Best BIC Pen Reviews 2022

BIC Pens have been trusted and reliable companions for many from their days as kids to even when they became grandparents, and yet the demand for these pens is still on the rise. BIC just won’t back down on delivering quality pens! We have selected five of the best Bic pens that we are totally crazy about and yea we care to share! We also have other ballpoint pen reviews which carry BIC pens so do well to check them out if you so please.
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Our Top Choice
BIC Grip Roller Fine Point Pen
The Grip Roller collection works for both lefties and righties. Pens in this collection are made with quick-drying ink and slide across paper easily for a smooth writing.
Smooth writing rollerball pen. Quick-drying, marker-like ink. Rounded barrel and sleek metal clip. Rubberized grip. Comes in 12-pack.
Ink may sometimes skip while writing.
Ballpoint; marker
0.7mm; fine
Black, blue or red
Best Value
BIC 4-Color Stylus Ball Pen
The 4-Color collection was introduced to enable the customer organize his copy better by combining all standard ink colors in just one pen, for an affordable price.
Four ink colors in one pen. Stylus cap. Rubberized barrel grip. Fun and colorful expression. Refillable.
A little bulkier than standard pens.
1.0mm; medium
Info not provided
Black; blue; red; green
BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Pen
The Gel-ocity pen line is a collection of retractable gel pens which ensure the smoothest and crispiest writing finish for use anywhere, whether at home, at school, or at work.
No smudge fast-drying ink. Writes smooth and dark lines. Comfortable full grip barrel. Fun colors. Medium point. Comes in 12-pack.
Might be too colorful for those who like to keep their colors muted.
Ballpoint; retractable
0.7mm; fine
Quick dry; gel
3, 8, 12 or 16-pack
Assorted, black or blue
BIC 18-Pk Clic Stic Fashion Ball Pen
The Clic Stic collection of BIC pens features a wide range of pens that cater to all categories of people from lovers of color to those who prefer to keep things traditional.
Comfortable round barrel design. Break-resistant pocket clip. Medium point. Comes with purple, lime green, and turquoise in addition to standard ink colors.
Additional ink colors might not appeal to some folks
Ball pen; retractable
1.0mm; medium
Easy flow
Assorted colors
BIC Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen
Offering pens that are capless, disposable, and with attractive forms, the Atlantis collection boldly stands for convenience, function and of course, stylish writing.
Smooth ink flow. Sleek and stylish design. Medium point. Retractable design. Comfortable rubberized barrel.
Might not be dark enough for some.
Ball pen; retractable
1.2mm; medium
Smooth ink
Black, blue, assorted or fashion

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What is the Best BIC Pen?

Having read our guide, we are so certain that you now know what pen is best for you. In a few moments you’d be meeting our favorite BIC pens, so let’s get down to it!
Our Top Choice
Get your writing to stand out from the rest with the BIC Grip Roller Rollerball Pen. By combining a marker with a ballpoint, this rollerball pen delivers on writing that’s smooth and dark for beauty and legibility. Would you prefer something in red? Then see the BIC Grip Roller Extra Fine Red Ink Pen. Its grip comes rubberized and it is available in an affordable value pack!

BIC 12-Pack Grip Roller Rollerball Pen with Fine Point – Available in Black, Blue or Red

BIC launched the Grip Roller collection to create a smoother writing experience. Some of the characteristics of this pen are its quick-drying ink that ensures that your work won’t get smudged while you navigate your note; its smooth and easy glide across paper that just makes writing pure joy; and the thoughtful way it accommodates righties and lefties alike. Most pens in this collection are roller ball pens as the collection’s name implies.

The BIC Grip Roller Rollerball Pen gets a gold star for performance. By combining a marker and a ballpoint pen, BIC has produced a pen that so many customers are raving about for the smooth dark lines it produces. And the ink isn’t just smooth and dark, it dries up so fast!

Its barrel is rounded with a rubberized grip to ensure that your fingers are comfortable and in charge with every stroke. Also, it comes with a metal clip that allows you to attach the pen to your pocket. Now you don’t have to lose your pen anymore.

