Best Bed Skirt Reviews 2022

Bed skirts, sometimes referred to as valances or dust ruffles, do more than add pizzazz to your bed. They also hide unsightly items and bed parts, and prevent irksome dust bunnies from ending up underneath. This is something that you probably already know! What may come as a surprise, though, is that valances were initially used to stop chilly drafts from creeping up under your bed. Bed skirts can be customized in different ways to match the look you want, and to fit well with your overall bedroom décor. Shopping for the best bed skirt, as easy as it may seem, can be a tricky affair given the number of styles, colors and options available. We can’t advise you on what will look best for your space, but we have used our remarkable research abilities and found some of the best bed skirt brands and 5 great options that are bound to awaken the appearance of your bedroom.
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Our Top Choice
Shop Bedding Solid Ruffled Bed Skirt
Shop Bedding offers bedding that will make your room comfortable and beautiful, such as dust ruffles, pillow shams, and pillowcases.
Blend of high thread count cotton and polyester. Choice of eight sizes and 16 colors. Has 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Material on the platform part may be a bit thin.
Neatly ruffled around 3 sides
18 inches
8 sizes
16 colors
Best Value
Collections Etc Elastic Bed Wrap Ruffle Bed Skirt
Collections Etc launched its first catalog in 1997, and is now one of the biggest direct-to-consumer companies in the USA.
14-inch drop. Two sizes and 12 colors available. Elastic around the ruffle for easy on and off.
May have to use more than one spiral pin (included) to hold up the sides.
Elastic and ruffles
14 inches
Twin/full, queen/king
12 colors
Greenland Home Fashions Cotton Voile White Bed Skirt
After over 20 years experience in home textiles, Greenland Home Fashions is a go-to shopping destination for a wide assortment of bedding sets and accessories.
Cotton voile. 18” drop. Machine washable. Made from blend of cotton and polyester. Four different sizes available—twin, full, king and queen.
May be too big for some full size beds.
Gathered for tailored look
18 inches
Twin, full, queen, king
Voile cotton/polyester
Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Bed-Skirt
Utopia is a renowned maker of mattress and bedding goods. It designs and manufactures products using high-quality technologies.
15” tailored drop. High thread count cotton material for ultimate softness. Seven colors available. Machine washable.
It may show some wrinkles, which can be eliminated by placing it in the dryer for a few minutes.
Tailored look
15 inches
Twin, full, queen, king
Cotton sateen and cotton
7 colors
Elegant Comfort 100 GSM Bed Skirt
Elegant Comfort is a household name in the importing and distributing of home furnishings, ranging from bed and bath products to furniture.
14-inch drop. Made from brushed microfiber. Five different sizes and 15 colors. Tailored look. Machine washable for easy maintenance.
May need to buy some inexpensive screws to hold it in place.
Tailored and pleated
14 inches
5 sizes
15 colors

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What is the Best Bed Skirt?

The best bed skirt for you may not be the one that's best for your neighbor, or even for another bedroom in your home. You should buy a valance that not only makes your bed look good, but also one that offers a snug fit just as a pair of pajamas would! Hopefully, our bed skirt buying guide has provided you with some great insight on what to look for. Let’s get right to what we feel are five of the best options available.
Our Top Choice
The Shop Bedding Harmony Lane Ruffled Bed Skirt is made with a blend of 200 thread count cotton and polyester for top-notch durability. Should you need a different elegant design to match your bed, the Harmony Lane Tailored Bedskirt might be what you’re looking for. It's available in several different sizes and in 10 bright color variants, and features a satin stripe design with split corners.

Shop Bedding Harmony Lane Ruffled Bed Skirt with Split Corners - Available in Multiple Sizes and 16 Colors

Shop Bedding is one of the oldest bedding wholesalers in the USA, with a wealth of experience that spans 50 years. It offers an expansive range of bedding products to enhance and complete your bedroom décor, including dust ruffles, bed skirts, and accessories such as mattress covers and protectors.

