Best Bike Rack Reviews 2022

We know you love biking and the outdoors, don’t you? However, sometimes your biking destination can be far away and may not be practically possible to pedal all the way. This is why you need a bike rack mounted on your vehicle. There are many models in the market but we are here to make your purchase of a bike rack as simple as 1, 2, 3 by reviewing some of the best vehicle bike rack brands in the market.
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Bike capacity
Our Top Choice
Thule Sidearm Roof Bike Rack
Thule is a well-known and respected brand that has continued to produce amazing Bike Racks that are trusted by many customers worldwide. The Thule Sidearm 594XT Roof bike rack is proof enough.
Modifiable clamp. Ergonomic accuracy. Versatile. No annoying dials or levers 
Confusing instructions.
1 bike
Corrosion resistant aluminum
59 x 14 x 9 inches / 18.1lbs
Lifetime guarantee
Fits Thule/Yakima/factory bars
Best Value
Swagman Xc2 Bike Platform Hitch Rack
Swagman is the brand to look out for in the market when in search of premium quality bike racks. This Bike rack platform will help transport your bike without dismantling it.
Carries up to 2 bikes at a time. Has anti- wobble clasp. Compatible with both a 1 ¼ and 2-inch receiver hitch. Corrosion resistance
Too Light
2 bikes
Stainless steel
5 x 34 x 11 inches / 29.8 lbs
Lifetime guarantee
Accommodates different bike sizes
Yakima RidgeBack 4 Vehicle Bike Rack
Yakima is the king when it comes to the manufacturing of bike racks. It gives a guaranteed ease for transporting your bikes.
Steel made for durability. Novel ZipStrips fasten bikes. Easy to install. can be tilted for easy trunk access. Levers conveniently located.
Is quite heavy.
4 bikes
13 x 16 x 49 inches / 35 lbs
Lifetime guarantee
SpeedKnob/tool free installation
Saris Bones® 2-Bike Rack
When it comes to making bike racks, Saris are the masters of the game. With a combination of excellent craftsmanship and class, you will want to have your own Bones 2bike rack.
Fits above many spoilers. Has anti-sway locks. Clear instructions. Nice looking design.
Restricts movement of front tire.
2 bikes
100 % recyclable materials
Weight 9lbs
Lifetime guarantee
Injection molded super strong arm
Allen Sports Deluxe Two Bike Trunk Rack
You can now take your bike with you on your trips, thanks to Allen Sports, which has used the latest technology to bring you the functional, durable Deluxe Two Bike Rack.
Well designed. Easy to assemble. Mount has foam cover.
Rack cannot be locked to the car
2 bikes
Recyclable materials
23 x 15 x 4 inches / 8 lbs
Lifetime guarantee
Fits most vehicles

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What is the Best Bike Rack?

Once in a while, you will need a bike rack to make it easy to move your bike from one point to another as the need may arise. Sometimes you want to go camping or vacationing, but you would also love to ride your bikes while there. We want to make your holiday as stress-free and enjoyable as possible by helping you take your bikes with you regardless of the vehicle you are driving. Let's have a look at 5 of the best bike racks around.
Our Top Choice
The Thule Sidearm 594XT Roof Bike Carrier has made transportation easier since it adapts to various wheel sizes. It also has universal roof rack system compatibility. However, if you see the need to have a high end product with even more features like a One-Key Lock Cylinder, then you may want to go for Thule ThruRide 535 Roof Bike Rack.

Thule Sidearm 594XT Universal Bike Mount fits Thule, Yakima and Factory Bars

We understand how hard it is to get that roadbike friendly rack but this model offers just that. When thinking of acquiring a bike rack, you will encounter numerous manufacturers in the market all eyeing your hard earned cash. But the one company that will stand out from the rest is Thule. Thule’s outstanding product quality has been demonstrated time and time again and it is not lost in the crafting of the Thule Sidearm 594XT Roof bike rack which retails at $199.95.

These other features have seen the model stand out-
  • Secure hook that holds the bike in place by the front wheel
  • Versatile design takes in bikes with thru-axles, disc brakes and other non-traditional frame designs
  • Corrosion resistant double-wall aluminum tray which provides maximum rigidity and strength
  • Can fit most bike tires that have a 20 - 29 inch diameter as well as tires up to 2.6 inches wide
  • 2 One-Key lock cylinder that is sold separately to help lock the carrier to the rack
  • Rear wheel strap has a rubber rim
Best Value
The XC2 2 Bike Platform Hitch Rack is carefully crafted to cushion your bike from any bumps and help you get it safely to your destination. It also helpfully carries two bikes at once! If you need this functionality but you drive a pick-up, then check out the bike hitch rack just for pick-ups, also from Swagman.

