Best Bear Spray Reviews 2023

Out there in the wilderness, where all kinds of beautiful but also potentially aggressive animals roam, from deceptively quick and tough limb-breaking badgers to larvae-spewing insects seeking an unsuspecting human host for their young, taking steps towards NOT becoming a meal or stung repeatedly by God knows what can be a truly frustrating experience! We at TopProducts have looked into the matter, and while we haven't had much success with the badger peril, we have managed to find a whole bunch o' bear sprays instead! Simple to use, and doesn't hurt the bear (much). What's not to love?
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Our Top Choice
Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray
Coming from a well-known company called Sabre, this pepper spray is one of the most well-rounded anti-bear products currently on the market!
It comes from an experienced company specializing in safety products. It's thoroughly field-tested. It glows in the dark so you don't lose it.
Spraying some of this pepper-based gel into your eyes can be a rather traumatizing experience.
Pepper Spray
30 feet
Belt holster
7.9 oz
Best Value
Mace Bear Pepper Spray
Offering a variety of surveillance monitoring stations and personal defense gadgets, the Mace company is one of the most prominent businesses in the department of safety and personal protection.
It features a finger loop hole with a safety clip. Performs as a fogger-type safety spray. Works for distances up to 35 feet.
Very sensitive to high pressure and could explode if punctured.
Fogger Pepper Spray
30 feet
Holster not included
9 oz
Counter Assault Bear Deterrent
If your company is called Counter Assault, there's only one thing it's going to be producin'- anti-bear sprays, of course!
This bear deterrent comes with a safety cap. There's a specialized holster that's also included in the offer. The discharge lasts for approximately 9.2 seconds.
Woe betide you should you get on the receiving end of its peppery stream of hot pepper gel!
Pepper Spray
32 feet
Belt Holster
10.2 oz
UDAP 12HP Bear Spray
Tough-looking and with an elaborate safety clip, this UDAP bear spray offers reliable use and a steady stream of peppery substance!
It comes with a booklet talking about safety tips around bears. It glows in the dark so that you can find it easily. It has the range of 30 feet.
Must be handled carefully and kept in a cool area. A prolonged exposure to heat can make it explode.
Pepper Spray
30 feet
Carry Bag
7.9 oz
Guard Alaska® Bear Spray
The Guard Alaska company is a bear-fightin' business that knows what it means to be tough and stand your ground!
It's EPA-approved. It is so strong that it can be comfortably used with ALL species of bear (even polar bears if you bump into any!). There's no expiration date on this tough little canister!
The carrying case could have been designed a bit better, in all fairness. It's a bit too shallow.
Pepper Spray
20 feet
Belt holster
9 oz

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What is the Best Bear Spray?

Pepper-spraying a charging bear can be an excellent way to NOT get eaten by one. So, the important thing to do in order to ensure that this process goes smoothly if it ever comes to it (God forbid), is to pick the right kind of bear spray, to begin with. If you're unsure as to what sort of model you should get yourself, check out our top 5 list of the best bear sprays, and choose the one that fits your needs the best!
Our Top Choice
Sporting the appearance of a hand grenade with a water bottle stuck to its bottom, this tough little apparatus can keep even the biggest bears well away! If you need a 2-in-1 kind of peppery solution for spraying both bears and burglars, this Police Strength Red Pepper Gel model may be a good choice for you.

Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster - Maximum Strength & 30-foot Range

In the past, fending off charging bears was never a particularly fun experience for the people eternally bound to go on outdoors expeditions. Nowadays, however, a certain company called Sabre is about to change that by the looks of things. With their newly-developed, powerful pepper-based arsenal of canned sprayers, anyone can stand up to a bear, come back alive, and then tell tales of bravery and exploration perils to eager listeners! It's like hunting, really! (Minus the bear hide, of course. It's a pepper spray, these things have their limits.)

Other than excelling at saving scores of disoriented explorers from enraged and heavily-clawed bears of the wild, the Sabre folks have been known to produce other means of defending your distinguished personage. For example, their lines of products also include various sprays for law enforcement as well as for personal protection against various unfortunate cases of home invasion, performed by both burglars and bears alike.

