Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews 2023

A bedwetting alarm is a small device that emits sounds and vibrations in response to moisture. The alarm is usually attached to underwear in a precise area in order to immediately detect the liquid. If it detects liquid, the alarm will go off and alert the person who wears it. To help you get one of these alarms, we have done thorough research, selecting some of best bedwetting alarm brands out there. These small devices are really useful when treating bedwetting problems.
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Our Top Choice
Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm
Malem was founded in 1979 and since then has manufactured award winning bedwetting alarms, vibrating watches, wander alarms, bladder stimulators and more.
This technology senses liquid rapidly. It also has an easy clip that you can attach to the shirt. This bedwetting alarm is compact and lightweight.
The light feature cannot be turned off, nor can the volume.
1 year
2 AAA batteries
Red, blue, camouflage
8 tones
Easy Clip
Best Value
Wet-Stop Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm Kit
Wet-Stop was founded in 1979 and it is specialized in bedwetting alarms. It’s always looking for improvements and releasing new editions of products.
It comes together with a CD guide, calendar, sticker reward system and waterproof bedding. It is FDA registered and CE certified.
The volume is not adjustable.
1 year
2 AAA batteries
Green, pink, blue
5 tones
Wearable Sensor
DryBuddy Flex Complete Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
DryBuddy uses its technological, practical and design knowledge to create good bedwetting alarms, bed shakers and others, all at convenient prices
It comes together with 2 wetness sensing briefs and in the sensor has an integrated wireless transmitter that alerts parents.
Only 2 alarms available, so the child might get used to it.
1 year
None - plugs into power outlet
2 tones
Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm
Chummie is specialized in portable, battery operated bedwetting alarms, enuresis systems and other incontinence related products.
It features the one drop detection sensor which is soft and non corrosive and an advanced microprocessor controller. It is easy to program as it has a 3-in-1 switch.
The stickies it comes with don’t stick well to the underwear.
1 year
2 AAA batteries
Blue, green, pink
8 tones
One Drop Detection
DryEasy Selectable Bedwetting Alarm
DryEasy manufactures only bedwetting alarms which are functional and easy to use and feature an innovative moisture sensor.
It is FDA registered and CE certified and offers the option to play one sound or randomly play all 6. Can be operated with sound and vibration, sound only or vibration only.
When it’s on vibrations it tends to get a bit hot.
Not specified
2 AAA batteries
6 tones
One Drop sensor

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What is the Best Bedwetting Alarm?

When choosing the right bedwetting alarm, you have to see if it clips onto any pair of underwear or if it comes with its own underwear. You also have to check whether it emits sounds, vibrations or lights. Additionally, you can check out how many types of sounds it features so the person who wears it will not get used to the sound. Well, you have learnt all about these factors in our guide, so let’s proceed and see some of the products we have in store for you.
Our Top Choice
The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm combines light, sounds and vibration in order to wake the person wearing it. It features Quick Detect Technology. It is available in 3 different colors. If you are used to alarms reminding you do stuff (such as taking pills), we recommend the Malem Vibro-Watch which has 12 programmable alarms and comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm – Vibration, Free Smartphone App, Available in 3 Colors

For over 35 years, Malem has designed and manufactured bedwetting alarms, sit up alarms, toilet training, CG easy-clips, dialysis mats and many other useful products that are practical and easy to use by anyone. Its award-winning bedwetting alarms are designed to maximize the success of bedwetting treatments and provide an efficient cure together with short term relief. Many people suffer from incontinence, no matter the age, so its products are really useful.

The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm can wake up even the deepest sleeper as it features lights, sounds and vibrations. You can set it up to sound, sound and vibration or just vibration. There are 8 sounds you can choose from or you can set it up on random. You just have to clip it to the pajama top and once urine is detected it will vibrate and sound an alarm without stopping. When the sensor is dried, it will automatically stop. The clip of this bedwetting alarm features a secure grip so you can easily attach it to any cotton shirt. It comes in 3 colors, which are magenta, camouflage and royal blue.
Best Value
The Wet-Stop Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm has 5 loud alarms and it’s light and compact. It has a 2 step turn off feature and uses 2 AAA batteries. This model also comes available in 3 different colors and incorporates a waterproof bed pad. If you want just the alarm, check out the Wet-Stop Blue Bedwetting Alarm which has a loud sound, strong vibration and comes available in blue, green and pink!

Wet-Stop Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm Kit - Waterproof Bed Pad for Boys and Girls, Available in 3 Colors

Wet-Stop was founded more than 30 years ago and solely manufactures bedwetting alarms. This means years of testing and improvements for its products. It always tries to create the best quality and features for its products. Its bedwetting alarms were designed by a pediatric urologist, so they are recommended by healthcare professionals and doctors around the world. Its products are clinically proven to cure bedwetting.

The Wet-Stop Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm comes together with a waterproof mattress pad that protects your mattress from fluids and bacteria. It includes 5 loud alarms so your child won’t get used to a certain sound and it’s the loudest possible safe alarm. The vibrating alarm can be used with or without the sounds. It comes in 3 appealing colors such as pink, blue and green. It is user-friendly, wearable and includes everything you might need to achieve nighttime dryness. You just have to attach the magnetic clip to the pajama top and the moisture sensor to the underwear and that’s it.
The DryBuddy Wireless Bedwetting Alarm is wireless and has a simple to attach sensor that can be cleaned easily. It has adjustable volume, with the loudest being 97.2 db. This alarm is also available in 5 different sizes. If you prefer a wired bedwetting alarm, check out the DryBuddy New Magnetic Sensor Bedwetting Alarm that features perspiration resistance technology and has an easy to use sensor!

DryBuddy Wireless Bedwetting & Enuresis Alarm System - Remote Control, 2 Wetness-Sensing Briefs, Available in 5 Sizes

DryBuddy was founded when a father’s child was suffering from nocturnal enuresis for multiple years. He didn’t like the bedwetting alarms he was finding on the market and decided to create its own, with the desirable features and properties he had in mind. All its alarm systems are FDA registered. DryBuddy’s main goal is to help its customer pass through these kind of troubles and its bedwetting alarms are manufactured for flexible use, comfort and value.

The DryBuddy Wireless Bedwetting Alarm features wireless technology and a built-in audio alarm sound level with 5 step volume control. You can choose between trumpet fanfare and berlin police siren for the sounds. As it is wireless, there will be no wires running down the body and no discomfort. The wetness sensing briefs it comes with are comfortable and it’s easy to attach the sensor to them, rather than to regular briefs. They come available in 5 sizes which are between 22” and 32”. The sensor is compact and lightweight and can be cleaned easily as it has no moving parts.
The Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm has a patented alert technology with 8 different tones, adjustable volume, vibrations and 2 bright lights. It is also available in 2 color options. If your budget is slightly smaller, check out the Chummie Elite Bedwetting Alarm that has 5 alert tones and one drop detection sensor!

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm for Deep Sleepers - Award Winning, Clinically Proven System with Loud Sounds, Bright Lights and Strong Vibrations, 3 Colors Available

Chummie’s bedwetting alarms are suitable for children, teens and deep sleepers. It believes that electronic incontinence monitoring can solve health troubles and enhance its customers’ quality of life. Apart from bedwetting alarms, Chummie also sells potty trainer ladders, reusable waterproof pads, waterproof bedding overlays, armbands and flexi tapes. Its products are easy to use by anyone, comfortable, lightweight and portable. They also come at reasonable prices.

The Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm is safe, effective and comfortable. It comes available in blue, green and pink, suitable for both girls and boys. Its sensor features the IntelliFlex technology which allows it to conform to body contours for improved comfort. The alarm should be clipped to the shirt, the cord under the pajama top and the sensor attached on the outside of the underwear. It alerts you if the sensor comes off or if the battery is low. This bedwetting alarm is FDA registered, CE certified and comes together with 60 peel and stick tapes.
The DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm is an all-in-one alarm with well designed features and a reliable sensor. It has 4 levels of volume with a loudness of 85 db. Looking for a wireless bedwetting alarm? Check out the DryEasy Wireless Bedwetting Alarm which has 6 sounds and 4 levels of volume!

DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm - Volume Control, 6 Selectable Sounds and Vibration, FDA Registered

DryEasy offers safe and effective bedwetting solutions for children and adults. Its products feature an innovative moisture sensor, called ToggleSmart, which is easy to clean and use, adjustable volume, selectable sounds, attaching device and wallet-friendly price. DryEasy is a certified factory and also has a certified quality management system for designing and manufacturing medical devices. Its products are versatile and user friendly so anyone will be able to use them properly and cure incontinence.

The DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm is lightweight and easy to use. It features an improved toggle clamp which locks the sensor securely in place. It’s suitable to wake deep sleepers up. In order to avoid getting used to the same sound, this bedwetting alarm features 6 different tones and an adjustable 4 levels volume control. It also has a 2 step turn off mechanism and an open-cover design. Cleaning and drying the sensor is easy and can be done with water and soap. It has a thoughtful design and a reasonable price and only comes in blue.

How Do I Choose the Best Bedwetting Alarm?