This pen gives you a contemporary look and the writing of a fountain pen at an affordable price. You should totally grab it while you can. But if you want, you could still check out other equally great pens in this collection:
  • The BIC Grip Roller Stick Pen with Blue Ink: this comes with a blue ink, if this is your preference
  • The BIC Grip Stick Roller Ball Pen with Micro Fine Point: There’s yet another with a micro fine point if just fine doesn’t cut it for you.
  • The BIC Grip Stick Roller Ball Pen with Micro Fine Point and Blue Ink: Also in micro fine point and blue ink.
Best Value
Change your different caps, from writer to editor in one swift, easy motion with the BIC 4-Color Stylus Ballpoint Pen. Its multicolor inks allow you to organize and express yourself in a fun and convenient way! If you’d prefer a pencil included in your package, then you might want to check out the BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen and Pencil. It comes with 3 color inks and is also affordable!

BIC 4-Color Grip Stylus Medium Ballpoint Pen with Black, Blue, Red & Green Ink

Everyone knows that to organize a copy better, you need different colors of pens. You’d know this especially if you’re a lover of efficient note taking or if you’re BIC. The understanding of this idea is part of the reasons Bic came up with the idea of the 4-Color collection. These pens typically come with almost all writing materials in one package: some coming with 4 color pens, or 3 colors and a pencil. Whichever way, they present a more efficient way to keep your notes organized and understandable.

We know you’re a terrific multi-tasker who can put on so many caps at once, so here’s a pen that’s akin to you in capabilities: the BIC 4-Color Stylus Ballpoint Pen. Be it the cap of a writer, an editor or whatever, the 4 colors of this pen will help you to swiftly ease through the different tasks with an intuitive and simple action: a press of the button!

And yea, it’s slightly bulkier than standard pens with all it features it offers, but not by much actually. It still stays relatively slim for its nature. And of course the grip is rubberized, so expect some great deal of comfort.

Since there’s always the “boss cap” the end of this pen comes as a stylus. Now you can have fingerprint-free yet precise interaction with your touchscreen devices which it is sure to be compatible with.

And because we can never get tired of supplying you with options, here are other terrific pens in the 4-Color collection that you might also like for you or a friend:
  • There’s a 2-pack BIC 4-Color Shine Metallic Ballpoint Pen
  • There is this really beautiful pen, the BIC 4-Color Fashion Ball Pen that comes in an attractive green color, that you might love
  • If you’d prefer your pen’s barrel in the color blue, then you can check out the BIC 4-Color Ball Pen that comes in a 3-count pack
  • If you need in it bulk, of course there’s the BIC 4-Color Medium Ballpoint Pen that comes in a dozen per box
If you love gel pens then get ready to snag the BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Pens. They aren’t just attractive in their bold fashion colors; they also contain fast-drying ink that gives a super smooth writing experience. Do you need a more affordable option? Then you might want to see this 15-count pack that comes in 3 ink colors. See the BIC Gel-ocity Medium Point Retractable Gel Pen – 15Count.

BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Retractable Rollerball Gel Pen – Available in Black, Blue or Assorted & 4 Pack Sizes

The Gel-ocity pen line of the BIC brand is where you’ll find some of the most amazing gel pens ever. They are usually medium point and with a retractable design that’s really convenient to use. They contain fast-drying ink and don’t smear or smudge, making your copy neat and beautiful. Whether at home, at school, or in the office, these pens work beautifully, and you’d definitely love using any of them.

Gel pens are so cool, no wonder so many people are crazy about them. Some of the gel pens that people just won’t shut up about are the BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Pens. Really amazing pens! And we will tell you why.

The gel ink which is notorious for not drying as fast as we all would prefer, dries up to three times faster in these pens! With this unique feature you can be sure that you’re going to have a really smooth writing experience.

Aside from their really comfortable grips, these pens come in really attractive fashion colors. Yippee! No more boring blacks and greys. Understandably though, the more serious ones might find these colors a distraction, but for the color lovers, this is a get-get!

