Best Bean Bag Chair Reviews 2023

A sun lounger, a couch, an armchair, and a prop for reading or playing video games rolled into one…a bean bag! We have looked at so many cool bean bags on the market and have come up with five top bean bag brands, showcasing a our favorite choice from each of them. From big to small, and from lightweight to sturdy, we have five very different products so you can find out which one suits you best.
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Max Weight
Our Top Choice
Jaxx Nimbus Spandex Bean Bag Chair
Jaxx is a new, trendy brand that aims to revolutionize bean bags with improved fabric, filling, and shape!
A combination of polystyrene beads and latex lining creates a new, relaxing experience. The beads can be removed from the bag so you can wash it hassle-free.
When emptying the bean bag, it’s best to do so in a hard-floored room so it’s easy to find those cheeky beads if they escape and roll away.
100% Spandex
Polystyrene beads
56"L x 38"W x 14"H
Available in 7 colors
Removable cover
Best Value
Big Joe Junior Chair
Two young college guys fell on a eureka moment trying to fix their bean bag, and before their eyes Big Joe bean bags emerged.
The armchair shape provides long-lasting support and comfort for your child. Big Joe claims their UltimaX beads last 20% longer than their competitors’.
Some customers were unsatisfied with the volume of filling and purchased a refill pack of beads.
Not specified
UltimaX Beans
21”L x 22”W x 19”H
Available in 2 colors
Removable cover
Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Lounger Bean Bag Chair
Comfy Sacks is focused on giving the power back to the customer by offering a massive choice of colors, fabrics, and sizes for each bean bag.
Memory foam filling offers a spongy cushion with a long-lasting firmness that bounces back. The inner lining contains the filling, making it easy to wash the cover.
As the bean bag is fairly big, it’s advised to set it up where you intend to keep it, to save from more shoving and pushing after the filling is fully fluffed.
Micro suede
Shredded memory foam
90”L x 48”W x 34”H inches
Available in 30 colors
Removable cover with inner lining
Sofa Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag
Sofa Sacks aims to reinvent the bean bag into a more comfortable and modern addition to your home.
The large, five-foot design provides plenty of room to lounge about on. The incredibly soft and durable cover lets you enjoy this revolutionary seat many times over.
The soft suede cover is not removable, but it can be easily wiped clean.
Micro suede
Memory foam
60" L x 60" W x 34" H
Available in 15 colors
Wipe with cloth to clean cover
Ace Bayou X Rocker Mesh Video Gaming Bean Bag
Ace Bayou designs soft casual furniture to bring style and comfort into the home, and X-Rocker is one great brand under their umbrella. X-Rocker bean bag chairs are designed for the demands of gamers.
Its unique side pocket is great to store your phone or remote to keep from losing it. The breathable mesh lycra sweet spot keeps you cool even after hours on a hot day.
The supportive L-shape doesn’t mold and adapt to the body as much as other bean bags.
Low-density polystyrene beads
36”L x 23”W x36”H
Green or plum, with black seat
Wipe with cloth to clean cover

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What is the Best Bean Bag Chair?

The best place to start when trying to work out what’s “best” for you is to think who will be using the bean bag, and where it will be used. There are so many things you can chop and change to find the best bean bag for you, such as the size, color, and material. Take a look at all the options to make an educated bean bag choice when the time comes! Keep in mind, if the product we have reviewed doesn’t meet your exact needs, these trustworthy brands have other great bean bag chairs in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.
Our Top Choice
From a floor pillow to a soft sun lounger, the Nimbus Bean Bag Chair can be the chair you want it to be! Don’t have room for the oversized style? Take a look at the Jaxx Cocoon Jr. Kids Bean Microsuede Bag; it’s more compact and has a super soft suede finish.

Jaxx Nimbus Spandex Bean Bag Chair for Adults- Available in 7 Colors

Jaxx is a fairly new brand on the scene, that incorporates comfort, style, and practicality at the same time. Their aim is to reinvent the bean bag to be better, which has led them to experimenting with supportive, comfy foam and soft, durable covers. Since starting, Jaxx has expanded into creating a line of intelligently designed furniture that is more versatile to help you create the right happy place for you.

The Jaxx Nimbus Bean Bag is an adaptable seat that can go from a supportive chair to an oversized cushion to lie on. Filled with polystyrene beads, it morphs and moves with your body, so however you want to spill across it, Nimbus will shape itself round you. With this chill and stylish design, you can incorporate it into your living room, bedroom, or even out on the decking on hot summer days. With a machine-washable lining, it’s a simple job to pour the beads out and freshen up your favorite seat.

