Best Belt Sander Reviews 2023

Ask any woodwork hobbyist how tedious a sanding job can be and chances are that they will not even want to talk about it. The job is not only tedious but also time-consuming. There’s just no thrill in it, but things are finally shaping up, with power tools. Manufacturers have produced great belt sanders to help sand wood and achieve smooth, appealing results. If you want to invest in this godsend equipment, you are in the right place. Our team at TopProducts has invested significant time in researching and coming up with top brands in the belt sanders industry; we have even gone so far as to feature one of the top products from each brand. Use the information provided and shop for that one belt sander you’ve been wanting.
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Our Top Choice
Makita Belt Sander
Makita is a beast in the world of power tools. The 4 x 24-inch belt sander operates at an incredible 1,640 ft./minute, guaranteeing fast stock removal.
Impeccable speed. Powerful motor. Less noise. Comfortable hand grip.
A bit expensive because of the high-end features.
Best Value
WEN Disc Belt Sander
WEN has been making and distributing quality power tools since 1951. The Wen 6502 belt sander comes with both belt and disc sanders, making it a convenient tool.
Reasonable price. Solid build. Powerful. Easy to customize and maintain. Offers both belt and disc sanders.
A little over average performance.
Porter-Cable Speed Belt Sander
Porter-Cable is known for producing quality power tools that can get any job done. The Porter-Cable speed belt sander introduces a record speed of 1,500 SFPM and a powerful 12 AMP motor.
Great in-class motor. Balanced design. Amazing Speed.
Big and heavy.
Hitachi Speed Belt Sander
Hitachi’s mission is to contribute superior and original products to society. The Hitachi speed belt sander features a powerful 9 AMP motor to handle most sanding projects
Powerful motor. Dust collection bag. Affordable. Easy to switch between variable speeds.
No stand.
Black & Decker Dragster Belt Sander
Black & Decker uphold its founding spirit, delivering solutions that help create new value. The Dragster Belt Sander boasts a 7 AMP motor for maximum performance.
Good power. Portable. Covers hard-to-reach corners. Affordable.
Average performance.

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What is the Best Belt Sander?

Even professional carpenters will tell you that sanding by hand is absolutely unexciting. However, with belt sanders, it becomes a much more thrilling experience, since these tools do the job fast and deliver incredible results. In order to choose a good model, we suggest that you look at the types available (those with a stand, stationary, or handheld), the motor power, speed, and belt size. We have provided sufficient information on all these factors as well as the prices to ensure no one leaves empty-handed.
Our Top Choice
The 4 x 24-inch Belt Sander combines a powerful 11AMP motor and a speed of 1,640 feet per minute for efficient stock removal. Want an equally powerful belt sander but with a smaller belt size? Try the Makita 9903 8.8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch belt sander and get your sanding job done thoroughly!

Makita Belt Sanding Machine 4” x 24” With Dust Bag – Available in 5 Kits

Makita was founded in 1915 by Mosaburo Makita. Although it is headquartered in Japan, the manufacturer currently operates factories in more than 8 countries globally, Including the US, UK, Canada and China. This clearly means that its products have been received well and that they are a trusted brand.

A belt sander is just like a skilled laborer. It works on wood surfaces and joints to make them smooth, only faster and more thoroughly than the traditional hand sanding method. The 4 x 24-inch Belt Sander is one of the most powerful models out there, and anyone who’s used it wouldn’t complain about the high price tag of $239. It operates at a speed of 1,640 feet per minute, meaning that you can get your job done in minutes!

Here are reasons why we couldn’t afford to leave this belt sander behind:
  • Low noise, so that you can operate it without distractions
  • Double insulated
  • 4-inch wide belt that is moved at a speed of 1,640 ft/min
  • A dust bag that swivels 360 degrees, allowing for more convenient and thorough operation
  • Labyrinth construction seals that helps protect the bearings and the motor from debris and dust for longevity
  • A cord strategically placed on the upper part of the handle to let you operate the machine conveniently
  • Large front grip for extra comfort
  • 11 AMP motor that’s powerful enough for even high production usage
Although we featured this belt sander as a bare tool, you can also get it with 10-pk of 60 grit belts, 10-pk of 80 grit belts, 10-pk of 100 grit belts, and 30-pk of assorted grit belts.
Best Value
The WEN 6502 features a durable cast iron material to reduce vibrations and a disc sander as well, in case you need to handle more sanding tasks at one go. Want an equally powerful but affordable model? We recommend that you get the WEN 6321 7 Amp Heavy Duty Belt Sander. It operates at high speeds and comes with a detachable collection bag.

WEN Belt and Disc Sander 36-Inch with Cast Iron Base – Available in 4 Sizes

WEN has been in the industry of power tools for over 6 decades, so you wouldn’t be wrong saying that they know a thing or two about these products. Today, it has managed to beat its competitors in this space, winning the hearts of customers globally.

