Best Bed Sheet Reviews 2023

Did you know that the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping? That’s why it’s so important to make the most of your Zs! A great set of sheets makes that process a whole lot easier, so we’ve decided to review five of the best bed sheet brands to ensure you enjoy a good night’s sleep in both comfort and style.
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Thread Count
Allergen Info
Our Top Choice
Mellani 1800 Bedding Collection
Mellanni is an American manufacturer of microfiber bed sheets and bedding products. Their focus is to deliver exactly the kind of sheets customers want when they sleep.
Tons of colors. Soft material. Competitively priced. Easy to care for. Deep pockets.
Color may vary. Thin material.
5 sizes available
33+ Colors and patterns
Best Value
Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet
New York-based Utopia Deals distributes a variety of household products around the world, including the Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet.
Deep pockets. 100% cotton. Double-stitched. Pre-shrunk.
Quality may vary between colors.
Cotton sateen
4 Standard sizes
Six colors
220 Thread count
Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets
Royal Hotel is renowned for its diverse selection of comforters, pillowcases and sheet sets, including these Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets.
100% rayon. Silky feel. Suitable for year-round use.
Wrinkles easily.
8 sizes available
11 Different colors
300 Thread count
Sweet Home Collection 1500 Series Microfiber Sheet Set
Sweet Home Collection has built a reputation for its high-quality, affordable bedding sets, and sells through most common retail stores such as Walmart.
Numerous colors. Deep pockets. Affordable. 100% microfiber.
Elastic may weaken over time.
6 sizes available
40+ Colors
1500 Thread count
AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set
Amazon is an online retail store that has become one of the top sales producers in the country. AmazonBasics is one of their private labels that focuses on basic products.
Deep pockets. Great customer service. Low-cost. Durable.
Fabric may pill.
6 sizes available
10 Different colors
100% Polyester
Not hypoallergenic

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What is the Best Bed Sheet?

Since there are so many bed sheets to choose from, we’ve done some research and made a list of five sets that come highly recommended, based on different factors. They made our shortlist because they come in a huge range of colors, are made from comfortable material and/or are extremely durable. Let’s take a look!
Our Top Choice
Mellanni is known for its soft, reasonably priced microfiber sheet sets. If you don’t need the whole set or have lots of spare pillows, you may like their Luxury Pillowcase Set.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set - Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding

Mellanni is a highly rated American manufacturer of microfiber bed sheets, comforters and bedding separates. They are widely known for their huge selection of microfiber sheet sets, which are available in dozens of colors and patterns.

If you’re looking for bed sheets that keep you comfortable year-round, look no further than this set from Mellanni. Rated the #1 bed sheet set on Amazon, Mellanni uses a high-quality 100% brushed microfiber in their products that is machine-washable, dryer-safe and always looks as soft as it feels. We also love that these fade-resistant sheets can be washed and dried again and again without pilling or losing their bright color! Retailing for about $59.99, the Mellani 1800 Bedding Collection was a natural choice for our Top Choice Product category.

Some of our other favorite features include:
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Deep pockets
  • Resistant to winkling, fading and stains
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes
  • Lifetime guarantee
Best Value
The Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet is a high-quality, classic sheet. If you’re looking for an even softer sheet, take a look at Utopia’s Brushed Velvety Microfiber Fitted Sheet.

Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Queen Fitted Sheet - Deep Pocket, Hotel Quality

Utopia Bedding, a subsidiary of Utopia Deals, is a New York-based company that specializes in housewares, including bedding, bath linens and kitchen supplies.

Retailing for about $29.99, the Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet was a natural choice for our Best Value Product category due to its competitive price and high level of quality. In addition, it’s stain and fade-resistant, machine washable and made of luxurious 100% cotton.

Other great features include:
  • Mercerized for added strength and shine
  • Deep pockets
  • Double-stitched
  • 100% Oeko-tex standard compliant, meaning it doesn’t contain any chemicals of concern
  • Super soft feel
  • Repels dust mites and allergens
Bamboo rayon sheets are known for their silky texture and softness. If you dislike rayon, you may prefer Royal Hotel’s Cotton Blend Sheet Set.

