Best Bike Cargo Trailer Reviews 2023

Nothing is more thrilling than feeling the wind blow past your ears as you cycle around your neighborhood or on the boardwalk. At times you may need to cycle to a destination and carry some supplies (or even your kids) with you. That’s where a bike cargo trailer comes in. Here you will find five great products from some of the best bike trailer brands in the industry that are sure to blow your mind.
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Our Top Choice
Sepnine Aluminum Frame Baby Bike Trailer
Located in Oakland, California, Sepnine is a relatively new company that is professional and passionate about their products.
Large storage space where you can store toys and snacks. Padded seats for comfort. Easily converts into a jogger and stroller.
Some users would prefer a front wheel for jogging.
Triple wheeled
88 lbs
12.6 x 26.4 x 41.7 inches
26 lbs
Best Value
Rage Powersports Pull Behind Bicycle Trailer
Rage Powersports was started to offer loading, hauling and transportation products that are functional and durable.
Comes with a cover that shields your cargo from rain. Folds into a compact size for storage.
Universal hitch needs improvement to accommodate a wider range of bicycles.
Double wheeled
130 lbs
29 x 34.5 x 22.9 inches
39.5 lbs
Burley Design Travoy Bike Trailer
Burley Design has risen to great heights as it seeks to provide the world with safe recreational transport gear.
. Folds down to a briefcase size for easy storage. Has tie-down straps to secure your luggage.
Fenders would be a useful addition.
Double wheeled
60 lbs
16.1 x 22.8 x 55.1 inches
13.4 lbs
M-Wave Fold Luggage Bike Trailer
M-Wave has a presence in over 70 countries, and is able to offer technical solutions to your biking needs.
Its hitch releases quickly to detach from your bicycle. It also has removable tires, allowing you to store it without taking up too much space.
The release axle may begin to bend after some years of use.
Double wheeled
88 lbs
8 x 28 x 30 inches
27.8 lbs
Aosom Double Wheel Enclosed Bike Cargo Trailer
The team at Aosom works hard every day to provide consumers with cool products at friendly prices, with the aim of making life better.
The cargo compartment is removable for handy storage and better luggage organization. Comes with a removable waterproof PVC cloth to protect your cargo.
Some users have complained that its assembly instructions are vague.
Double wheeled
88.2 lbs
58 x 21.8 x 31.2 inches
22.05 lbs

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What is the Best Bike Cargo Trailer?

You know that the best cargo trailer should have a large capacity that comfortably accommodates your load. Here are some more tips and features to keep an eye on as you shop for the ideal trailer.
Our Top Choice
The Sepnine Aluminum Frame Baby Bike Trailer is a luxurious product made of 100% polyester and a durable aluminum frame. Do you prefer a laid-back luggage trailer that attaches and detaches? Then you will love the Sepnine Bike Commuter Cargo Trailer.

Sepnine Luxurious Baby/Toddler Aluminum Frame Bicycle Trailer with Extra Storage Space

Sepnine is keen on giving you innovative products that bring joy to your biking, especially with your kids tagging along. Its bicycle trailers are easy to set up, and simple to tow and maintain. Sepnine, though young in the trailer market, has managed to win many customers with the quality of its craftsmanship and top-notch products. Its one-of-a-kind precision machine ensures that you get quality products that give you value for money.

The Sepnine Aluminium Frame Bike Trailer easily converts into a stroller or jogger without tools, meaning that you are getting three services in one product. Its 12-inch front wheel and 20-inch swivel back wheel make movement and maneuverability easy even on rough terrain.

Here are some features that come with this luxurious bike cargo trailer:
  • Large capacity of up to 40 kilograms
  • Frame made of lightweight, durable aluminum
  • Five-point harness
  • Reflectors and a safety flag
  • Two mesh pockets on the inside for storage
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Removable cover to protect your cargo from rain and dust
  • Ideal for outdoor use, and moves easily even in rough terrain
  • Padded seats for more comfort
  • Foldable to make storage easy
  • Foldable handlebars let you adjust it to various heights
This luxurious bike cargo trailer is available in four beautiful colors: Red/Black, Green/Black, Orange/Black and Blue/Black.
Best Value
The Rage Powersports Pull Behind Bicycle Trailer comes with a large capacity of 130 pounds for easy transportation of heavy goods, and side impact bars for increased protection of your cargo. Do you prefer a bike trailer with a single wheel that streamlines movement? Single Wheel Pull-Behind Bicycle Cargo Trailer is a great choice!

