Best Bench Vise – Heavy Duty, Bolt On and Clamp On Bench Vises for Metal and Woodworking

Woodwork and metalwork are a means of livelihood for many, and a serious hobby for some. Craftsmanship is a great activity to get involved in, whether for work or for play. Regardless if you are an amateur or a seasoned professional, we know picking a brand from the long list available can be a daunting task. That is why we have put in a lot of effort to highlight five top brands that manufacture quality vises for you to choose from. However, these brands go beyond the featured vises. They have other models for you to choose from in case you don’t like the featured one.

Most heavy-duty bench vises are designed to be attached with screws or bolts directly to the work bench. All our featured metal working and woodworking bench vises are this type. However, if you only need to use your vise occasionally or don’t have the space to affix it to your bench, then you may want to consider a bench vise with a clamp attachment.

Clamp on bench vises are less expensive than a traditional bench vise. If that’s what you are looking for, many of our featured brands (such as Yost Tools) offer them too. And we went ahead and showcased some of our favorites below to give quick access.

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Jaw type
Our Top Choice
Performance Multi-Purpose Bench Vise
Performance Tool is dedicated to meeting customers’ needs through superior service and quality products.
Multipurpose Vise has serrated jaws for a secure grip. It works very well with drill presses. It is very strong. The price is good.
This vise is not suitable for precision jobs.
Cast iron
Diamond serrated jaws
18.5 x 10 x 10 inches
Heavy duty
Best Value
Shop FoxBench Bench Vise with Swivel Base
Shop Fox has shown commitment to building professional-grade equipment for durability and performance over the years.
It is very sturdy. Good for its price. It is versatile. Two locking levers for secure grip.
Once the jaws are unscrewed too wide, it is a challenge screwing them back in.
Cast iron
Pipe jaws
15 x 9 x 8 inches
Heavy duty
Yost Tools Reversible Combination Vise
For over a century, Yost has been manufacturing high quality vises. It has always created dependable products for its teeming customers.
It is very strong. It is multipurpose. It is reversible.
Its operation can be a bit noisy. But regular greasing should solve that.
Ductile Iron
Diamond serrated machinist jaws
22 x 10 x 14 inches
Heavy duty
Wilton Swivel Base Bench Vise
Since 1941, Wilton has made sturdy, high performance vises that have met or exceeded customer's expectations, just like this vise with a large anvil work surface.
It is strong, made of steel. Easy to install. Has a large anvil work surface.
Swivels only 90 degrees.
Grooved steel jaw
16.6 x 8 x 8.4 inches
Light duty
TEKTON General Purpose Bench Vise
Tekton has, over a long period, been providing passionate craftsmen with tools that are consistent in quality and performance. This bench vise shows such consistency.
It has dual lock down. It has a comfortable grip. The base adjusts up to 120 degrees.
It does not come with mounting bolts.
Cast iron
Serrated steel jaws
10.8 x 5 x 5.6 inches
Medium duty

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What Is the Best Heavy Duty Bench Vise? Read Our Bench Vise Reviews!

Do you like doing repairs yourself? Are you an all-out, heavy-duty craftsman/woman? We know your requirements will be different. Take a look at the products we have featured; they should help you determine which serves your purpose the best. Once you spot "the one," there! You've found yourself a brand/product that will fulfill that “handy” desire of yours!

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Our Top Choice
Performance Tool is very concerned about providing high quality products for its customers. This ideal is what its MV10 5” Vise made with heavy-duty cast iron represents. Just need a basic 6 inch bench vise? The Performance Tool Hammer Tough Heavy Duty Bench Vise is a great option.

Performance Multi-Purpose Tool Heavy-Duty Bench Vise - Multi-Jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench Vise with 360-Degree Swivel Base and Head


Performance Tool provides innovative solutions through high quality professional tools, made for superior performance. Its top level service provision to its customers is another way it stands out from the rest. This is evident when you buy the MV10 5” Multipurpose Vise.

This vise is professional quality. It is designed with heavy-duty cast iron and comes with a built-in anvil and multiple jaws to provide clamping strength for heavy duty jobs. Its other features include:

  • 360-degree swivel base to adjust the direction of the jaws
  • Dual lock downs for easy positioning
  • Diamond serrated jaws for solid grip
  • Replaceable hardened steel jaws
  • Precision machined surface for flat shaping
  • The swivel base and head gives it versatility
Best Value
Shop Fox is a name that is committed to customer satisfaction by providing them with top quality, durable products at prices they can afford. The D 3250 Bench Vise is a very rugged device. Need a more flexible vise? Consider the Shop Fox D4082 4 Inch Cross Sliding Vise. It features an exclusive slide bar to prevent jaws from tilting up or sideways when tightening.

Shop FoxBench Metal and Woodworking Bench Vise with 360 Degree Swivel Base – Available in Three Sizes


Shop Fox is a company that wants to put its name only on the highest quality, top-performing and reliable products in the market. It has stuck to this ideal for several years. Its products duly reflect the qualities it wants to be associated with. The Shop Fox D 3250 Bench Vise exemplifies performance.