Royal Hotel Silky Soft 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

Luxurious sheets aren’t limited to hotels anymore – especially when you shop Royal Hotel! This company distributes a variety of a silky-soft, high-quality sheets that are suitable for any bedroom.

Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets retail for about $79.99 and are 100% rayon, made from bamboo, which means they are naturally hypoallergenic. They also have the ability to naturally adjust to your body temperature, making this the perfect sheet set for year-round use. Royal Hotel claims that 100% rayon sheets are the softest in the world.

Other benefits include:
  • Machine washable, tumble dry low
  • 90-day warranty
  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • Incredibly soft
The Sweet Home Collection 1500 Series Microfiber Sheet Set includes fitted and top sheets plus two pillowcases. They also sell these 1500 Supreme Collection Pillow Cases separately.

1500 Supreme Collection Bed Sheets - Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Hypoallergenic Bedding - Over 40+ Colors & Prints

Sweet Home Collection markets a huge line of bedding and pillows, many of which can be purchased at Walmart or through Amazon.

Made from 100% polyester double-brushed microfiber and featuring deep pockets, the Sweet Home Collection 1500 Series Microfiber Sheet Set is a steal at $25.00. For your convenience, this product line is also wrinkle-resistant and easy to launder.

Other benefits include:
  • Compares to Egyptian cotton
  • 40+ colors and patterns
  • Soft texture
  • Hypoallergenic
This AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set will keep you comfortable year-round. However, if you’re looking for a heavier sheet, you might like this Pinzon Heavyweight Flannel Sheet Set.

AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set - Comes in ten colors and ranges from twin to king size.

AmazonBasics is one of Amazon’s signature product lines that offers bedding, housewares, kitchen supplies, electronics and other competitively-priced products.

Usually, when something sounds too good to be true, it is. That, however, is not the case with the AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set, which retails for about $19.99. It’s available in 10 beautiful colors, features a well-constructed, deep-pocket design and is easy to care for.

Some other features we love include:
  • Strong yet soft 100% polyester
  • Resistant to wrinkles and shrinking
  • Machine washable
  • Amazon-backed quality

How Do I Choose the Best Bed Sheet?

Microfiber, cotton sateen, bamboo. Material is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a set of bed sheets. Other factors may include price, whether pillowcases are included in the set and, of course, style! Thanks to modern technology, sheets come in a plethora of colors and styles, which makes it easy to choose a set that is just as unique as the room they’ll be used in!

Some of the styles we’ve included in our review have deep pockets, which are ideal for deep mattresses or air mattresses. If you have a futon or standard mattress, then standard-fit sheets may be a better option. It’s important to choose the right fit because standard sheets will rip a deep mattress, but deep-pocket sheets will result in extra fabric and can easily come loose on regular mattresses. Ultimately, the best bed sheet depends on your budget and personal preferences. That being said, don’t be put off by cheap bed sheets. We’ve reviewed a variety of highly rated brands – including economy ones – that are renowned for their durability and style.

We hope this review helps you pick the best bed sheets for your home and family, but before we look at our top 5 picks, let’s consider what factors are most influential when purchasing sheets.
The biggest factor influencing price for bed sheets is the material used. 100% cotton or sheet sets with a high thread count usually cost more than blended fabrics. We’ve picked five of the best sheet sets on the market for this review based on price and color availability. They range from $25 per set to about $80 per set. If you’re shopping for a vacation property or guest room, a more economical bed sheet set will probably do the trick. If you plan on sleeping on the sheets nightly and comfort and durability are important to you, then spending a little bit more for a higher quality sheet set may be worth your while.
Different people want different things from their bed sheets, depending on the size of their mattress, personal style and the kinds of material they prefer. Bed sheets can vary dramatically in price, quality and style, ranging from luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton to low-cost synthetic options. One great thing about bed sheets, is that modern technology has led to the development of new, synthetic blends that are affordable yet last as long as higher-priced sets.

