Best Beer Pong Table Reviews 2023

Beer pong is a sport that celebrates casual leisurely times and also the bedrunken state of cordiality and friendship! That being said, this great pastime more than deserves to be included in the roster of disciplines appearing at the Olympics, but until that happens, why not give it a shot yourself? Perhaps you've got something of a professional beer ponger in yourself already! Check out our top 5 list and obtain the best possible beer pong table for your needs!
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Precut Holes
Our Top Choice
PartyPongTables 2-In-One Beer Pong Table
This beer pong table from the well-known PartyPongTables can be an excellent solution for pros and rookies alike! It's durable and easy to fold.
The manufacturer offers elaborate customizations. Includes all-weather bags for easy storage. Comes with beerpong triangles.
Getting the bounce shots just right might present a bit of a challenge at first.
Beer Pong Table
Anodized Aluminum Frame
Comes with Precut Holes
White with a Company Logo
96 x 24 x 28 in; 26 lbs
Best Value
GoPong Portable Folding Beer Pong Table
In putting forward a line of tough and good-looking tables, the young GoPong company is making a name for itself in the glorious if somewhat tipsy world of beer pong!
This table features a special protective waterproof surface. Its size matches the official beer pong standards. The offer includes six beer pong balls.
The surface, although well-protected, is highly sensitive to scratches.
Beer Pong Table
Melamine Waterproof Surface
No Precut Holes
Black, US Flag, Football Field
96 x 24 x 27.5 in; 25 lbs
GlowPong Glowing Beer Pong Table
With its unique production line, GlowPong delivers some of the most well-made beer pong tables!
The table is easy to set up. The light configuration features three separate modes. The frame is made out of feather-light aluminum.
Your experience with the lights may vary, as your room must be dark for it to work properly.
Glowing Beer Pong Table
Aluminum (entire construction)
No Precut Holes
Black with Green and Blue Lights
40.7 x 24.3 x 3.7 in; 8.4 lbs
Red Cup Pong Folding Beer Pong Table
This Red Cup Pong beer pong table can be a perfect solution for anyone with a lower budget. It comes from a great company with some quite attractive prices.
It's got official regulation dimensions. It features a durable and lightweight design, and comes with a customized bottle opener.
Some of the models do have certain problems with unstable legs, so make sure to position it carefully before you start playing.
Beer Pong Table
No Precut Holes
Five Different Finishes
96 x 24 x 28 in; 26 lbs
Univercity Aqua-Pong Inflatable Beer Pong
If you need a piece of aquatic equipment for getting drunk and throwing ping-pong balls around, the Aqua-Pong Table might be exactly what you need!
It's inflatable and easy to store. It comes with two handles you can fasten with ropes if it's windy. There's a beer cooler in the middle of it.
We would advise against playing a particularly competitive match if it's windy outside, unless you've got a good referee.
Aqua Pong Table
Comes with Precut Holes
White with a Blue Bottom
72 x 36 in; 3.8 lbs

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What is the Best Beer Pong Table?

If consuming large quantities of beer at a party doesn't seem interesting enough for ya, how about you add a modified ping pong table with a bunch of beer cups into the mix! That's right – if you like throwing ping pong balls around and fashioning cups full o' beer into curious billiards shapes, this glorious sport can be the perfect choice for you! If unsure of what sort of model of a beer pong table you should get for yourself, check out the list we've made and make your pick!
Our Top Choice
If you feel like getting yourself a new beer pong table, the PartyPongTables 2-in-1 Cornhole/Beer Pong Table can be an excellent place to start! For more of a professional's version, see this Beer Pong Table with Bubbles Graphic instead!

PartyPongTables 8-Foot Beer Pong Table – 2-in-1 Cornhole/Beer Pong Table Combo, Available in 5 Designs

The folks at PartyPongTables are a cheerful bunch that continually bring joy to both old and young people worldwide by tirelessly creating some of the prettiest, most sophisticated beer pong tables you've ever seen! The great thing about them is that they cherish the fact that they make customized versions of these cheeky contraptions. Each and every one of their faithful customers has a unique piece of distinguished high-class beer pongery in their own homes!

By choosing to operate almost exclusively online, this company keeps up with the most vibrant and well-informed customer base this relatively young sport has yet seen. As a result, its sales have been doing quite well indeed ever since it came to be. The option to have your team insignia printed on your custom-made table makes this company the first stop that young sportsmen and women go to when they'd like to organize a tournament in this excellent game!

The PartyPongTables 2-In-One Beer Pong Table represents one of the rare instances where this company decided to make a table in advance. It's perfect for people who are still rookies, and would like to get a taste of this cheeky 'n' friendly beer . . . erm, game, we meant game!

Here are some of its outstanding features:
  • Comes with beer pong triangles
  • Includes beer pong balls
  • Folds easily into a carrying case
  • Setting it up takes less than 30 seconds
  • Optional glow lights

This table is an attractive offer from a well-established beer pong table-producing company! While this particular model is suitable for virtually anyone who'd like to have a toss or two, we feel that rookies might benefit the most from this one, as it's easily foldable and quite tough and durable. (That's an important feature in case you or your friends get frustrated during a game.)
Best Value
With its specialized protective coating and some visually pleasing paint job options, GoPong's Portable Folding Beer Pong table can be an excellent table for an aspiring beer-consuming sportsperson! If you fancy an inflatable version of this table instead, check out the Party Barge Floating Beer Pong Table!

GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong Table / Tailgate Table – White Customizable Dry Erase Surface for Added Fun, 3 Other Designs Available

GoPong specializes in the production of everything related to the exquisite sports discipline that is beer pong. The GoPong folks have been stepping up their game by devising a number of specialized water-savvy contraptions that can make a typically land-bound sport seaworthy! With one of their ingenious beer barges, you can assemble a squad of friendly beer-loving people and have them throw balls at cups in your swimming pool - if you've got one, that is. If you don't have one, however, you might as well chuck it in your bathtub and practice yourself.

When it comes to beer pong tables, whether sea-bound or not, GoPong boasts a sturdy build and a short assembly time. The typical tables used at parties (with no large water surfaces included) also feature a special protective coating on the surface, so that your heated game does not get compromised by excess liquid, which would make bounce shots seem impossible.

The 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong Table comes with a pair of conveniently built-in carrying handles, and an easy setup routine thanks to its simple structure. The offer includes six beer pong balls for good measure, so you don't have to worry about running out of those any time soon!

Features of this GoPong beer pong table include:
  • Melamine beer-proof surface
  • Includes six balls
  • Fits the official tournament size regulations
  • Weighs about 25 pounds
  • The design allows customization

This is a well-made standardized beer pong table that you can use for both personal target practice and official tournaments. The fact that it can be customized makes this particular GoPong model a great option for a cheerful bunch of folks who would like to make their own beer pong dream team!
If you want to light up your friends' evening and also get them drunk, get a GlowPong Glowing Beer Pong Table and shoot away! For a smaller version of the same cheekily-lit thing, check out this GlowPong Glowing Game Table instead.

GlowPong Glowing Game Table for Beer Pong – Folds for Portability, Competition Green vs Ice Blue

Just when you'd think that every possible variation on the already well-established beer pong table has already been invented, there comes a breakthrough so significant that it lights up the entire beer pong community. And quite literally, too! The beer pong glowing table is the brilliant invention of two young US entrepreneurs and avid beer pongers, Jeremy and Nathan Fissell. In a bout of sheer genius, they came up with the monumental idea of equipping both the cups and tables used in this great drunken sport with a light grid, so that its tipsy and cheerful participants can see what's going on even in the pitch dark!

If you're interested in some of their products, these two proud inventors have set up a website that's as bright and cheeky as the products they're advertising on it. You can browse various models of tables and accessories conveniently and without a hassle. They've promised to read all the e-mails and constructive pieces of feedback that you might want to send them! (Mondays through Fridays, no spam.)

The GlowPong Glowing Beer Pong Table features a lightweight aluminum construction that can easily be folded to the size of a regular suitcase. The light configuration is split in two parts- the first is green and the second is blue. There are three flashing modes you can choose from as well, so that you can spice up your regular games with a top-notch light show!

Here are some of this table's other features:
  • Lightweight construction
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Three flashing modes per table side
  • Folds easily into a suitcase
  • Half green, half blue glowing edges

This glowing beer pong table can be an interesting way to spice up your regular beer pong games with some light show-worthy flashy effects! The sturdy construction guarantees that it won't fall apart as soon as you've set it up.
For all the people who are after an affordable beer pong table that does not compromise on quality, the Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Beirut Game Table is the way to go! If you'd like your table to feature the American flag, then this Red Cup Pong American Flag 8' edition may be your weapon of choice.

Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Beirut Game Table - 8 Feet Long with Custom Bottle Opener, Multiple Design Choices

Red Cup Pong is a small business run by a bunch of folks who are passionate about both this glorious beer-related sport, and the need of the expanding market for innovative and easily accessible products. For each of their table models, they make sure the assembly is easy, and that it is portable so that you can conveniently bring it to every party in need of some quick sporty enhancement! They make sure to respect the desires and imaginations of their customers, so they've included the option of customizing your own table the way you see fit.

Another handy feature they've developed to help their customers communicate with them is their website. Even though you won't get the flashy imagery of some of the higher-budget web pages, everything from their products to their contact section is neatly organized and easily accessible.

The Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Beirut Game Table comes with a tough and durable construction and a smooth surface that's quite easy to clean.

This table's other features include:
  • Lightweight design
  • Carrying handles
  • High-quality graphics
  • Includes a custom stainless steel bottle opener
  • Can be deployed under a minute
  • Meets the regulation dimensions
  • Easy-to-clean surface

This Red Cup Pong table is lightweight and easy to fold and unfold. It's the way to go if you need a simple piece of beer ponging or "Beirut" equipment that doesn't require too much maintenance. The stainless steel bottle opener is another useful addition to this attractive offer from the Red Cup Pong folks!
Just when we thought that extreme sports have had their heyday, a small company strikes out of the blue with a revolutionary new product called the Univercity Aqua-Pong Inflatable Beer Pong Table! If you need a glowing beer funnel as well, check out this Beer Bong Double Header!

Univercity Aqua-Pong | Pool Beer Pong Table with Cooler - Inflatable Beer Pong Pool Party Game, Floating Beirut Table

And now for something completely different! If you've ever found yourself in a pool wondering how brilliant it would be if you had an inflatable object with a bunch of holes you could shoot ping-pong balls at, we've found an excellent little object for you! The Aqua-Pong Inflatable Beer Pong Table is a brainchild of the cheeky bunch of folks at Univercity, a beer pong table-producing factory. It allows you to do what you've always dreamed about: throw ping-pong balls in a pool while getting utterly wasted!

Much like the animal-shaped poolside accessories that we all know and love, this funny little contraption is first and foremost inflatable! Once it's all up and ready, you can put beer on it, throw ping-pong balls at it, you name it! Safety tip, by the way- do NOT use it as a safety raft, because you will probably drown.

As for those cheery folks who like beer-drinking, the fact that this floating thingy comes with a built-in beer cooler is going to put big goofy smiles on their intoxicated faces. For your convenience, this Aqua-Pong table/raft kind of leisurely utensil comes with two handles on either side, so you can easily introduce it to any pool party without having to tug a two-ton trailer to get it there!

For more features, see the following list of what this raft-looking thing's all about:
  • Inflatable
  • Built-in cooler
  • Includes two plastic handles
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

It floats on water, carries beer, has a bunch of holes in it but doesn't sink - this Aqua-Pong table has got it all! If you'd like to connect the two exciting worlds of pool parties and beer-pongery, this little contraption is an absolute must-have! What's more, if you should find it unsatisfactory, you can just send it back and get your money!

How Do I Choose the Best Beer Pong Table?

When indoor sports are in question, and where a specialized table is necessary in order to play it, it's never really been a secret that there's also a certain secret ingredient that's surely a part of the equation – alcoholic beverages! Indeed, unless we're speaking about the professional level athletes (and who's to say they're not in it as well), sports such as table tennis and foosball are routinely played in a friendly domestic environment. What you might need to start such a game may include a ping pong table or a foosball table, a partner to play against, and then some booze to spice it all up! In this section of our buying guide, we'll describe one pretty interesting sport prop in more detail – the beer pong table.

Since the beer pong table is a relatively new product in the world of table sports, the consensus on their proper dimensions and weight has been agreed upon only recently, and many manufacturers still can't be bothered to observe these regulations. Of course, you only need to pay attention to the proper size of the table if you aim to take part in an official competition, otherwise, you can play on whatever table you so desire! (It can be your regular dining table for all intents and purposes.) For those interested in the official rules, the dimensions are 2.75 by 1.48 meters, with a couple of lines and a special arrangement of the cups that need to be taken into consideration as well.

Depending on the manufacturer, you may also expect to get the playing balls together with your table. The number of these specialized balls that resemble the typical ping pong balls is usually 6, but there’s really no saying how many of them are going to be included in the offer, if any at all. At the end of the day, your typical beer pong table doesn't differ that much from a standard table tennis table, for example, so even though this is a rather new sport, there still shouldn't be too many unfamiliar things when it comes to the equipment necessary to play it!
Since beer pong tables come in a variety of different sizes and feature varying levels of detail and accessories, it's really not a wonder that their prices fluctuate so significantly. Currently, the prices of the models you can find on the market range from some 60 bucks to as much as 250 of your hard-earned dollars! Additional properties such as positioning triangles and LED lights can add a couple of bucks to the overall price, so if you're working with a smaller budget, you can opt for a simple table, which can nevertheless serve the purpose just as well.
Requiring a specialized table, a set of balls and plenty of beer to get the game started, beer pong has all the attributes of an official bar sport, so to speak! If you're not familiar with the specifics of the beer pong table, we're here to present to you a certain list to help you attain a clearer picture about this particular topic!

Here are some features to pay attention to when buying a brand new beer pong table:
  • The Material for the Board
  • Beer Pong Triangles
  • Glow Lights
  • Easy Setup
  • Does it Meet the Official Dimensions
  • Waterproof Surface
  • Customizable Design
  • Can be Easily Folded into a Suitcase
  • Comes with Carrying Handles
If you've got your own beer pong team ready or plan to establish one, getting a customizable beer pong table might be a good idea for you as you can easily add your logo and other team symbols!
Construction and Design
When it comes to their design, beer pong tables closely resemble ping pong tables, with the main difference being that the ones used in beer pong don't feature any nets. Instead, this cheeky game uses a mix of billiards, table tennis, and beer to make the sporting magic happen! The cups full of beer are fashioned in a triangle before the game begins and then the ones which have been hit are removed from the table until there’s no cups left.

There can be other neat add-ons to a beer pong table, including glow lights, which nicely illuminate your drinking game with cool, vivid colors. Finally, if you're interested in customizing your beer pong table, perhaps with the goal of establishing your own team, you might want to get yourself a table with a blank surface, so that you may print on it whatever you so desire!
Performance and Ease of Use
As far as convenience and ease of use are concerned, its easy folding design is the best perk that a beer pong table has to offer, really, which isn’t that bad. Also, some of them come with a blank playing surface, meaning that you can customize them in whatever way you want!

If you plan on playing in official beer pong tournaments, you’ll of course want to ensure that your table is meets the standard dimensions, or you’ll be stuck playing with your friends forever! Well, maybe that’s not the worst thing, but at some point we all want to show our skills off and prove ourselves.

Other than that, make sure to keep your beer pong design neatly folded somewhere away from moisture and other nasty conditions, and it should survive many, many years of vigorous beer pongin'!

Get the Best Beer Pong Table of 2023!

Have you ever wished for a game where you can throw ping pong balls at a bunch of cups, and then drink some beer afterward whether you win or not? Well, if the answer is 'yes', we at TopProducts would like to tell you the following – through thick and thin, through firewalls and keyboard malfunctions, our top-tier team of Internet browsers has managed to find 5 outstanding beer pong tables that can make your dreams come true! We hope you liked the models we've picked for you, and wish you a merry and positively hassle-free purchase and shipping!

Our Top Choice
PartyPongTables 2-In-One Beer Pong Table
Best Value
GoPong Portable Folding Beer Pong Table
GlowPong Glowing Beer Pong Table
Red Cup Pong Folding Beer Pong Table
Univercity Aqua-Pong Inflatable Beer Pong