Rage Powersports Pull Behind Bicycle Cargo Trailer - Includes Removable Rain Cover and Safety Flag

For over two decades, Rage Powersports has provided the hauling, loading and transportation industry with high-quality, innovative products. Along with trailers, the company also stocks marine products, lawn and garden items, hunting gear, and various cargo management products. Its dependable products are loved by customersall over the world over, since they are confident that the products will comfortably achieve the intended use.

The Rage Powersports Pull Behind Bicycle Trailer has a high carrying capacity that allows you to transport cargo weighing up to 130 pounds. The side bars shield your cargo against impact, which is a common occurrence when moving around.

Some of the features of this trailer include:
  • Universal mount is compatible with most bicycles
  • Solid steel construction with shiny black finish
  • Rain cover that shields your cargo during transportation
  • Folds down easily to allow for storage
  • Quick release axle for easy detachment
  • Reflectors and a safety flag
  • Easy setup that doesn’t require any tools
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
The Burley Design Travoy Bike Trailer conveniently hauls your cargo with an innovative hitch that attaches and detaches easily at the flip of a switch. Are you looking for a bike trailer that can carry a little more weight? Try the Burley Nomad Cargo Trailer, with a capacity of 100 pounds.

Burley Design Travoy Bike Cargo Trailer – Available in Silver or Yellow

Burley Design started when its founder, Alan Scholz, built his first trailer. From its multi-functional child carriers to its balance bikes and jogging strollers, the Burley brand has sustained its unmatched quality since 1978. Its transportation gear comes with high standards of safety, and Burley’s designs are loved for their durability.

The Burley Design Travoy Bike Trailer is a well-built product with a mount that fits on your seat post and detaches from your bike at the flip of a switch. It easily collapses into a compact briefcase size that allows you to store it without eating up too much space.

Here are some great features that come with this bike trailer:
  • Carries up to 60 pounds of load
  • Tote bag to carry your cargo
  • Rides at a 45-degree angle, which makes hauling easy
  • Tie-down straps to secure your load
  • Two 12-inch push button wheels
  • Flex connector for better stability than standard backpacks
  • Converts into a rolling cart
You can choose between silver Travoy or a yellow one.
The M-Wave Fold Luggage Bike Trailer is made of steel that can last a lifetime, and has foldable sides for easy storage. Looking for a trailer with a capacity larger than 40 pounds? Then you will love the M-Wave Pet N' Go Bicycle Trailer.

M-Wave Fold Luggage Bicycle Trailer - Cargo Trailer with Quick Release Wheels

M-Wave makes affordable products that save you space and are rapidly made available to you once ordered. Its high-quality German-engineered designs are favorites among most cyclists across the globe. Some of its cycling products include full finger gel gloves, wheel truing stands, and air bullet floor pumps.

The M-Wave Fold Luggage Bike Trailer is sturdily built, with a hard plastic board for you to load your luggage. Its steel construction is made to last for an extended length of time. The spaces on the sides of the trailer allow you to haul items that may be longer than the cart.

Here are some features to expect once you purchase this solid trailer:
  • Allows a maximum weight of 40 pounds
  • Hitch that releases from your bike quickly
  • Removable wheels for easy storage
  • Foldable sides
  • Attachment arm is foldable to ease storage
The Aosom Double Wheel Enclosed Bike Cargo Trailer comes with two wheels for stability and twice the power as you haul your cargo. Do you prefer a different design of bike trailer? Get the Aosom Elite Bike Cargo \/ Luggage Trailer. It comes with a solid metal bottom and a yellow/black finish.

Aosom Internal Frame Enclosed Bicycle Trailer with Waterproof Cover - Features Convenient Handle for Hand Pushing/Pulling

Aosom seeks to provide goods that make everyday living more comfortable. Aosom has a wide range of products in various categories, such as health and beauty, pets, sports and even outdoor products. Its design team is always working to come up with new products that are of unmatched quality.

The Aosom Double Wheel Enclosed Bike Cargo Trailer comes with two wheels. This not only gives the bike great stability, but also more power to move around, so it won’t be too much work hauling a heavy load.

Below are great features that accompany this bike cargo trailer:
  • Removable cargo compartment for easy storage
  • Durable steel frame
  • Waterproof PVC cloth to protect your cargo
  • Versatile coupler that attaches easily
  • Yellow, red and white reflectors for more safety
  • Can be used as a cart on its own

How Do I Choose the Best Bike Cargo Trailer?

You exclaim in disbelief as you stare at the weight reading on your digital scale. You decide to embark on a weight loss journey that incorporates cycling around your neighborhood in that fancy bike cruiser that your spouse bought for you as a gift. Wouldn’t it be fun, and good exercise as well, if you could ride it to the grocery shop? To do so, you will need a bike cargo trailer to carry your grocery bags back home.

Bike cargo trailers are ideal for hauling goods around when you are out cycling. Some luxurious designs also allow you to carry your children in the trailer, for them to enjoy the outdoors. As you shop around for the best bike cargo trailer, you need to consider the amount of load you intend to carry. If the load is heavy, get a bike trailer with a larger capacity.

Another important consideration is the terrain on which you intend to ride. For off-road cycling, you may want a trailer with suspension. Consider the type and number of wheels that the trailer has, since this will affect its movement.

The next time you need to shop, ditch your car, put on your bike helmet and cycle to the grocery store with a bike cargo trailer to help you carry the grocery bags!

Here are some of the factors to consider when shopping for a bike trailer:
Purchasing a bike cargo trailer doesn’t have to severely dent your pocket. For between $100 and $280, you can secure a quality bike cargo trailer that will serve your transportation needs. The price varies depending on the capacity of the trailer, which determines the amount of weight you can load on it. You may have to pay extra for a trailer with a larger capacity, since it allows you to carry more weight.

Even when shopping on a tight budget, steer away from buying cheap bike cargo trailers. The majority of them are shoddily constructed, and lack safety features such as reflectors, which may result in someone hitting you from behind.
The market is full of bike trailers of different designs, and it can be difficult to identify one that meets your hauling needs.

Here are some vital features to look for:
  • Type - Most bike trailers are single wheeled or double wheeled. Single wheeled trailers are loved for their maneuverability, while the double wheeled ones are more stable.
  • Material - What is the frame made of? Is it made of heavy-duty steel or lightweight aluminum?
  • Capacity - How much weight can the trailer handle? Most bike trailers accommodate a weight of between 40 pounds and 100 pounds.
  • Weight - The weight of the trailer matters, because a trailer that is too heavy may be frustrating and a nuisance to move around with.
  • Safety Features - Two common safety features are colored reflectors and safety flags.
Construction and Design
Bike cargo trailers are available in two main designs: single wheeled trailers and double wheeled trailers. The single wheeled trailers maneuver easily even through narrow passages. Their double wheeled counterparts are said to be more stable, especially when loaded, since the weight is evenly distributed.

Some trailers have frames that are made of heavy-duty steel that gives them sturdy, durable construction. Another common material used to construct frames is aluminum, which is loved for being lightweight. Some designs incorporate suspension in their trailers, which allows you to ride smoothly even when hauling a heavy load.

Mounting a trailer on your seat post is paramount. Most designs come with a universal hitch to attach the cargo trailer to your bike. A quick-release feature is also common in trailers, so you can easily detach it after your ride. Some trailers have tie-down straps to hold your luggage securely in place.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bike cargo trailers are easy to use, since you just need to mount them on your seat post, load your luggage and be on your way. Most come with a manual to guide you through assembling the trailer, and the instructions are easy to follow. To clean a trailer, use a cloth to wipe the frames and the luggage platform.

Most designs allow the trailer to be folded into a compact size for easy storage to save you space. Others come with a waterproof protective cloth that keeps away rain and dust after storing your trailer. The waterproof cover is also useful in keeping out dust and other harmful substances as you cycle.

Get the Best Bike Cargo Trailer of 2023!

Hopefully, you have gained valuable information that will come in handy as you go out to shop for the best bike cargo trailer. We hope that you have spotted a trailer here that will meet your hauling needs. Not the case? The brands featured here have a lot more bike cargo trailers for you to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Sepnine Aluminum Frame Baby Bike Trailer
Best Value
Rage Powersports Pull Behind Bicycle Trailer
Burley Design Travoy Bike Trailer
M-Wave Fold Luggage Bike Trailer
Aosom Double Wheel Enclosed Bike Cargo Trailer