The WEN 6502 is an interesting belt sander because it offers both disc and belts sanders, giving it an upper hand over its competitors. It comes with a firm and solid cast iron base that helps you to do your sanding job without experiencing any vibrations. The work table, on the other hand, is made of cast aluminum, preventing any further wiggling at your workplace.

Retailing at around $119.99, this is definitely a belt sander to go for if you’re on a tight budget, but can’t afford to sacrifice on quality and power. Here are the features you will be looking to enjoy:
  • 4.3 AMP motor that provides up to a maximum of 3600 RMP
  • Two-in-one standing sander that includes both 6 x 6-inch disc and 4 x 36-inch belt
  • A tension release lever that allows you to do simple changes to the sandpaper grit
  • Sturdy base made of cast iron to prevent heavy vibrations
  • The belt tilts from 0-90 degrees
We loved the option with a 4 x 6-inch (cast iron base) because it’s what receives most reviews and better ratings on Amazon, but if you want to get this product with a steel base or floor standing, you can choose that option. Similarly, you can get it in the featured size or 1 x 5 inchs and 6 x 9 inches.
The Porter-Cable speed belt sander is designed to handle even the most complicated sanding jobs thanks to the 12 AMP motor and a speed of up to 1,500 SFPM. Want to save some cash and get a model with smaller belt and variable speed? We bet you’ll love the 352VS 8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable-Speed Belt Sander.

Porter-Cable Variable Speed Belt Sander 4 x 24-inch

Porter-Cable is a pro in the world of power tools. It entered the market in 1906, and since then professionals have been relying on it for quality tools that offer great value. Explore its woodworking tools as well as the cordless power versions and you will believe what we are saying.

The Porter-Cable 362V belt sander packs a 12 AMP powerful motor to handle any kind of sanding job. Better still, it features an all-metal design for durability and longevity. Because of its large capacity and fast operating speed (up to 1,500 sfpm), there’s no doubt this is a heavy-duty machine to suit professionals.

If you are privileged enough to own this device, you will enjoy the following features:
  • Powerful 12 AMP motor that provides professional power
  • A variable-speed dial that’s conveniently and strategically placed on the handle to allow you to adjust the speeds from 1,000 SFPM to 1,500 SFPM
  • A quick-release lever to change the belt
  • The motor is placed over platen to provide balance and maximum performance
  • Product comes with a dust bag, 100G belt and an operating manual
The Hitachi SB8V2 can handle even the tough applications thanks to its 9 AMP power motor. It’s ideal for paint, wood and steel removal. On a budget and want a less powerful model? Get the Hitachi #SB75(B) 3" 8.7A Belt Sander.

Hitachi Variable Speed Belt Sander 9.0 Amp 3 x 21-Inch With Trigger Lock – Available in 2 Kits

Hitachi has been in the business of power tools for more than a century, delivering innovations that answer just about any challenge in its industry. With the highly talented team and proven experience, the brand has continued to inspire the world. This is evident in the kind of belt sanders the manufacturer releases to the market.

Finding a belt sander that operates at a speed of 1475 ft/min and a powerful motor with a rating of 1,020W for just $124.99 is certainly not a walk in the park. This belt sander is powerful enough to allow you to perform most woodwork projects. In case something goes amiss with this model, Hitachi isn’t worried to give you a replacement. It offers a 5-year warranty on the tool, something that shows the confidence the company has in it.

Besides the motor power and impeccable speeds, here are more features this belt sander offers:
  • A variable speed dial to adjust speed from as low as 80 ft/min to 1,475 ft/min
  • Wear-resistant V-belts that drive the sander during operation
  • A soft grip surface and auxiliary handles to give you a secure and comfortable hold
  • A dust collection bag placed on the left side to improve your sanding applications
  • A tracking window that improves the visibility of sanding belt and sanding surface during use
This product is available on Amazon as either sander only or sander with a belt. You only have to add about $25 to get it with a belt.
The Dragster Belt Sander is credited for the ability to sand three times closer to edges, delivering neat results. Want a cheaper option made to suit woodwork hobbyists and domestic operations? We thought it would be nice you know about the BR318 3-Inch by 18-Inch Low Profile Belt Sander. It might be just what you want!

Black & Decker Dragster Belt Sander 7 AMP 3-Inch with Cloth Dust Bag

Black & Decker is a manufacturer of technology-based fastening systems, hardware, power tools and accessories. Although it is based in Towson, Maryland, the brand enjoys a huge fan base both in American and overseas, mostly because of delivering quality products and upholding customer satisfaction.

The issue with most belt sanders is that they can’t get near to corners when sanding. The bigger rollers are too wide, making the job a real chore, but with the Dragster Belt Sander the job is much simpler. It features a small front roller that lets you reach corners up to 90 degrees, getting closer to adjoining surfaces. When it comes to power, this machine boasts a 7.0 AMP motor for maximum performance.

Retailing at an affordable price of $47.99, here are some features that made us include this belts sander in our review:
  • A flashy body design that allows you to sand against any vertical surface
  • 7 AMP motor
  • A dust collection bag for a much cleaner work space
  • A retractable hood that exposes the top, allowing use in a range of applications
  • Angled belt design lets you sand 3 times closer to edges
  • An adjustable handle to provide comfort

How Do I Choose the Best Belt Sander?

Let’s face it—sanding is a time consuming, tedious, and absolutely unexciting task, especially if you’re using sandpaper grits and your delicate palms. Fortunately, there are a wide range of power tools such as orbital sanders, power sanders, detail sanders, and belt sanders that will help you complete your project quickly and with ease and efficiency. Belt sanders are considered the workhorse in this segment, and you might have guessed that they use a belt to do things like remove large stocks of wood. You can also use them for grinding, buffing, and polishing, freehand rounding and shaping, removing old finish—such as varnish, paints, or stains—and putting bevels on doors.

The first and most important thing to consider when buying the best belt sander is the size you need. Next, you should look for a tool that is fitted with an easy-to-use flip lever to help replace worn out belts. You should also choose one that comes with dust bags or can be attached to a shop vacuum to ensure a clean work environment.
The price of belt sanders varies across the board and mostly depends on their features and brand. For example, you can buy a cheap belt sander from an imitation factory, but that truly isn’t going to offer the same performance and longevity as one that comes from Makita. Furthermore, you can expect to pay more for a belt sander fitted with a powerful motor that allows it to sprint at superior speed in the shop.

Since belt sanders aren’t a tool that should be replaced often, it is wise to buy the best belt sander you can afford rather than scrimping out on the price for one that will leave you with disappointing results. To give you a rough idea of prices you can expect to see when on the shopping trail for the best belt sander, they range between $80 for one that will work well for most sanding tasks to $200+ for a tool that you can count on for many years to come.
A belt sander can transform what could be a tedious chore into one that can be a joy to complete as long as you buy the right tool for the job.

That said, here are a few common features to look for in the best belt sander.
  • Weight –It is important to consider the weight of a belt sander, especially if you’re going to haul it around often
  • Power –Measured in watts, superior power is always nice to have, but you don’t need it for all sanding jobs
  • Size –This range of sanders is available in four standard sizes, which are basically the size of belt they can accommodate
  • Variable Speed –Most belt sanders can work at variable speeds between 500 fpm to around 1500 fpm
  • Belt Replacement –You want to ensure that the belt sander you buy allows you to change the belt easily when it wears off
  • Comfort and Handle –And it goes without saying, you should buy a belt sander that is comfortable to use, especially if you’re working across longer periods
  • Warranty –Even if you’re buying a belt sander from an esteemed brand, it is good to buy one that offers a great warranty against manufacturer defects
Construction and Design
Belt sanders are fitted with a belt that is basically a loop of abrasive cloth mated with two cylindrical drums. They are powered by a motor and most are equipped with a tension-release lever to allow you to easily slip the belt on and off. This range of sanders can be had in four common size variants 3”x18”, 3”x21”, 3”x24”, and 4”x24”, where the second is a preferred choice for most individuals. If you’re looking for a belt that is more compact and easier to control, a 3x18-inch size belt sander is an ideal choice. Contrarily, if you’re going to be sanding large surfaces, you may want to opt for a 4x24-inch sander, but take note that these are harder to control owing to their large size.

Most high-quality belt sanders feature comfort grip handles, and some even allow you to adjust them in several ways. The last thing you want when you close up shop is dust accumulated all over your work area, so look for a belt sander that comes with onsite dust collector or one that connects to a shop vacuum.
Performance and Ease of Use
Belt sanders when first introduced offered just a single speed of operation, but the latest models available today offer variable speed commonly ranging between 500 fpm to around 1500 fpm. Some top of the line belt sanders offer two distinct speeds of operation, while others feature a speed dialer that allows you to select any speed in between. A single speed belt sander works well for most tasks and is especially great if you are on a shoestring budget.

If you want to go all out and buy the best belt sander from the get go, then a variable speed model is highly recommended. Maintaining the belt and the sander is also crucial for both the service life of the tool and for great results. That said, you should regularly use a belt cleaning stick to remove the pitch and gum buildup that can accumulate on the sanding belt.

Get the Best Belt Sander of 2023!

When doing woodwork projects, you have two choices: sand your wood for an appealing finish, or skip it and end up with disappointing results. We know you wouldn’t want all your work to go unnoticed, and that’s why we’ve spent hours searching for great belt sanders from top manufacturers to help you purchase the right one for you. We hope our information has been helpful in making your purchase.

Our Top Choice
Makita Belt Sander
Best Value
WEN Disc Belt Sander
Porter-Cable Speed Belt Sander
Hitachi Speed Belt Sander
Black & Decker Dragster Belt Sander