Best Bike Pedal Reviews 2023

Are you a biking enthusiast or pro biker? If you’re new to cycling, it’s probable you find it hard to choose the best pedals for your bike. It’s for this reason we’ve researched the best bike pedal brands on the market, showcasing a model from each, to help you find a pair for your bike. By the way, if you are looking for pedals for a specific type of bike, such as mountain or road, we have additional reviews for even more options.
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Our Top Choice
Shimano SPD Bike Pedal
Founded in 1921, Shimano is a Japanese brand that manufactures bike and fishing products, with a large market base in North America.
Bombproof. Stable to maneuver through formidable trail stretches. Fosters fast engagement. Eases clipping in. Integrates with the cleats. Has four degrees of float.
Does not clear mud very well.
Chrome alloy; steel
1.6 x 3.2 x 8 inches
0.22 pounds
Best Value
RaceFace Chester Bike Pedal
With over two decades of experience, RaceFace manufactures high performance cycling components, apparel and protective gear.
Lightweight design. Axle is completely sealed for durability. Pins for great traction. Fully serviceable bushes & bearings.
Pins might be felt on the upstroke.
Nylon composite; cromoly steel
0.6 x 4.3 x 4 inches
0.67 pounds
Available in 8 colors
Look Cycle KEO 2 MAX Bike Pedal
Look Cycle is an innovative company that was founded in 1951 and the first to invent clipless and carbon frame bike pedals.
Body is sixty millimeters wide. Offers great support & stability. Durable, clipless and comes with a float. Flexibility & great performance.
Float isn’t replaceable.
Carbon; cromoly steel
Race & road training
2 x 5 x 11 inches
0.27 pounds
Available in 4 Colors
XLC Resin Bike Pedals
XLC is a subsidiary of the Accell Group with decades of experience manufacturing high quality bike wear, parts and accessories.
Lightweight & easy to install. Rugged construction for great grip. Hollow platform for excellent mud clearance. Reflector for night visibility.
Pedals are side-specific.
Resin; steel axle
Road cycling
2 x 4 x 8 inches
0.55 pounds
Diamondback Resin Spindle ATB Bike Pedal
Founded in 1977 and previously known as BMX, Diamondback is a subsidiary of Accell Group with vast experience in the cycling industry.
Lightweight, efficient & supportive. Stable and have vibration dampening properties. Fit most adult bikes. Have good grip.
Difficult to grease bearings.
Resin; steel axle
Road cycling
1.5 x 4 x 5.8 inches
; 0.5 pounds

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What is the Best Bike Pedal?

Choose the right type and design of pedals for your bike type. Make sure it offers the right level of traction you need when cycling and comes in the right size to fit your feet. Since you’re now aware of what counts when shopping for the right bike pedals, find out if one of our recommended bike pedals is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Shimano SPD Bike Pedal is built on a clipless platform for use with mountain bikes to enhance competence in rugged and challenging terrains. If you’re looking for a multipurpose platform for more functionality and the ability to use clips or not, opt for the Shimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Bike Pedal. It’s built in an aluminum body and has an adjustable entry.

Shimano Deore XT SPD Bike Pedal in a Clipless Design with Cleats and Pedal Float

Shimano is renowned for its premium cycling technology. The company is behind the revolutionary Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, SPD technology, which enhances cycling. Having been in business for many decades, the firm exploits innovative cycling technologies to come up with highly functional and durable products. With the SPD innovation, many cyclists have realized great performance, even in the toughest riding conditions.

The Shimano SPD Bike Pedal is made with your most hardcore cycling adventures in mind. It comes with a steel axle and a Cro-moly platform that’s meant to last for years of regular use. Built in the form of a wide platform, it offers you the maximum comfort and stability you need when riding on mountainous terrain. Looking at the structure of these pedals, you get to see excellent workmanship with hidden sensitive parts to prevent clogging or damage.

With the clipless design of these pedals, you get the freedom to naturally pedal your bike as you need to. You’ll be able to use your hamstrings and other crucial muscles to exert as much power as you need. That’s not all; the pedals come with a steel cleat based on the SPD mechanism. Unlike cleats offered by other brands, the ones on this pedal retract into the shoe, enabling you to walk properly on your cycling shoes once you get off the bike.

The SPD mechanism also allows multiple releases, easily disengaging the pedals when you need to get off your bike. You also have a larger pedal surface, giving you sufficient stability to prevent your foot from rolling off unnecessarily. The curving on the platform’s surface directs your foot to the cleat for easy clip in whenever you rest your foot on the pedal. With the bearings sealed, your pedal is protected from clogging. You’ll only have to grease them once in a while to ensure they keep rotating freely.

With the four degree float mechanism, you get to enjoy freedom of swivel movements on your feet as you pedal your way through tough terrains. When you buy these pedals, you get a pair, including two bolt cleats. Shimano gives you two years warranty on these pedals for protection from manufacturing faults.

Here are some other Shimano pedals that you could be interested in:
  • Shimano A530 SPD Aluminium Bike Pedal - for road touring
  • Shimano SPD T420 Bike Pedal - adjustable entry & release tension entry
  • Shimano Deore XT SPD Bike Pedal - with reflector, low profile platform
Best Value
The Raceface Chester Bike Pedal is constructed into a big platform for maximum stability while ensuring you still get awesome grip. Prefer a bike pedal built for maximum grip and style? Consider the RaceFace Aeffect Bike Pedal that’s even more lightweight, thanks to its reduced spindle length.

RaceFace Chester Bike Pedals with 8 Replaceable Steel Pins On Each Side - Available in 8 Colors

RaceFace is a globally renowned brand that designs and manufactures high-performance products meant to enhance your cycling experience. The company is also focused on maintaining your security through its products, regardless of the underlying terrain. It tests its products in the roughest terrains with professional athletes to ensure they meet high-quality standards. This ensures the products dispatched to numerous distribution centers all over the globe are proven to work.

The RaceFace Chester Bike Pedal is made from composite nylon to ensure your pedals are lightweight so you can cycle for a long time without your hamstrings getting fatigued. They’re also built into sizable platforms so you get enough sole-to-pedal surface. This is important because it gives you the stability you need while riding. The size of the platform also ensures your feet don’t slide off the pedal, regardless of your riding position or the distance you ahve covered.

In terms of durability, the Chester pedals don’t disappoint. The composite nylon is hard and well finished to ensure it can take all the beating and knocking on your trail. Furthermore, the steel axle is fully sealed to ensure it lasts and is protected from damages. You’ll also enjoy having the moving parts working properly all the time, regardless of the weather. This is attributed to the fact that the bushes and the bearings are completely sealed. They’re also fully serviceable so you can have them in top notch condition all the time.

If you’re wondering whether the pedals grip well, you needn’t worry. Each pedal features eight adjustable and removable pins for maximum grip on your shoes. The pins ensure you get the traction you need when cycling in rough terrain. Since they’re removable, you can get rid of the ones you don’t need.

Rain won’t be a problem when you have these pedals on your bike as they’re made to withstand all kinds of weather. With the open platform design, mud clearance is possible even in the muddiest of terrains. You’re assured consistent grip and a mud-free platform for safe cycling.

Here are other Raceface bike pedals you might like:
  • Raceface Atlas Bike Pedals - aluminum body
  • Raceface Aeffect Bike Pedals aluminum body, 10 pins per pedal
The Look Cycle KEO 2 MAX Bike Pedal is constructed from carbon, making it ultra light, hence ideal for racing and training. Would you prefer comfortable, cost-effective and efficient bike pedals built for road training and road rides? Opt for the Look Cycle KO Classic Road Bike Pedals with dimpled and larger contact surface area for enhanced comfort and stability.

Look Cycle New KEO 2 Max Carbon Bike Pedal with 4.5 Degrees Float & Light Carbon Body - Available in 4 Colors

Look Cycle has been on the market for decades, and is one of the most innovative companies in the industry. It manufactured the first clipless pedals and has continued to improve its range of pedals, making them some of the best performers in races. The company has won many awards for its innovative products such as lightweight pedals that have helped professional athletes win the Tour-de-France race.

The Look Cycle KEO 2 MAX Bike Pedal is one of the lightest pedals on the market. This is made possible by the carbon body. If you’re a professional cyclist, you’ll find these pedals effective as they won’t weigh you down. Built into a platform measuring sixty millimeters wide, the pedals offer you a contact surface of about five hundred square millimeters. This provides you with enough sole to pedal surface contact for full foot support. You’re also guaranteed stability and maximum support for all the miles you need to cover.

If you’re looking for flexibility and freedom, coupled with power and efficiency, these pedals are perfect for you. They come with a float built in a clipless cleat design. With the float, you’ve got 4.5 degrees of freedom on either side that you can easily adjust to suit your needs. If you don’t need the flexibility, you can have your cleats fixed by easily locking them on and the shoes allow you to walk with ease since they are retractable.

High performance is the name of the game with these pedals because of the improved spindle profile. The spindle is made of Chromoly steel, which is durable and doesn’t wear quickly. What’s more, it has two ball bearing profiles covered with the contact surface. With this kind of profile, your pedals turn with ease whenever you apply the slightest effort on them, making them highly efficient. A spacer has been added to the profile to reduce friction while enhancing the durability and performance of the pedals.

The durability of these pedals has been taken a notch higher as they’ve been given a carbon body and a chromoly axle with durable finishes. You can also expect your axle to last for years of regular cycling, as it is dual sealed. For increased durability, the pedals are passed through endurance testing, surpassing current standard tests. Weight is distributed optimally by the axle, giving you a good centre of gravity. If you need a wider stance width, you need not worry because the axle comes with a longer thread to allow you an extension.

Here are some other Look Cycle bike pedals to consider:
  • Look Cycle KEO Classic 3 Bike Pedal - adjustable cleat entry/release tension
  • Look Cycle KEO Blade Carbon Andre Greipel Bike Pedal - limited edition, honoring Andre Greipel
  • Look Cycle KEO Power Dual Mode Essential Bike Pedal - measures performance to help you improve
The XLC Resin Bike Pedals are built in half-inch sizes for kids’ bikes with small pedals or youths with smaller feet. Do you need larger, high performance and durability pedals for your mountain bike? The XLC Caged Alloy MTB Bike Pedals are lightweight and ideal for larger bikes.

XLC Resin Bike Pedals with Reflector - Small Platform Suitable for Kids

XLC is a young global company founded in 2003. It first manufactured stem units, handle bars and seat posts for Winora and Haibike brands. With Winora and Accell Group’s century of experience, XLC gains from years of bike manufacturing know-how. The company subjects its parts and products to strict testing processes before they can be mass produced. You can rest easy with an XLC part on your bike.

The XLC Resin Bike Pedals are constructed in the form of a small platform for adults but big enough for kids and youth with smaller feet. The pedals offer kids the stability they need when cycling. With increased stability and support, your kids are guaranteed safety, even when riding on their own. The pedals are resin-made for durability and resistance to scratches. The pedals can also withstand the constant dropping that’s typical of kids when they get to their cycling destination.

Constructed as hollow platforms, the pedals support good mud clearance when it’s muddy. This ensures your kids’ safety is not compromised, even when they ride off road during the rainy season. With protrusions on the pedals, the rugged construction offers exceptional grip for faster cycling. This, coupled with the high sole to pedal contact surface, means your kids can enjoy stability, comfort, efficiency and most importantly, safety when cycling.

With the threaded bolt on the axle, installing the pedals on your youngster’s bike is a walk in the park. Since the pedals are side-specific, they’re labeled left or right to indicate the side of the bike where you should bolt them in. When secured in place, your kids can ride safely even late in the evening, knowing they’re easily visible due to the reflectors on the pedals.

Here are some other XLC bike pedals that you might be interested in:
  • XLC Bear Trap Bike Pedal – aluminum-made, spiked for extra grip
  • XLC LU-564 Bike Pedal - with clips and straps
  • XLC PD-S01 Bike Pedal - dual sided, clipless & caged
The Diamondback Resin Spindle ATB Bike Pedal is built to make cycling highly comfortable without putting on your riding shoes or even when barefoot. If you have big feet and need larger pedal platforms, opt for the Diamondback Bigfoot Bike Pedals. They’re built to offer extra grip and traction for increased stability.

Diamondback Resin Spindle ATB Bike Pedal with Dual Compound and Vibration Dampening

Diamondback is a renowned cycling company worldwide that’s been in existence for over four decades. The company was previously known as BMX before its acquisition by the Accell Group of companies. It has the know-how and rich experience required to develop highly functional cycling solutions and exercise equipment, and is the innovator of the knuckle box suspension fitted in some of the brand’s bikes.

The Diamondback Resin Spindle ATB Bike Pedal is made with your comfort when cycling in mind. They’re so comfortable, you can ride on them barefoot or with just your usual sneakers on. Riding on spiky and rough pedals can really hurt your shin if you slip off. With these pedals, you are assured of comfort with minimal to no injuries in case you slip your feet off the pedals, because the platform and edges are padded to protect you from being hurt.

If you’re looking for efficiency while cycling on a road, these pedals have you covered. The bearings rotate well and easily, which in turn cause the pedals to rotate smoothly. You are bound to enjoy town or beach rides without easily getting tired after covering a short distance. What’s more, the size of the platform is large enough even for an adult’s big feet. With increased stability and support, these pedals reduce the chance of you slipping off the pedals.

The surface of the platform isn’t just comfortable, it offers great grip. This ensures your feet stay on the pedals all the time. You can also expect reduced stress and fatigue on your soles due to vibration dampening technology adopted for long rides. Whether it’s sunny, rainy or whatever kind of weather you experience at any particular time, these pedals ensure you get to cycle on easily with no impediments.

Here are a few other Diamondback bike pedals you might like:
  • Diamondback Trace Dual-Sport Bike Pedal - aluminum made, usable with or without riding shoes
  • Diamondback Override Mountain Bike Pedal - SPD compatible
  • Diamondback Century Bike Pedal - compatible with the 3-bolt system

How Do I Choose the Best Bike Pedal?

Are you into biking for fun outdoors or as a sport or even profession? With a good pair of pedals, you can maneuver your way through various terrains with ease. Whether you ride on roads, trails or even the toughest terrains on the planet, there’s a perfect pair of pedals for you and your bike. You also want a comfortable pair of pedals, just like your bike helmet, that offer great traction and comfort without leaving your feet in blisters and muscles aching.

Bike pedals are really important because they transfer all the power you apply into propelling your bike. Having the best bike pedals is imperative if your bike is going to perform as you expect it to. Choosing the right pedals ensures your bike becomes efficient for the particular activity you’re involved in. For instance, for mountain, trail riding, racing and street riding for fun, you need different pedals to give you the required output.

Bike pedals also ensure you’re comfortable while riding. With properly selected bike pedals, you don’t get fatigued quickly and therefore you become more productive. Bike pedals enhance your performance and safety regardless of the bike shoes you’ve got on and the conditions you’re riding in. What’s more, if you need your bike to look stylish and professional, you need to change the stock pedals with some of the professional-looking bike pedals available on the market.

Pedals have greatly been improved to offer you a lot of flexibility while cycling. Moreover, with a good pair of pedals, you’re assured of your safety while cycling. With the right pedals for your bike, especially if you’re an athlete, you’re able to avoid hamstring injuries due to excessive pedaling. The pedals ensure your weight is distributed properly on the bike, friction is reduced and the rotations are properly engineered for ease and efficient power output.

When shopping for bike pedals, first choose the type you want and design meant for your type of bike. Consider platform, clipped or clipless bike pedals for comfortable rides. This is a mixed review of various types of bike pedals from top five brands we picked just for you. We hope this guide will help you choose the best pair of pedals for your bike.
Bike pedals are available at different prices depending on the construction of the pedal and the features you’ll enjoy from it. The material used in the construction also determines the price because it affects the durability and weight of the pedals. Cheap bike pedals are also available but they might not be the choice of pedals you need. They will not be durable and may not enhance your performance as you want.

If you ride for fun from time to time, you don’t need to invest in costly pedals, but still need a pair that can last you years. However, if you engage in professional biking and take part in tours such as tour de France, you need ultra light pedals designed for performance and durability. A good pair of bike pedals will cost you anything from $5 to $100.
The most important features of bike pedals enhance performance for the purpose you need them for. For instance, if you want to race, you need pedals designed specifically for racing. You also need to ensure your choice of pedals offers the right traction and grip for the kind of performance you need. There’s also need for the pedals to be of the right size to fit your feet.

Here are some of the features to look out for in bike pedals:
  • Lightweight pedals for easy cycling
  • The sole to pedal contact surface or ratio; the larger the better
  • The ability to allow flexibility
  • The ability to allow multiple release
  • Design such as platform, clip or clipless
  • Material used in construction such as steel, chrome, alloy, nylon composite, etc.
  • Reflector for illumination of late rides
  • The right platform size to fit your feet
With the right pair of pedals for your bike, you won’t just go for long rides on your chosen terrain, but can also expect to use them for years.
Construction and Design
Yes, that bike pedal you see online looks nice and functional enough to handle the job as expected. What you might not know, however, is that there’s more to a bike pedal than you think. As you saw on our features section, there are quite some factors you need to keep in mind before you embark on the shopping process. Here are a few of them that relate to the construction and general design of these bike accessories.
  • Type – Bike pedals come in two major types: clipped or clipless. The clipped type use toe clips and straps that you have to use to fasten your leg on the pedal. The clipless type has a cleat you have to clip on the pedal using special riding shoes. The cleat is what fastens the sole of your feet to the pedal, ensuring you can ride with ease.
  • Material – The material used in the construction of pedals is important because it determines the weight of the pedals and the durability. The most commonly used materials in making bike pedals include resin, composite plastics, stainless steel, alloys of steel and chrome, aluminum and carbon. The materials are favorable for use because they last for a long time and are not heavy. Most manufacturers use a combination of these materials for the axle and the platform.
  • Use – In order to meet your needs perfectly, bike pedals are made to cater for different riding needs. There are those meant for town and street riding, for mountain riding, for trail riding and for racing. If you want pedals that can serve you well, look out for what they’re specifically meant to do. Racing pedals, for instance, need to be light and well secured while those for street riding don’t need to be secured since you’ll often have your feet off the pedals.
  • Size – The dimensions of the bike are also important. You need to know, first of all, if the axle of the bike is able to fit your bike. If it fits, you need to know the dimensions of the platform of the bike and if the axle allows you any allowance if you need more lateral width. The weight of the pedals should not weigh you down, especially when you’re in a race. The pedals need to be as light as they should be, but still maintain strength and agility.
  • Colors – The colors determine what kind of statement your bike makes. Do you want pedals that show professionalism? Do you need to draw attention to yourself while riding? Do you want pedals to match your bike? Do you want them to match your riding clothes? Many manufacturers make their pedals in different colors to ensure that you get one you like.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bike pedals come ready to go and require very little knowledge to install on your bike properly. The maintenance is also pretty easy because it only involves cleaning the pedals, especially when they have mud clogged in them. You also need to grease them occasionally to ensure the bearings rotate as required. The bearings and bushes in the pedals are made in such a way as to offer you high efficiency whenever you cycle.

It’s also important to ensure your bike pedals are made from a strong and durable yet lightweight material for prolonged use. Finally, make sure that the pair of pedals you buy is designed for use with your type of bike.

Get the Best Bike Pedal of 2023!

Whether you cycle for fun, you’re a pro biker or just shopping for pedals for your kids’ bikes, there’s a pair out there to meet your needs. We hope this review was handy and you were able to find the right pair of pedals for your bike type. If you need something different, perhaps you’d enjoy our other bike basket review.

Our Top Choice
Shimano SPD Bike Pedal
Best Value
RaceFace Chester Bike Pedal
Look Cycle KEO 2 MAX Bike Pedal
XLC Resin Bike Pedals
Diamondback Resin Spindle ATB Bike Pedal