Best Bike Computer Reviews 2023

When it comes to choosing the best cyclometer, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many options available on the market. To make your search hassle-free, we have done thorough research on the best bike computer brands on the market and settled on five top manufacturers. We went further to handpick five bike computers from these trusted brands, and we think our picks will catch your attention.
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Our Top Choice
Polar M450 GPS Bicycle Computer
The Polar brand is arguably a seasoned leader in delivering technologically advanced heart rate monitors with both sports and healthcare applications.
This bike computer comes in a durable plastic construction. Its data fields are easy to customize.
It does not support smart notifications or ANT+ technology.
0-247.9 mph
Rechargeable Battery
4.5" x 3.6" x 2.9"; 0.11 lbs.
Best Value
CatEye Velo 9 Bicycle Computer
The CatEye Co. Ltd. was established in 1954, and it has been a pivotal partner to many cyclists around the world by providing advanced cycling accessories ever since.
This bike meter comes in a sturdy durable plastic construction. It is easy to set-up and operate.
This bicycle computer does not support wireless technology.
0-124.9 mph
Lithium Battery - CR2032X1
2.2” x 1.5” x 0.7”; 0.06 lbs.
Water Resistant
Garmin Edge® 500 Bicycle Computer
Garmin Ltd. has distinguished itself as a manufacturer of cutting edge electronic devices for use in the aviation, sports and automotive industries.
This plastic-built bike computer is elegantly designed for a classy look. It offers professional grade performance.
This bike meter is not Bluetooth enabled. New users may find its user interface unfriendly.
0-247.9 mph
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
2.7" x 1.9" x 0.9"; 0.125 lbs.
Water Resistant
Planet Bike Protegé 9.0 Bike Computer
Planet Bike was established in 1996 with the main goal of manufacturing innovative and highly functional bicycle accessories.
This cyclometer is made from weather resistant plastics and is highly durable. It is easy to install and operate.
This bike meter is not GPS enabled. Its display is not backlit.
0 – 99.9 mph
Lithium Battery – CR2032
5.91” x 3.94” x 1.97”; 0.19 lbs.
Sigma Sport BC 5.12 Bike Computer
For past three decades, Sigma Sport has embraced innovative technology to create highly functional products for the sports industry.
This cyclometer comes in an elegant and durable plastic construction. It is easy to program and install.
This bike meter is not back-lit.
0 – 124.1 mph
Lithium Battery - CR 2032
4.5” x 2.8” x 1.5”; 0.2 lbs.

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What is the Best Bike Computer?

Since you now know the factors to consider when choosing a bike cyclometer, let us examine the qualities of the featured bike computers in this review. Each of these bike meters has salient features that make it unique in terms of performance. See how these features meet your unique needs, and use the information to pick a device that suits you.
Our Top Choice
The Polar M450 GPS Bicycle Computer measures 4.5 x 3.6 x 2.9 inches and weighs 0.11 lbs. It features a 1.38” x 1.38” display screen. If you are on a tight budget and are just looking for an option to track speed and distance, we highly recommend the Polar G5 GPS Sensor Set. It gives exact GPS location and costs only $59.80.

Polar M450 GPS Bike Computer – Available with or without Heart Rate Monitor

Since 1977, the Polar brand has been supporting the sports industry with innovative electronics that help improve the performance of athletes. This has been realized through the strong collaboration and determination of the firm’s highly trained professionals. Today, the company boasts of more than 1000 employees globally and operates in more than 80 countries.

The Polar M450 GPS Bike Computer is specially built to monitor your speed, distance and cycling route. It also comes with a heart rate monitor for an in-depth personal performance tracking. This bike meter costs $149.99 and has an LED safety light at the front.

Moreover, the features below make this bike computer a true asset to bikers:
  • Has a changeable cover that allows you to choose an option that matches with your bike
  • Helps you test and track aerobic fitness while at rest
  • Comes with the capability to determine your orthostatic condition
  • Provides you with your training load data to help you improve your performance
  • Has an in-built, high precision barometer
  • GPS enabled for fast and timely tracking of your cycling data
  • Comes with 64 MB of memory with a recording time of 35 hours
  • Its 385mAh battery is rechargeable
  • Supports 15 languages
Get yourself any of the quality fitness products by Polar as you shop for a bike computer.
Best Value
The CatEye Velo 9 Bicycle Computer measure 2.2 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches and weighs 0.06 lbs. It comes with a single button for all operations. If you are looking for a wireless option, get the CatEye CC-RD300W Strada Bicycle Computer. It comes in an elegant, lightweight construction and is available in three color variations.

CatEye CC-VL820 Velo 9 Cycling Computer – Entry Level Bike Computer Available in White or Black

Besides bike computers, the CatEye brand is famous for manufacturing highly functional bike lights and reflectors. For instance, in 2001 the company achieved a major milestone by introducing the white LED bicycle headlights to the market. This was achieved by sheer determination of the ever innovative and ambitious workforce of the company.

The CatEye 1603300-P Bike Computer features nine functions which include time, speed and distance tracking. This bike meter retails at $30.00 and is highly effective for monitoring basic cycling data.

Below are other features that make consumers choose this bike computer:
  • It is cost efficient
  • Its lithium battery can last up to 3 years
  • Its display unit uses liquid crystal technology
  • Comes with an auto start/stop feature
  • Available in white and black shades
  • Has a built-in auto power saving mechanism
  • Comes with a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
Feel free to pimp up your bike with top-notch accessories from CatEye.
The Garmin Edge 500 Bicycle Computer is specially built for professional cyclists. It measures 1.9 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches and weighs 0.125 lbs. Looking for a cheaper, GPS-enabled bike computer? Get the Garmin Edge 200. Its sleek design comes with an auto time zone adjusting feature and can store up to 130 hours of cycling data.

Garmin Edge 500 Bike Computer with Cadence and Premium Heart Rate Monitor – Choice of Red, Black or Blue

Garmin Ltd. is renowned for manufacturing products such as GPS navigators for cars, autopilot devices and action cameras for capturing sporting activities. The firm has been consistent in maintaining high-quality standards in manufacturing and has consequently won the hearts of many consumers.

The Garmin Edge 500 Bicycle Computer uses ANT+ wireless technology to connect with sensors mounted on the bike. It retails at $249.99 and helps you track all the data you need for professional cycling.

Moreover, these features make this product a great catch for aspiring cycling experts:
  • Comes with a built-in barometric altimeter for accurate data tracking in mountainous terrain
  • Designed to support zone training
  • Its battery offers up to 18 hours of uninterrupted operation
  • Allows USB data transfer to both Windows and Mac computers
  • Its 50 MB memory can store 180 hours of cycling data
  • It can be used as a data storage device
  • It operates in temperatures between 5F – 140F degrees
  • Comes with a 1.2 by 1.4 inches display
  • Available in four shades
Feel free to get yourself a Garmin weight scale as you shop for a bicycle computer.
The Planet Bike CU0003 Bike Computer is designed to display five data variables at once. It measures 5.91 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches and weighs 0.19 lbs. If you want a wired bike meter, we highly recommend the Planet Bike Protege 8.0. It comes with a 32.28 inches long mounting wire.

Planet Bike Protege 9.0 9-Function Bike Computer with 4-Line Display and Temperature – Available in Black or White

The business operating model of Planet Bike allows the company to give 25% of its proceeds to the bicycle advocacy cause. Motivated by its motto, “Better Bicycle Products for a Better World”, the firm has successfully created incredibly innovative bike accessories such as pumps, CO2 inflators, gloves and locks.

The Planet Bike CU0003 Bike Computer features nine functions including speed, temperature and ride time. This product is reliable and sells at $54.99.

In addition, the features below make this product an excellent choice for many cyclists:
  • Its wireless transmission is limited to 21 inches
  • It features a manual start and stop mechanism
  • Comes two odometers, clock and a thermometer
  • Built to function well with 0.98 – 1.25 inch handlebars
  • Has a LCD 4-line display unit
  • Available in two colors – white and black
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
As you shop for a cyclometer, get yourself quality bike accessories by Planet Bike for a blissful cycling experience.
The Sigma Sport BC 5.12 Bike Computer measures 4.5 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches and weighs 0.2 lbs. It features five functions including speed, distance and ride time. Are you looking for a more advanced cyclometer with more functions? Get the Sigma Sport ROX 6.0. It is GPS enabled and has a log capacity of 19 hours.

Sigma Sport BC5.12 Wired Bicycle Computer - 5 Function Odomoter and Speedometer

Sigma Sports believes in leading the way in introducing intelligent products to the world of sports. The company is also committed to manufacturing quality products such as sport watches, lighting devices and motorcycle computers.

The Sigma Sport 05120 Bike Computer comes with a single button for all functions. Although it is simple to operate, this cyclometer is built to offer you more than basic functions. It retails at $18.62 and supports seven languages.

Here are the features that make many cyclists invest in this bike meter:
  • It is cost efficient
  • Has an auto-scroll feature
  • Comes with a docking station
  • Supports USB data transfer
  • Uses an auto-start/stop mechanism
  • Comes with a detailed and easy-to-follow manual
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
Thinking of getting new lights for your bike? Sigma Sport has great front and rear lighting systems for bicycles.

How Do I Choose the Best Bike Computer?

Since the first competitive biking race on 31st May 1868 in Paris, lots of improvements have been installed on bicycles and many new cycling accessories have been developed. Cycling has also grown to become a lucrative venture with the renowned Grand Tours topping annual worldwide biking events. These tours have produced big names in the cycling world such as Chris Froome, Eddy Merckx, and Vincenzo Nibali. But cycling is not for professional athletes only. People cycle for fun, to keep fit, and as a means of transport.

Whatever your reason for cycling may be, it’s important to make sure you have the right accessories that ensure efficiency and safety. For example, getting quality bike shoes makes cycling a less cumbersome affair while a bike helmet protects your head against serious injuries that may occur during accidental falls or collisions while biking. You can also consider investing in the right bicycle such as a mountain bike or road bicycle depending on your needs. However, if you wish to track your cycling data, it’s advisable to invest in a quality bike computer.

Bike computers come in either wired or wireless designs. They are great for tracking a biker’s cycling distance against time. Advanced models help to make your fitness training a breeze. Therefore, if you want to prepare for competitive biking or just cycling to keep fit, you’re sure to find bike computers very useful in managing and tracking your training progress.
The cost of a bike computer will depend on its type and design features. For example, a wired bicycle computer that measures cycling speed, distance, and trip time can cost about $20. On the other hand, the price of an advanced wireless bike computer with customizable training course and up to 180 hours of recording time is in the range of about $300. Therefore, the more advanced the device is, the more money you spend on it.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t cheap bike computers on the market. The only challenge with such devices is that they are likely to be made of cheap materials that fail within a short time of use. Fortunately, we haven’t featured such products in our review; therefore, you don’t have to worry.
As you shop for a computer to track your cycling data, your focus should be on functions that help you meet your specific needs. This calls for a serious scrutiny of the features of the devices available on the market.

Here are the important features to look for in a bike computer:
  • Type – Is it wired or wireless
  • Range – Its speed range
  • Power – Its power source
  • Size – Dimensions and weight of the device
  • Extras – Additional features such as backlit, waterproof, etc.
These features help you to determine suitability of a device for your unique needs and budget.
Construction and Design
Wired models of computers for biking use magnetic sensors that are fixed on the bicycle’s front wheel to measure the speed and distance covered by the cyclist. The calculation is based on the circumference of the wheel and number of spokes. Their wireless counterparts use the same concept but sensors are connected to the computer using ANT+ or Bluetooth technologies. In addition to these motion sensors, high-end computers incorporate heart rate and cadence meters that enhance further analysis of a cyclist’s performance.

The designs of most biking computers incorporate a display screen through which users can see the data recorded by the device. Basic computers use scroll buttons to reveal additional data while advanced models have auto scroll functionalities or touch screens. It’s worth mentioning that some of these devices are fitted with GPS trackers and barometric altimeters for added data collection options.

Another important aspect of the design of a bike computer is how it’s powered. Some of the common powering options available on the market today include disposable cells and rechargeable batteries. The power from these batteries allows the device to run and record a biker’s data. In fact, if you remove the batteries from some bike computers, you’ll lose the recorded data and any calibrations done. It’s therefore important to ensure you have a data backup plan. This can be achieved by getting models that incorporate integration of smart technology or periodic data transfer using a USB cable.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of a cyclometer is highly dependent on its design features. For example, a compact and lightweight bike computer with a waterproof design will offer resilient performance in both wet and dry weather conditions. Also, a smart cyclometer that’s fitted with GPS tracker and high precision barometric altimeter will give an accurate track of your riding route including adulation and allow you to share it with friends.

This flexibility takes biking to another level as you can track personal data and benchmark your performance against that of other cyclists. Moreover, computers that come with rechargeable batteries save you the hassle of changing the cells and re-calibrating the devices over and over. It also helps you save on recurrent costs associated with buying disposable batteries.

Before purchasing a bike computer, you should check to make sure it has a warranty to help protect against any manufacturing issues.

Get the Best Bike Computer of 2023!

Although one’s budget is arguably a key factor when it comes to shopping, sometimes getting the best product that meets your needs comes first. We hope that after going through our review on the best bike computers, you’ve found one that tickles your fancy. Aren’t you excited to make it yours? Just follow the links provided here and purchase it now. However, if you still wish to compare other cyclometers by these trusted brands, click the links on this review page for more details.

Our Top Choice
Polar M450 GPS Bicycle Computer
Best Value
CatEye Velo 9 Bicycle Computer
Garmin Edge® 500 Bicycle Computer
Planet Bike Protegé 9.0 Bike Computer
Sigma Sport BC 5.12 Bike Computer