This stylish bean bag Chair comes with 7 amazing colors to choose from: royal blue, cardinal, silver, black, gold green, or orange. You can definitely brighten up your room with this gem. Jaxx also has a matching Ottoman foot rest that’s sold separately, so you can lean right back with your feet up.
The Comfy Sacks Lounger Bean Bag is an oversized, squishy seat that molds to the way you sit or lay, and is big enough for two – one you will enjoy for many happy and relaxed days to come. Too big? Don’t let the size scare you off! Comfy Sacks has something for everyone! Why not look at the Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair which is made for kids?

Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair – Oversized Lounger Available in Microsuede, Comfy Cord or Furry Fabric, Wide Variety of Colors

You have this image in your mind of what you want: size, color, fabric, and above all else, how comfy it is. You look high and low to find the perfect choice. You turn to the internet, because what can’t you find on there nowadays? Nothing. This is how Tyler Shearburn founded Comfy Sacks. He designed his own ideal bean bag, and now offers a huge range of sizes and colors, and has worked with customers’ needs and settings to make it personal.

Filled with shredded memory foam for long-lasting comfort and plumpness, the Comfy Sack Memory Foam Lounger resists permanent compression and continually offers a soft snug place to rest. At 7.5 feet long, this giant bean bag is big enough for two, or even more if you’re small! It’s fantastic to sprawl out on to watch movies, relax and chat with friends, or bring all the family together in one cuddly mess.

Designed for durability, Comfy Sack bean bags have double-stitched seams, use durable fabrics, and include an inner lining, making it quick and easy to take off the cover and throw it in the washing machine. They also have safety break-away zippers so the zip will stay in place no matter how much jumping and squishing the bean bag is subjected to.

Available in a vast 30 designs, get ready to make a difficult decision between…*gasp*… Navy, Red, Purple, Pink, Black, Brown, Royal Blue, Aqua Marine, Camel, Cocoa, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Cinnabar, Charcoal, Graphite, Grey, Hunter, Lemon, Jet Black, Lime, Magenta, Merlot, Mist, Mocha, Toast, Tangerine, Slate, Sage, Olive, or New York Red. Oh, you are also going to need to decide whether you want soft micro suede, comfortable corduroy, or furry, fluffy fabric cover.
This is a spacious cushioned seat to curl up on or sprawl out, giving you an awesome comfort to come home to. Need a bit of extra room so you can stretch out from head to toe? Search no longer. Check out the Sofa Sacks 6-foot Bean Bag Lounger to meet your needs.

Sofa Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair – Large Bean Bag (5 feet) Available in 15 colors

Sofa Sacks has reinvented their version of the bean bag as a more permanent, stylish feature in the home. Removing hard, slippery beans with plush foam gives its bean bag a whole new feel to a well-known design.

The Sofa Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair is designed to give its customers a chill, comfortable place to wind down and enjoy the company of your loved ones. The gentle touch of the micro suede is the cherry on top of the padded feel, thanks to the memory foam filling.

At five feet long, there is plenty of bean bag to go around, and it’s a brilliant feature to have in your communal room to bring everyone together. It comes in these fifteen awesome colors so you can pick the right look for you: Aqua Marine, Royal Blue, Black, Tangerine, Camel, Purple, Charcoal, Chocolate, Cinnabar, Cocoa, Lemon, Lime, Magenta, Olive, or Navy.
This is a cool L-shaped gaming bean bag for hours of fun and comfort. We have pictured this stylish chair in green and black, but it’s also available in plum with the same black breathable mesh lycra sweet spot.

If you’re not sure about the L-shape design or are looking for something more traditional, check out the Ace Classic Bean Bag!

Ace Bayou X Rocker Mesh Video Gaming Bean Bag with Lycra Sweet Spot – Available in Two Colors

Ace Bayou is a soft furniture manufacturer that focuses on creating new ideas and comfortable, stylish solutions for the home. It works around people’s lives today and aims to offer its customers casual furniture to enhance their everyday life, from gaming chairs to emoji-design bean bags. X Rocker is one of the brands under the Ace umbrella and was the first company to bring state-of-the-art sound chairs to market. Currently Ace Casual Furniture is North America’s leading manufacturer of bean bag chairs.

