Best Best Girls Ride On Toy Reviews 2023

Nothing is more exciting for a small kid than a ride-on toy he or she can play with all day long! Luckily, the market is filled with such toys. Now when it comes to choosing the right one for your little girl, there is an important matter to determine. Would she like one that would be “girly” – you know, in shades of pink and purple? If so, that’s what you will find on this review. However, if your daughter has a bit of tomboy in her, or if you are raising a daughter without gender stereotypes, then we recommend checking out our other manual ride-on toy review. Or, if you are looking for something with power, we have a review for motorized ride-on toys – designed for both boys and girls in mind. Psst, links for these reviews are just below the chart.
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Our Top Choice
Little Tikes Perfect Fit™ 4-in-1-Trike
Little Tikes is a prestigious manufacturer of kids' toys and accessories. The 4-in-1 Trike has a versatile design, and it can be used for years as your kid grows.
Eye-catching design. Sturdy construction. Safe. Spacious storage compartment with water bottle holder. Protective safety bar.
Isolated complaints regarding assembly instructions.
4-in-1 Trike
9 months - 4 years
58 x 25 x 33 inches/ 20 lbs
Large bucket
Best Value
Kiddieland Toys Limited Thomas Activity Ride On
Kiddieland Toys Limited manufactures a number of ride on toys for kids of all ages. The Thomas ride on train is an attractive toy with an eye-catching design.
Suitable for both boys and girls. Enhances children's mobility and cardiovascular health. Fun, lightweight and compact.
Doesn’t come in more color options.
Train Ride On
1 - 3 years
19 x 9.6 x 14.8 inches/ 8 lbs
Under seat storage
InStep Pink Lady Pedal Car
InStep specializes in pedal ride on cars for boys and girls. The Pink Lady Pedal Car is excellent for girls aged 3 and up, as it has an adjustable steel construction.
Good value for money. Can hold up to 70 lbs of weight. Durable steel construction. Easy to assemble. Easy to steer.
A bit pricey, but this is a high-quality product made from long-lasting materials.
Lady Pedal Car
3 years and up
Steel frame, rubber tires
37 x 17 x 12 inches/ 37 lbs
Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy II
Step2 makes colorful and attractive toys from plastic. The Whisper Ride Buggy comes with numerous storage spaces and a safe seatbealt.
Compact, lightweight and easy to transport. Attractive, colorful design. Honking horn. Minimal assembly required. For kids up to 4 years.
Isolated complaints about reliability. This product comes with warranty.
Push Ride On
18 months - 4 years
45.5 x 19 x 34 inches/ 17 lbs
Under hood storage
Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride On
Fisher-Price is one of the most famous manufacturers of toys in the United States. The Music Parade Ride On Toy comes at a reasonable price and can provide hours of fun for your kid.
Top manufacturer. Available in 3 designs. Includes instrument sounds. Lightweight and easy to carry. Improves mobility.
Isolated complaints that sounds don’t play. Check out the instructions manual carefully.
Music Push Ride On
12 month - 3 years
20.8 x 10 x 15.5 inches/ 5 lbs
Under seat storage

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What is the Best Best Girls Ride On Toy?

It can be quite difficult to select just one ride-on toy, but you shouldn’t let this discourage you. All you have to do is to find out what your daughter likes. Does she prefer trains? Does she love pedal cars? What about push buggies that make exciting sounds? Once you know your little one's preferences, the whole process is much easier. We picked 5 excellent ride-on toys for girls from some of the best toy brands out there, in a mixture of price points. Let's take a look at them!
Our Top Choice
The Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike from Little Tikes is suitable for kids between 9 months and 5 years of age. It comes with a canopy that will protect your loved one from excessive sunlight. If your daughter prefers 4 wheels, go for the Princess Cozy Truck Ride-On from the same manufacturer.

Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike with Adjustable Seat, Large Storage Compartment, 50 Lbs Maximum Capacity

Little Tikes manufactures a range of toys and accessories that are suitable for toddlers and small kids. Many of its products are Amazon Best Sellers, including 3-feet trampolines, toy shopping carts, picnic tables with umbrellas and more. Whether you have a son or a daughter, chances are that you will find an eye-catching toy for your little one if you shop from Little Tikes.

Let's take a look at the features of this 4-in-1 Trike:
  • Adjustable seat
  • Large storage compartment and bottle holder
  • Can be pushed by parents, and comes with pedals which are useful when the kid gets bigger
  • 50 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Suitable for kids from 9 months up to 5 years
Here are some more attractive toys made by Little Tikes:
  • 3-Feet Trampolines - excellent for boys and girls who have a lot of energy - Amazon Best Seller
  • Picnic Tables - they come with umbrella and can accommodate several kids - Amazon Best Seller
  • T-Ball Set - available with 2 balls or 5 balls - Amazon Best Seller
  • Outdoor Barbecue Set - complete with utensils and accessories
Best Value
The Thomas Activity Ride On toy is suitable for both boys and girls, and it comes at a reasonable price. This ride on toy features enchanting sound effects and music while flashing attractive, colorful lights. For another option, your child might prefer a Frozen-themed ride on buggy in purple.

Kiddieland Toys Limited Thomas Activity Ride On Train with Blinking Colorful Lights and Music

Just as the name implies, Kiddieland Toys Unlimited is actually a heaven for kids of all ages, as this brand provides multiple types of attractive and colorful toys. You can buy affordable ride on toys, rocking chairs, battery-powered trains, activity boxes and more.

For now, let's take a look at the Thomas Activity Ride On train and see what features it has:
  • Storage compartment under the seat
  • Blinking lights and music sounds
  • Suitable for kids between 1 to 3 years of age
  • Batteries are included in the package
  • Push ride on toy that improves kids' mobility and balance
Kiddieland Toys makes more attractive products. Here are some of them:
  • Push Ride On Toys - they play music and are available in many colors
  • Plane Ride On Toys - colorful and exciting, Mickey Mouse-themed toy
  • Dinosaur Rocking Chair - available in several colors and sizes
  • Activity Boxes - help toddlers learn colors and shapes in a fun way!
The Pink Lady Pedal Car from InStep is one of the most attractive and eye-catching ride on toys you can buy for your daughter. It is designed to be used by girls who are 3 years of age or older. You can also go for the InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car, which is more spacious and sophisticated.

InStep Pink Lady Pedal Ride On Car with Adjustable Pedal System, Rubber Tires and Stainless Steel Frame

We are glad to have products from InStep in our review, as this brand is known for making high-quality pedal ride on toys. You can buy police cars, sports cars and fire trucks from this company, and all these products feature a steel frame for enhanced safety and durability.

Let's explore the highlights of the Pink Lady Pedal Car from InStep and find out why we recommend it for your daughter:
  • Adjustable pedal drive system, fits girls of various heights
  • Rubber tires offer a comfortable and smooth ride
  • Minimal assembly required
  • 70 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Easy to maneuver, large steering wheel
This is not all! InStep makes more eye-catching products such as the following ones.
  • Weatherproof Stroller - available in different colors
  • Bicycle Trailers - can carry up to 2 kids in great comfort
  • Twirling Shoes - available in many sizes, suitable for various occasions
  • Ride On Fire Truck - eye-catching and sophisticated, suitable for both boys and girls
The Whisper Ride Buggy II from Step2 is a compact and lightweight push ride on toy that features a storage compartment and a water bottle holder. If you prefer a toy with a removable floor that allows your kid to push it Fred Flintstone style, then go for the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe Pink Ride On.

Step2 Whisper Ride On Buggy with Storage Compartments, Water Bottle Holder, Seatbelt and Smooth Wheels

Step2 is another renowned brand that specializes in toys and activity accessories for kids of all ages. You can buy best-selling fantasy vanity toys from this brand, as well as art desks, basketball sets and, of course, ride on toys. These products are made from durable materials, and they do not pose a choking hazard.

The features of the Whisper Ride Buggy II include:
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Built-in honking horn
  • Front storage compartment
  • Wheels ensure a smooth ride
  • Seatbelt included
There are more enticing toys for you to choose from. Here are some of the most popular ones from Step2:
  • Art Desks - great for revealing your kid's talent at drawing and painting
  • Basketball Sets - give your kid a chance to play his favorite sport at an early age
  • Magnetic Easel with Numbers - suitable for kids of all ages
  • Picnic Tables - can accommodate 4 kids at once and feature an umbrella
The Little People Music Parade Ride On Toy from Fisher-Price is available in 3 different designs, and it can play up to 5 different tunes. This toy is excellent for girls aged 1 to 3 years. If you prefer a lightweight trike for your toddler, try the Pink Baby Toddler Toy Rock Roll 'N Ride Ride On Trike from the same company.

Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride On Toy with Storage Compartment and 5 Exciting Tunes

Fisher-Price doesn’t need any introduction, as it is a leading manufacturer of toys for kids of all ages. This brand produces ride on toys that can be moved by pedaling or pushing, as well as toys that are battery-powered. What makes Fisher-Price's toys stand out from the crowd is that they are meticulously designed and built from some of the most durable materials.

Here are the features of the Little People Music Parade Ride On Toy:
  • Available in 3 different designs
  • Provides 5 exciting and entertaining tunes for your kid
  • Storage compartment under the seat
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Improves kids' balance and mobility
Fisher-Price sells more toys for kids. Here are some of them if you lack gift ideas:
  • Mickey's Fire Truck - colorful, small toy with hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon
  • Plush Toy for Learning - plush puppies that can sing more than 50 songs, allowing your kid to learn easier
  • Battery-Powered Jeeps - can accommodate 2 kids and featuring a top speed of 5 mph
  • Harley-Davidson Tricycle - 2.5 mph top speed and very eye-catching

How Do I Choose the Best Best Girls Ride On Toy?