Regardless of your personal taste and budget, there are a few features that you may want to look out for in all bed sheets.
  • Made from a durable material that you also find comfortable
  • Available in a range of sizes from Twin up to California King
  • A wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from
  • Tightly stiched pockets that won’t rip when stretched
  • Allergen information, if this pertains to you
This gives you an idea of what to look for when shopping for bed sheets. Now, let’s take a closer look at the construction and design aspect of sheet sets.
Construction and Design
Bed sheets are usually available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes. You may find that some manufacturers only offer certain sizes, which can be a real bummer if you find a sheet set you adore only to find out it’s only available in Twin through King sizes. If this happens to you (we hope it doesn’t!), then your best bet is just to keep shopping around. It’s important that you choose the right bed sheet size for your mattress because sheets that are too small will rip and tear while sheets that are too large will result in excess fabric.

Here’s a list of the common dimensions for bed sheets depending on size:
  • Flat Twin: 66 x 96”
  • Flat Twin XL: 72 x 114”
  • Flat Full: 81 x 96”
  • Flat Queen: 90 x 102”
  • Flat King: 108 x 102”
  • Flat Cali King: 102 x 110”
  • Fitted Twin: 39 x 75”
  • Fitted Twin XL: 39 x 80”
  • Fitted Full: 54 x 75”
  • Fitted Queen: 60 x 80”
  • Fitted King: 76 x 80”
  • Fitted Cali King: 72 x 84”
Remember, bed sheets also come in different depths, depending on the thickness of your mattress. Here are some standard measurements for depth:
  • Standard: 7 – 14”
  • Deep: 15”
  • Extra Deep: 16 – 22”
When shopping for bed sheets, you’ll find that a lot of them come labeled with a thread count. Thread count, simply put, is the number of horizontal and vertical threads found in each square inch of a product. Usually, sheet sets with higher thread counts are softer and feel more luxurious. Quality bed sheets can have thread counts between 200 and 800, but can also surpass the 1,000 TC range. Sheet sets with high thread counts are also less likely to pill and usually last longer than their low-TC counterparts. Sheets made from synthetic materials, such as microfiber, may not have a TC because they are made of many finely woven threads. They are usually thin but very strong.

Understanding thread count will help you pick the best material for your lifestyle. Sheets come in a huge range of materials, with new options hitting the market all the time. Some of the most common materials are: Egyptian Cotton, Cotton Blend, Polyester, Jersey Knit, Rayon from Bamboo, Flannel, Microfiber, Linen, Percale, Satin and Sateen. There is no right or wrong option, but you can expect Egyptian Cotton and Satin sheets to be silkier (and more costly) than Flannel or Cotton Blends.
Performance and Ease of Use
With bed sheets, what you see is pretty much what you get. They come packaged and ready for use. We recommend washing new sheets to remove any allergens or chemicals that may come in contact with the material during the manufacturing process.

Other than that, all you have to do is put them on your bed and enjoy! This part of the process is where size and depth are most important. If you buy bed sheets that are too small, too big or not deep enough, you’ll regret it when you go to put them on your mattress. Instead of wasting time trying to tug oversized sheets tight on your mattress, just buy the right size! You’ll appreciate this decision later (trust us!).

One other factor that applies to ease of use is how easy a specific bed sheet set is to launder. Most bed sheets are machine washable and come out with few wrinkles, but some need to be hung to dry. Cotton and synthetic materials wash the same, but you may notice less wrinkling in synthetic blends because they’ve been formulated to be wrinkle-free. Other materials, such as satin, may pill when washed, or come out with a lot of wrinkles. Read the laundry care label before washing and drying.

Get the Best Bed Sheet of 2023!

You should never have to sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa. With bed sheets from any of the five terrific brands in this review, it’s our hope that you’ll never have to. However, if the product we chose to review isn’t the right match for you, take a look at the other quality bed sheets that these reputable brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Mellani 1800 Bedding Collection
Best Value
Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet
Royal Hotel Bamboo Sheets
Sweet Home Collection 1500 Series Microfiber Sheet Set
AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set