Best Bedside Crib Reviews 2023

Preparing for the arrival of a newborn can be very exciting, and at the same time comes with an array of bewildering shopping decisions including choosing where your baby sleeps. You probably want your baby as close to you as possible, but are worried about safety. A bedside crib helps you sleep next to your baby while also ensuring her safety as it doesn’t require her to be in your bed. After countless hours of research, we came up with some of the best bedside crib brands that offer excellent cribs to help you make the right purchase decision. If you are looking for a different designs, or a much bigger beg, we have separate reviews for toddler beds and baby cribs that you can check out. There's something for your price or princess!
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Our Top Choice
Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet
Arm’s Reach was born from the desire of a mother and father to keep their baby close to them, even late into the night. Now, it makes various cribs that ensure safe co-sleeping.
Lightweight and portable. Saves space. Leg extension kit for higher beds. Sturdy and safe. Pockets and underneath storage.
The sides might be a bit difficult to lower.
30” x 10” x 10”; 25 lbs
Mattress; fitted sheet; travel bag
Best Value
Halo Premier Series Bassinest Swivel Sleeper
Since its establishment 20 years ago, Halo has remained dedicated to prioritizing the health, safety, and well-being of babies by providing high-quality baby products.
Easy to assemble. Machine-washable. Ample storage space. Easily locked in position. Sturdy frames. Perfect swivel motion.
The bassinet takes up too much space.
45.3” x 37.8” x 45.3”; 35.3 lbs
Fitted sheets; mattress pad
Cotton; mesh
Chicco Next2Me Crib
Owned by the Artsana Group, Chicco is a brand with a rich history in the production of a wide array of high-quality bassinets as well as other baby products.
Promotes co-sleeping. Securely attaches to bed. Soft padded sides. Very portable. Maximum adjustability. Removable and washable lining.
Pretty difficult to assemble the crib.
36.6” x 27.2” x 31.9”; 19.8 lbs
Mattress; transport/storage bag
Polyester, cotton
Dove Grey
BabyBjorn Baby Cradle
Founded in 1961, BabyBjörn is a family-owned Swedish brand that designs high-quality, original, and safe products for little ones.
Lightweight. Easy to assemble. Provides a safe sleep environment. Easy to wipe and clean. Breathable sides.
The cradle’s mattress might be uncomfortable for babies.
31” x 23” x 26”; 13 lbs
Mattress; canopy; fitted sheet
Metal; mesh
Summer Infant SwaddleMe Deluxe By Your Side Sleeper
Summer Infant's primary goal is delivering safe and innovative side sleeper products that help parents have amazing and fulfilling moments with their babies.
Great value. Sturdy sides. Portable and lightweight. Mesh sides. Waterproof mattress and removable sheet. Easy to clean.
Doesn’t travel well unless it’s taken apart.
Deluxe sleeper
14.5” x 32” x 11”; 6 lbs
Mattress pad; fitted sheet
Polyester; metal
Dove grey

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What is the Best Bedside Crib?

The best bedside crib not only gives you the much-needed convenience during those mid-of-the-night nursing sessions, but also delivers unmatched comfort and safety features for your baby. Apart from meeting your nursing needs, it should also come at a pocket-friendly price. To help you narrow down your options, check out our top bedside crib picks.
Our Top Choice
The Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee Bedside Bassinet is a multi-use piece of infant furniture that can be used either freestanding or safely as a co-sleeper. Looking for something with a bigger storage basket? Well, you’ll definitely fall in love with the Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Bedside Bassinet – Available in 2 Colors

True to its name, the Arm's Reach brand’s range of bassinets allows parents to co-sleep with their newborns, improving the bonding experience and making caregiving a breeze. Arm's Reach has proven itself a success with its wide-ranging bassinet products, which are recommended by top pediatricians as well as sleep research specialists.

The Mini Ezee Bedside Bassinet delivers unparalleled versatility as it can be used as a remote bassinet or as a bedside sleeper for your newborn during the first several months. Designed with a portable build, mesh sides, and storage compartments, this crib ensures a cozy, compact, and safe sleeping area for your baby while co-sleeping. And better yet, it’s super easy to assemble and there’s hardly any hassle to adjust it to your bed’s height!

But we know there’s more to a bedside crib than portability and setup; we also need to know how it serves your baby and makes your life as a parent less stressful. That’s where you’re in luck—this bassinet is made with polyester which ensures easy cleaning, and its mesh panels are designed to allow your baby more breathability. To keep baby’s most important things during the night, this crib also features side pockets and a compartment on the bottom.

Further, it has a 4-inch sleeping nest height, and comes with an attachment strap and resistant plate, both of which make this an efficient crib. This crib also includes a mattress, fitted sheet, and travel bag, which keeps you from needing to go out and purchase these things separately. Why not give this bedside crib a try?
Best Value
The Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is a high-quality bassinet which gives a 360-degree rotation for easy access, making it ideal for nursing moms and those recovering from C-sections. Want a simple beside crib that doesn’t come with soothing sounds and other settings for a more affordable price? Check out the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet.

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper – Premiere Series Bassinet – Available in 2 Styles and 3 Colors

Since its establishment 20 years ago, HALO has remained dedicated to prioritizing the health, safety, and well-being of babies by providing high-quality baby products. Its commitment to fulfilling the core mission is evident from some of its bestselling wearable blankets and bassinets that help newborns sleep safely close to their parents.

Looking for a crib that’s safe for your baby and gives you the best experience tending to your baby? The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is designed to provide you with the ultimate co-sleeping convenience as well as safety. It’s designed to rotate at 360 degrees for a closer and safer co-sleeping, with mesh walls for better breathability and visibility.

Below are some of the other features that make this bassinet a masterpiece:
  • Features a side wall that lowers for easy tending to baby
  • Its walls can be fitted in the upright position
  • It has a sturdy base that adjusts to fit beds of heights 22 to 34 inches
  • Includes nightlight, two levels of vibration, nursing timer, three lullabies, and three soothing sounds
  • It has a 30-minute automatic shutoff feature
  • The sides are springy for easy lowering of the baby into the bassinet
  • Includes two storage pockets for convenient storage of baby's essentials
  • Comes with a waterproof mattress and polyester fitted sheet
Its Next 2 Me bedside crib easily attaches to your bed using two straps for security. Additionally, its 6 different leg adjustments make it ideal for creating an incline. Need a crib that’s much easier to assemble and light in weight to take along with you? Don’t worry. Choose the Chicco Lullago Travel Crib and you won’t be disappointed.

Chicco Next2me Side Sleeping Crib – Available in 3 Colors

Chicco is a brand owned by the Artsana Group and has, over the past 50 years, consistently offered virtually everything for the baby. Now present in over 120 countries, Chicco has earned a great reputation in the field of children's products bringing happiness to families globally. Not only does it produce baby products, but also high-quality hypodermic needles, thermometers, and syringes.

True to its name, the Next 2 Me is an outstanding bedside crib, uniquely designed to allow you to sleep next to your newborn without sharing the same bed. Its incredible lightweight design, as well as the storage bag included, allows you to always sleep in the same nest with your baby, even on the go.

Here are other amazing features that this crib has to offer:
  • Its sides easily zip up and down for easy access to your baby
  • Features six adjustable height positions for improved performance
  • Comes with two fastening straps for an easy attachment on your bed
  • Wide height range to comfortably fit virtually every type of bed easily
  • As baby grows, you can move it away from the bed and use as a normal crib
  • Includes a soft, cozy mattress
  • Comes with soft padded sides for added comfort
  • Removable and machine-washable linings for easy cleaning
  • Designed with two wheels for greater maneuverability
The BabyBjörn Baby Cradle is uniquely designed and packed with features that allow you to keep an eye on your sleeping baby. Looking for something more lightweight and easy to carry? Well, the BabyBjorn Travel Crib might be just what you need to make those adventures more fun.

BabyBjorn White Baby Cradle

Founded in 1961, BabyBjörn is a family-owned Swedish brand that designs high-quality, original, and safe products for little ones. Its products can now be found around the world, and include a variety of items, all engineered with the core principles of safety, quality, and style in mind.

The baby cradle is a modern crib that’s designed to let you keep an eye on your baby while he or she sleeps. It’s designed with a mesh fabric and a low height, allowing you to closely watch your baby while in the baby cradle. It’s uniquely engineered to provide a cozy and comfy resting environment for the baby during the first few months.

Here are the other features included:
  • Gentle springy movement for lulling your baby to sleep
  • Airy mesh fabric for easy supervision of your baby
  • Portable design for easy carrying around the house
  • Its stable design ensures your baby is safely sleeping in his own bed
  • Made with machine-washable materials for easy cleaning
The Summer Infant SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper comes with meshed side walls for better air circulation, and is made of sturdy metal frames with a foldable design. Want a different design that doesn’t come with a detachable light and sound device? Check out the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper, Original from Summer Infant—it may be exactly what you need!

Summer Infant SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper – Available in 3 Styles

Summer Infant's primary goal is delivering the best side sleeper products for you and your baby. By understanding the unique bond between parents and their newborn, Summer Infant tries to create products that help parents have amazing moments with their babies and more fulfilling parenting experiences.

The SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper is a small bassinet that provides your baby with a cozy and comfortable sleeping area right next to you. With your baby’s comfort and safety put into consideration, the crib is made using a sturdy metal frame that hinders you from rolling over on top of your baby while sleeping. The stretch sides allow for easy access to baby for night-time nursing. It’s also designed to produce soothing melodies and has 2-speed vibration for calming baby while giving a peaceful sleep.

The following are some other features that make this sleeper super awesome:
  • Designed with pockets for ample storage space
  • Mesh sides provide ventilation and a clear view of baby
  • Comfortable fabrics
  • Includes mattress pad and fitted sheet
  • Machine-washable sheets for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight design and extremely portable for easy portability
  • It’s foldable for easy storage and transportation

How Do I Choose the Best Bedside Crib?

Why buy a bedside crib while sleeping alternatives like baby cribs and Moses baskets provide the needed comfort and safety for your newborn in the first few months? Well, while this may be true, a bedside crib goes beyond offering a cozy sleeping place as it delivers exceptional convenience during the night nursing sessions, right at the comfort of your bed—and, there’s a beautiful, fulfilling feeling from watching your baby sleep beside you safely in his bed.

Bedside sleepers come in different variations, and when shopping, there are several factors you need to take into consideration including safety features, the crib’s mattress, versatility, and quality, as well as the aesthetics. Some cribs are designed to fully open on one side, while others fold down part way on one side, creating a small door between your bed and the bedside crib.

When shopping, make sure that the crib you choose matches the height and style of your bed. You may also pick a crib with some extra parts, such as height adjusters or extensions, for improved performance. What else might you need to help your baby sleep well and keep tabs on your baby? One of these vital gadgets is a baby monitor. Not only do these essential parenting tools serve as watchful eyes and ears to keep track of your baby while sleeping, but also give you unparalleled peace of mind knowing your baby is safe.

From safety to style features, there is a host of things to take into account when you're looking for a crib. Settling on the features that are important to you ahead of time can help steer you towards the best bedside crib for your newborn. Below is a guide to help you in the search for your baby's first bed.
A new bedside crib will cost you anything between $50 and $400, depending on the type of brand and the features included. Why spend a fortune on some models while there are cheaper alternatives? If co-sleeping is what you’re after, then a bedside crib is worth the investment.

Premium models usually include hand-polished, glazed, or burnished finishes. They’re also available in a variety of styles, from curved end boards, to oval or round cribs, and include some amazing additional features such as storage pockets.

If you’re on a tight budget, however, you might consider buying a cheap bedside crib. However, most low-end models are made of lesser-quality materials and hardware, which is not advisable to expose your young one to.
Cribs come packed with different features, some aimed at ensuring your baby’s safety, and others for making things more convenient. Here are some important crib features to kick-start your quest:
  • Colors - Cribs are available in a wide variety of colors. So, you should choose one that perfectly matches your home décor.
  • Portability - Do you want a crib that you can move around the house easily? If that’s the case, there are portable cribs, which include wheels or a removable Moses basket.
  • Storage Areas - Apparently, you may also want a crib with a few compartments for keeping things like nappies or muslin cloths. You can choose from one of the cribs that have storage shelves or extra accessory pockets for easy accessibility of baby clothes.
  • Size - If you’re tight for space, you might consider choosing small-sized cribs that can fit the available space next to your bed perfectly. On the other hand, if space isn’t an issue for you, choose a crib that best meets your needs.
  • Additional Features - You may also consider buying a crib with extra features such as a rocker base or vibration to soothe your baby to sleep. Such features eliminate the need of buying extra sleep aid gadgets.
After you’ve determined your price range and decided which crib features are most important to you, let’s now see how the construction and performance influence a crib’s usability.
Construction and Design
The sturdy construction and ingenious design of bedside cribs make them appealing and greatly sought-after beds for young ones. The most commonly used material is wood, but there are some made of other types of materials such as metal, fabrics, and plastic.

Most crib frames on the market are made from wood or fabric. If you prefer a crib with wooden sides, ensure that they’re narrow enough to keep your baby’s head from getting trapped. On the other hand, if you choose one with fabric sides, make sure it’s made of breathable fabric should your baby press against them. The frames are usually designed small enough to prevent an adult from rolling into the crib during the night. Cribs are also made with strong enough base frames that are designed in such a way that prevents toppling over.

Cribs designed with wheels for portability, also include side locks that keep it in a fixed position to prevent it from rolling around or moving. For bed attachment, cribs come with clips for fixing the frame to the frame of your bed. However, to ensure proper attachment, you can come up with your own cable tie or bungee cord attachments. Finally, you can get modern bedside cribs that allow you to compliment the theme of your bedroom or one that matches your home’s decor.
Performance and Ease of Use
The best bedside crib not only delivers exceptional performance and ease of use, but also give you the best bang for your buck. Most bedside cribs will necessitate some sort of assembly. But if you aren’t that good with furniture building, manufacturers include clear instructions to set up easily. Some models come with wheels that make moving the crib around pretty easy.

In your pursuit for the best crib, you’ll notice that many cribs come with height-adjustable legs. This is a feature that allows you to match the crib’s height to that of your mattress or even mismatch the legs’ height to create an incline, which is a superb way to handle reflux or congestion and vomiting after a feed.

How long will your baby use the crib? Well, this largely depends on the type of crib you buy as there are some models that can easily be converted to a toddler bed, eliminating the need to get new beds as your baby grows.

Babies are naturally messy, and that doesn’t stop at bedtime. With the many nappy changes and feeds, you’ll need to regularly clean your baby’s crib from the frames to the mattress. Cribs made of wooden frames are particularly easy to clean and maintain. Most mattresses can also be easily wiped and placed outside to air. The fabric sides can be removed easily for washing, and the best part is that they’re machine-washable—a feature that makes cleaning a breeze.

Get the Best Bedside Crib of 2023!

We hope our review was helpful to your search for the best bedside crib—one that offers you a brilliant way to co-sleep with your baby. Give your little bundle of joy what they deserve!

Our Top Choice
Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet
Best Value
Halo Premier Series Bassinest Swivel Sleeper
Chicco Next2Me Crib
BabyBjorn Baby Cradle
Summer Infant SwaddleMe Deluxe By Your Side Sleeper