Best Bedpan – Comfortable, Anti-Spill Contoured and Fracture Bedpans for Men and Women

Nobody wishes for a bedpan, but certain health conditions make owning one a necessity. We’ve researched the best bedpans from a wide array of brands and picked our top 5. Although this review focuses on a single bed pan from each of these brands, there are other great bed pans manufactured by them you may prefer. To make things easy for you, we have included links within each review for more options. Please note, for men you may also want to consider getting a portable male urinal.

For our featured products, we chose plastic bedpans because they tend to be more affordable. In case you are aware, some plastic bedpans can withstand the heat of boiling water or an autoclave for sterilization. If that’s what you need, make sure you check the details, so you get the right kind. For those of you who are in the market for a metal bedpan, we’ve showcased 4 of our favorites below. Regardless of which type you get, think about picking up bedpan liners to make clean up easier.

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Our Top Choice
AliMed Anti-Spill Bariatric Bedpan
AliMed is passionate about offering cutting-edge healthcare solutions. With over 50 years of ground-breaking research, AliMed has sustained a legacy of customer satisfaction.
2 quart capacity. Durable. Reusable. Curtails spills and splashes. Easy to get off and on. Suitable for all sizes.
Occasional back strain when used in a sitting position.
Wide seat
All patients; up to 325 pounds
12 x 12 x 5 inches; 0.9 pounds
Autoclavable plastic
Best Value
Carex Contoured Bedpan with Side Grips
Carex Health Brands is renowned for research excellence in the healthcare industry. It continues to maintain a sterling record of innovative design and customer satisfaction.
Durable. Sturdy. Easy cleaning and handling. Generous 108-ounce content capacity.
Only handles weights below 175 pounds.
Contoured with side grips
Urinals; up to 400 lbs
4 x 11.5 x 14.5 inches; 0.5 pounds
Durable polyethylene
Medline Mega-Fracture Bariatric Bedpan
Medline is committed to offering clinical and business solutions to healthcare providers worldwide. Its manufacturing processes are environmentally-friendly and sustainable.
Has a non-stick surface. Can handle a weight capacity of 900 pounds. Easy to clean. Reusable. Suitable as a bariatric female urinal.
Cannot be autoclaved.
Tapered front
Immobile patients, up to 900 lbs
16.9 x 10.2 x 2.1 inches; 1 pound
Latex free plastic
Duro-Med Contoured No Spill Bedpan
Duro-Med Industries (DMI), a subsidiary of Briggs Healthcare, is a brand wholly committed to improving quality of life for patients in hospitals and homes.
Reusable. Easy to clean with standard cleaners. Autoclave-compliant. Odor-resistant. Durable and long-lasting.
Can leave marks on patient’s skin.
Contoured; visual measurement
Bariatric adults up to 400lbs
15 x 4 x 13 inches; 1 pound
Heavy duty autoclavable plastic
Medpro Spill Proof Fracture Bedpan
Medpro is a leading manufacturer of cost effective, reliable patient-care products and supplies for operating rooms, laboratories and containment systems.
Sleek, low profile. Sturdy enough to handle 350 pounds. Large enough to hold sizeable fecal and urinal waste. Can be used as female urinal.
Low profile may cause back strain.
Large; tapered front
Immobile patients; up to 350 lbs
17 x 10.6 x 4.1 inches; 0.9 pounds
Hospital quality plastic

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What Is the Most Comfortable Bedpan? Read Our Bedpan Reviews to Find the Kind You Need

It’s important to note that bedpans differ in shape, size, material, and functionality. Now you’ve taken time to go through our buying guide, we hope you’ve been adequately informed on what it takes to make the right choice of a bedpan. To select the best bedpan, check out our reviewed products for one that suits your needs.

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Our Top Choice
The AliMed Comfortable Bedpan suits pediatrics, obstetrics and fracture patients. Its sturdy frame enables it to handle weights up to 325 pounds. This bariatric bedpan is a good choice if you don't want to spend a lot of money. AlliMed also offers a wide variety of wheelchair cushions if you need one of those too.

AliMed Comfortable Anti-Spill Bedpan with 2-Quart Capacity - Bariatric Bedpan with Anti-Splash Guard


AliMed isn’t just a leading provider of cutting-edge medical and healthcare products to operating rooms, hospitals, and nursing homes; it has a life-long commitment to providing the best solutions to healthcare providers. In pursuit of this, AliMed operates an innovative and research-based system that constantly seeks and meets the needs of healthcare providers in the industry. AliMed also sells high-quality products from other top brands worldwide. Its 100% customer satisfaction drive makes AliMed the joy of every medical personnel.

There are bedpans and there is the AliMed Comfortable Bedpan. As its name implies, it’s a bedpan designed for comfort and ease. Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Orthopedic health care providers find this bedpan adequate to serve their patients. Its low profile makes it easy to lift a fracture patient before and after use, while its uniquely flat surface ensures comfort and ease-of-use for children and persons of small size. This feature also prevents the patient from dipping into fecal or urinal contents through the opening on the pan. Unlike traditional bedpans, the AliMed Comfortable Bedpan also serves the important function of collecting the placenta from delivery patients.

The AliMed Comfortable Bedpan owes its sturdy structure to the high-grade plastic used in its construction. Patients can, therefore, rest assured this 325-pound bedpan won’t crush under their weight. With its unique anti-spill feature owing to its flat covering, the risk of splashing or spilling is eliminated.

Following are some other products offered by AliMed:

  • The AliMed Bariatric Fracture Bedpan with 1200-pound capacity
  • The AliMed Most Comfortable Bedpan with Anti-spill
  • The AliMed Autoclavable Bariatric Bed Pan with Anti-Splash – 20-piece Pack, 1200 Pound Capacity
  • The AliMed Comfortable Bedpan with 2-quart and 325-pound Capacity- Available in Blue Color
Best Value
The Carex Contoured Bedpan has a uniquely contoured design that makes it comfortable and easy to use, and the grips on its sides make handling easy. Want a bedpan that comes with a back grip? Check out the Carex Fracture Bedpan. It features a low tapered front for comfort and ease.

Carex Hospital Comfortable Bed Pan - Apex Contour Design Provides Comfort and Easy Handling, 108 Ounce Capacity


As a subsidiary of Compass Health Brands, Carex Health Brands stands out as a leader in innovation, research, and functionality. For over 35 years since it was founded, it’s offered a broad range of products and services that provided and continue to provide consumer satisfaction. These products include bath safety items, eye and ear aids, mobility products to enhance quality of life, personal care products for daily living and industry-leading pain management therapy services. It also offers high-quality products specific to certain health conditions. From bone-related conditions to bariatric issues and post op management, Carex Health Brands has a solution. As a globally recognized brand, it maintains its standard of excellence through a vibrant and continuous research system.

Whenever the Carex Contoured Bedpan is mentioned, comfort comes to mind. Its carefully designed contour structure says it all. Patients can sit comfortably on this bedpan without having to worry about edges digging into their skin and leaving ugly marks. It boasts of a generous 108 fluid ounce capacity – a volume suitable to contain ample amounts of the patients fecal and urinal waste without overflowing. With side grips all around this bedpan, there is little to no difficulty handling it.

You can carry, hold or even slide it under a patient conveniently. Whether you are taking it away after use, placing it under a patient, or even cleaning it; the side grips make it easy. There’s definitely no risk of getting your fingers in its content while trying to handle the Carex Contoured Bedpan because its flat top and edges combine to ensure this risk is eliminated. It’s made from a high-quality plastic which makes it sturdy so it doesn’t crush or break under the weight of a patient, causing injuries. However, this feature comes with a caution limit of a 175-pound weight, which means it serves best persons who weigh under 175 pounds. Its durability is also evident in its ability to last a long time with multiple uses.

The Medline Bariatric Bedpan comes in an extra-large size. This means it can comfortably carry large weights, up to 900 pounds, without breaking and serve as a female urinal for plus-sized women with mobility issues. This bedpan is available in multiple color options, sold individually or in multi-packs. If you need a comfortable contoured bedpan, Medline has those too.

Medline Bariatric Mega Fracture Bedpan - Latex Free Extra Large Bedpan Features a Tapered Front, 4 Pack


As the largest privately-held manufacturer of health care products and supplies, Medline employs a unique system of providing education and support to the healthcare system - industry-wide. It positions itself strategically as a bridge between healthcare providers, systems, facilities and the patients who need these services. Medline boasts a skilled and strong workforce involving engineers, financial experts, researchers, clinicians and sales representatives. Employees of Medline are trained to develop expertise in the healthcare business.

