Best Bike Phone Mount Reviews 2023

Handling your phone while riding a bike is dangerous not only to you but also to others. Actually, it’s illegal in most states. A bike phone mount is an ideal and safe way to keep your phone in view while you ride so you don’t get yourself and others in trouble. Like most useful products out there, there are a whole lot of variants and it becomes difficult to choose one. We are excited as always to do all the research for you, and in this case we’ve reviewed some of the best bike phone mount brands for you. As you read the review, it’s important that you note that these brands have other variants of phone mounts for your bike you can check out.
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Phone Width
Our Top Choice
TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Holder
TaoTronics loves to add an extra dimension and expand the functionality of other products with its innovative accessories to extend their value.
Widely compatible. Stainless steel construction. Secure clamp. Silicone padding. 360o rotatable.
Phone might fall off if you hit a bump at high speeds.
Anti-slide silicone lining
Up to 3.55 inches
Phones with hard cases
Best Value
Roam Co-Pilot Bike Phone Mount
Roam is all about adventures and it encourages you to also ‘roam’ your world by offering top quality accessories that help keep your devices close and safe.
Wide compatibility. Easy to install. Can be rotated. Works with motorcycles too. Affordable. Great warranty.
Will not fit some phones with their cases on.
2 contact points
Handlebars, stem
Up to 3.5 inches
Quad Lock Bike Kit
Quad Lock creates innovative and uniquely designed device and transport accessories that let you wear your phone on a bike, car and even your body.
Stable and secure mount. Great phone protection. Quality materials.
Will only work with iPhone 6 and 6S Plus.
Dual-stage lock
. Stem; handlebars
2 inches
Thermoplastic Polyurethane
iPhone 6/6S
CAW.CAR Universal Bike and Motorcycle Phone Mount
CAW.CAR Accessories is good at paying attention to details and this reflects in its innovatively designed, high quality products.
Easy to install. Truly universal. Shock absorbing. Securely holds phone. 360 degrees rotation.
Now that you have a stable phone on your bike, don’t go watching movies while you’re riding!
Wrap around band
Up to 3.7 inches
IPOW Universal Phone Bike Mount
IPOW is expert in accessories for a whole lot of products using innovative ideas and quality materials to bring out extra functionalities in other areas.
Easy to use. Safe and secure. Widely compatible. Dual-level phone protection. Quality materials.
Phone might slide when riding on a rough patch.
Butterfly bands for edges
Up to 3.5 inches

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What is the Best Bike Phone Mount?

Are you feeling knowledgeable yet? You should, and your newfound knowledge will help you decide which features you’d like on your bike mount. You can now go on to read our review of individual brands/products. Just keep in mind what you need the mount for. This approach will make it easy for you to select the best one for your needs.
Our Top Choice
Are you wondering if you can experience the freedom of riding your bike and using your phone without being at risk? Well, with the TaoTronics Bike Phone Holder, you can! If you’d like a mount with a splash of color, go for the TaoTronics Bike Universal Cradle Clamp which is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and available in Black and Orange.

TaoTronics Bicycle Phone Mount Holder - 360 Degrees Rotatable with Slide-Proof Clamp, Rubber Strap For iOS And Android Smartphones

Function is usually in the small things, and that’s where TaoTronics is specialized – small electronics and accessories. It relies on pure creativity to design and manufacture accessories that add an extra dimension and functionality to your gadgets. The brand’s been going stronger ever since its establishment in 2008. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched, but simply that it’s been satisfying its customers worldwide, period. Happy customers will help you grow your business and that is what this brand leverages on. Listen to your customers, give them what they want, and watch your business grow.

Feel free to ride your bicycle and use your phone at the same time. We’re not encouraging you to break traffic regulations, we’re only trying to introduce you to freedom. Freedom to use your phone while riding without breaking any laws or risking your life. The TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Holder will give you that type of freedom. You’re not even limited to using this with a phone – it will mount on almost anything with handle bars, such as carts, trolleys, baby walkers – you name it.

First, this piece of ingenuity is a breeze to install. You don’t need any tools. The stainless steel mount is adjustable, lockable, and will fit any handle bars with a diameter of 1.8 cm – 4.0 cm. The inside of this mount is laid with silicone pads that cradle your device and protect it from slides and scratches. It has an adjustable clamp that can hold a device 5.5 cm – 9.0 cm wide. The tight grip keeps your phone stable in all conditions, even when on bumpy roads or sharp turns. There are elastic rubber grips on this mount to hold your phone for extra stability.

