out in the field. Since beam scales are mechanical, they’re usually made with hard and sturdy materials that can withstand outdoor use.

Electrical scales, on the other hand, are kind of sensitive and can get damaged easily; therefore, they need to be taken care of properly. A beam scale does not have any internal moving parts which could become problematic. Beam scales also come in compact designs that are easy to carry around and store, such as the Ohaus Specialty Beam Scale.
Beam scales come at different prices, mostly based on size and how much weight it can hold. Large beam scales that can measure up to five hundred pounds cost more than those used only to make small measurements in laboratories. There are cheap beam scales available on the market, but they should be avoided because they might not have good accuracy or last long.

Beam scales last many years because they’re made of sturdy materials. You’ll find a good beam scale in the price range of $70 to $1000. Budget-friendly beam scales cost $210 or less, while moderately-priced models go for anything between $211 and $330. High-end models cost about $330, averaging $350, depending on available features. Upgraded models for commercial use in industrial areas can cost more.
There are certain critical features to look out for when purchasing a beam scale so you’re able to get reliable measurements. The most important feature to consider in this case is accuracy. The higher the accuracy of a beam scale, the better. Also ensure the type of beam scale you buy is ideal for your intended use for the best results.

Here are some of the important features to look for:
  • Accuracy for precise measurements
  • High readability
  • Calibration
  • Precision
  • Few movable parts
  • Materials used in the construction
  • The right size
  • The number of weighing beams it comes with
  • The amount of weight it can hold
With the right beam scale, you’re guaranteed accurate measurements each time you need to take weights, be it at home, in your business, or in industrial settings.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design of your scale, there’s a few things to consider including type, capacity, accuracy, size, and material. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

Type – There are many types of beam scales that can be used in measuring the mass of objects. The type depends on how the scale is put together.

The type of scale to use depends largely on the objects to be measured. If they’re large items, a platform scale is favorable, but for small items, a triple beam scale is ideal.

However, as stated before, the beam scales we’re reviewing here are those used to weigh people. Keep this in mind while continuing.

Capacity – This refers to the maximum load that the beam scale can handle. Beam scales have different capacities, with some being able to measure up to one thousand pounds. The capacity of a beam balance is identified by looking at the scale to see the maximum number on the scale. It can also be indicated by the manufacturer.

Accuracy – Accuracy is important when you’re buying a beam scale. It refers to the capability of the scale to provide a measurement that’s as close to the actual value as possible. You should look for a machine whose accuracy is as high as possible.

Size – The size of a beam scale is also important to consider because some beam scales are really huge and heavy. If you’re looking for one to use at home, you should check on the floor space available. Make sure you have enough vertical space if you’re buying a platform beam scale. If you want a portable scale, opt for a small triple beam scale.

Materials – There are many materials used in the construction of beam scales, most of which are durable and strong. Most beam scales are made using metals such as brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and other such strong and sturdy materials. When shopping for a beam scale, look for materials that last and can take the loads without caving in.
Performance and Ease of Use
Precision is important for a beam scale. It’s the ability of a beam scale to give the same reading for the same object after several tries. Further, the calibration of a scale should allow you to take measurements even in several decimal places. A good scale also makes sure the readings taken are only those of the items/person being measured and not the plates, hence should allow for tare.

The beam scale should be cleaned after use for maintenance purposes. What’s more, the products to be weighed should always be at room temperature. Make sure the scale is calibrated yearly to maintain its accuracy, especially in industrial applications.

Get the Best Beam Scale of 2022!

Whether you need to weigh patients in a hospital, furnish your gym or fitness center, weigh produce for sale in your retail store, or weigh yourself at home, there’s a beam scale out there to meet your needs. However, our focus for this review is only on those that are for weighing people. We hope that with our review of five of the top beam scales, you were in a position to pick the right weighing scale to meet your unique needs. In case you need something different, check out our other weighing scale reviews.

Our Top Choice
HealthOMeter Dual-Reading Beam Scale
Best Value
Detecto Weigh Beam Eye-Level
Seca Scales Physician Beam Scale
HealthOMeter Pediatric Beam Scale
Brecknell Mechanical Physician Beam Scale