When you choose the Medline Bariatric Bedpan, you choose to support the ‘greener manufacturing’ campaign towards protecting our environment because of its pigment-free color. It comes in a pack of four reusable pieces that can be easily cleaned. Its non-stick surface makes it a bedpan that gives no issues with cleaning as fecal contents don’t stick to the bottom of the pan or its edges. With this feature, the bedpan doesn’t make a mess of whatever contents the patient passes out.

This bedpan is equally suitable as a bariatric female urinal. It handles a maximum weight capacity of 900 pounds, making it suitable for all users. It also features a wide and tapered front designed to make sliding the bed pan under a patient as easy as possible. Home and hospital caregivers can, therefore, call this bedpan their healthcare buddy because, while it assures the patient’s comfort, it also assures easy cleaning and use for caregivers. Made from a latex-free plastic, this bedpan poses no threats to persons who have allergies to latex. The risk of developing a rash or irritation from materials containing latex is therefore eliminated.

Other bedpans offered by Medline include:

  • Medline Contour Bedpan – Available in Graphite Color
  • Medline Fracture Bedpan with Loop Handle – Available in Gold Color
  • Medline Bariatric Durafit Bedpan – Available in Graphite Color
  • Medline Stack-a-Pans Bedpan with Non-stick Surface
The Duro-Med Standard Bedpan is made of quality molded plastic which makes it resistant to odors from the patient’s discharge. With its smooth contoured design, it guarantees a patient’s comfort and convenience. In addition to bedpans, DMI offers a wide range of home medical solutions you can trust. This includes mobility aids, cushions, bath safety and more.

Duro-Med DMI Deluxe Bedpan for Bariatric Adults with Anti-Spill No Splash Design - Contoured Bedpan, Autoclavable, Odor-Resistant


Duro-Med is a subsidiary of Briggs Healthcare. It’s a company devoted to enhancing the standard of living for home and hospital patients. Its wide range of products includes medical aids such as adult diapers, commodes, wheelchairs, posture correctors and walking canes. It manufactures products that zero in on building confidence, comfort, and independence in adult patients and patients with disabilities. With Duro-Med mobility aids, patients live better and achieve feats their health conditions might otherwise prevent.

The Duro-Med Standard Bedpan is designed for comfort and convenience. It’s a great improvement on conventional bariatric pans in that it has side coverings that prevent spills and splashes. This means you don’t have to worry about the contents getting out of the bedpan and making a mess while your patient or loved one is being relieved. When it comes to the Duro-Med Standard Bedpan, you can kiss odors goodbye, as the high-grade plastic used in its construction keeps them contained.

This sturdy bedpan is suitable for persons on the big size as it won’t crush under the weight of a plus-sized person. Moreover, many home and hospital care providers would find this bedpan easy to clean. One can either boil or autoclave it to a maximum temperature of 275 degrees Fahrenheit, thus ensuring it’s sterile for the next use. As a physician or laboratory scientist, you’ll love the Duro-Med Standard Bedpan because it features graduations in ounces and cubic centimeters. This feature will come in handy when you need to monitor or estimate a patient’s volume and rate of urinal discharge.

Following are a couple of other products by Duro-Med for your consideration:

  • Duro-Med Non-Autoclavable Stackable Bed Pan – Available in 2-piece Pack and Gold Color
  • Duro-Med Deluxe Contoured Bedpan – Autoclavable and Smooth-Contoured
The Medpro Fracture Bedpan is a sturdy bedpan designed for weights up to 350 pounds without breaking or straining and a large capacity of 2.5L; sufficient to hold a generous amount of discharge. Should you want a full size contour bed pan, check out the Medpro Conventional Plastic Bed Pan with Contoured Shape. It supports the weight of a patient’s neck and buttocks.

Medpro Fracture Easy Clean Portable Bedpan with Plastic Splash Guard and Built-in Handles - 2.5 Quart Capacity


Medpro is a brand leader in the manufacture and supply of medical products for acute and alternate care facilities. It’s globally renowned for its dedication to the ideals of quality, innovation and cost-effective products and services. Medpro’s product lines include patient-care products, measurement equipment, containment systems for hazardous waste and operating room supplies. This shows its holistic approach to meeting the needs of healthcare providers and care patients alike. Medpro upholds safety, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Fracture pans are mobility aids used for fracture or hip-replacement patients who are unable to use their legs and need help relieving themselves. Medpro offers a fracture bedpan with a low profile structure that promises comfort and ease, so a patient’s back and buttocks are properly supported for convenience during use.