The adjustability of this phone mount makes it vastly compatible. Most smartphones and some phablets will fit into its grip. If it’s a GPS device you are thinking of using, it works just fine too as long as it is within the dimensions. TaoTronics understands people have preferences, so it designed this mount to be 360o rotatable. Whether you want to use your phone in portrait or landscape mode, this mount has your back. Just rotate your phone with the clamp and enjoy! Not every day will you find a product so simple to use and so secure. TaoTronics is one brand that has brought you such, so remember the name.
Best Value
The Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount will securely hold your phone on your bike’s handlebars so you can easily access it for navigation or whatever else you need. If you’d like a mount with a padded clamp and a dash of red, go for the Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount by Roam which is also widely compatible.

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle and Bike Handlebars

The aim of Roam as a brand is to facilitate adventure and make it easier by offering quality products and accessories that will help you get out and experience the world. It all started when some adventurers, now Roam staff, watched in horror as a cherished device crashed and died. At that point, it all made sense that if you want to get something done, you do it yourself. In order to make sure nobody suffers such loss over a road trip, Roam takes it upon itself to create products that protect your devices while you ‘roam’ the world. Brands created out of experiences like these are often committed to quality and performance.

You don’t have to get lost just because you’re riding on a bike trail you never navigated before. You can find your way using GPS without the drag of going between your phone and handling your bike. The Roam Co-Pilot Bike Phone Mount lets you do that. Your phone can truly become your co-pilot as it will easily mount on your bike’s handle bars with the aid of a premium plastic grip you can tighten with a screw to keep it secure.

Your device is held in place by a clamp and silicone net that tightly grips your phone at the corners to keep it stable for viewing. The phone clamp is connected to the handle bar clamp with a ball socket which allows you rotate your phone freely in all directions, meaning you can view your phone vertically or horizontally. This mount will work on any bike with handlebar size up to 1.25 inches. The manufacturer suggests that this mount is not compatible with bikes that use clip-on handlebars.

This phone mount is universal. It will hold any type of phone up to 3.5 inches wide, whatever model or brand it is. It’s important you measure your phone width (including its case) before you make the purchase so you can be sure it will fit. It’s not hard to know when a brand is confident in its products. Roam offers a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on this mount. But you know you have to take good care of your property, don’t you?
You don’t need to buy a protective case and then a bike mount for your iPhone 6. You can get them both by just getting yourself the Quad Lock Bike Kit For iPhone 6. If you’d prefer a universal mount from this brand, check out the Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount Kit which uses the 3M VHB adhesive that will secure your smartphones to almost any surface.

Quad Lock Bike Phone Mount Kit – Available In 7 Styles

The difficulties experienced when you try to use a phone while riding a bike are what led Chris Peters, a co-founder, to devise a way to securely keep your phone in view while riding a bike. The name Quad Lock was derived from the four tabs used in its patent-pending locking system. The sale of its products kicked off in December 2011 and since then the product has been shipped all over the world. Strong, Light, and Secure. That’s the summation of Quad Lock’s products.

The Quad Lock Bike Kit mounts your phone on the stem or handlebar of your bike so snugly, it looks like your bike came fitted with an iPhone. This mounting kit includes a Quad Lock case, a Quad Lock poncho, Quad Lock bike mount PRO which includes 2 nylon zip ties, and 4 EPDM mounting o-rings (2 large, 2 small). This mount will work well with tubes with a diameter of 25-40 millimeters, giving you a nicely placed and secure iPhone you can interact with while you ride.

This mount is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6S Plus. The case is made of TPU for the outer shell while the core is made with polycarbonate to give your phone some serious protection. The poncho, which is made of clear TPU, is weather resistant and will protect your phone from dust, mud, and sweat. The lock will slide easily onto the stem or handlebar of your bike. There is a groove on the back of the case that you sort of screw on to the mount and instantly your phone is locked in and secure.

The best part of this kit is that it’s a bike mount and a phone case in one. Even though the case is meant to help your phone mount on your bike, it is still stylish enough to be carried around on your phone. In fact, people will marvel at the unique design as you will hardly see a phone case with that kind of carving on its back anywhere else. The folks at Quad Lock just protected your phone with a uniquely designed case and helped you securely mount it on a bike. They didn’t just do that, they did it simultaneously with the same product! Thumbs up to Quad Lock for making this product, double thumbs up to us for bringing it to you. That’s about fair enough!
The CAW.CAR Accessories Universal Bike Mount will work on almost any tubular frame, leaving its application as wide open as your imagination. If you’d like a different mount design that’s also secure and universal, try out the CAW.CAR Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount which also works for ATVs.

CAW.CAR Accessories Bike and Motorcycle Smartphone Mount - Cell Phone Mount for ATV, Bicycle Or Motorbike, Choice of Plastic or Metal

CAW.CAR Accessories takes its time to find out what its customers need and then goes ahead to design and manufacture a product that not only provides solutions but also look good. Its attention to detail is what has brought this brand so far – you know what they say about the little things! The brand’s commitment to top quality and superior performance is part of the reason customers keep coming back.

Attention all bikers! We know you all dread watching your phone fall off and crash because you’re trying to use it on the go. Worst still, it’s hanging on a bike mount and yet still takes a dive whenever you hit a bump or make a hard stop. Like always, we have good news for you. There’s a mount that promises to securely hold your phone tight to your bike. It even absorbs shocks so your phone doesn’t tremble when riding on a dirt road. Say hello to the CAW.CAR Accessories Universal Bike Phone Mount.

This mount will install easily on your bike’s handle bar – in fact, almost any tubular frame as long as it’s 0.2-1.6 inches in diameter. That level of adjustability just knocked this mount’s application possibilities wide open. You might not even need to buy those expensive car headrest screens; this mount can attach to the tube of the headrest in your car. Just attach your phone to it and it’s movies time! The phone holder will fit any device up to 3.7 inches wide, that’s your phone with the case on and even some phablets. When the manufacturer tagged it ‘out-and-out universal’ they meant it.

You can adjust the grip anyhow you like, with 360 degrees of freedom. So, you’re free to place your phone in any orientation that suits you. You even have the option of choosing if you want your mount as a durable plastic or heavy-duty metal. Even though both options are superior quality, you’d have to pay a bit more for the metallic variant. Trust us, though – it’s worth it. The manufacturer even throws in a 30-day money back guarantee. Is it worth a try now?
You don’t have to worry about the type of device you use to enjoy the benefits of the IPOW Universal Bike Mount. If its width is between 2.3 and 3.5 inches, you’re good to go. If you’d like a mount with a different grip design, go for the IPOW Diagonal Clamp Bike Phone Holder which clamps your phone at alternate corners for improved stability.

IPOW Universal Cell Phone Bike Mount – Available in Black/Metal or Black Standard Finishes

IPOW is a brand specialized in accessories. One unique thing about this brand is its versatility, as it doesn’t concern itself with limits. It carries out its business with the belief you can embark on whatever production journey you want, whatever it is, and still create a high quality item. This is why you’ll find its name on a wide variety of products, from personal items to stationery, lighting, small furniture, and kitchen gadgets, to mention a few. It focuses on customer satisfaction because it is a customer itself and knows how good it feels to get value for your money. This is why it sells only quality products.

If you’ve been looking for a well-designed bike mount that will securely cuddle almost any smartphone and keep it within your view while riding a bike, your search is at an end. The IPOW Universal Phone Bike Mount is an easy to use device. It’s made of hard plastic, so you know it won’t shatter anytime soon. The clamp that goes on the handlebar is adjustable and will fit a tubular bar with a diameter of up to 1.42 inches. Once you get it on your handlebar, you can then secure it with its screw to secure it in place.

The interior of the phone holder has a soft padding to cuddle your phone in place, keeping it stable and protecting it from shocks and scratches. This phone holder will take phones with a width between 2.3 and 3.5 inches. A ball socket connects the phone holder with the mount and this allows you to freely rotate the phone in different directions to suit you.

There is an elastic silicone net behind the phone holder that can stretch up to 10 times its original size. Its function is to grip your phone on all corners to give it additional stability and prevent it from falling off if you have to make a hard stop or hit a bump at high speed.

How Do I Choose the Best Bike Phone Mount?

Multitasking is widely popular these days. People often try to ‘buy’ time by trying to do multiple things the same time and usually end up doing nothing. We humans can pull some scary stunts at times. Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder why someone would be scrolling through their smartphone, or sending a text while riding a bike. Mishaps have occurred countless times due to people getting distracted while in traffic. This is why governments have considered it illegal to use a phone while driving, or in this case, riding. Just to save us from ourselves. Even if you’re alone on a trail riding your mountain bike, it is still flat out unsafe

It is understandable there are some cases you would need your phone while riding, perhaps to use the GPS. Some smart people understood this and created a way to keep your phone in view while you ride. The government understands this too, so using a bike phone mount is not frowned upon – as long as your eyes aren’t glued to it! Bike phone mounts are easy to use, mounting on the handlebars just a bike light would. One amazing thing about these mounts is that they can be used on motorcycles too.

The best bike phone mounts are designed to hold your phone tightly to the handlebar, such that it won’t fall off at high speeds or if you hit a bump. They keep your phone stable even on rough trails and cushion it to prevent scratches. These mounts have adjustable clamps so you can use them on most tubular bars and not just on bikes. They come in different designs and are mostly compatible with several phone types.
If your phone is valuable to you, then you wouldn’t risk cheap bike phone mounts. They may look fancy – in fact, a perfect copy of the good ones – but they won’t securely hold your phone. The best bike phone mounts are relatively affordable. They usually range somewhere around $10-$60. A bike mount brand that has a reputation for superior quality and practicality would obviously cost more than a new brand that is yet to garner much trust.
Enjoying the sight of your phone attached to your bike is a useful thing to have. If you’re planning to get one, you definitely have good ways to put it to use. Here are important features to look out for:
  • Design
  • Mount
  • Material
  • Bracket size
  • Compatibility
As you read on, you’ll understand the relevance of each feature to the overall product.
Construction and Design
Cycling comes with a lot of movement and since you wish to have your phone as a passenger on this ride, it needs well-designed protection. Bike phone mounts have two distinct designs to ensure your phone is securely strapped to your bike. Both designs secure your phone and keep it stable enough to be useful. So, you go ahead and choose based on how you plan to use it.
  • Strap Bike Phone Mount - This design has a bracket latch and/or elastic ribbons to hold your phone in place. It can hold your phone at diagonal corners, or even on all corners and both sides. This type of mount is well trusted to hold your phone in place through rough situations (unless you’re riding through a combat zone!)
  • Magnetic Bike Phone Mount - As the name implies, it uses a magnet to mount your phone securely to your bike. It doesn’t use a strap, so no need to worry if it’d be a perfect fit for your phone, magnets do not need to be sized to work. All that is needed is to have its magnetic plate securely attached to your bike. With this type, you can be sure there won’t be scratches on your phone and it won’t meddle with the functions keys at the sides of your phone, as the magnetic plate is only attached to the back

Bike Phone Mounts can either be attached to the bike’s handle or the stem bolt. Whichever your choice is, just be sure the positioning is convenient for you. You will also find some bike phone mounts that are designed to attach to both the handlebar or stem bolt. With these types, you can try out both positions and decide which gives you the best result.
Performance and Ease of Use
Little or no attention should be paid to the weight of the bike phone mount because they are usually lightweight. However, the dimension of the bracket is important. You have to be sure it will fit your phone and your bike handlebar. Most bike mounts have phone holders that can hold phones 2.5-3.5 inches wide, with some even going up to 3.7 inches.

The most common material used for bike mounts are polycarbonate and TPU because of their tensile strength and lightweight nature. Most of these mounts also use silicone in some parts as it’s elastic and weatherproof. Look out for materials that not only hold your phone in place but also do so without tampering with any part of its surface. This is why the metallic parts are often covered with padding.

We mentioned earlier the importance of the bike phone mount dimension, which is solely for compatibility reasons. Some bike phone mounts do not work with all phone types, so you need to find out from the manufacturer’s guide which phones it works with. If your phone brand is not mentioned, you can always take the bull by the horns – measure the dimension of your phone and be sure it corresponds to the phone mount’s recommended dimension range. Sometimes, removing your phone’s protective case might put your phone within range.

The amount of flexibility bike phone mounts allow is worth paying attention to. Some allow 360o movements, so you can adjust your phone to the best position to read that map/directions or whatever you need a clear view for. Finally, bike phone mounts are usually easy to install, a glance at the seller’s guide will be more than enough to get you through.

We hope this helps you choose the bike phone mount that’ll give you the best cycling experience.

Get the Best Bike Phone Mount of 2023!

We hope our guide and reviews have helped make your bike phone mount selection process totally convenient. Now it’s time to go purchase your best bike phone mount yet and start enjoying the freedom it affords.

Our Top Choice
TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Holder
Best Value
Roam Co-Pilot Bike Phone Mount
Quad Lock Bike Kit
CAW.CAR Universal Bike and Motorcycle Phone Mount
IPOW Universal Phone Bike Mount