The Shop Bedding Harmony Lane Ruffled Bed Skirt is made from 200 thread count cotton fabric and polyester. It is wrinkle-proof, and comes in many sizes and in 16 different colors. It is ruffled around three sides to fit most beds, and is machine washable for easy maintenance. This bed skirt is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction and money back guarantee. It's a stylish way to hide your box spring and bed frame, while enhancing the overall finish of your bed. This bed skirt is also available with a 21-inch drop.
Best Value
The Collections Etc Elastic Bed Wrap Ruffle Bed Skirt features elastic around the ruffle, making it easy to take on and off without lifting the mattress. If you'd rather have a lace designed bed skirt, the Collections Etc Lace Trimmed Elastic Bed Wrap available in white and ivory colors is a great choice. It's made from a blend of polyester and cotton.

Collections Etc Elastic Bed Wrap Ruffle Bed Skirt with Easy Fit Design - Available 2 and 12 Colors

Collections Etc, a subsidiary of Winston Brands, opened in 1997, and is now one of the largest direct-to-consumer companies in the USA. It has been recognized as a Top Internet Retailer and Top Cataloger, mostly for its affordably priced product range that includes bed and bath, kitchen, garden and outdoor items.

The Collections Etc Elastic Bed Wrap Ruffle Bed Skirt has an elastic rim that makes it easy to put on and take off, and also holds tight to your bed frame. It is made from a blend of high quality polyester and cotton, and can easily be washed in the washing machine. This skirt can be ordered in a choice of two sizes and 12 enticing colors, giving you a whole lot more reasons to cover any unsightly mattresses, box springs, frames or under-bed storage.

Don’t forget that you can get this bed skirt in twin/full, queen/king sizes.
The Greenland Home Fashions Cotton Voile 18-Inch White Bed Skirt has an 18” drop, and is also machine washable. If you need a smaller size to fit your bed, the Greenland Home Fashions Multi-Ruffle Bed Skirt is a great option. It is made from a cotton and polyester blend, is machine washable, and can be ordered in white or ivory.

Greenland Home Fashions Cotton Voile White Bed Skirt - Available in 4 Sizes

Greenland Home Fashions was established in 1997 and is now recognized as a premier shopping destination for bedding and a diverse range of accessories to accentuate your home décor. Its massive catalog of unique designs and styles are a hit among customers for several reasons, most notably the company's great attention to detail and superior quality.

The Greenland Home Fashions Cotton Voile 18-Inch White Bed Skirt features a rather large 18-inch gathered drop, and can be ordered in a choice of four different sizes. This skirt is crafted from a blend of soft cotton voile and polyester, and is machine washable.

If the queen size is not what you are after, don’t worry because this bed skirt is also available in twin, full and king sizes
The Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Bed-Skirt has a 15” tailored drop. It's made from 220 thread count 100% cotton sateen and cotton material for ultimate softness. If a larger drop and a ruffled design is a better fit, check out the Utopia Designs Bed Ruffle Skirt. This 16-inch ruffle design skirt is made from microfiber for a plush look. It can be ordered in four different sizes and colors.

Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Bed-Skirt with 15” Tailored Drop - Available in a 4 Sizes and 7 Colors

If you desire a great night’s sleep with unmatched comfort, choosing bedding items from the Utopia Bedding stable is a wide choice. Each product by this company is manufactured to high quality standards and with the help of the latest technologies and components.

The Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Bed-Skirt is made of plush 220 count, 100 percent sateen and cotton, and has a tailored, 15-inch drop. It can be had in a choice of four different sizes—twin, full, full, king and queen—and seven amazing colors, including dark brown, beige and light blue. This bed skirt is four side pleated, with two at the front and at the side for an elegant look, and is free from harmful substances, making it a great choice for any bed in your home.
The Elegant Comfort 100 GSM Bed Skirt is a full-size bed skirt made from superior quality brushed microfiber. It has a 14-inch drop and a tailored look. If you’d like a multi-ruffle design, with a slightly larger drop, the Elegant Comfort Luxurious Premium Quality Bed Skirt is probably a better option. It's available in five sizes and 12 colors, is wrinkle- and fade-resistant, and features a 15-inch drop, making it a perfect fit for most beds.

Elegant Comfort 100 GSM Bed Skirt with 14” Drop - Available in 5 Sizes and 15 Colors

Just as the name suggests, Elegant Comfort offers a massive number of comfortable home furnishing products, which all have innovative designs, superior quality and durability. Some of the company’s notable items include pillows, protectors, and window treatments.