This X Rocker Mesh Video Gaming Bean Bag by Ace Bayou is great for video gaming, watching movies, reading, or just relaxing in your bedroom, lounge, or dorm room for hours of comfort. Shaped like an L, it supports the back so you can lean right back without aching after a short while, and the lyrca mesh sweet spot seals the deal for comfort. The breathable mesh keeps you cool even when gaming for hours on a hot day. This chair is available in your choice of green or plum, with black mesh along the seat.

On the side, there’s a pocket that you can store your mobile phone or remote in, making sure those hunts for the remote are a thing of the past. It’s easy to move around and swap between rooms with the handle on the top of the chair. The soft padded chair is filled with 6 cubic feet of Ace Cayou’s newly expanded, low-density polystyrene beads that are eco-friendly and made from 50% recycled content. For peace of mind that this chair can be your favorite chill place for ages, it has double-stitched seams and double locking safety zippers.

How Do I Choose the Best Bean Bag Chair?

You’ve had a long day at work and battled your way through the rush-hour commute to get home, and now all you want to do is relax. With your snug adult onesie on, you’re watching your favorite series on your smart TV, feeling like you’re part of the action as the surround sound bar encompasses you whilst you lean back on the couch.

But then your leg goes numb, so you wriggle. And then your arm is getting crushed so you switch sides. Or maybe there’s not enough room for everyone on the couch. There is a solution…a bean bag! In our nostalgic memories, bean bags are small balls that we could throw ourselves on when we were young, but now they’ve become so much more! And they’re certainly not just for 70’s style dorm rooms either – but they are perfect there too.

There’s everything from a chair for a little one to a huge 7-foot cushion to share with friends and family. So no more fidgeting and wriggling to find the right position; the bean bag will mold to you! This time, you really can just lean back and relax!

Before we get to our top picks, let’s take a look at some things you need to consider when purchasing a new bean bag chair.
Bean bags start at the very affordable price of $20 a pop, with the simple, know-what-you-get design and the classic bean filling, which can be great for an extra seat and can be easily moved around your home. As the price increases, you get a choice of different shapes, materials, and fillings. We do want to advise staying away from “cheap bean bag chairs” because they tend to not be made from quality materials. The last thing you want is to plop yourself down for a comfy night of watching TV and have an explosion of filling to clean up.

At the upper end of the price scale, you can pay around $350 for a more customized experience, choosing from a wide range of colors and textures, as well as confidence in the long life and practicality of the home care for the bean bag. At this price, you should be expecting to purchase a stylish, feature piece of furniture to match the décor of your space.
There are so many designs, shapes, and options to choose from when searching for the right bean bag, it can be hard to remember all the different aspects you have to think of to buy the best one for you. So we’ve put together a list of features to think about and consider when looking for your bean bag.

Here is a list of features to keep in mind when shopping:
  • Size
  • Filling
  • Cover material
  • Shape
  • Home Care
  • Style & color
  • Refill beans available for purchase
  • Easy to move around room
Taking all these things into consideration before purchasing your bean bag will help you buy a great home nest for you to love and curl up in for a long time to come.
Construction and Design
This comes down to what you have in mind to use the bean bag for. If it’s just an extra seat for a little one, a regular-sized bean bag will be more than enough room for them to bounce, lay, and rest on. However, you may want something bigger that will cater for an adult (or two!).

The shape is important as it defines how versatile it can be. Some bean bags have more structure and are like a soft chair for support, whereas others give you complete control over how you use it— lying forward on it, curled up on it, sitting against it, or any which way that you decide.
Performance and Ease of Use
To ensure the comfort of your new bean bag isn’t just a novelty when it first arrives, look for filling that lasts longer and has the ability to bounce back to give you continuous support and comfort. The brands we’ve selected have used their innovating and entrepreneurial ideas to refresh the feel of their bean bags. Some also give you the option to buy refill beads to either suit your preference of plumpness or for when the beads do eventually need refreshing.

You don’t want to create unnecessary housework for yourself when purchasing your new bean bag. Make sure you look at what each design or brand offers in terms of their solutions and options for home care. Check out if the covers are removable, if the beads are contained in an inner lining, or if you can simply wipe clean any spills or stains.

Get the Best Bean Bag Chair of 2023!

Well, it’s been bean bag galore! We hope this guide has helped you find the best bean bag chair for you; now after all that hard work, you can relax!

Our Top Choice
Jaxx Nimbus Spandex Bean Bag Chair
Best Value
Big Joe Junior Chair
Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Lounger Bean Bag Chair
Sofa Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag
Ace Bayou X Rocker Mesh Video Gaming Bean Bag