Swinging over to the matters of spraying bears with pepper spray, the Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster features a slim bottle with a grenade-like safety trigger. It can easily fit on your belt, and, in the hands of a proper marksman, it can shoot a bullseye, erm, bearseye, from a 30-feet distance! It also glows in the dark! You've got to have one.

Here's a list of features of this Sabre bear repellent:
  • The most powerful pepper spray that the EPA allows
  • Field-tested
  • Works in heavy fog
  • Can shoot a bear at 30-foott distance
  • Glows in the dark
  • Convenient belt holster
All in all, a tough little canister housing some of the most eye-biting pepper spray allowed by the bear health officials. With its rookie-friendly design and a powerful discharging mechanism allowing you to shoot from a 30-foot distance, the Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray can really be a lifesaver!
Best Value
Boasting a powerful magnum gel-like pepper solution, this Mace bear spray can make an adult bear cry like a cub! (After about 40-ish minutes, it will be alright.) If you'd like a spray in the shape of a gun, check out this Mace Pepper Gun instead!

Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray – Safe, Humane Bear Repellant Spray, EPA Approved, 30 Foot Range

Whether it's about personal defense against bears or intruders, the Mace brand's got you well-covered with a variety of tough-looking gadgets that are both easy to operate and incredibly powerful for their often small size. The Mace company is situated in Cleveland, Ohio, and they mostly manufacture pepper sprays for various emergency situations. Also, if you'd like to reinforce your own home against burglars and other unwanted visitors, you can browse through a variety of cameras and surveillance devices that this company also produces on a large scale.

Additionally, for each of their products, the Mace folks provide a range of educational programs as well as hefty warranties for everyone who'd like to get to know their newly-purchased products a bit closer. Add to that a closely-interconnected web of various retailers, dealers and online sale platforms and you've got yourself a trusty manufacturer who stands behind each and every one of their bear-battling products!

As for the Mace Bear Spray we've decided to feature on this list, it includes such bear-deterring characteristics as a finger loop handle with a safety clip, which upon activation releases a powerful fogger-type pepper spray. This makes the bear's eyes water violently, which will eventually drive it off for good!

The list of features of the Mace Brand Pepper Spray:
  • Empties in 6 seconds
  • Can reach up to 35 feet
  • Comes with a finger loop handle
  • Weighs just under 10 ounces
  • Fire rate - 5.4 seconds

All things considered, this Mace Bear Spray can be an effective means of driving off an advancing bear. The fast discharge rate combined with an easy-to-use mechanism make this little contraption quite a hefty addition to your camping equipment.
Coming from a tough-sounding company called Counter Assault, the 10.2-oz bear deterrent is holstered, safety capped, and shoots a grown-up bear in the eye at 30 feet of distance! If you'd like a smaller canister that still packs a hefty punch, try out the 8.1 oz Counter Assault Bear Deterrent solution instead!

Counter Assault Bear Deterrent Spray – 12 to 32 Foot Range, Comes with Hip Holster

In the exciting world of nature park rangers, cowboys, adventure-bound mountaineers and casual campers, there is no probably no company like the Counter Assault personal defense business! These tenacious folks have possibly made more bears cry than any other human organization in the world. In an effort to attack the eyes of as many bears as possible, without necessarily disposing of the animal altogether, these brave men and women have been devising one hellish compactly-canned contraption after the other for a number of years now!

The Counter Assault squad doesn't even stop there, either! Alongside bears, these guys will produce an apparatus capable of pepper-spraying, electrocuting, and otherwise disabling a range of possible attackers: humans, bears, wild dogs, and maybe even a mongoose. Also, their products are widely used in law enforcement, which in itself is a testimony to the quality and reliability of their products.

When it comes to the star of the evening itself, the 10.2 oz Bear Spray features a powerful pressurized punch of peppery spray, devised specifically to battle even the largest grizzly bears charging at you at full speed! One can of this bear spray will enable you about 9.2 seconds of continuous discharge—enough to make a bear cry two times over!

The list of features for the Counter Assault Bear Spray:
  • The spray comes with a convenient holster
  • Features a safety cap
  • Can reach up to 32 feet
  • It completely unloads in about 9.2 seconds
  • EPA-allowed
Whether it's a grizzly or some other bear charging at you, having bear spray strapped to your holster is sometimes even better than having a gun! With its functional range over 30 feet, this model from Counter Attack gives you some space to work with.
Operating on the verge of legality with its 2% CRC, this UDAP bear spray is sure to keep any approaching bear well away from you! If you'd like a model with a camo hip holster, this UDAP Bear Spray with Camo Hip Holster may suit you a bit better.