This vise can be used for a range of wood and metalworking projects. This 6-inch vise features heavy castings, a perfectly flat anvil face and pipe jaws. Other features include:

  • 2 locking levers
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • 6-1/4" capacity
  • Milled square center slides to ensure jaws are aligned
With vast experience and consistent performance, Yost has proven itself serially to be dedicated to only the highest quality tools. The 865 DI with its 360-degree swivel base is a good example. Looking for a less expensive but just as good quality clamp on bench vise? Yost makes them in a variety of sizes.

Yost Tools Heavy Duty Bench Vise - Industrial Grade Multi-Purpose Reversible Vise, Made in USA, Available in Two Sizes


Experience is one big way a brand can earn a customer’s trust. Consistent quality and top performance are some others. Yost has them all. It has, over many years, been manufacturing high-performing, durable, professional-grade vises for machinists and craftsmen. The Yost 865 DI Reversible Vise is an example of one of its high quality products.

It sells for a suggested retail price of $457, although our research shows that you can get it for a much lower price at Amazon if you act fast. It features heavy duty ductile iron construction, serrated pipe jaws for enhanced grip, large dual anvils, and a ball screw handle with safety rubber washers. There's more to this feature-rich product:

  • Machine 'T' bar for precision fit
  • The front jaw is reversible and expandable
  • Steel pipe jaws are extra fortified and serrated
  • The swivel base mounts sturdily to work bench
  • Continuous rolled main screw thread for smooth jaws movement
  • It has interlocking swivel base that rotates 360 degrees with 2 lock downs
When a brand is known for top quality and performance, its customers are always confident buying anything that bears its name. Such is the case with Wilton. Its 11106 Vise has serrated jaws and a large anvil work surface. This is a great woodworking bench vise, but if you need a heavy duty bench vise, Wilton has those too. For example, the Wilton Mechanics Pro Bench Vises are highly rated.

Wilton General Purpose 6 Inch Bench Vise - 120 Degree Swivel Base, 30,000 PSI Gray Cast Iron Body, Other Sizes Available


Wilton became a popular brand in the industry by consistently manufacturing high quality tools with performance-driven innovation. Its many customers already know they can be confident when purchasing tools that carry this well-known name.

The Wilton General Purpose Bench Vise is made of steel and built for heavy duty performance. It features an integrated large anvil work space, swivel base and is backed by Wilton’s life warranty. Other features of this vise include:

  • Choice of 4" or 6” jaw width
  • Double lock down for stability
  • Steel jaws are grooved for improved grip
  • The jaw inserts are interchangeable
Some companies aim at manufacturing high performance tools available at a pocket-friendly price. That is the Tekton way. Its 54004 Bench Vise is great value for its price. In case you need a vise for your drill press, TEKTON has those too. Check out the 53994 4 Inch Drill Press Vise which mounts right to your drill press to hold your work secure.

TEKTON Bench Vise with Swivel Base – Cast Iron Bench Vise Good for Metal and Woodworking, Available in 3 Sizes


Teknon provides top solutions to craftsmen of all levels by manufacturing feature-rich, high performance tools at affordable prices. Its 54004 Bench Vise is high quality in its entire 30,000 psi cast iron frame.

This swivel vise has a base that can rotate 120 degrees. It is built for all-purpose, medium-duty projects and comes with an integrated polished steel anvil work surface. There’s more to this bench vise:

  • The vise can be secured to a work bench via three mounting holes
  • The steel jaw pads are serrated for a firm grip
  • The jaw pads are replaceable
  • The main screw is specially threaded for smooth movement of the jaws
  • It has a comfortable grip to prevent slips

Best Woodworking Bench Vise Guide – Bolt On Heavy Duty Bench Vise Vs Clamp On Bench Vise

Bench vises are a very useful tool for anyone who works with pieces that have to be held in place while the work is being done. Machinists and craftsmen/women of all trades need this important tool. Most weekend warriors or DYIers most likely have a tool box that contains a wrench, tire repair kit, drill bit set, hammer, spanners and other tools that come in handy from time to time.

We can safely assume that professional machinists or craftsman/woman already know the importance and usefulness of a bench vise. However, there are hobbyists who love to do things themselves who may not understand or appreciate the importance of a vise. If you are one who works with metals or do woodwork of any sort and you do not have a good bench vise, it’s a wonder how you've been coping. It's time for you to invest in this important tool to help you get better results and also ensure the safety of your hands and fingers.

It has been said that a workman is only as good as the tools he uses. The quality of tools that you use determines the level of energy you have to exert and the quality of products you turn out. Remember that a bench vise is not something that you should buy off the shelf; rather, it is something that takes careful consideration and research. Taking the time to examine the features and capabilities of bench vises will ensure that you’ll not end up with a product that you never use.

Video: Things To Know When Buying A Bench Vise

Uses of a Bench Vise. | Courtesy of Derek's Workshop and Projects

The price of any product is determined by a variety of factors, some of which are features and brand reputation. If you are looking to buy a good product, it is best to go with brands that are tested and proven. That said, the bench vises that are featured in this review are from tested and proven brands. The price range we would state here is not absolute, but serves as a guide for you know roughly how much you should be prepared to pay.