Swagman Xc2 Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack – Max Load 35lbs Per Bike

Swagman knows the business of making bike carriers as can be attested by the XC2 2 Bike Platform Hitch Rack. It is a great bike rack for individuals or families looking to transport multiple bikes, and the price is just right as well. It is made from steel to improve strength and durability. Retailing at $166.50, the XC2 2 Hitch Rack comes from a family of high-quality bike racks with features that are enhanced to fit your every requirement.
Also, check out these other features-
  • Vertical ratchet arms effortlessly modify to diverse bike frame dimensions
  • Novel frame grasps arms with enhanced soft frame-friendly glaze to guard bike's finish
  • Midpoint arm folds down to permit access to the back-of-vehicle with no need of removing the rack
  • It can accommodate wheels measuring up to 3-½” wide
  • Fits 20" -29" wheel dimensions thus giving you the versatility you need
The RidgeBack 4 is known for all the right reasons: durability, quality, and convenience. However, we also realize that you may need to carry a spare tyre for your bike and this where you will have to opt for the Yakima SPARERIDE which offers a space for just that.

Yakima Products RidgeBack Hitch Bike Rack – Up to 4 Bikes

Yakima is hailed for product innovation and creating products that help make everyday life easier. You no longer have an excuse not to carry your favorite bike along on your journey. With a MSRP of $299.00, the Ridge Back 4 can comfortably accommodate most frame styles and bikes. This is made possible through its nice ratcheting strap systems that helps secure everything in place. The plastic straps that come with have a grooved design which comes in handy when pulling it tight.

Other notable features for this model include-
  • Transports up to 4 bike but is also available in a 2 or 5 bike capability
  • No garage needed since it comes completely assembled without bits and parts.
  • Anti-sway frame works to help eradicate bike-to-bike contact
  • Novel ZipStrips™help hold bikes to the rack and are completely detachable
  • Steel production for strength and resilience
The Bones 2 Bike Rack is the king of all bike racks. Doesn’t break the bank and does not compromise on quality. For a bigger family, you can get the Freedom 4-Bike. You will have to dig deeper into your pocket for this beauty that carries 4 bikes at a go.

Saris 805 Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack using 100% Recyclable Materials

The world of bike racks would be incomplete without the bike racks from Saris. Saris combines function and style to come up with this fantastic bike rack that is worth every penny that you will spend on it. Retailing at $149.99, this rack is solid, thus making it one of the strongest in the market. Furthermore, the fact that it is made from non rusting materials, you need not worry about moisture or rain.

Here are some of its other outstanding features-
  • Can comfortably carry two bikes
  • Injection-crafted arms and legs are the sturdiest on the market
  • Constructed with 100% recyclable, non-rust materials
  • Ratcheting anti-wobble bands secure and stabilize bikes
  • The Arc design fits over majority of spoilers and divides bikes on different levels
  • Comes with all hardware and straps to enable quick installation
If you don’t like the look of the black bike rack, maybe their grey option would suit you and your car better?
Allen sports have been ahead in the world of bike racks driven by the passion to bring you innovative bike racks that are crafted to precision at just the right price. If you need a bigger rack however, you can go for the Premier Four Bike S104 which will help alleviate the stress when your family wants to travel with up to four bikes.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack with 12 inch Carry Arms

The Allen Sports bike rack is designed for your peace of mind. Able to ferry two bikes at a time you will be pleasantly surprised at its ability to fit all bike sizes. Allen sports have remained ahead in the development of bike racks as can be seen with the Deluxe Two Bike Rack. This is perfect for those on a tight budget since it retails at an MSRP of $69.99. It fits a variety of vehicles and is built to last. The Deluxe Two Bike rack will be your constant companion on your biking trips.

These other features have made this model desirable to many-
  • Simple, robust bike transport system
  • Fits many sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs
  • 12- inch long carry arms house a wide variety of bicycle styles
  • 11.5- inch wide transport arms for superior bike compatibility
  • Sole configuration design eradicates setup hassles and difficulties during installation

How Do I Choose the Best Bike Rack?

Are you gearing up for a biking road trip with several of your buddies? Or maybe you have discovered a sweet trail that’s unfortunately quite a distance from your residence? It’s true that there are numerous beautiful places to ride that may be far from your home. Realistically, it isn’t feasible to ride 50 miles for you to reach the trailhead, ride another 100 miles through the trails all day, and then ride back to your residence. That much work would surely drain the fun out of it. You have a car yes, but what options do you have in terms of carrying your two-wheeler? Hail the bike rack! A bike rack is a welcome relief for any biking enthusiast hoping to enjoy the fun that’s available further from home.

With this consideration, it’s only logical that you opt for the perfect bike rack. A good bike rack should not squeak, wobble, or scratch your car, nor should you need to stop every now and then to confirm that the bikes do not end up as scrap metal after falling off at 70 mph down the highway. A bike rack may also come in handy when you need more space in your car trunk to accommodate your tool box and camping supplies for you and your roadie gang.

One major factor to consider before settling on the best bike rack is finding one that fits your car and seeing as, in most cases, you won’t be the only one going out for a ride, getting a bike rack that can hold more than one bike is an added advantage.

It is worth noting that bike racks come in various types:
  • Hitch-mounted – Here, the bikes rack connects to a 2 inch receiver hitch usually mounted from your vehicle
  • Roof mounted – This bike rack has cross bars that the accessories attach to and feet that attach to the roof of your vehicle
  • Trunk Mounted – This bike rack is held by a bunch of straps hooked around the tip of your vehicle's hatchback, trunk or bumper
Whether you hope to carry along your mountain bike or conventional bicycles, ensure that the rack does not block you from accessing the trunk of the vehicle, especially so for rear mounted racks.
When shopping for bike racks, prices no doubt will play a significant role, but putting into consideration that you are in need of a rack that will actually hold your bikes at an intact position as you drive, you may have to focus more on its stability even as you compare prices.

One notable factor that affects the price of a bike rack is the number of bikes it can carry. The more bikes it can carry, the pricier it gets. The security of your bike also plays an important role in determining its prices, in that lockable bike racks are more expensive compared to those only secured by straps. The type of bike rack also plays a significant role; for example, hitch-mounted bikes fetch higher prices due to their ease in loading and unloading the bikes while the trunk mounted types are less expensive considering their unreliable security features.

Based on these factors, it is no wonder that the prices of good bike racks range between $60 for basic bike racks taking no more than two bikes, all the way to $300 for bigger versions that carrying multiple bikes and have enhanced security features. You should however, take note that the market is full of cheap vehicle bike racks that promise heaven and deliver hell, most of which are made from poor materials and are unstable when mounted on your vehicle.
What makes a good bike rack? Well, as you get down to choosing the right bike rack, it would be advisable to have some preferable features in mind. You want to have a bike rack that ensures your bike gets to your destination while still intact, so stability should be paramount, with a good bike rack typically allowing the bike to rest firmly with at least two points of contact, holding the frame and the front wheel without allowing swiveling.

With that in mind, these are some of the key factors to look at when shopping:
  • Versatile rigid frameworks – This enables the rack to hold the bike in place even on bumpy roads
  • Size – This determines number of bicycles that the rack can hold
  • Dynamic – The rack should be flexible enough to fit in most types of vehicles and hold any type of bike
  • Mounts – For better stability, the mounts ought to be compatible with your handle bars to ensure the bike remains sturdy even at high speeds
  • Security – Considering the bikes will be carried outside of the vehicle, it is important that a bike rack has good security features like locks and strong straps
Construction and Design
Considering the nature of work carried out by bike racks, they have been designed with aluminum or steel framing to specifically counter the weight of the bikes, even withstanding the high range of speeds from your vehicle. Bike racks are made with revolutionary designs that ensure the vehicle is not scratched throughout the journey. Whether they are roof racks or those made for the trunk, these racks have anti-sway frameworks that prevent any form of friction between the bicycle and the surface of the car. The straps and locks not only help in securing the bike but also keep it intact while the vehicle is in motion. Notably, construction and design varies based on the type of bike rack; whether, roof mounted, hitch mounted, or trunk mounted.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most bike racks are made to reliably hold two or more bikes at the back or roof of your vehicle. The racks also have clamps that can easily fit the different designs of bicycles without having to modify it. The best bike racks are made using light-weight, corrosion resistant aluminum, while others are made from molded plastic to ensure even less weight, not only while on the vehicle, but also while fixing and offloading it from the vehicle – keep in mind, however, that plastic is also less durable and runs added risk of breakage. Most of all, bike racks are meant to be removable, therefore, they typically come with easy-to-master installation accessories like screws and locks, allowing them to be easily detached when not in use, even after installation.

Get the Best Bike Rack of 2022!

Having gone through these reviews, we believe that you have a better idea of the bike rack that needs to be in your possession. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of bike rack options from these brands and you can feel free to check other models from them. Acquiring a bike rack has never been easier. Go ahead and indulge yourself; buy the best vehicle bike rack of your choice and go biking!

Our Top Choice
Thule Sidearm Roof Bike Rack
Best Value
Swagman Xc2 Bike Platform Hitch Rack
Yakima RidgeBack 4 Vehicle Bike Rack
Saris Bones® 2-Bike Rack
Allen Sports Deluxe Two Bike Trunk Rack