UDAP Bear Repellant Spray – 30 Foot Range, Bear Safety Tips Booklet Included

Getting attacked by a bear can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don't have a convenient piece of equipment to counter that act of camp-time aggression! If you agree with this, you'll be relieved to hear that there are also other people with a similar mindset! For example, the UDAP company has produced a number of powerful deterrent sprays that can make a grown bear run away in fear and defeat! These excellent contraptions typically use pepper spray as their basis, but in an effort to expand their products on offer, their inventors came up with a range of other products such as bear fences, personal pepper sprays and even stun guns!

You can browse through these fine examples of a cozy camper's arsenal on their well-developed internet page, where you can see all of their products on display. What's more, in one of the sections they've provided for their customers, you can read more about additional safety tips in the worst case scenario where you could bump into a bear! Or vice versa.

Perhaps one of the best examples of the sheer ingenuity of the UDAP development team is the product we're featuring here before your very eyes! It glows in the dark, and has a special safety clip with an attached chain that can be a great feature if you happen get raided by a bear in the middle of the night. Also, before you go out on an outdoors adventure, you might as well consult the UDAP booklet with 32 bear safety tips which is as well included in this offer!
The UDAP 12HP Bear Spray- a list of features:
  • Comes with a booklet with safety tips
  • Contains 2% of CRC- very hot stuff!
  • Can reach 30 feet in spray range
  • Glows in the dark
Tough and containing a great amount of the hottest pepper solution known to man, this pepper spray is sure to stop a grown bear right in its tracks in a matter of seconds. Also, even though this solution is quite powerful, it does not leave the bear with any long term consequences.
Coming from one of the most environmentally-friendly personal defense businesses around, this Guard Alaska model will keep the bears away, and NOT explode haphazardly in the heat! If you're really feeling it with these folks, get yourself this advanced Guard Alaska Combo Pack!

Guard Alaska® Bear Pepper Spray with Nylon Holster – Range of 15 to 20 Feet, EPA Registered, Environmentally Safe

When a bunch of Alaskans decide that a bear can't go any further, they'll either shoot it, or develop a high-intensity pepper spray to do the job non-lethally. The Guard Alaska folks are a tenacious squad that opted for the second solution, and in their efforts to make the best bear-deterrent the Northern Lands have ever seen, they devised the Guard Alaska Bear Pepper Spray of sheer excellence and wild tenacity!

If you're intrigued by this plucky little canister, you'll love to hear that the sale managers at this company have released special packages of 2, 3, and even 4 canisters at once, for a fairly reasonable price! What's more, each of the containers also come with a separate holster so you can equip yourself with a proper mini anti-bear arsenal that can fend off all the bears that Alaskan unforgiving wilderness may throw at you! (Also works in areas other than Alaska, for the record.)

If you're a green type of person, this particular model may be the best all-around solution for you, as it does not contain any dangerous or potentially flammable ingredients, and disposing of it won't be a massive drag for you. Also, it doesn't have an expiration date, which is a hefty feature setting this Guard Alaska product apart from the rest of the bunch!

The list of features for the Guard Alaska Bear Repellent Spray:
  • It's environmentally-friendly
  • No expiration date
  • It isn't sensitive to heat
  • Also works in humid conditions
  • Range is from 15-20 feet
  • EPA-approved
Featuring a tough-looking canister design combined with an easy-to-use holster, this Guard Alaska Bear Repellent will not only look good against your camo-apparel, but it will do one hell of a job at keeping the local bear population well away! Also, the fact that it's not flammable and has a green light from the EPA in spite of its powerful formula makes this model a great solution for anyone in need of a reliable means of protecting themselves from hungry and disoriented bears!

How Do I Choose the Best Bear Spray?

Partly thanks to the various potential perils that come with it, camping has always been one of the most popular outdoorsy activities for many an adventure-bound wanderer of ruggedness and leisure! The sense of freedom and tackling seemingly insurmountable obstacles, from oddly-shaped rocks to swarms of bees and charging boars is what pushes folks to pitch their camping tents and pursue this gentlemanly and gentlewomanly path all year round, in hope of achieving the ‘Hemingwayian’ ideal of a healthy and fulfilling existence. Plus, maybe pepper spraying a bear! In this buying guide, we'll talk about the features that make a bear spray the awesome lil canister that it is!