There’s nothing like the joy of playing outside as a kid. The sense of adventure they feel every time they go for a walk, climb a tree or jump in a muddle puddle is heartwarming. We’re sure a lot of you agree that the way kids play nowadays is totally different to a couple of decades ago. With the explosion of technological advancements even 2-year old toddlers can work a smartphone or tablet. But, like many of you, we feel like kids need to get back to nature and enjoy the bliss of playing outdoors. What better way to get your little one playing outside than with a ride-on toy!

If you want your little princess to have more fun than ever while enjoying a thrilling outdoor activity, it’s time to get her a ride-on toy. Seeing as they need more mobility as they grow, this is a great way for them to have a beautiful engaging activity.

Ride-on toys and bicycles are a great way for your little girl to have fun and engage in physical activity in the same time. Of course, if she can't keep her balance very well on a bicycle, there are tricycle and four wheeled options available.

A ride-on toy is a device that is wheeled and permits your child to drive it by using her own strength. There are also motorized options out there, but they come at a steeper price range, making manual ones a great and affordable.

Ride-on toys come in a plethora of colors and shapes. Of course, as you can imagine, the most common color is pink, but there are also some that have neutral colors, so if you also have a boy or a tom-boy daughter, they can both use it.
Ride-on toys for girls come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colors and, as you can imagine, all these features have an impact on the price. You can expect a price range of between $40 and $200, but be prepared to pay a bit more for top quality ones or unusual designs.

While we were researching, we also came across some cheap girls ride-on toys, but we will not feature them in this review as they are not the type we would let our own kids use. Such toys generally don't last long and are made of poor quality materials.
If you want to enhance your little girl's coordination and balancing skills, a ride-on toy is of great help and will provide her a great adventure, just be sure to find one that’s suitable for her age. Here are some important features to consider when making a purchase:
  • Type - Girls ride-on toys come in multiple types. You’ll be able to find trikes, trains, cars, ride-on toys with music, and so on. It’s always good to ask your baby what she would prefer instead of choosing the wrong one. However, if you want to surprise her, you can go for classic choices such as simple cars or things you know interest her.
  • Color - When it comes to girls, color is everything. Of course, you typically won’t go wrong with pink, but maybe your little girl is different from all the rest. Try to find out her favorite color and go for that.
  • Dimensions - Dimensions are important because you’ll have to transport and store it easily when not in use.
  • Age Range - Ride-on toys have a specific age range for which they are suitable, so be sure to check and get the one that can be used for as long as possible.
  • Additional Features - Ride-on toys come with additional features, such as storage spaces, attached toys, music capabilities, and so forth, allowing extended excitement and staving off boredom.
Construction and Design
Girls ride-on toys are mainly made of plastic, but some also feature steel frames. As we said, there are multiple types of girl’s ride-on toys. Some girls like to be walked around so it's great to consider a 4-in-1 trike that is perfect for on the go travel. However, if your girl is not that girly, you'll be able to find ride-on toys with the iconic Thomas cartoon, amongst many other unique designs.

If you are not ready to leave your baby by herself and you want to be next to her when she's riding, you can consider a ride-on toy that also features a handle. This way you are in control of where she goes but she still has the joy of riding along.

Other design elements to consider would be whether it comes with a parasol to protect your angel from the sun, or perhaps an umbrella to protect from the rain. You might want one with pedals or just one where they push along the ground with their feet. There really are so many choices, it all depends on your personal preference.
Performance and Ease of Use
Girls ride-on toys have multiple benefits for your child; apart from being a great way for them to have fun, they also nurture balance, coordination, exercise, and imagination play.

These toys can enable balance training by allowing her to pivate back and forth with her feet to stay upright and, in turn, promote muscle strength. The pedaling will improve her coordination and teach her how to use both her legs and arms at the same time.

Exercise is essential for any child. A ride-on toy will encourage your child to take part in physical activities, rather than watching TV or playing video games. Ride-on toys are also great for pretend play. Your little princess can imagine that the toy is a real car or animal and have loads of endless fun.

Get the Best Best Girls Ride On Toy of 2023!

Now that you have explored your options, you probably already know what toys are more suitable for your daughter. Pick one or more out of these 5 and start preparing your Christmas gifts! Remember, if the one we featured doesn't fit your little darling, these brands have other models to offer - simply click a link and take a look around.

Our Top Choice
Little Tikes Perfect Fit™ 4-in-1-Trike
Best Value
Kiddieland Toys Limited Thomas Activity Ride On
InStep Pink Lady Pedal Car
Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy II
Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride On