Best Bike Pannier Reviews 2023

Given the many options in the market, shopping for a bike pannier can be a real struggle, even for the most experienced shopper. To help you with this tedious process, we’ve searched widely for some of the best bike pannier brands in the market and settled on 5 of the top trusted manufacturers. We went further to select one exceptional bike panniers from each of these brands; we hope that you’ll find each one of them worth your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
Ortlieb Back-Roller City Panniers
Ortlieb USA is renowned for high-end out products that are specially built to exceed customer expectations.
They’re waterproof, sturdy, stylish and durable. They feature comfortable shoulder straps, inside pockets, edge protectors, QL1 mounting systems, and safety reflectors.
They don’t have side pockets.
23.6” x 13” x 5.9”; 0.22 pound
2441 cubic inches
PVC-coated polyester
2 per pannier
Best Value
Timbuk2 Tarpaulin Tandem Pannier Bag
Timbuk2 is based in San Francisco and specializes in manufacturing highly stylish and functional bags that are built to last a lifetime.
It’s waterproof, sturdy and durable. Can be used as either saddle or shoulder bag. Features a 15-inch laptop compartment.
It needs fastening when changing to a shoulder bag.
Saddle Bags
14.57” x 14.17” x 4.72”; 2.9 pounds
1831 cubic inches
Non-PVC-coated polyester
3 per pannier
IBERAUSA Clip-On Bike PakRak Panniers
IBERAUSA specializes in manufacturing quality bike equipment that give cyclists unmatched convenience and comfort when cycling over long distances.
Stylishly designed, waterproof and durable. Both panniers have ultrasonic welded seams and clip-on mounting system. Come in cool, visible orange color.
Not designed to convert to a shoulder bag.
13.8” x 12.6” x 7”; 4.6 pounds
1831 cubic inches
Tarpaulin and polyester
3 per pannier
Axiom Seymour DLX 45 Bike Pannier
Axiom stands out as a brand that upholds high safety standards in its manufacturing processes in order to produce environmentally-friendly products.
Spacious, sturdy and durable. Both panniers come with Rixen & Kaul hooks, adjustable shoulder strap and spacious side pockets.
It isn’t easy to clip together the two panniers when loaded.
23.8” x 17” x 8”; 3.15 pounds
2750 cubic inches
2 per pannier
Nashbar Front Touring Nylon Bike Panniers
Nashbar has a wealth of experience in manufacturing futuristic cycling gear that are specially built to meet consumer needs.
They’re water resistant, durable and lightweight. They feature slip lock secured top flaps, zippered side pockets and reflective logos.
They don’t have a ton of room.
11.5” x 10.5” x 4.5”; 1.3 pounds
610 cubic inches
Polyester, nylon
2 per pannier

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What is the Best Bike Pannier?

Since you now know what to look for in a bike pannier, let’s examine the qualities of the selected products in this review. We hope that you’ll relate each of the highlighted features to your personal needs as you read through. It’s also our wish that you find one of the featured bike panniers suitable for you.
Our Top Choice
The Ortlieb Back-Roller is specially built for both commuting and touring purposes. It’s spacious and its mounting system has both top and adjustable lower hooks for added stability. Are you shopping for a front roller bag? Then the Ortlieb Front Roller Classic Bag is your best bet. It’s available in two colors and has a capacity of 1526 cubic inches.

Ortlieb Back-Roller City Red Bike Panniers with Waterproof PVC-Coated Polyester Fabric

Ortlieb has distinguished itself as an undisputed leader in the manufacturing of bike panniers, racks and mounting kits for bike headlights and navigation kits. The company has managed to stay ahead of the competition because of its innovative approach in its product design. This hasn’t only helped the brand remain relevant to consumer needs but also contributed to its growth in popularity.

This pair of Ortlieb Back-Roller comes with a roll-up closure mechanism. Each bag is fitted with a reflector on either sides for added safety and visibility. Also, each of these panniers has an inner pocket that gives you additional storage for your personal effects. When it comes to quality, these panniers are at the top of the chart as they’re proudly made in Germany. They’re available in three colors for added variations to choose from.
Best Value
The waterproof Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier Bag is built as a saddlebag with magnets that can easily collapse it into a shoulder bag. Looking for a bike pannier with a side pocket? Then check out the Timbuk2 Portola Pannier. It has a capacity of 1709 cubic inches and is available in four colors to choose from.

Timbuk2 Tarpaulin Tandem Bike Pannier — Available in 2 Colors

Timbuk2 is renowned for its quality panniers that are built to last. The company also focuses on producing bags of different designs such as backpacks and shoulder bags to give customers various choices to pick from. Besides using quality materials in its manufacturing process, Timbuk2 also backs its products with a lifetime warranty. This is one factor that’s made customers trust this brand.

The Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier Bag is specially built to meet your commuter needs. It comes complete with a 15-inch inner pocket that you can use for your laptop or tablet. It also features a detachable shoulder strap and a carry-on handle that make it easy to carry the bag as shoulder bag or a briefcase once off the bike. This pannier is fairly priced and is sure to give you value for money.

In addition these features make this pannier a great pick:
  • Has flaps and hooks closure mechanism
  • Has D-rings for attaching the adjustable shoulder strap
  • Comes with reflective brand badges for added safety
  • Has Velcro closures to hold the two bags together
  • Comes enough space to hold groceries
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Built to ward off dirt
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
The IBERAUSA Bike PakRak Panniers Pair features a strapless three point clip-on mounting system that’s easy to use. Its seams are ultrasonic welded. Are you working with a tight budget? Then go for the Ibera IB-BA16 Bicycle Pannier Set. It has a 1709–cubic inch capacity and top flaps for easy closure.

IBERAUSA Ibera PakRak Clip-On Orange Waterproof Pair of Bike Panniers

Ibera USA is renowned for its classy, durable and easy to use bike panniers. The company has thrived in the industry because of its consumer-focused designs that are highly functional. Besides bike panniers, the company also manufactures other bike accessories such air pumps, lights, kickstands and water bottle holders. These products are specially built to give cyclists incredible cycling experiences.

If you’re cycling in rainy weather, then the IBERAUSA Bike PakRak Panniers Pair is your best pick, especially if you’re carrying valuables such electronics and documents. These panniers are built to be used together as a pair or separately. They’re also compatible with a wide range of bicycle carriers, so you may not need to invest in a new carrier.

Moreover, these features make these panniers a great pick:
  • Comes in two color variations to pick from
  • Has a waterproof zipper for its side pocket
  • Inner pocket is zippered
  • Has reflectors for night time safety and visibility
  • Comes with a carry-on handle
The Axiom Seymour DLX 45 Bike Pannier is specially built to withstand daily commuter use. It also comes with adjustable Rixen & Kaul mounting hooks and a shoulder strap. Looking for a pannier with a different closure mechanism? Try out the Axiom Cartier DLX P26 Plus Panniers, which has a drawstring closure system for each of the pair of panniers.

Axiom Seymour DLX 45 Grey/Black Bike Pannier Set

Axiom product designs are developed by avid cyclists who have firsthand biking experience. Every piece of cycle gear is thoroughly tested for efficiency and features that add value to a cyclist before being approved for production. This makes the company’s pannier designs suitable for modern-day cyclist. Some of the other products manufactured by the company include air pumps and racks.

The Axiom Seymour DLX 45 Bike Pannier can easily be turned to a shoulder bag when off the bike by attaching its shoulder strap. This makes the pannier an excellent choice for frequent bike commuters. It gives you the convenience of carrying your valuables with you, especially in insecure areas. If you’re on a touring excursion, you don’t have to worry about wet weather as rain covers for these panniers are also available at a pocket friendly price. These bike panniers also have reflective Axiom logos printed on them for easy visibility at night.

Moreover, here are some other bike panniers from Axiom that we think might be interesting to you:
  • Axiom Kingston Commuter Single Pannier
  • Axiom Monsoon LX Pannier Set
  • Axiom Typhoon Aero DLX 45 Pannier
The Nashbar Front Touring Panniers are specially built to withstand wet weather; they feature a drawstring closure mechanism with slip lock secured top flaps. Looking for rear bike panniers? Then the Nashbar Rear Touring Panniers would be your best bet. They each have a 1037-cubic inch capacity and reflective Nashbar logos printed on them for added safety.

Nashbar Front Touring Black Nylon Bike Panniers with Reflective Logos

Nashbar was established in 1973, and ever since it’s prided itself for its technical team of experienced cyclists who are passionate about bicycle designs. They devote themselves to designing cycling gear with a keen focus on modern bike designs so as to remain relevant to market needs. These products include bike frames, panniers, tires and tubes. One of Nashbar’s commitment is to provide quality products at cost efficient prices. The company has honored this commitment to the delight of many consumers.

The Nashbar Front Touring Panniers come with easy rack mount systems. They have a weather resistant top lid that’s secured with slip locks and side pockets for added storage. Although these bags appear small, they’re spacious enough to fit your personal effects for a touring excursion. They’re also fairly priced and built with tough materials that are tear and puncture-resistant. This ensures that they serve you for long and give value for your money.

Here are other products from Nashbar that we think are worth your consideration:
  • Nashbar Garment Pannier Bag
  • Nashbar Waterproof Front Panniers
  • Nashbar Low Rider Front Rack
  • Nashbar Front Rack

How Do I Choose the Best Bike Pannier?

The bicycle still remains one of the greatest inventions by man, one reason being that it’s one of the best terrestrial means of transport, regardless of whether you’re in a remote area or in a modern city stricken with traffic jams. Besides being an easy way to move from one place to another, cycling helps you keep fit while maintaining a clean environment. If you wish to cycle on a daily basis to work or take a tour excursion, you’ll need to get yourself a good bicycle. Also, you may want to get it fitted with a good bike seat and lights, especially if you’re likely to be on the road at night.

Think of how you’ll carry your luggage safely without getting drenched with water in case of a downpour or being splashed by oncoming traffic. One way of tackling such problems is by investing in quality bike panniers. These luggage bags come in three main types, namely: commuter, shopping and touring panniers.

You’ll notice that they’re each classified according to their uses. This is because every pannier is designed to meet specific needs. For instance, if you’re commuting to work, you’ll probably carry your laptop and a change of clothes. On the other hand, if you’re going on a touring excursion, you need to carry foodstuffs and other personal effects. Therefore commuter panniers will essentially be smaller than their touring counterparts. So, what do you need to look for when shopping for quality bike panniers? Let’s find out in the sections below.
The price of a bike pannier depends on its type, size, construction materials used and overall design. For instance a single pannier with one pocket and is made of tarpaulin will cost about $30 while a waterproof, stylish pair of panniers with zippered side/inner pockets and adjustable mounting systems can cost up to $260. It all depends on what you’re looking for, but you can expect to get a quality bike pannier pair within this price range. You may also come across cheap bike panniers in the market, but don’t be enticed by their low prices. In most cases such panniers are poorly constructed and may fall apart within a short time. This is why we haven’t featured them in this review.
Whether you’re going for shopping or on a road trip, you’ll need a bike pannier that can accommodate your luggage. You also need the flexibility to package your stuff separately. This flexibility is very important to your satisfaction and can’t be ignored.

Moreover, these features are also important to consider when looking for a bike pannier:
  • Style — Is it touring, commuter, strap, quick release, saddle bags etc.?
  • Size — What are its dimensions and weight?
  • Construction material — What’s the bike pannier made of?
  • Number of compartments — How many pockets does it have?
  • Mounting system — What’s the mounting mechanism of the bike pannier?
  • Color — How many color variations is the pannier available in?
  • Capacity — What’s the volume of bike pannier?
These features will help you pick a bike pannier that suits your needs and is within your budget.
Construction and Design
Bike panniers are made with various materials such as tarpaulin, cordura and PVC-coated polyester or nylon. The material used determines whether bike panniers are weatherproof or not. It’s also common for bike panniers to have multiple pockets. These include the main compartment, outer and inner pockets. The important thing is to choose a design that gives you the flexibility to pack your luggage in an organized manner.

The mounting systems used on bike panniers vary from one manufacturer to another. The most commonly used ones include quick release, incorporate lower adjustable plastic clips that hold the panniers in place, as well as standard hook and bungee systems, which also may come with hooks designed to be particularly secure. Whichever mounting system is on your choicest pannier, make sure that it holds the bag securely.

When it comes to closure systems of bike panniers, some of the most common styles in the market include fold-on and drawstring style with a top flap that’s secured with slip hooks. These mechanisms are usually used for the main compartment while the side/inner pockets are likely to be zippered.

As you look for a bike pannier, think of how you’ll carry it when off the bike. Some designs have carry-on handles while others come with adjustable shoulder straps. Also, some bike panniers are designed to collapse into one briefcase style bag. They use a set of magnets and Velcro closures to hold the two panniers together. So, depending on what you want to use the pannier for, you may want to pick a design that’ll give flexibility to carry it when it’s off the bike.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bike panniers are simply luggage carriers. So, as you shop around, focus on a design that’ll keep your valuables safe from adverse weather, especially during the wet season. Also, if you’re going on a longer trip, try a pannier that’s roomy and can accommodate all your stuff. Side pockets comes in handy for storing things that you may use on the way while the inner pockets are ideal for more delicate items such as laptops.

When you’re going to an area that isn’t secure, you may need to carry your valuables with you. If your bike pannier can easily be converted to a shoulder bag, then it’ll be easy to carry it with you. Otherwise you may have to risk your luggage, especially if the panniers don’t have grab handles. In addition, bike panniers that have clip-on hooks on their mounting systems are easy to load and offload, so you may want to get a bike pannier that won’t give you a hard time when mounting.

Get the Best Bike Pannier of 2023!

Now that you’ve read through our review on some of the best bike panniers around, it’s our wish that you’ve come across one that works for you. If this is the case, go ahead and order! Otherwise, these trusted brands have other equally good bike panniers that you can check out as well.

Our Top Choice
Ortlieb Back-Roller City Panniers
Best Value
Timbuk2 Tarpaulin Tandem Pannier Bag
IBERAUSA Clip-On Bike PakRak Panniers
Axiom Seymour DLX 45 Bike Pannier
Nashbar Front Touring Nylon Bike Panniers