First off, it's important to note that a bear spray is only going to be as effective as the distance it can cover between you and an advancing bear. For example, imagine sitting idly in your camping chair next to your compactly-designed grill set wielding a can o' beer and thinking about why Calvin Coolidge isn't a better-known US president when a robust ton and a half bear stumbles into your encampment! The couple of feet you've got between yourself and the charging animal can mean the difference between life and death, so this parameter would be quite important for you to take into consideration indeed! Typically, companies producing these bear deterrents design the discharge mechanisms so that they can cover from 15 to 35 feet, which is often more than enough to get the job done!

Another factor to take into consideration would be the kind of temporarily-blinding liquid this can contains. More often than not, the manufacturers tend to go with some kind of pepper spray solution or the other, as these were thoroughly tested on humans during various demonstrations, so to speak. The important thing to pay attention to would be the EPA seal of approval, as this certificate guarantees that the spray you've bought is environmentally safe and won't leave the bear with lasting consequences! After all, who actually wants to maim a bear for just strutting about? At TopProducts, we believe bears are precious and should be treated as such.
Even though bear sprays may appear to be nothing more than a bit of liquid in a can, these compact means of pressurized anti-bear defenses shouldn't be taken for granted. The peppery solution inside isn’t exactly inexpensive, so it's not really a wonder that a can of bear spray costs as much as it does. To be specific, the models we've found range from around $30 up to about $55, and the price mostly depends on their range of effectiveness. Also, factors such as compactness and the popularity of the brand add a couple of bucks to the overall price as well.
When it comes to fending off an enraged bear that's about to rip your tent as well as your respectable personage to smithereens, a handy bear spray is one of the best possible solutions currently available on the market! (Other than a shotgun, of course.) If you'd like to learn more about what makes this device so great and useful, check out the list below and see for yourself!

The list of features to pay attention to when buying yourself your very own bear spray:
  • Type of Chemical Solution It Utilizes
  • Field-Tested
  • Does It Work in Fog
  • The Effective Distance
  • Belt Holster
  • Finger Loop Handle
  • Fire Rate
  • Safety Cap
  • EPA Certification
A bear spray which comes with a convenient belt holster can be a great solution if you don't have a lot of pockets available in your trousers, so to speak, or you just prefer belts in the first place!
Construction and Design
Design-wise, bear sprays assume the appearance of pretty much any other canned spray-like item, such as spray paint, anti-rust liquids and so on. To make this bear-deterring contraption as convenient as possible, many manufacturers add a holster to the deal as well! This means that your spray will be more accessible for you in case of a dangerous encounter, and it also sorta looks cool. Easy to use, lightweight and saves you from bears! What's not to love?
Performance and Ease of Use
While the perfect camping scenario pretty much excludes the act of using a bear spray, for the sake of this buying guide, we'll mention how to use your anti-bear canister to your best advantage. Once you remove the safety cap, make sure to aim steadily, and then press the trigger all the way down when the intruder approaches within range. Make sure to maintain the discharge for at least 3 seconds, so that enough of the substance reaches its target. Other than this, during ‘times of peace', store your bear spray in a cool place, as excessive heat may cause it to explode!

Get the Best Bear Spray of 2023!

As many people already know, bears can be pretty amicable creatures at times of war. Wojciech Perski, for example, who is better known as simply Wojtek, served with a Polish regiment for the better part of the Second World War, and helped carry ammunition and heavy artillery shells when it wasn't busy smoking or sleeping or something. Unfortunately, though, during the times of peace, bears tend to retain a certain part of their aggressiveness, so if you're about to go camping, what you might need to ensure your safety would be a handy bear spray! (Or maybe, a rugged wartime story might interest a bear more than, say, biting your head off) We hope you liked our reviews of some of the best bear sprays around, and wish you a hassle-free purchase! All the best from the TopProducts team and cheers!

Our Top Choice
Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray
Best Value
Mace Bear Pepper Spray
Counter Assault Bear Deterrent
UDAP 12HP Bear Spray
Guard Alaska® Bear Spray