This bedpan is the Medpro Fracture Bedpan. It is manufactured with a durable and strong material which makes it long-lasting and able to carry plus-size persons without breaking or straining. With a large capacity of 2.5 quarts, this fracture pan can hold a generous amount of feces and urine without spilling or splashing.

Following are some other bedpans offered by Medpro for your consideration:

  • Disposable Fracture Bedpan with 350-pound Weight Capacity – Disposable and Available in Gold Color
  • Fracture Bedpan with Loop Handle – Available in Blue Color
  • Conventional Bedpan – Available in Blue Color, 6-piece Pack
  • Stackable Commode Bedpan – Available in Rose Color, 50-piece Pack
  • Fracture Bedpan with 2.5 Liter Capacity and Loop Handle – Large, Available in Blue Colour, 6-piece Pack

Best Anti-Spill Bedpan Buying Guide – What to Look for in a Comfortable Bedpan for Your Loved One

Imagine a world where immobility didn’t exist. If we could have that imagination played out, we would. But in a world of uncertainties, things occur, like accidents which lead to immobility – temporary or permanent. Often, mobility issues occur immediately after certain surgeries and in the years that follow. Examples of such include bariatric surgeries, hip replacement, and other orthopedic surgeries. Health conditions like stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases may also affect a person’s ability to freely use a normal bathroom facility, confining such a patient to a bed or a wheelchair.

For several decades, many healthcare brands have been and are constantly researching and coming up with innovative products and services which seek to best serve patients with mobility issues. The bedpan is a product of such innovations. It’s a dignified tool employed to help bedridden patients relieve themselves when the need arises.

People who use walking aids like walkers and crutches can help themselves to the bathroom when ‘the call’ comes, while others have to rely on a bedpan. Bedpans may serve the same function as urinals for females. However, the urinals are often specific to each gender and designed for the comfort and dignity of the patient.

Bedpans differ in size, functionality, capacity, and material among other things. Now, let’s analyze the features you really need to consider in your quest for the best bedpan.


Video: Assisting with a Bedpan

How to Assist with a Bedpan. | Courtesy of Wings Health Care Training

Bedpans are available in a wide range of varieties. The differing features usually determine the price of the bedpan. You may also discover that there are some bedpans produced by the same brand but with different price tags. The number of pieces in a pack, quality of material used, and capacity are factors that significantly affect the price.

The bedpans in our product review section range from about $5 to $125. This estimate takes the aforementioned factors into consideration. That said, you can get some more expensive ones with extra special features too. However, let’s point out that during our research, we discovered some cheap bedpans that were fragile and NOT built with the patient’s best interests in mind. Please, avoid them and stick to quality brands and products like those reviewed on this page.


When you’re shopping for a suitable bedpan, knowing what to look out for helps you make a good choice. Here are some important things to look out for:

  • Type
  • Design
  • User
  • Capacity
  • Material
Construction and Design

Bedpans may be made of steel, plastic, ceramic or glass, and metallic or plastic are the most common ones. Metallic bedpans are built to last and are sturdy, but they may be hard, cold and uncomfortable.

Since its entrance into the market, the plastic bedpan has been making waves; especially those made from high grade molded plastic. They are improvements on the metal bedpans because they combine the sturdy and durable features of the metal with the comfort and ease of use of the plastic.

A bedpan with sleek and smooth contoured edges makes a perfect sitting bowl for the patients. This gives a patient the nostalgic cool feel of the normal toilet seat. Unlike its sharp-edged counterparts, this type of bedpan gives a cool groove to the butt cheeks without leaving marks on the skin. With such comfort, a convalescing patient may read a book while toileting.

Some bedpans are designed to be latex-free so the risk of allergies and irritation when the bedpan is in contact with the patient’s skin is eliminated. A patient can, therefore, rest assured that he or she won’t be picking up ‘new visitors’ from the bedpan.

Anti-odor bedpans resist odors from their contents. This is an attractive feature that ensures a less malodorous toileting and cleaning experience for the patient and care provider. Most bedpans are made for fecal waste, but some have the dual functionality of equally serving the purpose of a female urinal. The male urinals are often made in such a manner as to promote dignity, privacy and convenience. So, pay attention to the needs of the person using the bedpan before buying, so you get the best value for your money.

