Best Bidet Toilet Seat Reviews 2023

It’s important to feel refreshed, clean and invigorated every day, and looking after yourself in everyday activities can make all the difference. A bidet toilet seat can make a mundane task a much more refreshing, hygienic trip when nature calls. In this review, we have chosen our top five bidet toilet seats from five great brands and taken a closer look to see what each of them can offer.
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Our Top Choice
Brondell Swash 1000 Bidet Seat
Inspired by the forward thinking technology in Tokyo, Brondell was founded to bring innovative and stylish comfort into American homes.
The dual nozzles move back and forth to create a refreshing massage. With a click of a button you can control the water settings via remote control.
Complex, high-tech product that requires servicing which may entail payment.
Deodorizer eliminates smells
120V, 1200W
Wireless remote control
20.8L x 15W x 5.7D”, 14lbs
White or biscuit
Best Value
Novita Slimline Bidet Toilet Seat
Novita is the largest manufacturer of bidets in Korea, bringing innovative, new-tech bidets into their customer’s homes.
The compact, slick design fits subtly into any bathroom. To ensure a high level of hygiene, there are separate stainless steel rear and front nozzles.
Some found the seat smaller than expected but it didn’t affect the performance.
Child-safety sensor feature
110V, 1250W
Remote control
21L x 16W x 5D”, 10 lbs
Toto Washlet® S300e Toilet Seat with ewater+
Toto is dedicated to manufacturing many bathroom appliances that bring luxury and wellbeing into the home with new technology.
Illuminated buttons on the remote control. Comes with two-user memory for quick and easy personalized use at the click of a button.
A small number of customers found the dryer was not as strong as they wanted it to be.
2 user memory setting
120V, 835W
Remote control
21L x 15W x 4D”, 13.5 lbs
Cotton White or Sedona Beige
BioBidet Ultimate Luxury Bidet Seat
BioBidet aims to design bidets that are appropriate for all ages and different people, breaking limitations with new technological ideas.
The bubble infusion creates an aerated flow of water for a gentle, conscientious wash. Easy to use and child-friendly.
Some customers found the bidet did not fit on their toilet seat, so please ensure you check the measurements before purchase.
Body sensor for power save
120V, 660W
Side control panel
16.5L x 15W x 5.6D”, 14lbs
SmartBidet Electric Bidet Seat
SmartBidet are the proud manufacturers of a wide range of high-quality bidets with focus on attention to detail and electronic solutions.
A built-in water filter provides constant fresh water for the most hygienic wash. Multiple settings for tailored experience with every use.
Minimal reports of faulty devices, which SmartBidet offers customer service to resolve.
Filtered water
120V, 660W
Side control panel
19.5L x 19W x 7D”, 14.5lbs

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What is the Best Bidet Toilet Seat?

The best bidet will be the one that meets your needs and expectations. It will offer the right range of massage features, wash settings and will have impeccable attention to detail. When it comes to practical solutions, having a smart, complex toilet feature will leave you with less housework and more time feeling clean.

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Our Top Choice
From self sterilizing nozzles to a remote-controlled heated seat, this bidet toilet seat offers hygienic solutions alongside blissful comfort. If you want a simpler design, or don’t have a budget that stretches that far, the FreshSpa Dual Temperature Bidet could be the hygienic, easy to control device you need.

Brondell Swash Advanced Bidet Seat - Available in 2 Colors, 2 Shapes and 6 Styles


In 1990, a young Dave Samuel was enchanted by the exciting, unfamiliar world of Tokyo with his father, from the non-stop city life to the food. In his inquisitive attitude toward the culture around him, Dave attempted to conquer the futuristic technological bidet toilet in a restaurant despite a language barrier preventing him from reading the buttons. Dave lost, and had to walk back to his seat with a wet patch on his pants after being water gunned by this mystical toilet. Although Dave lost the battle, he won the war and went on to found his own bidet toilet company, bringing this smart technology to the USA.

The Brondell Swash 1000 Bidet Seat is an award-winning bathroom product that offers a modern, comfortable and hygienic design. This stylish toilet seat offers three levels of aerated wash spray and a massage features with fresh water warmed from its own ceramic heating system for good personal hygiene and comfort. The toilet seat fits onto 98% of toilets, and with the detailed specification of measurements and ratio from Brondell you can purchase this safe in the knowledge it is suitable for your home.

The Swash 1000 Bidet Seat comes with all these amazing features:

  • Dual adjustable stainless steel nozzles
  • Nozzles are self-cleaning and self sterilizing using silver nanotechnology for low maintenance
  • Ceramic core instant water heating system for unlimited warm water for comfort
  • Warm air dryer designed for convenience
  • Deodorizer to eliminate odors
  • Adjustable aerated water spray (3 levels)
  • Nozzle oscillation provides massage feature
  • Slow closing seat and lid
  • Luxurious heated seat
  • Smart, body sensor controlled automatic power-save mode
  • Water and seat temperature settings
  • Wireless remote control
  • Posterior and feminine warm-water washes
  • High quality, durable materials for internal components

These innovative, high-tech features could change the whole toilet experience from a necessity to a comfortable, rejuvenating occurrence.

Best Value
A stylish, innovative creation for practical and refreshing toilet breaks by a trusted bidet manufacturer. If you’re looking for a different, elongated shape, then the Novita Remote Control Elongated Bidet Seat could be the right bidet for you.

Novita Slimline Bidet Toilet Seat Round Model BN-330S


The largest bidet seat manufacturer based in Korea, Novita has a global presence and is passionate about inventing and manufacturing electronic bidets for their customers. Founded originally 1984, they are a trusted brand that has seen the development and progress of technology for toilets.

Novita has brought out compact, slim-line models for a beautifully subtle style in the restroom. The Slimline Bidet Toilet Seat offers high-end features that are seen on expensive bidet fixtures, and gives their customers the opportunity to bring this into the home for a competitive price. With a side panel control pad, it’s easy and convenient to adjust to your personal preferences.

Here are all the great features it has to offer:

  • Adjustable temperature
  • A range of pressure settings
  • Warm air dryer
  • Quiet operation
  • Child-safety sensor feature
  • Hybrid heating for limitless warm water
  • Anti-microbial plastics
  • Separate stainless steel front and rear nozzles for hygienic cleansing
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • All components for installation included
  • Ion water filter
  • Designed to fit one and two piece toilets
  • Aerated water spray for more thorough cleaning
  • Easy-to-control side panel

All these features make this bidet a game-changer for what used to be such an ordinary, mundane everyday activity.

With many settings to offer, this bidet has built-in two-user memory so your favorite settings will be activated at a touch. If you’re not looking to purchase a whole toilet seat, try out the Luxe Bidet Neo 180 - Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment with no electronics to install.

Toto Washlet S300e Bidet Toilet Seat with ewater+ Sanitization – Available in 2 Colors and 2 Shapes


Toto strives to consistently meet and exceed the standard of excellence they work at, so customers can be assured they will receive quality bathroom fixtures. They work to design sophisticated aesthetics, do their duty for the environment and develop technology to increase the level of hygiene in everyday life.

The Toto Washlet S300e Toilet Seat comes with ewater+, which is a unique function that mists the bowl automatically after eight hours of no activity to maintain freshness. The advanced technology is tried and tested to provide a final product that has a solution to cleanliness, odor reduction, practicality and is a revitalizing way to freshen up. It comes in two colors: a crisp Cotton White or a subtler Sedona Beige.

Toto’s Washlet seat has all these revolutionary functions:

  • Adjustable temperature and pressure controls
  • Deodorizer to keep the toilet fresh
  • 5 seat warmer adjustments for ultimate comfort for your tush
  • Self-cleaning wand for a hygienic intimate clean
  • Continuous flow of warm water with 5 temperature options
  • 5 air dryer settings
  • Fluctuating water spray for soothing wash
  • SoftClose built-in function for controlled lid and seat closing
  • Front and rear water washing
  • Remote controlled with a light-up touch pad
  • 2-user memory settings for quick personalized favorite settings
  • Mounting included

The Washlet offers you a high-quality, easy-to-use device for a relaxing clean in your own home.

With bubble infusion massage and assured child safety, this bidet is a great device for improved cleanliness for the whole family. For an endless supply of luxury, check out BioBidet Bliss Bidet Toilet Seat with Hybrid Heating Hydroflush Technology.

BioBidet Ultimate Electric Luxury Bidet Seat, White


BioBidet is truly passionate about the power of the bidet and appreciate the benefits that a bidet brings to people every day. With an extensive range of different models, BioBidet ensures that their designs can meet the needs of people of all shapes and sizes. BioBidet endeavors to continue breaking the boundaries and developing new solutions such as their patented 3-in-1 nozzles, for hygienic and practical bathrooms.

The BioBidet Ultimate Luxury Bidet Seat has vertically positioned nozzles with bubble fusion technology that gently massages and cleanses. It is suitable for the whole family, including the kids, and can clean a more concentrated area with rear and front wash settings. The bidet brings a high-class, luxury element into your home that you know is safe, hygienic, and practical for the whole family to stay refreshed and clean with.

Have a look at the innovative, high-tech function this luxurious bidet has to offer:

  • Dual nozzle with oscillating action
  • Wide cleaning
  • Pulsating function
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Smart body sensor for automatic power save
  • Gentle but thorough posterior and feminine cleaning
  • Massage sensation rinse
  • Bubble infusion
  • Self-cleaning and easily replaceable nozzle
  • Controllable warm air dryer
  • Slow closing lid
  • Fixed side-panel control with lights indicating selected level
  • Quiet motor driven wash

What’s not to love about this incredible list of features you can have in your home?

This bidet will give you a bespoke, technologically smart massage and fresh water wash for ultimate hygiene. If you are on the search for a rounded shape as opposed to the elongated style, we have the SmartBidet SB-2000 Electric Bidet Seat for Round Toilets just for you.

SmartBidet Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Remote


SmartBidet is a brand under the HiTron umbrella that specializes in using groundbreaking technology to advance their bidet design. HiTron manufactures high-quality and durable electronic appliances, and is experienced in using new technology and creative solutions to keep their range of products up to date.

The SmartBidet Electric Bidet Seat is easy to install, so you will have this stylish appliance up and running in no time. You can sit back and relax with convenience and hygiene at the touch of a button.

Here are all the amazing multi-functions the SmartBidet has to offer:

  • Fresh, filtered water
  • Heated seat with three easily adjusted levels
  • 5 water pressure levels for adjustable wash
  • 3 water temperatures for comfort
  • 5 nozzle positions for precise control
  • Oscillating wide nozzle movement for thorough cleanse
  • Pulsating massage sensation with bubble infusion
  • Hybrid heating technology for continuous supply of warm water
  • Energy saving mode sensor

This balance of practicality, style, hygiene and innovation just might become a part of your home you can’t live without.

How Do I Choose the Best Bidet Toilet Seat?

Our bathroom can see us at our best: after a re-energizing shower, or at your most au natural when you need to go in the middle of the night. The smallest improvements can the biggest difference, from a great fogless mirror, a soothing, luxurious bath bomb or the feeling of a cleansing, energizing wash with your favorite bath loofah. But now there’s the ultimate bathroom appliance that brings comfort and hygiene into your everyday routine: a bidet toilet seat.

We have researched trusted brands for you and looked at the intelligent functions the bidet has to offer, so you have the information you need to compare our five top picks for bidet toilet seats and choose a brilliant, durable bidet for your home.


The prices of the different bidets have a big range, and to make sure your money is well spent, decide your budget in advance and ensure you know what to expect from a product around that price. In general, the cheapest bidet toilet seat will come in around $300, with smart, popular features and a classic style.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are bidet toilet seats priced near $1,400 which will come with well-constructed designs with durability and innovative, unique features. It should jump over the line of simply offering the main features of a bidet, developing the technology and user-experience so it is slick, convenient and inspiring to use.


With so many different variations of the bidet it can be overwhelming, but below we’ve put a list together of the functions that should help you choose the right bidet for you.

Here’s a list of the features to keep in mind:

  • Control buttons and pad
  • Temperature and function options
  • Shape and size of the seat
  • Massage techniques
  • Power usage/save mode
  • Servicing
  • Installation
  • Control pad
  • Cleaning functions

The range of brands offer different solutions and ideas for these functions, so let’s take a look more closely.

Construction and Design

One of your top priorities when it comes to buying your bidet is ensuring the size is suitable for your toilet at home. As we were doing our research, we came across numerous people leaving reviews explaining that the bidet did not fit their toilet, so save yourself the bother and double check first.

To have a low maintenance, easy-to-use bidet, you can find products with power save modes, self cleaning nozzles, soft-close lids and quick, simple installations. Choose what you think would make your life easier and would make the biggest difference in your daily life.

When it comes to the design for a bidet, it should be inspired and revolve around hygiene, which involves the wash it can deliver to different areas, an effective intensity, fresh, clean water and a spotless, odor-free toilet bowl.

Performance and Ease of Use

For your own comfort, it’s good to have as much control over the settings as possible, with many devices letting you adjust the temperature for the seat and water, as well as the intensity and area the water is sprayed.

The control panel can vary from being built into the side for easy reach or a remote control to sit with, to store safely when not in use. There are also controls that light up for easy-to-read buttons, or touch pad for quick control.

Get the Best Bidet Toilet Seat of 2023!

That’s all of them! We hope this has helped you get in the know about bidets and given you the knowledge to choose a great bidet to have in your home.

Our Top Choice
Brondell Swash 1000 Bidet Seat
Best Value
Novita Slimline Bidet Toilet Seat
Toto Washlet® S300e Toilet Seat with ewater+
BioBidet Ultimate Luxury Bidet Seat
SmartBidet Electric Bidet Seat