If you’re looking for a bed skirt to give your bed a finished look, the Elegant Comfort 100 GSM Bed Skirt is worth considering. This full-size bed skirt features a 14” tailored and pleated drop, and comes in a choice of five different sizes and 15 solid colors. It's made from high-quality microfiber, which helps make it wrinkle-resistant and washing machine-friendly.

How Do I Choose the Best Bed Skirt?

You’ve got the ultimate bed setup—plush padded memory foam pillows, 220 count cotton bed sheets, and a soft woolen blanket. But is your bed frame, mattress, or box spring still sticking out worse than a sore thumb? You can now veil these items in the most aesthetically pleasing way, with a bed skirt!

Also known as valances, bed skirts are secured to your mattress and box spring. Bed skirts cascade elegantly towards the floor to not only keep things out of sight, but prevent vexing dust bunnies from traveling first class across your hardwood floors. These standalone bedding components are made up of a deck (fabric that sticks to the bed) and a skirt or drop (fabric that rolls towards the floor). Before you head out shopping for the best bed skirt, you must determine the size of bed skirt you need, and whether you’re looking to cover three sides of the bed or all four sides.

Read on to learn a few great tips on what to look for in a valance that will leave you happy.
The prices of bed skirts vary, mostly depending on the material and the fit. Although they are inexpensive for the most part, it is wise to avoid cheap bed skirts, since they probably won’t offer years of decorative pleasure owing to flimsy material and poor craftsmanship. If you have superior quality bed sheets and covers, it makes sense to buy bed skirts that match. To give you a rough idea, prices of bed skirts range from $30 to $50 or more, and some even come fitted with elastic to easily take them on and off. Some bed skirts come with accessories such as pins, but sometimes you will have to buy them separately, adding to the overall cost.
Bed skirts are simple yet aesthetically pleasing additions to your bedroom. They are available in a range of colors and styles, so there’s no reason not to get one, but you should consider a few factors in order to get the right one! Here are some things to take into account when shopping for the best bed skirt:
  • Size–The measurement of the sides of the bed you’d like to cover
  • Drop–The measurement from the top of the box spring to the floor
  • Material–Common materials used to make bed skirts include cotton, polyester, cotton blends, and silk
  • Designs/Styles–There are many to choose from, most notably tailored, pleated, and ruffled
  • Maintenance–Most bed skirts are machine washable, but some will require special care such as hand wash
  • Brand–Buy from a brand or a manufacturer that’s been around for several years for great service life and a wider range of options within the same category
  • Warranty–To cover any manufacturer defects
Construction and Design
A bed skirt needs to fit properly on your bed. A skirt that’s too small or big for the box spring can look odd, and consequently ruin its look and probably diminish the overall décor of your bedroom. Use a measuring tape and measure the distance from the top of the foundation to the floor, then add an inch to the drop size in order to get the right fit. Bed skirts can be three-sided, or go all the way around the bed (four-sided). The latter makes a great fit if your bed is located in the center of the room, or if the bed’s configuration is such that the headboard is exposed. Bed skirts can also be fitted to your bed in several different ways, using snap strings, hooks or even integrated elastic.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bed skirts come in many colors and styles to match your existing décor. Solid-colored bed valances are often the best choice for most types of beds. While light colors work well too, you may have to get them lined or be sure they are made from thick fabric, so that the sunlight reflecting on them does not reveal what’s under the bed. Most dust ruffles can be machine washed, and do not need to be pressed to look pretty. But if you do notice a wrinkle or two, you can iron them out to achieve a professional look. Some bed skirts can even be vacuumed with a soft bristle attachment to quickly get rid of any accumulated dust bunnies, but always follow the manufacturer’s recommended care instructions for the best longevity.

Get the Best Bed Skirt of 2022!

Now that you know what the best bed skirts are, making your bed smile is just a matter of a few clicks. Order the best bed skirt for you today.

Our Top Choice
Shop Bedding Solid Ruffled Bed Skirt
Best Value
Collections Etc Elastic Bed Wrap Ruffle Bed Skirt
Greenland Home Fashions Cotton Voile White Bed Skirt
Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Bed-Skirt
Elegant Comfort 100 GSM Bed Skirt