Best Bed Tray Reviews 2023

Decades ago, there were pieces of furniture that one included in one’s home either as a luxury or an afterthought that are becoming necessities in today’s world. One such item is the bed tray, and with so many design and style options available, choosing a bed tray that’s truly yours can easily become an uphill task. We, in keeping with our custom, have taken the liberty to search the market for the top five brands with the best bed trays and have reviewed a bed tray from each. Feel free to look through their other bed trays if you aren’t satisfied with any of these.
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Our Top Choice
Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Lap Tray
Sofia + Sam is a well-known manufacturer of a wide assortment of household goods. It is passionate about creating quality furniture and exotic pieces for every customer.
It’s a mobile and versatile work station. It holds your computer at a right angle, which is perfect for working.
The drawer may get dislodged, so care has to be taken during handling.
24.1x16.3x3.6 inches; 8.2lbs
Info not provided
Breakfast, work, reading
Best Value
SuperJare Folding Bed Tray
SuperJare is dedicated to making available outstanding, quality-designed products to its customers through world-class business platforms and strong after-sales customer service.
It’s collapsible and easy to set up. It’s also of the right height to fit user’s legs underneath.
There is no locking bar in the middle, so care ought to be taken when moving it.
23.2x16.1x10.4 inches; 2.9lbs
Breakfast, work, reading
Welland Student Lapdesk Bed Tray
Welland offers excellent home things - furniture, decoration, furnishings, and products for its numerous customers. It ensures that consumers get quality goods at the right price.
It’s lightweight and easy to transport. It’s also comfy to use and stays in place on the lap.
The paint around the frame may peel off easily, although this gives it a more rustic appearance.
Micro foam beads
16.1x3.4x2.8 inches; 1.8lbs
30-day return policy
Breakfast, work
Birdrock Home Lap Desk Bed Tray
Birdrock Home is a popular provider of choice goods and household materials at great prices. It has a selection of high-quality items that enable customers to make correct choices.
It’s stable on sturdy legs that will not wobble. It has handles for carrying that make it simple to use.
It is small and may not accommodate a lot of gadgets or objects.
22.2x14x3.7 inches; 3.9lbs
Natural beige
Info not provided
Winsome Wood Stockton Bed Tray
Winsome is a leading brand in the manufacture and distribution of solid wood houseware and furniture. It effectively balances affordability and craftsmanship in its innovative designs.
It has enough leg space for the user, is solid, and does not topple when in use.
The tray surface is slippery and may require a mat.
13.9x21.8x2.1 inches; 3lbs
Natural beige
1-year limited warranty

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What is the Best Bed Tray?

Now that you’ve gone through our buying guide, you know that there are as many styles of bed trays as there are individual tastes. Here, we’ve reviewed different styles of bed trays and since you’ve read our buying guide, the selection process for the best one should be more fun than work now. That being said, let’s take a look at each product, shall we?
Our Top Choice
Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Lap Tray is a wooden and adjustable, natural-colored lap bed tray which has room for your computer, books, and tablets. It has upright-standing legs that are foldable when not in use. If you want a metal lap tray that is equipped with folding legs which allows you to set the tray at your desired height, then check out the Lap Tray with Tablet Slot.

Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Laptop Bed Tray – Available in 3 Colors

Sofia + Sam is passionate about creating unique and durable household pieces that are well affordable. The company is particular about making life more pleasant for its customers. It offers customers the best prices for goods, thereby making shopping a wonderful experience.

The Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Lap Tray (Selling for $39.87 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a sturdy, 8.2-pound, 21.5 x 13.75 x 9.25-inch, wooden bed tray that is adjustable to hold a laptop, book, and smartphone. It is a high-quality, portable, and mobile work station- it can be taken anywhere! It has strong foldable legs to suit the user’s desired height or work level. It can accommodate laptops of up to 18 inches. Here are some other features of this bed tray:
  • Its collapsible legs make storage quite easy
  • It has a built-in drawer for keeping small work objects
  • The drawer has a magnetic feature to keep metal objects in place
  • It’s designed to fit up to 9.6 inches for tablets and 3.5 inches for smart phones
  • Has anti-slip padding to hold phones and tablets in place
  • Its vintage modeling leaves no unvarnished wood or sawdust
  • It’s multi-purpose and can double as a coffee or snack table
  • The mousepad surface is smooth and makes navigation easy
  • It has room enough for the dual function of a writing table and laptop keypad surface
Its natural wooden color complements office décor and home furniture. It may also come in a walnut variant.
Best Value
The SuperJare Folding Bed Tray has plenty of inner space to store little things. It features a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and supporting buckles which enhance stability. If you’re in need of a bamboo wood bed tray, check out SuperJare’s Foldable Bed Table, Breakfast Tray, 23.2" Bamboo Wood Grain.

