Best Bike Tire Reviews 2023

A bike tire is an essential part of any bike; it would require some form of magic for a bike to operate without its tires. A good bike tire is essential to achieve any level of efficiency, comfort, and safety while riding. Given the importance of bike tires and how confusing it can be to find the one that’s right for you, we decided to take it upon ourselves to help you with this challenge. We conducted a research during which we discovered five top brands that manufacture bike tires. To help you with your search, we’ve chosen one product from each brand for this review. If, however, our selection isn’t the right fit, these brands have more options that you can look through. You can also explore our detailed review of the best mountain bike tires for your needs.
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Wheel Size
Tread type
Tire Width
Our Top Choice
Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire
Continental started operations as a tire-making company way back in 1871, but it’s since grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive parts and supplies.
Easy to install. Has good traction. Durable. Reliable and inexpensive. Foldable. Stays inflated for long. Puncture-resistant. Low rolling resistance. Lightweight.
May not be the best tires for racing or touring.
650/700 millimeters
Slick treads
23, 25, 28, 32 millimeters
85 – 120 psi
Best Value
Kenda Kwest Hybrid Bicycle Tires
Kenda manufactures high quality tires for a wide range of vehicles. From its origins as a small company in Yualin, it’s grown to become a great corporation with offices around the world.
Well-built. Good quality materials. Easy to install. Versatile. Good color options. Has a classy look. Good grip. Rides smoothly. Low resistance. Strong and durable.
You may find that the actual width sizing may be a bit bigger than regular sizing.
700 millimeters
Inverted treads
25, 28, 32, 35 millimeters
50 – 85 psi
Vittoria Rubino Pro III Fold Tire
Vittoria is committed to creating innovative designs that enable cyclists to perform optimally. Its top quality products make it one of the world’s top ranking bike tire producers.
Well-built. Durable. Low rolling resistance. Extra puncture protection. Good grip and handling. Many color options. Stays inflated. Good speed.
It may be a little tight when installing.
700 millimeters
Technical treads
23, 25, 28 millimeters
70 – 127 psi
Goodyear 26" Mountain Bike Tire
Goodyear manufactures tires for a wide range of vehicles, and every one of them is a product of the hard work and innovativeness that’s at the core of the company’s success.
Good quality. Ruggedly built. Easy to install. Gives smooth rides. Great traction and good handling. Lightweight.
Doesn’t handle as well on paved trails.
Folding bead
660 millimeters
Knobby treads
51, 53, 54 millimeters
35 to 65 psi
Schwinn Street Comfort Bike Tire
Schwinn has been manufacturing bikes and related items for over a century. It produces a range of products that enable its customers to fully experience the joy of bike riding.
Good quality. Easy to install. Looks great. Good grip. Rides smoothly and comfortably. Good corner grip. Low rolling resistance. Quiet. Puncture resistant. Durable. Affordable.
The tire is outsourced from another brand.
Folding wire bead
660 millimeters
Shallow close knobs
50 millimeters
40 – 65 psi

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What is the Best Bike Tire?

There are many factors that affect a bike tire’s suitability for you. There are many combinations of strengths and weakness to every bike tire. Some are great for speed while others are better for rough terrains. How much speed are you willing to sacrifice for better grip and handling? These and more are questions you need to answer to be able to find the tire that’s best for you. Having read this far, you now hopefully know the features you need and can look out for them as we begin to review our selected products.
Our Top Choice
The Continental GatorSkin Tire is built to withstand the rigors of intense biking. It’s designed with the brand’s signature DuraSkin sidewall and a PolyXBreaker that make it good at resisting wear, tear and punctures. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative that’s great for touring, check out the Continental Ride Tour Bicycle Tire.

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire – Available In 11 Wheel Sizes and 2 Colors

Continental has a history of manufacturing tires and soft rubber products that stretches back for well over a century. Founded in 1871, it has expanded its scope to include the production of such items as brake systems, conveyor belts, electronics and so much more. It’s grown to become an industry renowned producer, ranking among the top five automotive suppliers in the world. Its experience and achievements are evidence of a highly capable and reliable company.

The Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire is a high grade tire with a design that supports biking under the harshest of conditions. This tire has a DuraSkin sidewall which protects it when riding on harsh surfaces and from skids. It also features a PolyX Breaker that makes it resistant to punctures from contact with sharp or hard objects. It’s a tire optimized for a long, dependable ride.

This product’s features also include:
  • A Reptilian Design – Perfect for speed riding
  • A thread compound that has been wear optimized – For long lasting reliability and dependability
  • Shoulders with adequate grip – Provides friction that lead to faster and safer turning
  • A smooth center – Grants clean and fast rides
  • Foldability – For easy installing
  • 1 year warranty – Gives a long time quality assurance
You can get this tire in any of these two colors: black or black-skin. You can also make your choice from 11 wheel sizes in total, including a one-size-fits-all tire.
Best Value
The Kenda Kwest Hybrid Bicycle Tires are perfectly suited for bikers on the go. They’re designed with smooth rounded treads and large grooves that glide smoothly across paved roads even when it’s raining. If you need something specifically for mountain and trail biking, then check out the Kenda Commuter\/Cruiser\/Hybrid Bicycle Tires, which also feature wire beads for improved durability.

Kenda Kwest Commuter/Urban/Hybrid Bicycle Tires – Available in 6 Colors and 4 Width Sizes (25, 28, 32, 35)

Founded in 1962, Kenda began as a small tire making company in Yualin, Taiwan. As a result of the quality of its products, it’s steadily grown and expanded its product line to include tires for other vehicles. In order to reach more people with its quality tires, it has established factories and companies all around the world. It’s a smartly-run company that’s always striving for greater heights.

The Kenda Kwest Hybrid Bicycle Tires are designed to appeal to the casual or recreational biker. They make the process of simply getting from one place to the next more convenient. They have smooth rounded treads that are perfect for paved roads and gravel, giving you a smooth ride on your commute. These treads also have large grooves that facilitate water dispersion to make riding in the rain or on wet grounds as safe as possible.

This product’s features also include:
  • Effective flat protection – Guards the tires from being punctured by foreign objects
  • A good braking system – Makes it easy to avoid accidents
  • Good traction – Makes controlling your bike super easy
  • Material that wears evenly – Ensures the ride stays smooth after continued usage
  • Position - Suitable for front or the rear positions
  • An all-weather efficiency design – You never have to worry for your safety or performance
Choose this tire in any of the five available colors – black, cream, blue, black/gumwall and red. You can also choose from four width sizes – 25, 28, 32 and 35 millimeters.
The Vittoria Rubino Pro III Fold Tire is great for training. It can also offer the high performance required by professional cyclers thanks to the G+Isotech compound that delivers the low rolling resistance required for top speeds. Do you do more of off-road cycling? Then you should try the Vittoria Adventure Trail II RFX Bike Tire, which has a multi-purpose tread for all sorts of roads and trails.

Vittoria Rubino Pro III Fold Tire – Available in 6 Colors

Vittoria has a mission of helping cyclists all over the world achieve their potentials. It does this by providing them with superiorly designed bicycle tires that enable cyclists to continuously improve their performances. To ensure it continues to achieve this, it’s established research and development centers dedicated to the design and development of premium bicycle tires.

The Vittoria Rubino Pro III Fold Tire is a versatile tire for cyclists of all levels of proficiency. It’s durable enough to withstand the wears of intensive training, but is also slick and fast enough for racing events. It has a strong nylon casing that keeps the tube within safe from foreign substances, while the extra-thick threads provide extra puncture protection.

This product’s features also include:
  • Proprietary G+Isotech compound – Facilitates low rolling resistance for superior speed
  • An all-round weather design – Helps it perform well in rain, snow, or sunshine
  • A PRB 2.0 breaker – Protects you from flats
  • Compatibility with butyl or latex made tubes – Increases your options
  • A technical tread pattern – Offers better grip and makes turning easier
  • A foldable design – For easy installation
Choose a 23, 25 or 28 mm width and also make a statement with your tire’s color by choosing any of the 6 available colors: Black, honey/black, black/white, red, yellow and blue.
The Goodyear 26" Mountain Bike Tire is designed for smooth rides on mountain trails or other rough terrains. Its soft sidewalls ensure smooth rides while its side grip provides the traction required to make riding safe. Looking for a bike tire for your road bike? Check out the Goodyear Road Bike Tire, which features folding Kevlar bead for optimal performance.

Goodyear 26" Folding Bead Mountain Bike Tire

Goodyear is a company that operates on the principle of hard work, innovativeness, and a desire to be first achievers in its endeavors. Its reliability has made it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tires with a distribution coverage that spans most of the world. With Goodyear you can be certain that every product is the result of diligent research, high quality materials, and intelligent construction.

The Goodyear Mountain Bike Tire is a highly functional bike tire specifically built for 26" bike rims. It’s also designed to easily navigate the steep slopes and rough terrain of mountain tracks while its sidewalls are soft and cushiony to allow for smoother rides, making your mountain rides more comfortable and safe. Some of this product’s other features are listed below:
  • Foldable bead – Makes installation easy and fast
  • Excellent side grips – Provide proper traction and make turning and cornering easy
  • Knobby treading – This emphasizes grip over speed
  • Rubber construction – For extra durability and performance
  • Standard black tire color – Will easily match bikes of all colors
The Schwinn Street Comfort bike tire was made to make your rides as comfortable as they can be. Its micro gnarled treads make riding on paved and dirt roads a joy while the Kevlar belt increases its puncture resistance. Looking for a tire designed for mountain trails? Try the Schwinn All Terrain Bicycle Tire, which comes with a premium puncture guard.

Schwinn Street Comfort Bike Tire with Folding Wire Bead and Kevlar Belt

Schwinn is a manufacturer of bikes and related products that are designed to bring the joy of cycling to people of all ages and stages of biking experience. It has an extensive line of biking products designed to serve a wide variety of users from children and recreational bikers to professional cyclists. Its experience which spans over a century is clear in the quality of its products which serve users across the world.

The Schwinn Street Comfort Bike Tire is designed for comfortable riding on the street and on dirt trails. This is made possible by its tread pattern which have closely spaced shallow knobs. Though they’re not mountain bike tires, they’re pretty versatile and can handle some tough terrains. They also feature a folding wire bead to make mounting them on rims easy and stress-free. Some of its other features are listed below:
  • A Kevlar belt directly beneath the tire’s treading – Improves its toughness and reduces punctures
  • Micro gnarled treads – Gives it perfect grip and traction for navigating street or dirt roads
  • Designed for comfort – They provide a gentler ride for non-professional usage
  • Heavy side walls – Provide additional puncture protection for extended durability
  • 26 inches – Designed for 26-inch sized wheels
  • 1.95 inch tire width – Making it well-suited for cross country use

How Do I Choose the Best Bike Tire?

When you were young, riding a bike was simply fun. Not much consideration went into it. In fact, you couldn’t care less what kind of tires were on it because your good old parents were there to take care of it all. After all, that was part of their job description, no?

Now you’re older and you dare not go to your parents to help you fix your bike. What the heck? You should be the one helping them now. As you grow older, you’re expected to become more responsible, and who wants to be responsible, right? Yeah we know you think growing up isn’t all it was trumped up to be, but hey, grow up.

Sadly, gone are the days when you can afford to dump your bike anywhere and wake up the next day, pick it up, and ride off. Gone are the days when all you had to do was yell – Dad, these tires are bad, I need new ones! Really, growing up sucks. Now you have to choose the kind of bike you want and actually pay for it yourself. No more pointing to a lovely mountain bike and saying “that’s the one I want.” Now you first ask, “How much is it” before wanting it.

It doesn’t all end with getting your bike. You now have to get other accessories. What! Yeah, some of those accessories you had on your lovely bike as a child were bought and paid for by your parents and you weren’t even very grateful to them. Now when you complain about your bike seat not being very comfortable, you’re told to buy another one. If you think you need better bike lights you’re also told to buy them because you’re now grown up.

We’d also like to add that you need good bike tires as well. Yes, you’ll actually have to buy them – or you could get in the line, sit on Santa’s laps and ask him nicely for a set of bike tires. On a more serious note, your bike tires are very important, which is why we’ll help you decide which bike tires are best for you. You don’t want to spend your money buying the wrong tires, and neither do you want Santa going all the way to the North Pole and bringing back the wrong ones (just kidding). We’ll show you features to look out for and how they’ll affect your riding. Stay with us as we journey through the world of bike tires.
One important factor that must be considered in the purchase of a bike tire is its cost. In our research, we discovered that a good bike tire can be purchased for between $15 and $150. We found that the price of a bike tire can be influenced by such factors as its size, type, brand and design among other factors.

What you choose will determine how much you pay. There are some bike tires that cost much more than the price listed above. The more features you need, the more you have to be willing to pay. Just in the same way, there are some bike tires that may cost less. We will, however, caution that you be extra careful with these cheap bike tires as they’re likely to be of very low quality. Ensure you buy something that’ll serve you well.
In deciding the best bike tire for you, there are important features to consider. Considering these features will help you choose which bike tire will suit you the most. These are some important features to consider:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Treads
  • Tire Pressure
  • Weight
  • Durability
Let us now look at these further:
Construction and Design
The first thing any rider must consider before choosing a bike tire is the type of riding they intend to do with their bike. Are there different types of riding? Yes there are. There’s road riding, off-road riding, mountain trail riding, etc. Each of these different types of riding environments will require a different type of tire because they emphasize different aspects of riding. Once this has been settled, it becomes easier to choose the right bike tire.

Now that you hopefully have decided on the type of riding environment you’ll be riding in, we’ll now look at different types of tire features. These features help classify tires into different types. The first thing we’ll consider is the size of the tire.

There are two sizes to consider when choosing a tire. The first is the wheel size and the second is the tire width. Since you’re only getting a replacement tire and not a whole tire and rim, it’s very important that you get a tire that’ll fit into your bike’s rims. You need to be very careful here because you may have a few discrepancies. Road tires are usually listed in millimeters while off-road tires are usually listed in inches. Since most road tires have a wheel size of 700 millimeters, you may not have so many issues with this. You should then pay attention to the width. This will usually be listed in this format – 700/23 where 700 stands for the diameter of the wheel and 23 for the width both measured in millimeters. These will usually be available in 23, 25 and 28 millimeter widths.

For off-road tires which are measured in inches, you’ll find listings such as 26 x 1 ¾. You need to pay particular attention to this because the little fractions can cause some confusion. Go with exactly what’s indicated in your bike’s manual.

As a general guide, anyone looking for maximum speed should go for slimmer tires. This is so because, since they don’t have a large surface area that makes contact with the road, the result is very low rolling resistance. It is, however, important to note that you will be trading grip and handling for this speed. It is for this reason that mountain bike tires are very wide so they have more balance, grip and handling, among other things.

Next thing to look at is the tread pattern. It’s important to understand that all these factors work together. We earlier mentioned the width of the mountain bike giving it balance, grip and handling. Its knobby treading contributes greatly to this. For road bikes built for maximum speed, you should go for slick treads. These have little of nor treading, making them ideal for the road. Equally ideal for the road is the semi-slick tread which is smooth in the center with treading at the sides. This side treading give the tires grip for cornering.

You also have the inverted tread tires which are particularly good for riders who ride on both asphalt and off-road trails. Though you’ll lose some speed while riding on asphalt, you will have good grip and handling which will serve you well when you go on off-road trails. Lastly, you have the knobby tread tires, which are super for off-trail rides. They’re built for grip and handling. Speed is not a major issue here, but your comfort and safety is paramount while riding on off-road trails. These are the types of treads you will find on mountain bike tires.

While choosing a bike tire, be sure to check for the minimum and maximum PSI – Pressure per Square Inch. This tells you how much air pressure the tire can take. If a tire is listed as having a PSI of 40 – 65, it means it can take air pressure within this range. What exact air pressure to use will be dependent on such factors as the rider’s weight and the riding terrain. Whatever the case, the listed PSI range should be observed to avoid damaging the tire and also for your safety.
Performance and Ease of Use
Understanding the effect of the air pressure in your tire will help you use your tires more effectively. Here’s a simple rule – the higher the air pressure (measured in PSI), the higher the speed and the less the comfort. This said, within the stipulated PSI range of your tire, the lower the PSI, the more comfort and stability you can achieve at the expense of speed. If you need more speed, go for the highest PSI possible, knowing that you’re achieving more speed at the expense of comfort. It’s for this reason that road bike tires have higher PSIs while mountain bike tires have the lowest PSIs.

Some riders consider the weight of the tire itself as it can have some effect on the speed. This factor isn’t something that every rider should worry about. It’s only particularly important to professional race riders who want to achieve the highest speed possible, meaning they’ll need to shed as much weight as they can.

Depending on your intensity or regularity of riding, considering how much your bike tire can take is very important. Everyone wants his or her bike tires to last. To ensure their durability, it’s important to choose a bike that’s suitable to your exact needs, which include frequency of use and the terrain you’ll be riding on. If you ride through areas where punctures can easily take place, you may want to consider spending a bit more to get reinforced tires that are puncture resistant. This will surely be better than having to change tires every few miles!

Get the Best Bike Tire of 2023!

Wow! It’s been a lovely journey through the world of bike tires. We do hope you now know a lot more about what exactly you need in the best bike tire for you. It’s now time to go ahead and place your order so you can begin to enjoy the pleasure of riding to the fullest.

Our Top Choice
Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire
Best Value
Kenda Kwest Hybrid Bicycle Tires
Vittoria Rubino Pro III Fold Tire
Goodyear 26" Mountain Bike Tire
Schwinn Street Comfort Bike Tire