Video: How Does a Bedpan Work

How to Place and Remove a Bedpan. | Courtesy of koushik mondal
Performance and Ease of Use

When it comes to the comfort of the patient being cared for, one must look out for bedpans with optimum profile because they eliminate back strains and thigh aches, especially when used in a sitting position. It’s not fun and games when a patient has mobility issues. It becomes even more frustrating when the patient has to bear the discomfort of a too-high or too-low profile bedpan. This can be avoided by noting the height of the bedpan and selecting the right choice.

Surprises are great when they are sweet. But a surprisingly full bedpan can be a total mess for a caregiver and the patient. This is why, to avoid being caught unawares by torrential or volcanic messes in bedpans, one must look out for bedpans with adequate capacity. A bedpan with the ability to hold a large volume of discharge without overflowing makes an easy-to-clean one. It also prevents the risk of one getting his or her finger in the content and picking up germs.

Sliding a bedpan under a patient is simpler if it has a loop handle or side grips for easy handling. These features serve as a guide on how to position the pan directly under the patient to avoid misses or near misses.

A crushed bedpan doesn’t bear thinking about. A bariatric bedpan designed to withstand the weight of a large person should not crumple under the person’s weight and cause an embarrassing scene. A patient’s trust is thus earned when a bedpan is sturdy enough to carry his or her weight.

After a good toileting in a bedpan, it must be cleaned to avoid microbial activities which are harmful to health. Bedpans may be disposable or reusable. The disposable ones, which are made from pulp, require expert handling and are discarded after each use while the reusable ones are cleaned. Reusable bedpans can either be boiled, autoclaved or washed with cleaning agents. The variance in cleaning techniques is unique to each product. Therefore, look out for the cleaning technique that you prefer when shopping.

There are bedpans with a lip structure designed to prevent spilling and splashing. One can rest assured there will be no content jumping or wandering out of the bowl in excitement. The downside to this is that cleaning the rims of the lip becomes a challenge as they’re a bacteria-friendly zone.

Get the Best Bedpan of 2023!

We’re certain this review has been a great asset in your search for a bedpan. Now’s the time to order the bedpan you want. If you wish to opt for other products from these brands, be sure to follow the navigation links provided.

Our Top Choice
AliMed Anti-Spill Bariatric Bedpan
Best Value
Carex Contoured Bedpan with Side Grips
Medline Mega-Fracture Bariatric Bedpan
Duro-Med Contoured No Spill Bedpan
Medpro Spill Proof Fracture Bedpan

Bedpan FAQs

What is a bedpan?
A bedpan is a container for collecting feces and urine for a bedridden patient in a hospital or other healthcare institution. It could be plastic, ceramic, glass, or metal and could include a liner that prevents splashing, making cleaning easier. Read our review for more details on bedpans.
How does a bedpan work?
A bedpan works by being placed under a bedridden patient to collect feces and urine. Once the patient has emptied his or her bowels and urinated, a caregiver carries the bedpan and empties the contents in the toilet.
How to use a bedpan?
To use a bedpan to help a bedridden patient, you need to be composed and relaxed. That's because the whole setup can embarrass you and your patient (especially the opposite gender). So, remaining calm will reassure the other person, making them feel comfortable. Once you are ready, sprinkle some body powder on the bedpan's rim to improve sliding. To prevent spills, but a bed pad below the bedpan. Once you have the bedpan into position, ask the person to sit up, lifting the hips slightly. Slowly slide the bedpan under the individual. Alternatively, help him or her turn to the side and press the device under the person's bottom. Now turn the person until he is sitting on the bedpan. You may leave the patient alone for privacy. After using the bedpan, hold it firmly in place and have the person roll away from it. Set it aside and help the person get wiped if necessary. Empty the contents of the bedpan into your toilet and rinse and wash it with a disinfectant solution. Let the bedpan sit somewhere to dry as you remove gloves and rinse your hands.
How to replace a bedpan?
You can replace a bedpan by acquiring one that's of the same size and material. That's because the user might have got used to the old bedpan and needs a similar one.
How to use a fracture bedpan?
To use a fracture bedpan, get ready with all the necessary materials, including toilet paper, gloves, and a cleaning towel. After washing hands and wearing the gloves, sprinkle some powder onto the pan. Put the pan below the patient's buttocks and your hand on his or her back for support. Some patients may not lift themselves and may require you to roll them on one side gently. The patient should hold the bed's guardrails until you finish placing the bedpan. After raising the patents head, give them some privacy by leaving the room. Return and hand over some toilet paper or a moist towel. After emptying the contents into the toilet, clean the bedpan using a detergent solution and dry it. Wait until next time to help the patient again.