SuperJare Portable Folding Breakfast Table Bed Tray

SuperJare is a company with origins in North Carolina, that is dedicated to the provision of high-quality products that inspire awe and respect in its customers. In previous years, the company was mainly involved in the production of sanitary wares, but in 2015 it delved into household products for consumers all over the world. SuperJare is very particular about making life more pleasurable for its customers.

The SuperJare Folding Bed Tray (Selling for $23.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a light 2.9-pound, 23.2 x 16.1 x 10.4-inch sturdy bed tray with an aluminum frame and a non-slip design base. It has space for a laptop, phone, and even a tablet. It has a lot of space on the inside to hold small items like mousepads, pens, or pencils.
Other features of this bed tray are:
  • It has a large space under and enough room for the user’s legs when unfolded
  • It is sturdy- can take load of up to 66.14 pounds
  • It has supporting buckles around it that enhance stability
  • It’s portable and saves space when folded
  • Its rounded corners protect it from scratches- a feature that makes for added safety
  • This bed tray is multifunctional and can be used as bed table, reading table, laptop desk, breakfast table, and bookstand
  • It’s mobile and perfect for outdoor activities like camping and picnics
It comes in three other colors besides silver- bamboo wood grain, green, and pink.
The Welland Student Lapdesk Bed Tray is light and built with an anti-scratch surface to prevent things from slipping or falling off. It has an air mesh feature to easily dissipate heat from it. If you desire a wooden bed tray, complete with serving handles, check out the Welland Acacia Wood Breakfast Bed Tray Serving Tray with Handle, Foldable Legs.

Welland Student Laptop & Breakfast Serving Bed Tray – Available in 6 Colors

Welland provides one of the best selections of home decor, furnishings, and furniture for clients all over the world. It ensures that consumers get the correct products at the right price - buying exactly what they want at a price they can afford. Welland combines an extensive collection of goods with superior customer service.

The Welland Student Lapdesk Bed Tray (Selling for $54.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a lightweight 1.8-pound, 16.1 x 3.4 x 2.8-inch bed tray with a white main top board that is convenient to clean; a damp cloth would do! It’s robust but lightweight and very easy to handle and transport; it is a convenient workstation that can be taken everywhere you go. It has room for laptops up to 14 inches and features an anti-scratch surface that prevents objects from falling off. Its characteristic micro bead layer provides flexibility and is comfortable to fit on any surface and form different angles. It possesses an air mesh feature to easily dissipate heat from it. This bed tray can serve other purposes such as: eating table, plate tray, car back seat table for kids, and snacking surface table. It comes in a grey color.

These are other bed trays from Welland for your consideration:
  • Welland Bamboo Adjustable Laptop Desk Breakfast Serving Bed Tray with USB Fan: Has a built-in mouse pad and storage drawer, with hardware inside
  • Welland Student Lapdesk Laptop Breakfast Serving Bed Tray: This doubles as a serving tray while sitting in bed, on the couch, or on the floor. It is quite suitable for dormitory rooms
The Birdrock Home Lap Desk Bed Tray is crafted from bamboo wood and adds an elegant touch to the home or office. Its collapsible legs allow for propping or a flat down fold. For a durable bed tray with a storage drawer attached, look up Birdrock Home’s Bamboo Laptop Bed Tray with pull down legs/storage drawer.

Birdrock Home Foldable Bamboo Lap Desk Bed Tray with Handles

Birdock Home is a popular provider of affordable goods and household materials. It features a selection of the best items to give consumers the satisfaction of quality, decorative items, and its top-notch after-sales customer service.

The Birdrock Home Lap Desk Bed Tray (Selling for $19.34 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a 4-pound, 19 x 9.5 x 11.7-inch bamboo lap desk that provides a nice decorative touch to the home or office. It’s an elegant piece with durable construction that provides a safe working surface for laptops and tablets. It is a movable work station with serving handles that make it easy to carry around. The tray is simple to collapse and re-mount when need be. It also comes in a nice bamboo wood color.

Birdrock Home has in stock some other excellent bed trays:
  • Birdrock Home Bamboo Lap Tray with White Top: The tray has 6 different tilting positions to prop up books, laptops, or tablets
  • Birdrock Home 3 pc Bamboo Breakfast Bed Tray (Rounded): Comprises 3 nesting bamboo trays with cut out handles that make them simple to carry
  • Birdrock Home Wooden Lap Desk Bed Tray | Breakfast Bed Tray: This tray has strong, wide-grip handles and foldaway legs for easy moving from place to place
  • Birdrock Home Wooden Tray Table: This is a non-collapsible, removable tray table (with handles) suitable for serving
  • Birdrock Home Serving Trays Abaca - 2 Pieces: This is a hand-woven tray made of abaca fiber. It has cut-out handles and is a rich espresso color
  • BirdRock Home Seagrass Nesting Breakfast Bed Trays | Set of 2: This includes two nested trays, hand-woven from sea grass and perfect for serving guests, and storing office supplies and toiletries
Winsome Wood’s Stockton Bed Tray is a stylish bed tray made from solid wood. It has a lovely wipe-clean melamine top and firm legs that easily fold away when not in use. If you would rather have a bed tray with handles and curved sides, Winsome Wood’s Sedona Bed Tray Curved Side, Foldable Legs, Large Handle is a good one; check it out.

Winsome Wood Stockton Breakfast Tray with Notched Handles

Winsome has been in the furniture manufacturing business since 1977. It has made a name as one of the leading brands in the creation of lifestyle furniture and innovative designs. Besides offering its own designs, Winsome also builds to customers’ specifications or designs. It has a leading edge with flexibility of orders, prompt customer service responses, and fast shipping.

The Winsome Wood Stockton Bed Tray (Selling for $29.99 on Amazon) is a 3-pound, 13.9 x 21.8 x 2.1-inch, wooden bed tray. It has a natural finish and stands on sturdy wooden legs, making it a desirable serving tray. The foldable legs are quite an advantage when in use for serving in bed, on the patio, or outdoors, and are very convenient for storage.

It’s simple to maintain and clean. All you need do is use a damp cloth. Its white melamine top makes for added creativity - patterns and designs can be drawn on it, and the rest of it is a natural wood color. The tray legs are sturdy and wobble-free which prevents spills in the event that it is accidentally shaken.

Winsome offers a great selection of other bed trays. Here are some for your consideration:
  • Winsome Wood Breakfast Bed Tray with Handle Foldable Legs: This tray’s foldable legs make after-use storage easy
  • Winsome Wood Benito Bed Tray with Curved Top, Foldable Legs: This is an oversized wood bed tray with curved handles and top, giving it a stylish appearance
  • Winsome Wood Wainscoting Top Elise Bed Tray, U-Leg: This is a U-leg bed tray with grip handles
  • Winsome Wood Kira Bed Tray, Dark Espresso Finish: It’s an open U-shaped tray with a rich dark espresso finish

How Do I Choose the Best Bed Tray?

There are days when all you want to do is lounge in bed in your pajamas and still be productive. And who says you can’t do so, especially when you’ve got a piece of furniture as nifty and as versatile as the bed tray? The bed tray is fast becoming a must-have in today’s increasingly personalized world with its growing number of entrepreneurs, online content writers, graphic and website designers, gamers, online academic platforms, and so on. Whether you’re in bed rejuvenating or just having quality time with your pillows, the bed tray is one way to go from meal to work without stressing much.

When it comes to picking a bed tray, there are a lot of designs to choose from. There are bed trays that will look really picturesque when you place your fine dining ware on them for a satisfying meal in bed. There are other trays that are designed to serve as mobile, portable workstations giving you a rewarding work, study, gaming, or movie-watching experience. Some of these come with grooves and spaces for your laptops, tablets, and phones. One thing you should know is that one bed tray can serve in whatever capacity you put it to.

We might call it a bed tray, but it can be used just about anywhere. It can be used outside the house, on tables, with sofas and recliners, and lots of other places. When it’s dark, some of them have desk lamps while others can be comfortably used with a good desk lamp. How and where it can be used is as varied as you are inventive.
We’ll start with the all-important and sensitive issue of price. The price of a bed tray, as with many other products, is dependent on the brand, its features, and the material it’s made of. For instance, there are bed trays that come with storage space, and these tend to cost more than those without. If you want a bed tray to hold your meals in bed, then one with fewer features may do just fine; but if you’re looking for a workstation for your laptop, iPads, phones, and writing materials, we suggest you consider bed trays with more features.

With a price range that starts below $10 and goes to $180 (and even more), a bed tray is a smart way to enjoy a meal in bed, read, or work as it is quite multifunctional, serving effectively in any of these capacities. Depending on what you intend to use it for, your bed tray may see frequent or infrequent use and so, we advise this: if you want to get the very best from your choice, don’t assume that cheap bed trays will do a good job as that’s generally not the case.
Finding a bed tray that will meet your needs and tastes is as simple as knowing what features to watch out for when shopping for one. If all you need is to serve either yourself or your significant other a pleasant meal in bed, then you’ll be looking for a simpler bed tray; the fellow who’s working or studying will be on the lookout for one with work and gadget-friendly features.

Here’s a list of some important features to look for in a bed tray:
  • Weight limit
  • The leg-locking mechanism (for those with foldable legs)
  • A roomy, easy-to-clean top
  • Raised edges
  • Adjustable and ‘tiltable’ functions
  • Storage space
  • Cut-outs for cords and cables
  • Sturdiness
Whatever your bed tray needs, bearing these in mind should help you make a good decision.
Construction and Design
Bed trays have an average height of about 12 inches and a top that can be over 20 inches wide. Bear this in mind: the wider your bed tray the more things you can put on it, which can mean a more effective service. When unfolded (for the foldable ones), the space between the legs can reach 22 inches or more and when folded, it can be an inch or two high. Seeing as they are items for convenience and ease, they’re usually lightweight and portable. Bed trays weigh between 2 to 5 pounds and may have handles for easy carrying.

Some of them have storage drawers that are just large enough to hold your stationery and extra reading materials. Some also feature cut-outs that allow for easy and flexible passage of cords and cables; there are also cut-outs for cooling fans for your laptops, and some even come with built-in cooling fans. To ensure that you don’t work in thirst, some of them have places to hold your coffee or tea.

These multifunctional pieces of furniture come in an abundance of styles and whatever your taste, you’re sure to find a design that’ll call to you. There are traditional-style bed trays in wood with finishes that exude royalty, wooden bed trays that have a more modern design, and others with a futuristic design. There are also trays that combine both wood and metal to give a practical, minimalist style that’s also tasteful. Other style options include acrylic, polypropylene, aluminum, etc., and they come in various colors.
Performance and Ease of Use
To get the most out of your bed trays, we would suggest you look for trays with raised edges if all you’re looking for is a tray to enjoy meals in bed with; this might control spillage of food and drinks better than those without raised edges. Those looking for bed trays to do some studying and work in, one without raised edges but with grooves and storage compartments might be better, as you get to store your stationery, SD cards, flash drives, and so on without fear of their falling off and getting lost. Another reason is the fact that a bed tray without those raised edges would be easier on your wrists and more convenient.

Another thing that would make the bed tray a dream to use is the adjust and tilt features. For ease of use, a bed tray with adjustable legs is recommended as it allows you to choose the height that’s most comfortable with your sitting (or standing) position. The tilt feature allows you to place the tray top in any angle you choose, complementing the adjustable height mechanism. These mechanisms should be easy to use and lock into place.

One more thing to consider is the weight limit of your bed tray. Most bed trays are designed to carry about 30 to 60 pounds of weight. While they’re usually sturdy enough to carry out their jobs, please note that these items are not meant to serve as support for your weight, so refrain from using them as stools or standing on them.

Get the Best Bed Tray of 2023!

So, we’ve come to the end of the review and we do hope you’re armed with the necessary information to make a great bed tray choice. Enjoy!

Our Top Choice
Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Lap Tray
Best Value
SuperJare Folding Bed Tray
Welland Student Lapdesk Bed Tray
Birdrock Home Lap Desk Bed Tray
Winsome Wood Stockton Bed Tray