Here are other options for your consideration:
  • The BIC Gel-ocity Retractable Gen Pen with Blue Ink comes in a 12pack. If you’re a lover of blue pens, you must get
  • The Gel-ocity Retractable Gel Pen with Black Ink comes in a 2pack that’s great for the twins as they resume school
  • If colors are not much your thing, then check out the BIC Gel-ocity Retractable Gel Pen with Black Ink. It comes in a black colored barrel and a pack of 4
  • BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Bundle: it comes in assorted fashion colors and is an excellent, inexpensive gift idea for your students
  • The fashion colored pens also come in smaller packs like this 3pack one: the BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Gel Pens
If you love to live out loud, then you can’t afford to miss the BIC Clic Stic Fashion Ball Pen. It comes in an 18-pack box that contains colors like turquoise blue and lime green in addition to the standard ink colors! Prefer this product strictly black? Then check out the BIC Clic Stic Retractable Black Ballpoint Pen. It’s medium point too and comes in an affordable 12-pack also with the clip!

BIC 18-Pack Clic Stic Fashion Medium Ballpoint Pen (1.0mm) in Assorted Colors

True to its word, BIC gives you more for less in one more creative way, and that’s the Clic Stic collection. This collection contains a wide range of pens for a wide range of people. There are pens with different beautiful colors aside from the traditional black, blue, and red and there are other sets with the traditional colors for those who’d rather keep things that way. One feature that stands out for this collection is its sturdy metal clip that helps the user keep his pen in close proximity and reduce the chances of it being misplaced.

We like the sound of “Clic Stic” maybe that’s why we love the BIC Clic Stic Fashion Ball Pen so much, or maybe it’s the fashion part, we don’t know. All we know is that this pen is lovely! It comes in a 12-pack of beautiful ink colors. There’s even purple, turquoise blue and lime green! We can paint heaven in full color!

Aside the fact that these pens feel like the rainbow was distilled and poured into individual pen cases, they come with break-resistant clips so that we don’t lose our beloved pens and keep them close to our heart in our breast pocket!

Even though this pen totally rocks, we anticipated that you’d want to see other options, so here are a few other Bic Clic Stic pens that rock too:
  • The BIC Clic Stic Ballpoint Retractable Pen also comes in blue ink if that’s how you like it
  • Yes there’s another of this product in a single unit red color: The Clic Stic Ballpoint Retractable Pen with Red Ink
  • You can customize your pens with your brand or your personal message, see the BIC Clic Stic Pens Personalized
  • If you never tire of colors, there’s the BIC Clic Stic Retractable Ballpoint Pens – 24Count
  • The “ecophilics” might be pleased to see that the Clic Stic collection also carries the BIC Ecolutions Clic Stic Ballpoint Pen - 50Count
For lovers of style in pens, make the BIC Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen your first choice. It’s sleek and stylish with a smooth ink and medium point which ensures that your writing matches your stylish pen and persona. You can get an even more comfy grip with an attractive design and color to boot! Check out the BIC Atlantis Ultra Comfort Retractable Ballpoint Pen with its soft silicone grip.

BIC 3-Pack Atlantis Comfort Retractable Medium Ball Pen (1.2mm) – Available in 5 Colors

The Atlantis collection was made for your convenience in mind. All pens here are capless and disposable which means that you do not have to bother with the hassles of capping off and on for any short-term writing. Plus, they also come with sleek body forms that make them attractive to the eye and comfortable to the fingers while writing. The Atlantis collection features pens that will definitely find a place in your writing experience wherever you have to write, and their permanent inks make sure that your writing never fades off.

The BIC Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen is that pen you’ve been looking for that combines, sleekness, style and affordability all in one instrument. It comes with a retractable design and that’s always a great idea for practicality and ease. This pen has a medium point and really smooth ink to give your writing that legibility and beauty that everyone is going to get the green eye for.

Its grip is really comfortable too. Here are some other stylish pens also in the Atlantis collection:
  • Ladies, you will love the BIC Atlantis Retractable Medium Ballpoint Pens – Pink. We guess you already know why
  • There’s also the BIC Atlantis Bold Ballpoint Pen – Assorted. This comes in a 3-pack of assorted colors
  • A lovely retractable blue pen is also on the menu: The BIC Atlantis Bold Ballpoint Pen – Blue.
  • For the love of colors, there’s the BIC Atlantis Original Retractable Fashion Ballpoint Pen – 14pack.
  • Also if you’re so in love with our featured product but wish that it came in more colors, there’s the option of this same product in three beautiful fashion colors: The BIC Atlantis Fashion Bold Ballpoint Pen - 3Pack Assorted.

