Best Bike U-Lock Reviews 2023

Bikes are easier to steal than cars and especially if you have an expensive and eye-catching model, you need to protect it at all costs if you don’t want to walk back home on foot. That's why bike u-locks have been invented and they are specially designed to protect your bike from theft and deter thieves and robbers. Check out these 5 locks we have picked from some of the best bike u-lock brands out there and decide which one is suitable for you.
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Our Top Choice
Kryptonite New York Mini U-Lock
Kryptonite sells high-quality bike locks at reasonable prices. Its products are made from hardened steel and they are suitable for most types of bikes.
Made from hardened steel. Protective vinyl coating. Comes with 3 keys. Suitable for most bikes. Double deadbolt locking system.
Isolated reliability problems after a few months of use. Remember that this product comes with warranty.
18mm steel shackle
5 keys of which one lighted
6 x 2 x 9.5 inches
Best Value
OnGuard Brute Bike U-Lock
OnGuard makes high-quality locks and protection devices for your valuables. Its range of products includes combination locks, u-locks, screen protectors and tablet covers.
Made from high-quality hardened steel. Four-sided locking mechanism. Comes with 5 keys. Attractive design.
The plastic covering might be poorly finished, but this is a minor drawback.
Hardened steel
5 keys of which one lighted
11 x 3 x 8 inches
Abus Granit X Plus U-Lock
Abus is an important name in the locks and surveillance cameras business. It produces high-quality locks for protecting bikes, personal belongings, cabinet drawers, etc.
Made from hardened steel. Good for most types of bikes. Comes with 2 keys (1 lighted). Comes with USH holder.
Might be a bit heavy (at around 4 pounds), but that is because it is made from highly-durable metals.
Special temper hardened steel
2 keys of which one lighted
8.7 x 7.9 x 14.6 inches
Blackburn Leavenworth U-Lock
Blackburn is a prestigious brand specialized in bike locks and other types of bicycle accessories. Its range of products includes helmets, bike pumps, bottle holders and more.
Sturdy, heavy and well-engineered. Comes with one laser-cut key. Good for most bike types. Shackle made from alloy steel.
Might be a bit difficult to attach it to your bike, but it will always fit a small backpack.
14mm alloy steel shackle
One laser-cut key
8 x 2 x 12 inches
Lumitrail Bicycle Combination U-Lock
Lumintrail makes practical and affordable bike accessories such as u-locks, combination locks, bottle holders, bike pumps, helmets, LED lights and more.
Available in several color options and can be bought with or without a 7-feet steel cable. Made from hardened steel.
Might not be long enough for some bikes. Still, check out the other u-locks from Lumintrail which are longer.
Combination u-lock
18mm high-grade steel shackle
No key required
Black, red or green
6.75 x 1.25 x 8.75 inches

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What is the Best Bike U-Lock?

It is important to note here that most trustworthy bike u-locks out there are relatively heavy and bulky because they are made from some of the toughest materials. If you take one of these locks in your hand and it feels heavy, that's a good sign. Let's go ahead now and take a look at the 5 bike u-locks we picked for this list.
Our Top Choice
The 18mm New York U-Lock from Kryptonite comes with 3 keys and it is made from hardened steel for increased protection and durability. If you want a bike lock that also comes with a flexible cable, check out the  KryptoLok Series 2 U-Lock from the same manufacturer.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock with 18mm Steel Shackle – Available in 2 Styles

Kryptonite manufactures a wide variety of locks and it has more than 40 years of experience in this field. Its products include high-security bike u-locks, flexible cables, wheel security systems, chain locks and more. We liked this brand because its products are reasonably priced and highly appreciated by the general public.

For example, the New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock from Kryptonite features an 18mm hardened steel shackle which is specially designed resist bolt cutters and brute-force attacks. This model also comes with a double deadbolt locking system which improves security and durability, making the lock almost indestructible.

Another advantage you will enjoy is the simple fact that this lock comes with 3 keys of which one of them features a high-intensity LED light bulb. Therefore, if you are locking or unlocking your bike in low-light conditions, you'll be able to see what you are doing. The protective vinyl coating gives this lock a beautiful finish and at almost 10 inches in height, this u lock is suitable for almost all types of bikes out there.
Best Value
The Brute STD U-Lock from OnGuard features a 4-sided protection mechanism and it is entirely made from highly-durable metals, so your bike will be safe and sound with this model. If your budget is less flexible, check out the Bulldog LS U-Lock which weighs only 3 pounds and features a double bolt locking mechanism.

OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock with Quattro Locking Mechanism - Perfect for Sport Applications

Just as the name implies, OnGuard makes high-quality protection devices such as u-locks, cable loops, combination locks, protective sleeves for tablets and screen protectors for phones, among other things. This brand strives to surprise its customers with durable products on which they can rely on when it comes to protecting personal belongings.

For example, the Brute STD U-Lock from OnGuard is almost 9 inches long and features a Quattro Locking Mechanism which basically offers four-sided protection and increased durability. It has a security rating of 97 (out of 100) and it comes with 5 keys of which one of them features an LED light.

Why would you go for this lock? Well, if you frequently engage in power sports and you need to protect your valuables such as a bike or other personal belongings, this u lock is ideal in such situations because it is made from hardened steel and cannot be easily damaged by regular cutting tools. It can also be connected to your bike when the lock is not in use, so it will be easy for you to carry it around.
The Granit X-Plus U Lock from Abus has a security rating of 15 out of 15 and it is almost 15 inches in height, making it ideal for most types of bikes out there. If you prefer a smaller lock, check out the Mini Round Shackle U-Lock from Abus which is available in 2 color options.

Abus Granit X-Plus U-Lock - Made of Special Temper Hardened Steel, Comes with 2 Keys

Abus is a company that manufactures a plethora of security systems and defensive products such as padlocks, u-locks, combination locks, security web chains, video surveillance cameras and more. Its products are tailored for residential as well as commercial use and they help deterring thieves and protecting personal belongings. Apart from u-locks for bikes, Abus also makes an interesting line of bike helmets for kids.

If you or your kid needs to protect your beloved bicycle, we recommend the Granit X-Plus U-Lock from Abus. This massive security product weighs approximately 4 pounds because it is made from high-quality, highly-durable hardened steel. Thanks to this, it has received a security rating of 15 out of 15 which makes it ideal for most types of bikes.

This lock incorporates a double bolting locking mechanism and it comes with a USH holder which helps you conveniently attach the lock to the bike. It is supplied with 2 keys of which one is lighted and it features a strong parabolic shackle which offers enhanced protection against bolt cutters, saws or other types of destructive mechanisms. If you are very serious about protecting your bike, this model from Abus might be suitable for you and at approximately 15 inches in height, it is suitable for most types of bikes out there.
The Leavenworth U-Lock from Blackburn features a dual-bolt locking mechanism and it comes with an anti-scratch coating for additional protection. This model features an 14mm alloy steel shackle, if you require a stronger lock, go for the Blackburn San Quentin U-Lock which features a 18mm alloy steel shackle.

Blackburn Leavenworth U-Lock with 14mm Alloy Steel Shackle – Available in 2 Sizes

Blackburn doesn’t only makes u-locks for bikes, but also an impressive range of bicycle accessories such as helmets, bike pumps, helmet mirrors, phone holders, rear lights and more. Its products are versatile, easy to install and made from some of the toughest materials out there. If you are a serious biker, check out Blackburn's bottle holders which will help you stay hydrated during your ride.

For now, let's take a look at the Leavenworth U-Lock from Blackburn and explore its tough points. First of all, this is a super-affordable lock which incorporates a 14mm alloy steel shackle. This combined with the dual bolt locking mechanism give this model an impressive pull strength of approximately 8 tons. That is nearly the size of a train car!

At the same time, your tough u-lock comes with a laser-cut key and it incorporates a sliding cover which basically protects the lock against dust and debris. The overall height of the lock is approximately 12 inches and it weighs nearly 3 pounds because it is made from hardened and durable metals. This lock provides one of the best security method you can take advantage of, particularly because it comes at such an affordable price.
The Heavy Duty 5-Digit Bicycle Bike Combination U-Lock from Lumintrail is available in several color options and it can be bought with or without a 7-feet cable. If you prefer a smaller and simpler lock which comes with a 4-feet cable, check out the Heavy Duty 4-Digit Bicycle Bike Combination U-Lock from the same brand.

Lumitrail Heavy Duty 5-Digit Bicycle Bike Combination U-Lock – Available in 3 Colors & with 7-Feet Cable

Lumintrail goes the extra mile to provide its customers with attractive bike accessories, tools and protection methods including different types of u-locks and combination locks. Apart from that, you can also buy saddle bags from Lumintrail, bike pumps, flashlights, bottle holders and much more. If biking is more than a hobby for you, make sure that you check out Lumintrail's range of products to get inspired for your future purchases.