We know bedwetting is a frustrating condition. We get it! Children learn how to control their bladder at different ages, so sometimes children younger than seven wet their clothes and bed during the night. We can talk about enuresis in children older than five years who have involuntary urine emissions during their sleep; this situation often occurs during the first few hours of sleep. However, when bedwetting happens, more than two or three times a month, you should consider seeking medical attention.

If your child is affected by enuresis, you should be prepared and have multiple bed sheets, which will allow you to change the bed immediately after the incident happens, in order for your child not to feel too embarrassed. Moreover, it’s good to choose a toddler bed and mattress that are made of quality materials and can be easily cleaned.

One treatment that has great results in treating enuresis is the bedwetting alarm. It is effective and safe for your child and doesn't require the use of medication. Bedwetting alarms have multiple features that combine sounds, vibrations or multi-led lights in order to wake up your children even if they are in the deepest sleep.

In this guide we’ll fill you in on everything there is to know about bedwetting alarms, so you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision before buying one.
You will be happy to find out that bedwetting alarms are reasonably priced. Usually, the price range for such a product starts from $30 and can go as high as $160 for a wireless alarm that also includes other accessories such as cotton briefs. Also, we would like to point out that you don’t need a prescription to get a bedwetting alarm.

Although a cheap bedwetting alarm might seem like a good purchase, you will soon realize it is not effective and won’t alert your child immediately. However, if your child hasn’t had a dry night in months, a bedwetting alarm will make your home a lot happier and your child will be able to have sleepovers whenever he or she wants to.
Bedwetting alarms feature an alarm unit that is connected to a sensor through a cable. Whenever it detects moisture on your child's panties, it will start ringing or vibrating (depending on the type). In this way it will wake up your child and allow him or her to stop urinating and continue to the toilet. Through this process, your child can learn to be able to control himself or herself with ease in the shortest time possible.

Check out the following important features of bedwetting alarms that you should consider before purchasing such a device:
  • Operation modes - There are multiple types of bedwetting alarms: with sounds, vibrations, led lights or a combination of any of those types. It’s also good to choose a bedwetting alarm that has variable alarm types in order for your child not to get used to a certain sound and not wake up anymore.
  • Sensor - The sensor should be easily attachable and made of quality materials that are easy to clean. Another important aspect regarding the sensor is the way it can be attached to the underwear: some can be clipped to the panties; others have a larger detection area that is simply put on the underwear.
  • Accessories - Some bedwetting alarms come with accessories such as a waterproof mattress pad, cotton briefs or even mobile apps.
  • Color - When purchasing a bedwetting alarm, it’s good to choose your child’s favorite color in order for him or her to wear it and feel comfortable with it. Make it fun - you can choose red or pink for your princess, or blue or green for your prince.
If you want to find out more about the construction and design aspects of bedwetting alarms, read further!
Construction and Design
Bedwetting alarms are usually lightweight, compact and comfortable. They consist of the alarm unit and a sensor that detects moisture and are usually made of durable plastic.

In most models, a cable runs from the sensor to the alarm unit, which should be attached to the pajamas of your child, usually on the shoulder. The alarm is very loud and will immediately wake up the parent, who will in turn go and wake the child to use the bathroom. However, in a couple of weeks, the child will get used to it and will be able to wake up by himself or herself and use the bathroom.

While not all bedwetting alarms come with accessories, you might be lucky to get one that features a waterproof pad or cotton briefs. Depending on your specific needs, go for an alarm that has more accessories to suit your needs. If you can afford one with all the bells and whistles, well and good!
Performance and Ease of Use
Bedwetting alarms are easy to use. You just have to place the sensor in your child’s underwear and attach the alarm to the shoulder of your child’s pajamas. When the sensor detects moisture it will emit sounds, vibrations or lights depending on the settings you have chosen. When the alarm is triggered you will have to go and stop it as it will not turn off automatically. You will also have to clean the sensor whenever it is stained in order for it to work properly the next time. Most sensors can be cleaned with soap and water and dried with a clean cloth.

Most bedwetting alarms work with batteries, so you will have to change them when they don’t function anymore. Other models have rechargeable batteries and come with power supplies included. Be sure to pay attention to all the details of such a product before making a purchase, so you’ll be sure this treatment will be effective and your child will stop wetting the bed in a short time.

Get the Best Bedwetting Alarm of 2023!

As you can see, some bedwetting alarms emit sounds and vibrations, others also feature lights. It is mandatory to pick the right one because it is really useful in treating incontinence. Don’t worry if any of these bedwetting alarms don’t catch your fancy; these brands have lots of other options you can go for. We are happy to be part of this important purchase process!

Our Top Choice
Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm
Best Value
Wet-Stop Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm Kit
DryBuddy Flex Complete Wireless Bedwetting Alarm
Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm
DryEasy Selectable Bedwetting Alarm