How Do I Choose the Best BIC Pen?

Not everyone might be able to afford an electronic notebook per time but there’s hardly anyone who does not have a pen in his possession. It’s just a given! We almost always have a pen even if we own all the sophisticated gadgets in the world.

The pen has been the channel through which world-changing ideas have flowed for centuries. There’s hardly any activity that we engage in that does not require a pen at one point or another, check it out for yourself.

Even some of those who believe they aren’t tactile and would rather sit in front of their computers than write down anything find that they chew on the butt of a pen which helps them focus and meditate on really powerful ideas. So even when the pen isn’t functioning traditionally, it is still a catalyst of dreams.

Despite being taken for granted or lost in the transition of digital technology, pens haven’t stopped evolving as there are lots of pen enthusiasts around. There are now really sophisticated and elite pens that are actually on the high-end cost. It is at this point that we all should give thanks for Bic. It has stood by the layman since its inception and its pens are some of the most affordable yet functional ones out there.

Now dear student, this one’s especially for you: we know that money is hardly ever enough, and you’re not crazy about spending a fortune on a common pen. But while the pen will always be the staple partner of your subject notebooks for school, you also don’t have to settle for just any pen. You can get a terrific pen that’s student-friendly in terms of price. If you’re ready, we can show you how to select a really great one.
One of the reasons Bic pens are quite popular is because they are affordable: they can cost as low as $3. Some are also a bit high-end, if you can call them that, costing about $100 plus and that’s for pens you want engraved. A rise in price usually occurs when you need a pen in bulk which actually turns out to be more cost-effective at the end of the day, if you really look at it. A cheap Bic pen is most likely a fake one. Bic pens are already really affordable though. So as long as you purchase from a trusted seller, you’d hardly have any issue with fakes.
Bic makes the different types of pens there are and after looking at the types of pens we have, we will see one or two things that are unique to Bic pens:
  • Types
  • Point type
  • Barrel
  • Parker designs
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
There are many types of pens but we will discuss the most basic types below:

The Ballpoint: It is the most popular kind of pens because it’s so easy to use. It has a ball at its tip which helps you spread ink on paper and produces smooth lines when writing.

The Fountain Pen: There are two basic parts of this pen: the feed and the nib. In a short sentence, the feed “feeds” the nib with ink so that the nib (the pointy part that writes) can write.

The Porous Point: Also known as soft tip pens, they come made of plastic or felt.

Roller Ball: So basically what happened here is that that they combined features from the three we just mentioned and made it into one pen—tip like a ballpoint, ink like a fountain pen, and writing like a porous point.

When we talk of barrels, most pens these days have their barrels rubberized in order to make control and grip a lot more comfortable.

Now a word about Bic Pens…

Bic pens are more for casual everyday use than for sophisticated flare. The brand’s target appears to be students and everyday people who just need an inexpensive pen that works wonders when it comes to writing, and it has delivered on that. The brand keeps things simple with a down-to-earth style and enticing colors.
Performance and Ease of Use
So what tip to go for? The best tip for someone who has a small writing is a fine point but for those whose handwritings are more towards the big size, you’ll find that your writing appears much better with a medium point.

Ink flow is another thing to consider when getting a pen that you’ll enjoy and this is because you won’t want your pen smudging and smearing your paper, making your work all messy. A good thing is that Bic makes pens with fast-drying ink. Even its gel pens dry up pretty fast.

Bic offers an array of abundant pens in two of the aforementioned types and that is the ballpoint and the roller ball that you’re going to love writing with. This is because, in classic Bic fashion, their barrels come rubberized for a super-comfortable grip.

Get the Best BIC Pen of 2022!

Now that we’ve come to the end of our review, go on and place that order for the best BIC pen that suits your style.

Our Top Choice
BIC Grip Roller Fine Point Pen
Best Value
BIC 4-Color Stylus Ball Pen
BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Pen
BIC 18-Pk Clic Stic Fashion Ball Pen
BIC Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen