Best Bike Basket Reviews 2022

Are you looking for a bike basket to use on your bike when you go for cruises or shopping? The many bike baskets on the market can make it difficult to find a suitable one, especially if you’re a first-time shopper. We’ve researched the some of the best bike basket brands on the market, showcasing a model from each, to help you find the one for you.
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Our Top Choice
Sunlite Standard Lift-Off Bicycle Basket
Sunlite is a leading manufacturer of bike spare parts and accessories for functional, fun and attractive bicycle designs.
Easily attachable and detachable. Meshed bottom and powder-coated for durability. Lightweight. Has carriage handles.
Can be wobbly. Inadequate locking mechanism. No assembly instructions.
Front bike basket
10 x 12 x 15 inches; 4 pounds
40 pounds
Steel and mesh
Handle bar; adult, unisex bikes
Best Value
Wald Giant Delivery Bicycle Basket
Wald is a family owned business endowed with vast experience in production of high quality bike baskets and accessories.
Steady, durable & robust. Doesn’t wobble when cycling. Spacious & favorable for commercial use. Reinforced for extra strength.
Assembly is a little complex.
Bolt-on front bike basket
21 x 15 x 9 inches; 7.8 pounds
110 pounds
Axle & 7/8”, 1” & 31.8mm bars
Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket for Pets
Solvit manufactures functional and easy to use active life, senior care, travel and therapeutic products to ensure each dog spends quality time with its owner.
Breathable and cushioned for comfort. Durable and weather-resistant. Has a sunshade for pet protection from the sun. Washable.
Can be bouncy if not well fastened. More expensive than other baskets.
Front bike basket
15 x 11 x 9.5 inches; 4 pounds
13 pounds
Synthetic Rattan
Handlebar, fits all adult bikes
Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Lightship Classic Bicycle Basket
Nantucket is an innovative company creating hand crafted and stylish bike baskets for your everyday use.
Stylishly handcrafted for a personal touch. Easily attaches to the handlebar. Beautiful & sturdy. Breathable & lightweight.
Not strong enough to carry heavy pets.
Front bike basket
12 x 7.5 x 9 inches; 0.95 pounds
13 pounds
Rattan cane
Handlebar; fits all adult bikes
Colorbasket Mesh Bottom Bicycle Basket
Colorbasket creates a range of colorful bike baskets for versatile, stylish and functional use indoors and outdoors.
Easy to use. Durable structure. Padded for protection. Stylish and colorful. Fits all adults bikes.
Can loosen on bumpy roads.
Lift-off front bike basket
14.5 x 10 x 10 inches; 3.1 pounds
11 pounds
Steel mesh
Handle bar mounted, fits all bars

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What is the Best Bike Basket?

Choose a sturdy and durable bike basket to accommodate the weight of what you intend to carry. Make sure its mount method and basket type is meant for your bike. Now, let’s see if one of our recommended bike baskets is what you want.
Our Top Choice
The Standard Lift-Off Bike Basket is built with a powder-coated steel construction for sturdy use. It’s available in a cool twelve colors, so that everyone get’s their perfect match. If you need a classic woven basket that easily and quickly straps onto the handle bars, consider the Sunlite Willow Woven Bike Basket. It comes in bright amazing colors to add life to your bike.

Sunlite Standard Mesh Bottom Lift-Off Bike Basket with Bracket - Available in 12 Colors

Sunlite believes having any kind of bike basket isn’t enough. The company is focused on manufacturing various bike parts and accessories to increase the functionality and appeal of bicycles. Ranging from pumps, lights and trainers to bags and car racks, you’ll find almost every bike accessory you need under this brand. Moreover, the company has mastered the art of creating affordable bike baskets that you can rely on.

The Sunlite Standard Lift-Off Bike Basket is made of steel not just for sturdy support of the items you carry in it, but also prolonged use. The basket can carry your puppies and small dogs with ease. With the powder-coating on the steel, your bike basket is protected from harsh weather elements that promote rust. The steel construction also makes it possible for the basket to hold hard or awkwardly shaped items without getting damaged.

If you need a basket you can remove when not needed and reattach when you want to use it, this is for you. It comes with a bracket that’s easy to flip up to remove the basket. The meshed bottom makes it really sturdy and able to hold even small pieces of gear, but also allows you visibility of the road when you do not have any luggage on.

The size of the basket is just right for any kind of bike – portable but able to fit your grocery shopping or carry your laptop bag or lunch pack perfectly. Here are some other Sunlite bike baskets you might like:
  • Sunlite DLX Bike Basket with Lift Off Bracket - completely meshed
  • Sunlite Wire Liftoff Front Bike Basket - completely wired, without bracket
  • Sunlite Rack Top Wire Bike Basket - rear mounted
Best Value
The Wald Giant Delivery Bike Basket is an iconic and enduring basket built for paperboys and messengers to carry large loads on delivery or industrial bikes. Looking for a bike basket that’s ideal for daily use and bolts steadily on your handle bars? Opt for the Wald Q-R Bolt-On Handle Bar Bike Basket with a smaller capacity and a different mount style.

Wald Giant Delivery Bicycle Basket Front Bike Basket - Available in 2 Colors

Wald is a family owned business that’s been in operation since the early 1900’s. The company has continued to innovate the production of bike parts and accessories as the demand in the industry changes and bikes evolve to what they are today. With Wald, you’re assured of quality products that have been perfected over the years.

The Wald Giant Delivery Bicycle Basket, as the name rightly suggests, is a huge basket. This makes it favorable for carrying a lot of weight. If you’re looking to carry something big, this is the basket for you. It’s made from steel and given a powder coated finish. This makes the basket robust and durable. It can be put through rough use and harsh weather conditions without impairing its use.

The biggest worry for most people with such a huge basket is that it might make cycling almost impossible because it covers so much space on the bike. It comes with double mounting points, allowing you to mount it on the handlebar and on the wheel axle. This makes it really steady when you’re cycling. The mounting on the handle bars is set in such a way that it leaves enough space for you to use the handles and the brakes.

With the reinforced bands, your recommended weight is well-supported. The basket is wired for proper ventilation by enabling aeration. Use the basket to carry your groceries or take your puppies or dog out for a ride. If you are looking to offer delivery services for your business, this is the bike basket for you because it has the capacity to carry a considerable amount of goods at once.

Here are some other Wald bike baskets you might be interested in:
  • Wald 520 Twin Rear Carrier Bike Basket - rear mounted, on both sides
  • Wald Rear Folding Basket - rear mounted, foldable
  • Wald 33 WR Woven Reed Basket - made of woven reeds
The Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bike Basket is constructed from premium synthetic rattan to ensure your pet enjoys comfortable and luxury cruises around town. Do you want a pet bike basket that offers more storage for your pet and anything else you might need on your cruise? Consider the Solvit Tagalong Bike Basket that offers multiple storage pockets and is made from breathable fabric.

Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bike Basket with Weather Resistant Finish - Available in 2 Colors

Solvit is focused on manufacturing products that ensure dog owners spend quality time with their pets, be it at home or on bike cruises. The kind of support and mobility offered by the company is like no other, aimed at ensuring your dog isn’t left behind whenever you’re on the move. With a highly selective development process, the company manufactures pet products that truly address the day-to-day challenges faced by pet owners.

The Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bike Basket is made from synthetic rattan material. There’s no need to worry about the basket getting soiled because the inner lining is made from soft sheep skin that’s easy to hand wash. The material is also durable, cozy, warm and weather-resistant to withstand different weather conditions. Your pet will get protection whether there’s blazing sunshine or a downpour. As you cruise through town or your neighborhood, your pet can enjoy cool and comfortable rides as the basket is highly breathable.

Taking your dog out is only going to be fun if the ride is comfortable to and fro, and the Solvit bike basket has got you covered. The basket comes with a sunshade to keep your pet protected from direct sunlight. The shade can be laid down when not in use, and you don’t have to be a pro DIY-er with this basket as it’s easy to install on your bike using brackets.

Easily get it on your bike and off in just a matter of seconds. Even after installing the basket, it leaves enough space on the handlebars to ensure there’s no interference with the brake cables or shifters. The in-built leash keeps your pet in place, ensuring their safety as you cruise. The sunshade can be replaced with a wire cage to confine your pet.
The Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Lightship Classic Bike Basket is finely woven from the natural outer skin of rattan vine to replicate the 1800s lightship baskets. If you prefer a rear mount bike basket you can bring with you for picnics, farmers market shopping, etc., opt for the Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Cisco Rear Pannier Bike Basket that’s spacious and attaches easily on your bike.

Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Lightship Classic Adult Bike Basket - Handcrafted from Indonesian Rattan Cane

The Nantucket Bike Basket Company manufactures beautiful handcrafted bike baskets and those for use at home for organization purposes. The company prides in providing quality, impressive workmanship on every basket, whether you use it on your bike or in the house. With baskets ranging from pet carriers to surfside and the cruisers range of baskets, among others, the company has you covered for whatever kind of basket you want.

If you need a functional basket that makes a fashion statement, the Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Lightship Classic Bike Basket is just perfect. It’s hand-woven based on the best quality workmanship using premium Indonesian rattan cane that’s popular for its durability and robust natural fiber. With the combination of exceptional design and beautiful colors, this basket is highly appealing and can be used indoors to organize your kitchen or bathroom.

Attaching this basket to your bike is hassle-free. It comes with two durable leather straps you can use to attach the basket to the handle bars and off you go. The bag stays steady as you cycle and does not get in the way when you want to use the brakes. Furthermore, the natural fibers used in the construction of the basket make it lightweight. Even if you forget the basket on your bike, you won’t tire cycling with it around. The design of the basket allows it to be breathable, keeping your pet or groceries aerated and cool.

Here are some other Nantucket bike baskets that you might like:
  • Nantucket Tuckernuck Child Classic Bike Basket - for your child
  • Nantucket Madaket Creel Basket - with cover
  • Nantucket Cruiser Tremont Rear Cargo Basket - rear mount
The Colorbasket Mesh Bottom Bike Basket is constructed from powder-coated steel with a padded bracket and five color choices to accessorize your bike in style. Looking for a bike basket built with a classic natural look that offers optimal functionality? Opt for the Colorbasket Adult Front Handlebar Wicker Bike Basket for an appealing and more functional bike as you cruise to your destination.

Colorbasket Mesh Bottom Lift Off Bike Basket with Padded Brackets - Available in 5 Colors

Although bike baskets have been around for centuries, Colorbasket has taken the art a notch higher. The company has mastered the craft of creating stylish, colorful and functional baskets for varied applications. It uses premium materials to make baskets that can withstand the weight of their contents without caving in. It’s been in the industry long enough to understand the needs of consumers and deliver baskets that meet all requirements.

The Colorbasket Mesh Bottom Bike Basket is built in a lift-off design that you can easily place on and off your bike’s handlebar. Since attaching a basket to your handlebar can leave scratches and dents on your bike, the basket has padded brackets for protection. The padding ensures your bike won’t scratch, no matter how often you use the basket. The lift-off design also makes it easy to use the basket since you don’t need any special installation skills.

The basket comes with a meshed bottom so it can hold even small items. The open style makes the basket well aerated, keeping its contents cool. It’s also sturdy enough to carry your pet if going on short bike cruises. Constructed from powder-coated steel, the basket isn’t just durable and sturdy, but also weather-proof. The colorful nature of this basket is bound to make your bike look lovely with a personal touch of a color of your liking.

You can also keep your food and snacks in the basket because the paint used in coloring it is food-safe, meaning what you consume can’t get contaminated. Measuring 14.5 x 10 x 10 inches and weighing 3.1 pounds, the bike basket has a maximum carrying capacity of eleven pounds.

Here are a few other Colorbasket bike baskets to consider:
  • Colorbasket Adults Front Handlebar Bike Basket - hand woven, synthetic
  • Colorbasket Kids Front Handlebar Wicker Bike Basket - wicker woven, for kids
  • Colorbasket Adults Front Handlebar Wicker Basket - with a quick release lid

How Do I Choose the Best Bike Basket?

Bike baskets are similar to a bike trailer because they are an addition to increase a bike’s functionality by allowing you to carry things around easily (but of course they are much smaller). However, their design is different, because they are a simple attachment on the bike and don't feature any wheels. A bike basket makes it possible to ride with your pet, giving you the opportunity to spend time with your dog and bond. Bike baskets are also available in sizes that fit kids’ bikes, making them handy for your kids when they need to carry their items such as backpacks, lunchboxes, etc., increasing their safety as they ride.

If you cycle to keep fit, you know there are those must-have items you want whenever you go for rides such as a water bottle, face towel and other items that make your workout more comfortable. With the right bike basket, you can easily bring these items along on your rides. If you run a delivery business, you know the importance of always being there on time. With a bike equipped with a large bike basket, your business will always deliver orders on time because you’re not limited by traffic.

With the increasing carbon dioxide emissions from cars and the time spent in traffic, bikes are the ideal means of transport for running errands such as shopping for groceries. Bikes allow you to carry items safely from the market and save the environment while you’re at it. If you want to improve your health and reduce back problems, especially if you’re always carrying considerably loads, having the best bike basket is ideal in addition to having a bike.

This is especially true about students who need to carry heavy books or working people who carry laptops and other heavy things all the time. A basket will take the load off your back. Bike baskets are an imperative addition to anyone who rides a bike – adult or child. What’s more, some bike baskets are stylish and attractive to find use indoors as organization baskets when not in use.

We hope that this guide can help you make an informed buying decision on the best bike basket for you.
The price you pay for a bike basket depends largely on its quality and size. The quality of a bike basket depends on the material used in its construction. It also depends on the workmanship that has been put in the construction of the bike basket. Cheap bike baskets could be tempting but they might not be as durable and functional as they should be.

It’s also important to choose a good bike basket that best suits your needs and meets your budget. Make sure you look at the features before considering the price. Whichever type of bike basket you want, expect to spend anything between $20 and $100 for a premium bike basket.
While looking for a bike basket, you should consider one that really serves the purpose you want it for. It should be able to carry your things around without getting undesirably damaged. It should also be able to stay on the bike on your rides otherwise it won’t be very helpful. Also, ensure it’s built for your intended use; for instance, a pet bike basket must be sturdy enough to accommodate your dog’s weight.

Here are the features to look out for in your bike basket:
  • Mounting capabilities through straps, bolts or brackets
  • Handles to carry the basket when it’s not mounted
  • Material used to make the basket such as rattan vine
  • A suitable size to fit your contents
  • Weather-proof properties such as sun shades
  • Easy to clean material
  • A durable bike basket that lasts
With the right bike basket, you won’t just carry your items to your intended destination, you can also use it indoors when not in use.
Construction and Design
Bike baskets are different especially when it comes to the design and general construction. As you embark on this important purchase, keep the following points in mind and you will not regret it!
  • Type – There are basically two types of bike baskets, depending on the position where they mount on the bike. A bike basket can either be front mounted on the handle bar or rear mounted on the back of the bike. The front mounted types are favorable for carrying small items that are neither tall nor heavy. This ensures the items don’t block the path of sight as you cycle. The front mounted types also come in easy to attach designs that you can just grab and set off without any prior preparation. Front mounts are the design we’ve focused on with our product recommendations.
  • Size – The size of the bike basket is important because it determines how much the basket carries. You need to have a basket that’s not awkwardly big and could make the bike unstable, especially if it extends out to the sides of the bike. The basket should also be of a light enough weight to not tire you when cycling without any loads in it. The size of the front mounted baskets should not interfere with your sight as you cycle, but allow you a good line of sight for safe cycling.
  • Capacity – The capacity of a bike basket refers to how much content it can hold without getting damaged. For instance, steel-made baskets can hold more load than a wicker basket would. You need to consider what you will be using the basket for to determine the capacity you need.
  • Material – Are you looking for durability, or want to add a touch of class and style on your bike? Or do you need both? The material determines the durability of your basket and the kind of statement you want it to make. For instance, a hand-woven colorful wicker basket gives your bike a cute adorable look while a steel basket can give it a rugged yet attractive look.
  • Mount – Buy a bike basket that’s easy to mount and disengage as needed. You also need to consider the size of the mount that can fit your handlebars. Most straps and brackets fit almost all sizes of handlebars, but if the mount is bolted, you might need to check on the size of your handle bar so that the basket fits.
Performance and Ease of Use
You don’t want to get a bike basket that requires you to tear apart most parts of your bike to use it, as you might not have the tools or put it back as it was before. A good bike basket should be easy to mount on the bike and remove without having to use tools or follow many instructions. With a simple guide, you should be able to mount your choice of bike basket whenever you need to use it.

The maintenance of the basket should be easy, especially those ones not made of steel. Consider a basket that’s easy to keep clean. Make sure your basket is made from a strong and durable material for sturdy use. Make sure it’s attractive and decorative to use indoors when not going for rides or using it. Finally, a good basket should allow you easy reach of the items when you need them, especially when riding.

Get the Best Bike Basket of 2022!

Whether you want to take your pet on cruises, love cycling or want a basket that can hold your grocery shopping, there’s a suitable bike basket out there for you. We hope this review was helpful and you found your ideal bike basket. If not, check out our other basket reviews.

Our Top Choice
Sunlite Standard Lift-Off Bicycle Basket
Best Value
Wald Giant Delivery Bicycle Basket
Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket for Pets
Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Lightship Classic Bicycle Basket
Colorbasket Mesh Bottom Bicycle Basket