A good bench vise can be purchased within the price range of around $50 all the way up to $450. This wide price range is based on the fact that bench vises come in different sizes, with different features, and for differing applications.

In the course of our research, we came across some cheap bench vises but saw that there were not fit to be in the review because they do not offer the safety and performance that's required of a good bench vise. We assure you that any choice you make based on this review will be worth your while and money.


A Bench vise is an important tool for any machinist or craftsman. There are different features that make each one suitable for different tasks/projects. Before shopping for a vise, there are features that you should note and look out for; they include:

  • Size of the Vise - This determines the size of project it can handle
  • The weight of the workbench - This should be considered before buying a vise
  • Type of base - Do you want a stationary base or swivel?
  • Type of jaws - metal, plastic or wood? This determines specific application
  • Specification of the Vise - What is it designed to be? For example, is it a machinist’s vise or a jeweler's vise?
  • Material - This determines whether it would be heavy duty or lightweight and also affects its durability
  • Attachment Style - Most heavy duty bench vises attach directly to the bench with screws and bolts. However, if you want something less permanent, you can get a clamp on vise.
Construction and Design

Before buying a bench vise, you need to determine the type of tasks for which the vise would be used. There are vises for heavy-duty operations which are better suited for industrial use, medium-duty vises and light-duty vises. If you are a DIYer, you likely have no need for a heavy duty bench vise. You would do well with the light-duty models. Vises, though of the same basic construction, are made specifically for different projects. So if what you want is a bench vise, ensure that it is a bench vise that you are getting and not a jeweler’s vise or an angle vise.

Clamp on bench vises are popular among DIYers since they are inexpensive and less complicated to use. The main difference between these type of the traditional ones is in the way they mount onto the working surface.

If you will be doing frequent heavy duty projects, you need to have a bench vise that is sturdy and durable. They are manufactured with iron and can withstand long hours of regular use and heavy application. Do not buy a bench vise that is heavier than your workbench; ensure that the size and weight of the bench vise are commensurate to that of your workbench.

The durability of your bench vise is largely dependent on the material of construction. If this is a tool that you are going to be using frequently and for heavy projects, you would do well to get a sturdy vise that’s made of iron, with jaws of metal. Note, however, that you have to check that the iron and metal of the jaws are anti-corrosive and of top quality. Also when working with wood or other delicate materials, you might want to line the metal jaw with similar material to protect your work.

Video: How To Install A Bench

Installing a Bench Vise. | Courtesy of Homestead Jay
Performance and Ease of Use

Your standard bench vise would either be mounted on the workbench or have a swivel that rotates 360 degrees. Those that have pipe jaws usually come with auxiliary set of pipe jaws made of steel that also rotates at the same 360 degrees. These pipe jaws can be replaced. For most artisans, the bench vise is ideal for a wide range of projects and has almost all the features of a heavy duty vise. The surface of the jaws can be interchanged from smooth to serrated depending on the task at hand. It can also come with inbuilt anvil.

Before making a purchase, consider the depth of the throat of the vise. The longer the depth of the throat, the more securely it can grip bigger and longer pieces. Also, ensure that you totally open up it to know how wide the vise opens because this can limit its grip and make it inadequate for you.

If you would like the vise to also perform the function of an anvil, you need to ensure that it is sturdy enough to take the constant pounding.

Get the Best Bench Vise of 2022!

Now that you have taken the time to read our reviews, we hope you’ve found a brand/product that meets your current needs. You can now make your purchase confidently knowing that you have done your due diligence.

Our Top Choice
Performance Multi-Purpose Bench Vise
Best Value
Shop FoxBench Bench Vise with Swivel Base
Yost Tools Reversible Combination Vise
Wilton Swivel Base Bench Vise
TEKTON General Purpose Bench Vise

Bench Vise FAQs

How to mount a bench vise?
To mount a bench vise, you will need bolts, washers, lock washers, and nuts. The necessary tools include a pencil, socket, drill bit, cordless drill, and wrenches. Position the vise in the desired position, measure and mark mounting holes positions, and drill them out. Test if your washers fit over the holes and if they are too big, file it out until it fits. After aligning the vise onto the holes, place bolts with washers into the holes. On the holes' undersides, place a lock washer followed by a nut and tighten with your hand. Finally, use a wrench to tighten the nuts. Learn more on this from our review on bench vises.
How to install a bench vise?
Installing a bench vise requires you to take precise measurements of the jaws, leaving some additional height for planning the top. After cutting out the required length and width, take the vise off the clamps. Then remove the backplate from the guide rods and central screw followed by the quick-release nut. Now mount the vise plate followed by the front jaws and install the required hardware. After plane flushing, apply your preferred finish (paint or wood varnish).
How to bolt down a bench vise?
To bolt down a bench vise, you use two-inch wood stock to create a drill guide block. After drilling a 3.4-inch hole on the drill press, glue it to a hooked standoff. Use a square when laying the dog hole onto the bench, ensuring you leave six-inch spaces. Align the spacer blocks by providing they have the same length and width, and attach the bolt, ensuring it has the roll pin.