We are happy to include the 18mm Heavy Duty 5-Digit Bicycle Bike Combination U-Lock from Lumintrail as it is a tough one available in several color options such as black, green or red. You can also have this lock with or without a 7-feet cable which will help you secure your bike. The 18mm hardened steel shackle is sufficient to deter most thieves, even if they use different cutting tools or picking methods.

The main advantage of this lock consists of its combination mechanism of 5 digits which basically eliminates the need of a key. All that you have to do is to set your own favorite combination (which is resettable if you change your mind in the future) and pull the dustcover protection. The lock is virtually unbreakable thanks to the hardened steel from which is made and it has a protecting coating which doesn’t damage the paint on your bike.

How Do I Choose the Best Bike U-Lock?

An increasing number of people prefer to use a bike for daily commute instead of a car because this transportation method offers a wide variety of unique benefits. First of all, you get to do some intensive cardio activity which means better health overall. Secondly, less toxic gases are eliminated into the atmosphere, reducing the carbon footprint of the city. Thirdly, it is so much fun to ride a bike!

However, as you probably already know, life isn’t always that simple. There are a lot of mean people out there who would attempt to steal your bike while you were in a shop for a cup of coffee. In less than 5 minutes, you could be left without your precious wheels and this can be seriously frustrating, unless you use a bike u-lock which provides enhanced protection.

Just like any other bike accessories such as a bike helmet, bike computer, bike light or bike horn, a bike u-lock is vital and shouldn’t be left out from your gear. It can save your thousand dollars' investment and give you more peace of mind. The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to pick a good bike u-lock to protect your bike, so keep reading.
Let's start with the price aspect first and see how things stack up here. First of all, don’t go for excessively cheap bike u- locks because this basically defeats the purpose of having a lock. If it is too cheap, it is probably made from poor quality materials and the thief will not only steal your bike, but even have a chuckle while doing it.

What you need is a high-quality, durable bike u-lock. These products exist and they are usually priced between $25 and $150—anything lower than that and you’ll be wasting your money. Anything over the $150-200 dollar mark and you are probably paying for a super high-end lock which might even come with Wi-Fi connectivity or some similar add-ons that are not really always necessary.
Now that you know something about the cost of a u-lock and what influences it, let's go ahead and take a look at the features these products come with.
  • Materials - this is one of the most important aspects. Bike u-locks are usually made from a steel alloy or hardened steel. They might incorporate plastic covers or similar items, but they are mainly made from metal, hence their heavy weight.
  • Keys - manufacturers might put 2, 3, 4 or even 5 keys in the package which are useful, just in case. One or more keys might feature an LED light which is also convenient.
  • Size - bike u-locks are designed to be long, so that they can go around the frame of your bike and secure it tightly to a fence, lamp post, etc.
These are only the basic features and probably some of the most important ones. If you are getting the lock for your kid's bike, it might not need to be very big and heavy. In other words, the size of the lock should correlate with the size of your bike.
Construction and Design
When it comes to construction and design, all high-quality bike u-locks are designed to be tough. They have to resist brute force attacks as well as various lock-picking methods, bolt cutters, saws and so on. Such locks are not actually indestructible, but they are strong enough to discourage most thieves and stop the more ambitious ones.

In many cases, today's bike u-locks feature a double-bolt locking mechanism for increased protection. They might have protective coatings for preventing the lock to scratch the paint on your bike as well as sliding covers for keeping dust away. You might even find combination u-locks which don’t require a key and allow you to lock and unlock your bike by just setting the correct password.

Another advantage of a bike u-lock is that it has a shackle made from different materials, usually hardened steel and it features a certain thickness. For example, if you don’t live in a very dangerous neighborhood, you will eventually make do with a 14mm or 15mm shackle made from hardened steel. On the other hand, if your bike is really expensive, you might want to go for a lock with an 18mm steel shackle which offers enhanced protection and is also heavier.
Performance and Ease of Use
We recommend you also pay attention to the warranty and coverage policy which is usually included in the package. For example, trustworthy manufacturers might provide protection coverage costing several thousand dollars, depending on the lock you bought. This means that you are insured in the rare and unfortunate cases a u-lock fails to do its job correctly. Keeping an eye on such things is the right thing to do and it will help you make a satisfying decision when buying u-locks!

Get the Best Bike U-Lock of 2023!

These are just some of the best bike u-locks out there, but the market is full of them and now you know how to pick a good one! If you value your precious bike, get your own u-lock and you will feel safer outdoors!

Our Top Choice
Kryptonite New York Mini U-Lock
Best Value
OnGuard Brute Bike U-Lock
Abus Granit X Plus U-Lock
Blackburn Leavenworth U-Lock
Lumitrail Bicycle Combination U-Lock